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EMS strength workout, whole body, expert, 8/8 impulse

EMS strength workout, whole body, expert, 8/8 impulse24 Apr. 2020
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EMS strength workout with

EMS strength workout with the Visionbody Personal System with excercises for the whole body with an impulse of 8 secounds and a rest time of 8 secounds.

Workout of the day:

1. Jumping Squats

2. Push Ups

3. Swimming

4. Crunches

5. Hyperextension

6. Plank

7. Lateral Plank

8. Tight Push Ups

9. Jumping Lunges

10. Biceps Curls

11. Lateral Mountain Climbers

12. Push Up Leg Extension

13. Plank Push Up

14. Burpees

Enjoy your Visionbody EMS Training!

You want more information about our EMS Personal System?

Just visit our website: https://www.vision-body.com/en/ems-machine-for-home-use

For daily news about the EMS Training, follow us on:

Facebook ? https://www.facebook.com/visionbody.official/?ref=page_internal

Instragram ?https://www.instagram.com/visionbody.official/?hl=de

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richard shaw

Good full body workout. I would love to know whether you have the ability to monitor the heart rate at the same time. Thanks

STARTO Ems Muscle Stimulator, Abs Trainer Belt Usb Rechargeable + remote unboxing and instructions

STARTO Ems Muscle Stimulator, Abs Trainer Belt Usb Rechargeable + remote unboxing and instructions1 Oct. 2019
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Stimulator https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07TTL4MZV/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=pduesp07-21&linkId=58a0fc84fb48b11fabe2b5ce6208375d&language=de_DE

STARTO Ems Muscle Stimulator, Abs Trainer Belt Usb Rechargeable With Total Remote Control, 12pcs Gel Pads Strengthen Abdominal Muscle Toner for Home Gym Workout Fitness Men and Women

?WHAT EFFECTS YOU WILL HAVE? -- The abs stimulator is for muscle training and body slimming. It can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months.

?POWERFUL & EFFICIENT -- This EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) toner is designed for abdominal/arm/leg/hip/waist muscle training with 12-minute per time, which equals to 1500M running or 30 minutes swimming. This Ultimate ABS Stimulator provides 6 exercise modes and 15 intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation.

?IS IT SAFE? -- The micro current using EMS technology directly affects the muscle fiber and strengthens and shapes it the best way without causing any damage to the body.

?EASY TO USE -- The sitmulator works 12 minutes and automatically turns off the power after no operation.It's designed with power self-check function. Only when you stick the gel pads to your body, can the controller start working.

?FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE -- This muscle fitness trainer can be used anytime and anywhere. The remote control can control all the machines directly without having to press each part. The charging line is 1 to 3, and the three main units can be charged at the same time.

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Cost plz

umair ahmed

Progress and results???


This is hurting my fucking ears

Nina N. Sperling



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God his voice is annoying


Idk what you all are talking about. I like his voice.

Atanas G.

The best! Very informative! Thanks!

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Your voice made this fucking impossible to understand

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Hey, at least this man was generous enough to try to help and explain. If you purchased this and can't speak another laungue good luck reading it. Thank you for taking the time to try and help us.

All4 - one

his voice are ok to me ???


What a creepy voice

Alicia Kim

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Maysa Gettingfit

Is this how you really talk? Though it was just for the intro ????


stopped watching after few seconds, your voice is super super annoying.... like wtf were you aiming for?

Apostolos Manolopoulos

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EMS Smart Fitness Muscle Training Gear Abs Training

EMS Smart Fitness Muscle Training Gear Abs Training25 Sep. 2019
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#EMS Smart Fitness #Muscle

#EMS Smart Fitness #Muscle Training Gear Abs Training


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Rs: 2,500

EMS Smart #Fitness apparatus with controller, Electrical muscle stimulation.

For abdominal muscle training and body partial exercise.

Adopt the EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) creative high efficiency frequency. let you Fit for Fun.

Exercises with EMS Smart Fitness minutes equal to 2000M running or Swimming/sit-ups 60 minutes.

Adjustable 9-level intensity, 6 modes.

one key fitness, you can wear it under clothes, invisible exercises at any where any time.

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