How to recover from leg day

Yoga For The Legs - After Leg Day Yoga - Recovery Yoga

Yoga For The Legs - After Leg Day Yoga - Recovery Yoga30 Jun. 2020
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Welcome back my

Welcome back my lovelies!

I decided to switch it up with my workouts and I was feeling super sore after a leg day. It inspired me to make this little routine for you all. I hope this helps you to release a little. As always, remember to bring your breath to the practice.

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Comments (6)

Nice flow!!
I did it the day after leg day and really felt much relief.
Thanks for the video!!
Keep posting!

Amy P

Thank you for this!

Елена Вихрева

Thank you so much from Kyrgyzstan!

Ailish McCarthy

Oh this was just lovely

The Wandering Quinn

This is such a yummy stretch that I needed so so much! Thank you!


thank you Jess, it is very important for me , I wish you beautiful days in your new location ! Have nice days !

How to reduce muscle soreness & leg soreness after soccer or workout | Post match soccer recovery

How to reduce muscle soreness & leg soreness after soccer or workout | Post match soccer recovery4 Oct. 2017
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How to reduce muscle

How to reduce muscle soreness & leg soreness after soccer or workout | Post match soccer recovery ► In this video I will show you how to recover from leg soreness faster than your opponents so you can play your best the next day.

It's important that athletes / soccer players learn how to recover from sore muscles fast so they can continue their training / playing. This is proper soccer recovery and football recovery done in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to get rid of soreness and reduce muscle soreness after soccer this video will explain 5 things I did and how to recover from soreness after workout or playing soccer quickly.

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What should you do with the information in this video?

How to reduce muscle soreness & leg soreness after soccer or workout | Post match soccer recovery and more helpful tips about how to recover from soreness post match and after workout.

Hopefully you found these tips about reducing leg soreness helpful and you will actually use these tips for football recovery to speed up your recovery process so you can play / train faster.

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How to reduce muscle soreness & leg soreness after soccer or workout | Post match soccer recovery

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Thanks for watching:

How to reduce muscle soreness & leg soreness after soccer or workout | Post match soccer recovery

Comments (100)

The colder it is, the more beneficial it will be... Me to me : ''go for Liquid Nitrogen'' ??

Slush Puppy

My thighs and calves are killing me as I injured myself during training, my tournament is tomorrow and I am centermid

God help me.

Triple D

- Hydration
- Nutrition
- Ice Bath / Warm bath
- Foam Rolling
- Stretching

Jatinderbir 4221

There is sorness in my eyes after playing fifa game

Darius Gee

That’s my club logo. CHARLOTTE SICCER ACADEMY. U bout to get sued my boi

Arash Ebadtabrizi

the 20 min warm bath was amazing

ihsan jejelomo

I don’t have a bath what should I do


Great video. Can you share how you stayed loose between the games during the tournament. Especially if you have to wait 60 minutes so stiffness doesn’t kick in?

Amais Niazi

Yo can we use those dolphin electric massagers for the roller part?

Lilo Xx

I had volleyball and my legs are killing me?? I had school and those steps kill me, even standing and sitting and moving hurts?? I want to know if this will definitely help so it won’t hurt as much




My dog when i have guests 3:08

Yousuf Sultan

Nice book by kelly

am mess

Dude you are amazing!! I am back to soccer after a long break and your tips are GOLD!

Alex Gavin


John Poop

Not gonna work if you relax too much and your opponent intrudes and kills you

Sofia Martinez

I’m a gymnast/contortionist and I’ll try some of theses and see if they work

Syed Adnan

This video is good and all but what if the opponent uses his same ass technique hahaha now what do ya gotta have to say ???

Savage Hotdog_56

Thank you, thank you, thank you???

Mr. Goodday

What do you think of a deep massage gun?

afton Kalous

Why would someone want to go through all this pain and effort when they could just have avoided working out in the first place????

The Power Of Truth

You couldn't find bigger book?! :D


Okay I’m in extreme pain in my legs from doing an intense workout two days ago, then again today. Have anyone tried these tips and if so, how did you feel the following day

Gooran3 Z

pause 5:15 you look like u will fallsleep ahhhahahahhaah


Isn't clear pee a sign of over hydration? Pee is supposed to be a light yellow.


This video is fuckin awesome!

Wake & chase

Hey ? i just want 2 tell u that ur videos (training courses) helped me a lot after making 30days challenge.am so quick and skillful now,thank u very much for ur help,and can u tell me where is ur email link.i just want to be part of that email training courses ?

udhay sharma

7 moths ago i played football regularly but during corona time i stoped playing after 7 months i played and came back home and my thighs , legs and foots are paining so hard

skater girlll

Y was my screen black the whole time

iHezi GL

I do drink water but take performance enhancers fr ok m my doctor that makes my pee neon yellow

Ricardo Espinel

Americans should stop calling football that weird form of rugby they invented so that they can use properly the word football and stop naming it soccer, which sounds just silly

Alexsander Juarez

6 min is enough study show! More than that is harming the body

Al To

You have a wonderful family 0:59


I played fortnite in the bathtub and my laptop fell. Its screen is dark now. Can someone explain?

Falcons Are the best

What about icy hot


Yesterday was leg day
Today is wheelchair day

joerge garcia

Boo... The foods you are eating are highly inflammatory.Instead, recover with collagen, moderate protein, and good fats.

EL principito

Have sex before the game ..

Salvador Ramirez

Awesome stuff, but would you recommend the massage chair you have(I'm currently looking for one). If so do you mind mentioning what brand it is. Thank you.

Pro D4blo

I got a shower

Lucas Keller


Meme Lord

Don’t have a roller

Hasn Al

Don't try it you will lost weights


Comically large book to read in the bath

OG Random

After a football tournament I had I was aching all over and the stretching really helped


I play rugby league but oh well should still work

Robert Howell

You missed one point after foam roller get some blood flowing in those areas with some basic exersices to get a better stretch to lessen a streach injury have a good one

Charlotte Ackerman

I don’t know if he’s talking about how to recover from soccer or other sports.


An ice bath only with ice or could a cold bath enough?

BüF *

Lactic acids cause your muscles to swell, so by taking a cold shower your gains will go down

The Unknown

Does it have to be ice how bout Just a cold bath? Does it affect whether there is ice or not?


The cold to hot is likely the best way to improve healing time no doubt about it



Billy Lundie

I haven’t got one of them chairs but I’ve got a car battery and a metal cable
Sorted #lifehacks

Marco Agostoni

15 minutes in the pool moving just the legs and 10 minutes of hot tab is miraculous for me.

Narek Papazyan

thank you mate?


2 words.


Suresh SB

Very nice

K̸I̸N̸G̸ J̸A̸H̸

No one is gonna talk abt that Xbox 360???

Voetballer gyan


Elliot Lowrie

I swear 20 min ice bath is too long
I usually just do 10 mins. 15 MAX


Ice bath is pointless unless it’s immediately after the game. After half an hour you want hot water. Cold water immediately is good to aid recovery and stop swelling, later is just going to tighten and stiffen your muscles


take a walk does it gonna help or gonna fuck the recovery process ?

Drew lockwood

Thanks man

Abigayle Tyler

What do you think of increase your soccer game with Episoketren System? I see a lot of people keep on talking about Episoketren System.

Tristan Clark

I play football ? , a true American sport but good vid thanks man

Sarah Graves

Go to 5:27 to save time ??

Alexandru Dragan


Hasn Al

In the bath

Mia C

Taking a warm bath right after a cold bath isn’t always good especially if it’s super warm water because you’re body can swell!! Don’t believe me?!? Put you’re hand in ice water like so cold you turn red then put it in super warm water! You’re fingers will swell along with you’re hand and you will become super achy


I dont have money for that shit.

Gaming world

I cant even move my legs

Kwaku Nana

I love the intensity and all the workout, I recommend all your tips to the world.

Will Stephens


Huzka 7

I have iphone (water proof)

Robert Smith

Amazing video really helped!

Jack Davies

Great vid help a lot ??

Fallen Alpha

If your taking an cold shower, how long do you stay under the cold water?


Lol, reading a book. I can hardly do that in optimal conditions let alone in an ice bath!

Eric Kent

Easier said than done!


I am a dancer and I dance and workout for more than five hours a day, I also do sports and other things throughout the day pushing my self to be more fit. My sister thinks I might get chronic pain if I continue to do this without breaks, so when i found this video i was ready to have an entire day break tomorrow and preferably every weekend, and rest my body. Thank you!

River Pearson

What exactly is Episoketren System? How does this thing really work? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular training course.

Irvin Castilla

I'll play fifa give me your username?

Fortnut Memes

I did to much Squats I can’t put my legs straight ???

Avery Jaquelynne

I searched up muscle recovery tips and this came up, and I’m glad I watched it. I’m currently doing a week long, 7 hour volleyball camp with nonstop movement and running, so as you can guess I am extremely sore. This really helped me recover


Just tren hard
Eat clen
You will recover real quick ;)


What if my opponent watches the video

Liam GG

Lactic acid takes 10 minutes to get out of the muscles after exercise....

suat B

Total bullshit

Soccer & Boxing

I don’t have a bath can I do a cold shower

abdur rehman faiz

Another way is just get new legs like who cares about this

Man Utd Forever

If you don’t have a foam roller, what can u use instead

sophia rae

don’t roll higher then ur lower back

Richard Duvenhage

1. Hydrate
2. Nutrition protein carbs water
3.Cold bath ad ice soak,warm 20min
4.Foam roll focus on certain spots/tight areas.
5.Stretching sore areas do for 30sec-1min
6.Massage electro therapy(optional)
Thank me later.

Juan Diego Parales

Very good

Oren Pappiah

Honestly bro you deserve like 10 mill subs the content you put out is the best??????
Thanks to you ive gotten so much better as a Player

Luka Nadj

Help, after cold bath I feel like I will be sick?

Ibrahim Khalil

Why was that stupid music so popular in 2017

Endon Hyseni

What about taking a show?


Very helpful

How To Recover From Thanksgiving Dinner | LEG WORKOUT

How To Recover From Thanksgiving Dinner | LEG WORKOUT28 Nov. 2019
116 117
Chris BumsteadSubscribe 438 721

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Meal Prep:https://www.trifectanutrition.com/cbum

Comments (100)

Americans are like...."wtf is shopper's?

Robert Hudson

6:29 chis getting some old school lessons on single leg leg press


Naperville, Illinois?

Brian DeCosta

I'd love to look that way 'trying' to squat 405 lol

Tony Ross

Love the big workout pre turkey. you said dont skip bfast the day after...what about fasted cardio the morning after?

Thịnh Trương Công

06:07 Music song is: Waste Another Lie (Instrumental Version) - Wellmess

Shuvam Bhowmick

My go to gym motivation..everyday..

Fabio Pereira

Hows the hammies chris

froy guillen

How do you do to have so much squat strength?

Hoang MVP

6:29 why are you copying from the gentlement next to you?

Filipino Jack Tolentino

I'm that dude next to Chris doing the single leg press.....one day chris I'll hit those plates with 4 legs


8:39 I think you should lean a bit to the front if you want better quad contraction.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Adrian Payne

how can you film a leg day and not show Courtney workout. You know thats why we are all here.

Priyan Poovanna Nambudumada

Can I get the name of the introductory song of your vlog, sounds amazing! ?

Randy Le

Lets gooooooo ?

Brandon Changus

Regan Grimes ' song...

Justin Flint



Music plz?


I wonder what exercise the guy @ 6:14 is doing with the cable lmao


9:03 chris bumstead the kind of guy that makes his girlfriends pregnant with his moustache

Жека Жека

Красава,привет из РОССИИ

Niles Minor

Whose grinding this Thanksgiving?

Elliott Achepohl

Come by Elmhurst

Abdus Samee

When your “half rep squats” have more range of motion than some people’s “ATG” squats ?

Ashi Stark

Who is she!?? Steve cook's girlfriend????? ??????

Carlos Macias

Can we see a Chicago vlogg???

Jaden Visarratyttvrgn

I thought u were Canadian? We already had our thanksgiving

Eugene Isaev

Never noticed how sick that logo was at the end of your video!! Happy Thanksgiving Chris and Courtney ;)


Getting in a fist fight over some crap you don’t need at the local mall is an excellent way to burn off those thanksgiving calories. ?

đích thực Gymer



High bar is better for leg development

Max Burnell

Man you seem like such chill down to earth dude, even since you won the Mr O. You represent us fellow Canadians well!


More Chris less Courtney

Dimitris Nikolopoulos

First song's name?

J sally

He at liftime down the street from my house ?


Mustache is hella juicy. Juicer then any thanksgiving turkey

Dmitri Gutorin

What damages CNS the most? Leg day or news that she is pregnant?


Hi Chris! What’s the model of the shoes?


Im Thimple man, i thee chrith, I click

shad rock

Are you going to be at the Arnold classic next year?


Which nikes are you wearing ?

Joe Bob

This dude inspires me to give a go at this bodybuilding shit. I'm 6ft2 and my 2yr goal is to be somewhere between a Bumstead and a smaller David Laid.

Kristian K

What shoes are you wearing?

Ganesh Heeralall

Wats the intro song


Chris .could you tell me the type of shoes

Frank A

Nah don’t go to Best Buy go to a Macys instead you’ll be lucky if u find parking on Black Friday. Go next year

Robbie Smith

Happy thanksgiving Chris! From New Zealand ?? ❤️

toni dp

Just don’t eat a lot Dumbass . Cbum your clout chaser for this one

Javier Caldera

Anyone know what shoes he’s wearing while training?

Scott R

I wanna see some little Bumsteads running around next year :')

Petr Felt

Can somebody hook me up with the shoe name?

abay gaitan

I thought you were gonna follow the push , pull legs workout that you talked about

Wyatt Montelongo

pistol squats caught me off guard

David Ambrose

Loving these videos!


this channel gets creepier by the video....

Adam Dazely

Anyone know what shoes he has on in the gym?

Lewis Lollins

Anyone know the song that starts playing during the workout

Joseph Kyzar

what happened to doing the push/pull/leg program you just put out?

Antonio Martinez

Bro I like those pants, where are they from?


Those videos are the best, a little vlog to start the day

Mac Wanted

Any chance that you make a video with Brandon Harding as he is in Canada at the moment?


Music at 6:05 ?

Donald Kern

I’m in missouri? I would have made the drive

V. P

I wish I had a good squat like you.

Daniel Harris

Ah yes sit in the sauna and sweat out calories...go science!

franc perreault

Your relationship is so damn perfect wow ahah?

Ray Arnold

Happy thanksgiving to both of you champ have a great day

The Buff Nerd

Love the intro beat but the song was a weird choice for an intro considering it's saying "let me fuck you right back." ?

Michael Cadelinia

What is his intro song ?


Going through the comment section I couldn't help but notice that you reply to a lot of comments, definitely more than most YouTubers. People really appreciate that Chris, thanks for being that close to your fans it really means a lot

Steven Mota

What nike shoes are these?

vinu np

Which BCAA are you recommending

Tal Zagury

5:29 whats the shoe name

brynley noble

Love the reference to ain’t no rest for the wicked Chris ?!!!!


i've been taking enzymes and probiotics ever since i had my gallbladder removed years ago. they really do work. helps you digest food better, keeps you regular (hah gross i know), introduces good bacteria into the gut, and if you have stank breath/foul smelling bowel movements, probiotics will help with that. air fresheners, mouthwash and tic tacs have nothing on them. why mask the funk when you can just change your diet and not have to worry about it so much?

Jeremy Damer

see you at lifetime algonquin tmrw boii

Kevin Thiaw

How to recover after that take stéroïdes ?????

dtm 320

What Nike are those??

Travis Walsh

I hope this guy comes to Jamaica

Zack Fletcher

So about that PPL workout you posted last video?!

Andersson Aponte

name of the intro song


stolen that track from regans leg day haha

Edward Adelman

I’m digging those windows and how windy it is outside while you’re doing pistol squats. The unstable outside conditions and the required stability of that movement. That’s good directing ?

Hasanain Al-Jubouri

my suggestion for the next video is how to pose classic physique


Very impressive pistol squats!!!

H Reuter

Happy Thanksgiving Chris ?. Keep up the great work. ??

Taylor Reed

Anyone know what shoes those are?

Ryan Vong

Where’d u get your gym shoes!?

Thomas McShane

400+ lbs when your in recovery mode.. you're a beast mate!!

Wilmer rodiney Chica

Es tremenda
La tecnica que tiene bustem enla sentadia y eso que usa zapatillas normales

Денис Лыман

Old school blogs are back

Elevated Lifestyle Channel

Single-Leg Leg Press & Pistols Squats = my respect goes up for Chris!


Where can I get this hoodie??


Is that the Lifetime fitness in Naperville?

Abdulla Almalki

What shoes is cbum wearing ?

King Lui

That’s what I did I ate all the carbs so I hit a heavy leg day today feeling thicc and strong?

sefa eskn

Anlamasamda izliyom kral adamsın

Triple M Records

Cbums WarmUp is Most people's PR

Florida Mann

Happy Thankthgiving Chrith

Niko Johnson

Chrith bumthead