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Avatar the Last Airbender - Uncle Iroh gets robbed (Motivation)

Avatar the Last Airbender - Uncle Iroh gets robbed (Motivation)5 Nov. 2019
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Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender - Uncle Iroh gets robbed Motivation

Life Lessons Motivation Knife scene

Jov "I'm just a man trying to bring positivity laughter and motivation to the world"





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Ihsan Pradipta

My mind when video started :
"Call ambulance... call ambulance... but not for me..."

Yurio ch.播客

What’s the season and episode :(


One of my favorite scenes from the entire series!

Let me sleep in peace

Lou Williams learned from uncle Iroh well.

Jesse Cundiff

Everyone has to admit iroh is a beloved character in avatar❤️

Adrian Cadatal

Older gentleman shares his hot fluid with confused young man

P. Cux

(After robber learns the right stance)

Robber: Now, where is my money?

Iroh: hey, you can't just


breyo chiona

Give me your money
Iroh- best I can do is tea


This show is a masterpiece....absolutely one of the greatest ever.

Gene Basas

0:08 me when I see my girlfriend hitting on a guy

Bentley Pearson

This man is a inspiration

Muhammad nasiruddin Sham narayanasamy

I wish i have uncle like general iroh

Jay Bee

OK time for an avatar binge thanks algorithm

RabbitDahBeast 024

Wheres my uncle Iroh at ??

BlazingStar W taco

Man this show is so cool

Patrick Spragoo

Iroh. Although a dangerous enemy when on his bad side, is just so wholesome and humble.


That's Raiden, by the way.

cloud strife

The dislikes are from DyLee agents

dj is bad

did the writers base this off the story of buddha and angulimala?

VileBlood Hunter

''Iroh teaches Jhin proper posture''


This is such a great reminder that Iroh became kind because of all that he had gone through as a general and as an uncle

Ethan Fairweather

I imagine after the end of the hundred years war that everyone in Ba Sing Sei respected Iroh. Extremely hard to not empathize with a man who lost the only thing he truly cared about during his attempted siege on the city.



L4t's Kaito

Hes strongest weapon is his heart

Michael flash

Such a emotional and sad episode- one of the best


The little amount of effort he used when he disarmed the robber really helps remind those watching that he isn't just "Uncle Iroh," he is also General Iroh, Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus, Firstborn of Firelord Azulon and hailed as the Dragon of the West.

Alex Hong

when ur smart grandpa is about to get robbed

Saferno Reger

I need an uncle Iroh in my life.

Manta Wave

I’m really impressed by the mugger, I can’t bend my knees and feet to point that direction


0:23 - 0:24

Anyone else notice the animation?

machival demon

u know iroh is strong because who the fuck travels with tea pot everysingle time in every chances

Pier Pressure

0:09 those puppy dog eyes uhh

The Jov Zone

You had to do it didn't you. How can anyone dislike this scene?

Sky Weeaboo

iroh is the best character don't lie you all think so to


Poor guy was dealt a bad hand, like Zuko was.

This. . . Is a bucket.

I half expected the guy to mug him again using the solid stance and Iroh actually getting threatened that time

Max Bauer

What’s the name of the song at 1:11?

Adrianlog Kashito

Well i hope he's a real person


Call an ambulance...
But not for me.

Lance Baxter

His stance will be MUCH better the next time he robs someone.

Michael Wood

Have you ever tried to stand like that? It’s so unnatural and uncomfortable why would anybody ever take that stance???


My guy literally tries to help a guy who tried to rob him, uncle iroh is my spirit person

Lewis Sear

Whoever disliked are Karen and Kyle who believe in nobody

Yusuf Hussein

How you get so low that your victim feels pity for you at first sight?

Lord Eyepatch Backup

Iroh: Teachers a robber how to mug while giving him free tea.

_SkylaR Anderson

Uncel Iroh: Ima help frycking rober

Ray Dio

397 people on YouTube need a great blessing in life

Jiya Jagani

Uncle Iroh: Nearly gets robbed by some dude
Also Uncle Iroh: gives him tea and teaches him how to rob better

Thưởng Đặng Quốc

0:31 "With a solid stanc- arghhg"

The Silver Blader

Did I hear Axels voice in the crook?

A s t r o asirt q_q

Comments has some spoilers

Jay Smith

“A little help from others can be a great blessing.” That line is so powerful


oh how much i love iroh please


The title is a lie he didn’t get robbed

a. j. sw

Ooh my childhood ❤️

Invision TM

Thats beautiful

Akeyon Plays

Normal people: get mugged
Iroh: changes a mugger's life and drinks hot tea

Mic Liebhart

When i was a young kid, i thought Iroh was just a comedian. But when i am older now, Iroh seems so cool and wise. Being mature really change perspective and point of view.


Uncle Iroh: notices his horrible stance
Also Uncle Iroh: Here lemme teach you how to rob people better so first ...


U try to rob Iroh and in the end u get a life changing lesson and a hot cup of tea?

Julianna Jacildo

the tales of ba sing se is my most favorite episode in the series

Lord Byron

I wish I had an uncle Iroh!!



ryan wang

Robber: Give me your money old man!
Iroh: You have a nice knife. Can I have it?


Lets agree iroh is one of the beat charechter in avatar the last airbender


It would be nice if the police would do this

Gokul Krishnan

Watch this with different speeds. 'much better' !!

Eric Gabriel Alves de Carvalho

Iroh instead of beating the thief he teach his wisdom and the value of life

Blue Skull Games

Iroh the kind of guy to whoop your ass then teach you how to be better at kicking ass then give you life advice with some tea in mean seriously thats such an iroh thing we should all just live like him especially when we get old


Iroh is one of the greatest kind and wise ?


Iroh is by far the best character in the series IMO, too bad you don't see much of him after he gets in jail and break out of it

Mario boxed u

uncle iroh getting robed be like

Salvador Brooks •-•

Me: gets robbed
Robber: has poor stance
Me: let me teach you a thing or two bout fighting


Can we talk about how not only did he disarm the mugger, but then proceed to lend him a hand AND give him his knife back!? And then he taught him to be Better at Mugging!?

LOL. You gotta love Iroh.

icecream lover3000



I have a feeling that Uncle Iroh has done more for the world then the avatar in all of their existence.

Imagine if Iroh was the avatar

Fasikun Beloved

Why I click:
I saw getting robbed and motivation in the same sentence

Zamaree Brigham

Iroh has always been my favorite character he is definitely the most well rounded character in the show. He is powerful and dangerous but calm , wise and full of compassion for others

orange fox

Instant replay button
Edit: It sounds like he’s saying “October”

Randall Bell

Imagine this guy robbed and killed so many people after this, since Iroh told him how.

Can K.

Uncle Iroh is my favourite Avatar character


To the ones that disliked the video. We are not angry with you, we are just sad because you lost your way


Top 10 saddest Anime deaths (you all know what I mean)

breyo chiona

Fun fact: if you try this in real life you'll get stabbed

Vik Johnson

One of my favourite episodes.
R.i.p Mako/uncle Iroh, may we drink Tea together in the spirit world

Prabhu Prasad

Robber: Gimme your money.
Uncle Iroh: I'm gonna do what's called a Pro Gamer Move.


Damn Iruka fell on hard times


My dad would always make fun of this guy's stance


For a second I thought Iroh was trying to help someone rob people


The mugger came looking for money and he left with answers. Such an Iroh move

Joe Dickinson

If anyone said that they gave pointers to a person who was threatening them at knife point I would call them crazy or BS but since it’s Iroh I can believe it the fact that he sat that confused man down and offered him a cup of tea speaks volumes
I only wish he spent more time on team avatar teaching Anng a few things

Kappa Klaus

More like "Robber gets Uncle Iroh'd"

Varun Madhavan

The bs they did to General Iroh in the movie riles me up !!

Laffing Gas

Iroh when someone threatens him with a knife and tries to rob him: Kalm
Iroh when someone insults tea: A N G E R Y

Oliver Grant

I'd love an Uncle Iroh spin-off


music name: ryoa-lovely

Giorgos Melikidis

Wow youtube really knows what im thinking of


"If you're gonna threaten me do it properly"

Andrew Hall

I both love and hate this episode/part because this episode was a 3 or 4 part episode. RIP Mako

Avatar Aang

I love uncle Iroh he is my fav character