How long should you lift weights

How Often Should You Weight Lift?

How Often Should You Weight Lift?12 Dec. 2020
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clean grip snatches is just amazing to watch

Pb X

Man, you must just toss people around in BJJ.


Really good video man, gonna try this in my squat everyday routine

Cayden Dickey

Zach got some nike blazers on

Its Cocoy

1 point lower the music ? and 100 point video ?

Bart Mctarbart

Adam and I have the same goal in mind for this session with fatigue in mind, both determined to do a respectable set of 3 power snatch.....Zach continues to try PR the power snatch..... my take from this style of training is, just come in and train how you want


Notification gang

jake mueller

The effort doesn’t go unnoticed. Much love dawg


Keep it up, brother. You put out great content and encourage so many to weightlift. And its always so dope seeing you and Adam just lift without any ego or stress. Just focused and total control of the bar.

Tycho Brahe

Why are you doing close grip snatches? Previously I thought it was only a meme lift lol

Jack Byrnes

You should use weight with your lifts every time you train. What can you lift that doesn’t weigh anything?


I've always wondered what an Olympic lifters vertical jump would be. Can you dunk on 10ft? More specifically have you ever had your vertical officially tested?


I love you

Aidan Davis

I love the chill coffeehouse vibe! Idk if it’s a new microphone or what, but your voice sounds really nice here too :)

Ryan Goggins

It really depends on how much you can do without killing your recovery capacity ... Some people can do squat "heavy-ish" 2 to 3 times a week while some can only do this 1 time a week, for me personnally 2 times a week is a pretty good base, also depend on how advanced you are in your lifting journey.
i have read the juggernaut book and it s a great one BTW !

Colin Robinson

Telly sounding like he needs to get back to Millirock-level caffeine intake again

Jordan Cranch

How's recovery been from BJJ? I found it was super hard to recover to lift well and vice versa


I’ve overtrained because I was chasing PR’s so much. Now I’m injured with a pinched nerve and haven’t trained in over 45 days. Listen to your body.

Da Man Los

Undulate, whatever that means

the weightlifter known as bobwl btwl

bar cozies are a thing? what are those???????!!!!!!!!


Do you take pre workout or caffeine every time you work out?

MiKe T

you mixed up your x and y and I hate you for that. Other than that great video as always!

Da Man Los

When i first started training i trained 7 days and tried to hit a new pr everytime, like a dumbass. Now ive actually figured out a good program and figured out, you cant hit a new pr every time if you dont focus on developing and building

Dominick Loka

Great content, as always!
One thing I like to do is use my log book. I begin my training block at a certain load & volume & frequency, and I adjust from there. E. g. I did heavier clean deadlifts on Wednesday (185 kg x 6 x 3 sets) and I am doing some Snatch Pulls 3s at 130 kg on Saturday, and I may conclude this Sat. session with Snatch DLs for triples at 150 or 160 IF I am doing fine after the three days of recovery. Otherwise just finishing with the Sn. pulls will still make me do some work.


Zack. currently squatting 4 days a week(2-3 back squat 1-2 front squat), snatching twice a week, clean and jerk twice a week, benching and deadlifting once a week. with weighted dips and pull ups mixed in everyday. I do drills and other Olympic weightlifting drills and accessory movement. making a lot of improvement in strength and technique. The only reason im benching and deadlifting still is because i just enjoy those lifts and believe deadlifting is fairly good for hamstring and glute strength. Any tips?

Edit: i know i didnt list the way im putting those squats in and how much im doing but, i go heavier squats Monday and Tuesday, slightly lighter Thursday and Friday. Bench Wednesday and deadlift Thursday with squats which feels fine for me personally since im not going super heavy Thursday as its a lighter day, and its front squats which i don't have as much volume on. The snatches and clean and jerks are currently not heavy, just technique. So i will defiantly be changing this when i gain confidence in getting good snatch and clean and jerk sessions in

Charlie Wang

Can't help but notice the girl being a fan girl miring those lifts.


I liked this video when the first ad was playing

Sergio TL


Harmon France


Brandon Williams

You got the x and y axis confused in your graph

Ashley Kettle

You had me at jiujitsu! I've been looking for good exmaples between balancing olympic lifts/weight lifting vs rolling


This video is great! Just what I needed! Although, you meant SRA principle. Not principal, right? Thanks again!

Trevor Kimm

Adam looks like a Walmart Wes Kitts

Gustavo Pellanda

Knowledge drop incoming

The Ian

Zach lookin YOKED

Tucker Salander

My name Jeff

Michael Pitts

This is like a practical example of Dr. Mike, Dr. James, and Chad's Scientific Principles of Strength. Great Video format too!


Do you do online coaching? I’ve been doing gymnastics workouts and the main 3 lifts (bench squat DL) for a while but want to start oly lifts

Hung Nguyen

zack yo usound sad in this video mate


I just subscribed, awesome stuff man!

Eli Merriam

dude, you flipped the x- and y-axes @ 1:35.! (x-axis is horizontal, and in this case, 'time'; y-axis is vertical, 'performance')

Donato Signore

4 days a week, 45 minutes a day


Okay whats her @

Griffin Nelson

Zach gettin mighty ripped man that back poppin


hi guys, so I just started power cleaning, anyone ever experienced bumps on their collarbones? maybe my grip was wrong, I'm going to try to fix things but should I stop cleaning in the meantime and wait for it to go away or will it go away even if I keep lifting?


I think it's important to note that training too early in the SRA curve (i.e. the first part of your recovery) cannot only stagnate your training and is prone to injury, but be wholly detrimental because your starting point is lower. So instead of progressively better performance, you're overloading your body to the point it's not able to recover.

Great video anyhow! I believe we all enjoy the high of chasing new PRs, but if you can't train anymore then you can't PR anymore either


What does the program look like

Kirk's Nutrition and Fitness

that chick was mirin' hard


The Bulgarian version of this video would be called “Why Are You Not Weightlifting?”

Gatlin Servis

You can tell Zach was tired by his voice in the video get some sleep bud

Vladyslav Y

So it's not only me being too lazy to swap shoes

Physique Fuel

What do you think the effect to Olympic Weightlifting as a sport is going to be now that the IOC cut 76 more spots to Olympic Weightlifting for the 2024 Olympics?

Zain Anderson

Wes Kitts is looking a little weak in this vid.

How Long Should You Lift Weights Per Workout @hodgetwins

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Comments (100)
Karmoker Tusar

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David Lacouture

i've been making a big mistake man, thanks yall for this video. but i've been making gains even thoug i waste like 2 hours exercising in the fucking gym

Dale Flett

lol ur funny lol

vado arsenal

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Debbie George

Actors, who train for action movie roles, also tell about the many hours they spend in the gym.


When he said close the window he knew what was coming,
thats why he started smiling

Seth Parris

Can I do more then 15 sets if I'm doing full body?

Marshall Brooks

i do about 5 exercises for the muscle group im working out, 3 working sets each maybe 1 or 2 warm up sets the whole work out early on if that. consistently about 14-16 sets per workout and then like 4-6 sets of abs at the end. i rest a decent amount but all in all it takes about an hour fifteen at most. does this sound about right to anybody?

Real Shemite

Less is definitely more in the end


What about the abs,calves,traps and foremarm is they must train in this 12-14 sets in 45 minut??

Bill C-16

if im a really big person naturally (im 16 and im 6'5" 275 and only 17% body fat, im new to weightlifting) can my body handle more weightlifting than the average person? if so, how many sets per workout can i do?

arron frederick

you do need to do cardio to burn the fat

Mr S Is the Best

i used to preach 45 minutes but i have got carried away and done a few more sets than i have done right below i leave the gym and my workouts have eneded up being 50 minutes or just under an hour i fuckin love workin out what can i say

Eric Nguyen

can't stop laughing lmao 

glen fabian

yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. i found it here bit.ly/11mnvoq?=ywoho

Shawty Mane

Lmao that ending tho?


Lmao ?

Plamen Ivanov

Sup, have you considered this thing called the Max Muscle Method? (google it). My mother says it gets people to increase their strength.

mr Cranky

I used each weight lifting machine, until I reach 100 count.

nisha panthi

It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when other people melt fat easily using Fat Blast Blueprint (search for it on google).

plamen trifonov

Max Muscle Method-good stuff

Debbie George

You Hodgetwins do cardio, now. lol

Imrn Hahah

I work out 1 hour to 1 hour 45 mins. And I got whole lotta gains.

Sam Sam

45 mins minimum

1hr 30 mins Max..

Alex Silva

na dude, you need to watch this channel from the beginning bro...hope this helps anyways yo, /watch?v=FMA4iIhk_3E&feature=plcp \

Christina Kolovos



hahah hell yea, qui tthat shit

Tyler LeFear

you guys are helping me make all kinds of gains. I like you guys advice. thanks man!

Matt Hix

Freakn A !!! 45 minutes is all my body can handle. Thank you for validating !

Lab Junkie

Lads are chill as fuck! Lol and then that ending fuckin got me

Carl Charles

Cardio is essential

Lea Calagos

@qfrkbsf yeah. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. Listen i just had to laugh its what i've been wanting for years I went straight out and got the whole set. i've heard legal action is already underway but you can get them for now from here => bit.ly/LRhAxL?=fbygjr

Ionut Horga

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Seth Parris

is an hour an okay time


I lift 18h a day,6 days a week. Works for me.

Oregon245 Ayana

am not


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sneha thapa

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richard aitken

r a goof


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Those who say they work out for like 1-3 hours in the gym they are either talking too much in the gym, too much rest time. Over training, just showing off. Or they dont really lift weights at all they just do cardio training which is understandable


Well i don't know how long you should workout at gym but i've been training for 8 months, doing 36-40 sets 5 days a week and i have the best results compared to others who started training even earlier then me. The only supplement i use is creatine and sometimes whey protein when i don't have high protein food. So maybe it just depends on body types,you can't say that 45 minutes is max workout time for everyone.


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Dude I stay at the gym for 3 hours to 4 sometimes and I'm natural


You're right guys, I'm on a push\pull split 18 sets per workout session, done in 45-50 minutes.

Alex Hawes

hey close that window man... don't want the neighbors to hear me yell fuck... lol


close the f window! :D

sneha thapa

Have you tried "Elite Muscle Formula?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.

Little Man Huerta

you work out I was body part a week?that don't sound enough for body growth


hey i've got a question! if you also what to do cardio (i'm an endomorph) how long should i be in the gym in totoal (cardio + lifting)

Tony Bropez

I can barely hear you guys plz make the Audio a,bit louder on your videos but love the vids keep em commin!!


Did u guys not say u need 3mins between sets before? Well 14 sets in total makes minimum of 42mins in total as it is, so how can u suggest a 45min workout?! I dont get that

BBClassics -

Shit, i train 2 hours 6 times per week in a year. But i got good results:)

sneha thapa

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bout little over 2 years


what do you base this upon ?


What 12 sets of each fuck that


i dont do fuckin cardio hahahah


what about if you in rehab from injury

Big dreamer

man this crazy..... Sometimes I lift 3 hours or 4hours if im really feeling it. Depends on that day though. Sometimes I be in and out in a hour....

LdlerC C

Close the Window man


I just usually be in the gym for an hour but i guess that wudnt hurt

Misha Turchanov

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Bekim Zenku

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How long after say you workout for 45 minutes can you go back at it? Say I work out 12pm, at 8 pm can I go for a run without burning muscle? Or, how long till the cortisol levels normalize?

Sorin Gabriel

If you desire to bulk up, you should Google "Atomic Max Muscle". They can help you get the body you deserve.


I agree. Train hard for 40 minutes per day in my opinion. Lift heavy for muscle gain and train one body part per day !!


What about men for thousands of years working outside all day? They didn't get any bigger or stronger? Plowing a field all day, building things? What about ancient warriors on the move in battle, may be out there for days? You mean to tell me they all got weaker, and did too much, if they did any of these brutally exerting activities...for an hour and a half. OK.

Debbie George

I'm in the gym 1 hr to 1:30. This includes cardio and cool down.

Social Sketch

This is true bras, listen to them. One time  I lifted weights for 90 minutes and I had so much cortisol my biceps disappeared.

 I couldn't find them for 3 days.

Ben Wolff De Soto

You are right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. And do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/1deEfoa?=tmpxe

Mark Lyndon Brillantes

If you have been trying to bulk up, you should search Google for "Six Pack Strike". That might help you get the body you deserve.

Tuan Truong

Can I train heavy weight in the afternoon and jog at night time? Will I still grow muscle?

Kal Mann

u guys are legends



Sean McGowan

You guys rock. I watch your videos all the time for some good advice. I was doing a shitload of sets per workout and screwed my elbow up so now I've cut back a lot of volume and I'm feeling great and my workouts are awesome again.

Montel Wise

it's good to workout day and night

Sean Grimes

I'm taking you guys' advice. I'm a year older than both of you and I put in WAY too much time in the gym. I get LOTS of compliments, but I don't want to over due it. I'm up to about 2 hours a day. I think I'm going to let next week be a FULL rest week since I never do that. I'm also going to break my workouts up and have longer recovery periods.


Man I miss your guys normal videos. Nice and calm

Yaseen Patel

Jimmy sturthers says I should work out for 23 hours straight

Nilesh Parmar

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mr Cranky

I did 500 count


Hello, have you considered "MuscLeader" (just search Google)? On their website you will find a useful free video featuring the right way to grow visible muscle easily whilst burning body fat simultaneously. Kev and many other guys experienced amazing success using this method. It might help you also...

Ranjeet Patel

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@mynameismoso626 it's a total of sets. 4-5 sets: shoulder. 4-5 sets: chest. 4-5 sets: triceps. Totaling 12-15 sets. Your workout shouldn't last more than 45 mins. Gospel according to Mike Chang.


stankin' out the gym!

The Margrave

Look I agree with the twins completely . Look guys I don't have fucking time to sit in the gym for longer than 45.


Cool vid! "I don't do fuckin cardio" lol

Johnny Big Gunz

I work out on a empty stomach 4 or 5 days a week in the morning... For 1 hour and a half or 2 hours....got great results.. 45 minutes is a fucking tease for me...

pratik pandey

Have you seen "Elite Muscle Formula?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick way for you to get ripped fast.

Paul Nolan

24 sets total too much per workout?

Mick .V8.

Eh men , i love your advice

mr Cranky

I work out two half hour


One of your best videos

Renato Coronado

I'm assuming it's 8-14 for Chest, 8-14 for Shoulders, and 8-14 for Triceps. I could be wrong.


These guys bring bad advice that doesn't have any scientific support behind it.
"If you're on steroids, you can stay longer in the gym... cuz... you're on faking steroids"

health and fitness

you do need to do cardio unless you want to be a big fat bitch weights dont burn alot of calories so you need to introduce cardio for fat loss

Adam zoabi

it's realy hard for me to finsh an exceresise in 30-45 min I mean my fastest workout takes me 1 hour at least any advice ??!

john kastanza

Let me give you piece of mind botha. I see you on the streets: Ima pop bothff ya'll heads You heard me BOP BOP...... AN that an't MMM BOP soilder BOY Aight 1...P.S 8 yrs in da game SON (B.O.P) jk im only 160lbs failed at 145 incline bench today :D


agreed highly doubt any one who naturally body builds for 2 hours plus is getting any gains, perfect example my friend who constantly over trains and has actually gotten smaller because hes doing 30+ sets 6 days a week LESS IS MORE!

Can I Lift Weights With Bulging Disc? Can I Lift Weights With Herniated Disc?

Can I Lift Weights With Bulging Disc? Can I Lift Weights With Herniated Disc?27 Apr. 2019
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Comments (53)
Karunagaran Ramanujadasan

Dr. I am having L3, L4, L5, disc bulge after your vedio excersise now iam free from pain thank you. My doubt is shall i ride bicycle or not. Please reply sir.

HD Ali

Thank you for the content. At 1:59 you advised not to do leg presses while lying on one's back. Does this also apply to the seated leg press? If so, could you recommend any other safe quadriceps exercise? Thank you!

sunil sheth

thank you sir


Thanku for making such wonderful informative and helpful videos , Pls give a video on infraspinatus .

parakram bhatt

Hi Sir,

I am not sure if you will reply to this question or not but I would really be grateful if you could:

1. I have a herniated disc L5-s1. I am taking treatment from one of the best spine doctors in our city and I have been going to him for almost 9 months now.

2. For this entire time he has only prescribed 4 exercises and has asked me to do them twice a day with 10 reps each.

- Bridging exercise
- In the second exercise I lay down on the floor on my back and pull both of my legs together and then rotate them once on the right side and then hold them there for 10-15 secs.

- In the third exercise I lay down on my back and I put both my hands under my lower back and hip joining section then pull my tummy inside and push the lower back towards the floor.

- Fourth one is similar to the third one but the only difference is I don’t put my hands underneath and I have to lift one leg at an 180 degree angle and push the lower back towards the floor.

Please let me know if these exercises are good or do I have to add something new to it, I have also recently joined the gym after taking the approval from my doctor so can you please suggest what are some of the exercises that I must avoid.

Looking forward for your response.



Would pull down damage the disk since the person is sitting down and your pulling weight down towards you?

Devansh Bole

Hi I haven't had a chance to go through all of your videos.. but quick question. Is cycling good for a diffused l4 l5. I only ask this because I've been told to swim and there's a pool about 3miles out and instead of biking I wondered if cycling would be an option? Thank you


I have a question, I had a bulging disc in my lower back. I want to start working out and getting lean and fit but I am afraid of what exercises I can do or not do. Do you have any recommendations of what should I do? I wanted to weight lift cause my goal is to gain muscle but with a bulging disc I'm afraid I am maybe not able to so I wanted to know of alternatives that'll give m the results I want

Salo0o7 Zia

I had a slipped disc about a year ago
Now when i left a weight after few minutes my left leg will hurt not much a little
And i bent my back to backward it sound a knock and it feel good and the pain automatically stops
What should i do

Ignacio Alfaro Allona

Most therapies about disk bulge/ herniation seem to be generic and apply to a bulge in the rear area of your spine. If you look at a section of a L4/ L5 disk from the top, bulge / herniation can happen at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 3- 9 o’clock or at any intermediate point... I’m I wrong? therapy cannot be the same for all situations... some therapies which are good for one, can be damaging for other. Can you comment please?

Let Go

@2:00. Thank you, very informative and helpful ?

Tarun Padihar

Can we do regular gym and running after recover from disc bulge?

tarth mudgal

Hi Doctor,
How long does a disc bulge lasts? Can i go back to skipping ropes and doing light leg extensions to train legs after the bulge gets better?

Loony Linn

there are weight exercises which you can use machines not those traditional. i did that and i gained big muscles only my fault is i didn’t go to the doctor for an executive panel. i think i have high lactic acidosis coz i felt the symptoms of heart attack like symptoms, sudden cut of air, tremors,etc


Sir,I have been suffering from lower back pain since 4 months.got this as a gift of doing leg press in full range motion .Since then I stopped goin gym
This MRI report of mine says that I got minimally bulged annulus at L4-L5 level?.Sir I am very much worried.doctor says this is normal .but he refused to go gym.

Sir,can I go gym in future??? Pls advise.shall I do push ups,bench press, biceps curl with this ???

Yasir anna

Dr disc bulge.. I can't walk a single step. can't sit even on my hip. What kind of exercise u prefare for me. . Cos Dr suggested for surgery of L5 si..

Serdar Yildirim

Ok great it was very useful information. How about body weight exercise like push ups pull ups chin ups etc.

Sameera Boda

Can I do jogging with disc bulge?

A Dad’s life

I have bulging/ degenerative discs in my neck. I’ve taking steroid shots in the area twice in the past and it’s gotten me by. Can I still do weights if I use strict form and low amounts? Or is it safer for someone like me to avoid weight training altogether. Thank you for any advice you can provide

Knnth L

Can I work on an elliptical machine with a L4-L5-S1 disc buldging problem?

K B Goswami

L4 L5 & S1 with nerve pain. At present I am under treatment of a spine surgeon who medicated about four & half months of PREGABALIN-75 , two capsules each day and phase wise some exercises of low back pain. I am about 60 years now. Feel relief at present, but I want it permanently cure. Please suggest. Thanks.

Brayan Diaz

I got a herniated disc around May of this year in the l5-s1 range approximately 2mm my question is will I be able to get my large muscular physique back I don't care if I can't do certain exercises my question is can I be able to achieve the way I looked before the disc herniation and feel good like no pain because the pain has gotten better than before but it's still there I've been going to therapy and they said it's better I'm doing machines now I just want hypertrophy ik I can't do heavyweight but like a regular 45lb plate? With good form idk I'm just tired this injury really depresses me if I can get back to 25 inch legs 20 inch biceps and 20 inch calves
What do you think?is my goal possible
BTW I'm 18


Not a good idea

Sameera Boda

Can I do normal squats with out weights?

abdul qudoos

Hi Dr I recovered acute pain of herniated disc how could I lift weight specialy water bottle to fit on dispenser thanks

Diana I

I had a discectomy surgery almost 4 years ago. L4 L5. Is any type of jym exercise allowed to me?. Thanx.

Marco Schenone

Hello, what if I use weightlifting belt?

K B Goswami

Difficult to understand thoroughly, it helpful some of us, languages exhibit in the screen while you discuss the important points.

alouani zakaria

Hi doctor.I would like to thank you for your priceless informations. I have bulging disc at L4 L5 without detectable focal projection and no signs of disco-radicular conflict with discreet or secret hyposignal T2 degenerative. how long does it take to heal the disc if I applied the exercice you gave before. Because I quit the gym.

Anuj Rana

My MRI report says-
1. Lumbarspondylosis.
2. Diffuse disc bulge at L4-L5 level
3. Posterocentral disc protrusion with posterior annular tear at L5-S1 level.
One Dr told me that i have fucked up my back doing all the crazy stuff at the gym and another told me that it's nothing to worry about, MRI is an intensive test and it may find minute details/findings from ur body that has nothing to do with ur pain. So he basically said, no one can expect to have perfect lumbar disc as all our lives we put so much pressure on our spine.
But guys, i have been feeling pain only in my lower back region, it doesn't go to my hips, not even to my legs.
I can run for 5kms and I don't feel anything. But when it comes to sitting, or doing things while sitting, it bothers me a lot.
I mean this is a pain that don't stop me from doing anything, i can still lift weights but i just don't feel comfortable enough. I mean that mindset of feeling 100% fine is not there with me anymore. I feel tight, a strange kind of stiffness, hell i can't even express in words. The focal point is something near sacrum/tailbone area. Can someone help or even relate?

soul surfer

Hello doc
I hade 2 minor bulgh last year.now my pt told me i can do bulgarian squat
Pleas your opinion

Angel Robles

A video about damaged nerve. After how many months or years havin a herniated disc can cost damaged nerve. Can nerves regenerate or not?

Hasan Anto

Dr. Can i bench press with a herniated disc surgery ?

Plz reply

Harsh Khairwal

Hello sir , it's been I have bulging disc l4 l5 but I don't have any pain , can I lift weights at gym ? Please reply ?

irfan haider

I had L4 L5 sciatica nerve problems

Migdalia Ramos

I do yoga ... is that good or bad when you have a herniated disc on your lower back?

Main Ammad

Sir i have pain becuse of disce bulge i treatment last 5 years but these days i feel pain in my back and leg plz give me soulation i like u so much from pakistan

Arul kumar

Doctor for disc bulge which treatment whould you recommend?


Does cycling cause more trouble to the disc?

Play Maker

Dr.Salubro , i have problem with nerves that come out from S1 and under. I'm 26 y old male. Have burning in adductors(inner thigs) , pain in the right buttock when walking and 80% loss of sensation and skin changes in the S2-3-4 area. I have 8 xrays on the spine. In my country there are no chiropracters and i bellieve that only chiropracter can help me.I also have uneven pelvis, which was corectet 2 months ago and pain is 70% lower and burning almost gone, but the other promlems still remain.How can i contact you for help? Im this situation for 15 months and its unberable

amir malik

Guys go and do yoga ...specially exoctic yoga to heal your body ... I had slipped dic and I tried almost everything from physio , chiropractic technique ,to hijama ,stretching ....I couldn't heal myslef over a period of two years ...but then I gave yoga a chance ..and you know what I can dead lift 120 kg again ...after so long ..I felt emotional seeting it ... I am just 30 years old ... Most of doctors don't know that spine itself has the capacity to heal ..but if it's not healing or healing slow ..you need to break those scar tissues inside the disc so that the heling can start again ..... Just start yoga ..and you will come to know the magic ...how your own bady energies heal you ...I got healed in 6 months ...I still practice yoga as s part of my life ..and I hit the gym also ..????

Gauravyuvi14 Yuvi

Doctor, can I join gym again because I having c5-c6-7 bulging disc problem

Bene Sapiat!

question: can you horse riding with bulging L5/S1 disc?


Can bulged disc cause twitching in calves without pain at all?

UmEsh KuMaR

Hello Sir, I recently got disc protection at c5-c6 due to injury. After healing from it and let's say after 6 months when symptoms go away completely then after that can I start gym/fitness again? I was into advance calisthenics workout. I really wish to do stuffs like handstand etc again. Pls reply and advice. Thanks a lot.

ankit agrawal

Can I do 10 hours study whenever I have been suffering from cervical & spinal problem slip disc

Dr. Walter Salubro

Have a question about bulging discs?

Tarun Kumar

Is this video applicable for cervical disc herniation/bulging?


If you have bulging discs and you lift weights prepare your self for surgery.

preethy george

Thanks for the information doctor. Will orthopedic cushion help when I have to sit for a long while. Also is it okay to travel for two hours when there is a leg pain.


Hello Sir, can i lift weight while in flat position for bicep exercise.

Modern Mortal

Can i do ab exercises..Plss reply??


Diffuse disc bulge indenting thecal sac causing no mass effect over nerve roots
at L3-L4 and L5-S1 levels.

 Diffuse disc bulge with small central disc protrusion causing bilateral mild
neural foramen narrowing indenting thecal sac abutting bilateral traversing
nerve roots at L4-L5 level.

Hi Sir ,
above is impressions is notified my MRI scan report, can you please advice me.