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How To Install Multy Home Envirotiles | The Home Depot

How To Install Multy Home Envirotiles | The Home Depot22 Mar. 2013
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Multy Home demonstrates

Multy Home demonstrates installing its Envirotiles for outdoor patios and decks. Resurface your deck with a variety of design options and simple installation.

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How To Install Multy Home Envirotiles | The Home Depot


Comments (17)
Shasta Kennon

I've found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think


Could have used a hole saw bit on the drill and not even have to use the jig on the gas line part.

Spellbound By Night

I liked the old deck better- cheaper to sand, seal and keep


Very nice... if only Home Depot gave veterans a 10% discount all the time, like Lowes.


whats the name of the music at the start??

American Infidel

How much weight did she add to the deck?

Juan Barrionuevo

Where can I buy enviro tile 18 x 18 ?

Shaun Newman

I've seen the product installed on wood with plastic sheeting laid down as a moisture barrier. Cant say whether or not wind would affect its installation. The clips require a pretty decent "oomph" to set the tile but i'd imagine its hold would be affectived overtime by weather, afterall it is just recycled rubber at its core

Mike Conlin

hmm at 8 dollars a pop for these tiles... and she is using approximately 130 tiles for this area ....you do the math

Gentle Man

Sadly, the clips were impossible. Most of them were too short and did NOT fit. Hammering did nothing but bounce them back at you. That is impossible to use the clips and I gave up. I went to check reviews online and just about everyone had the same problem. How can you make a bogus video like this which totally misrepresents the product. It is too bad, because the idea is decent, but in practice it is crap. Therefore, I have to return.


Won't those get lifted by the wind? And wont water get trapped between the tile and the wood, both causing mold and causing the wood to rot? This product seems like a very bad idea to me.


Disliking this based Solely on her pronunciation of 'Project'

Black Opal

Agreed David and Mike. This is a terrible product to start and a really bad idea to do what she is doing with it if it's not illegal. They would also trap heat in that old, dry, splintering, unprotected wood. But i feel satisfied because I have come to expect nothing less from home depot. Ahh yes, the world is working right. peace all

John Flock

It would be easier to just sell the house.

Michael Giordano

Can these be installed over dirt ground?

Happy Hippie

Try buying a cheap hole saw kit from harbor freight for your hole


Does the water leak under the paver between two tiles place together?

How to Install Rubber Tiles in Patio or Play Areas

How to Install Rubber Tiles in Patio or Play Areas9 Jul. 2015
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Playground Mats - Rubber Tiles - Interlocking Playground Bounce Back Tiles

Playground Mats - Rubber Tiles - Interlocking Playground Bounce Back Tiles3 May. 2016
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Today we’re going to talk about 2.5 inch thick Interlocking Playground Bounce Back Tiles.

These rubber playground safety tiles are ASTM fall rated for up to 6 feet.

With a porous surface, these interlocking playground mats are water permeable and maintain excellent traction while providing a comfortable surface to walk and play on.

The interlocking tile design allows for easy installation and helps keep the 2x2 foot tiles in place during a dry lay installation, which can be used on small areas.

Resistant to freezing and extreme temperature variations these playground tiles, are made of 100 percent recycled rubber content, and feature a 10-year warranty.

Interlocking Playground Bounce Back Tiles are excellent for any area that requires a fall height rating, including outdoor and indoor playground surfaces, rock climbing walls, decks, patios and play areas.

For greater fall protection, this tile is also offered in a 3.5 inch thickness with an 8 ft fall height rating.

This product ships via freight delivery to your location.


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Comments (1)
James Howk

Thanks for the heads up.????