Gift for 60 year old woman

10-year-old girl keeps same pet tortoise 56 years

10-year-old girl keeps same pet tortoise 56 years12 Mar. 2018
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For her 10th birthday, in

For her 10th birthday, in 1962, Jeanna Smith was surprised with a special gift: a pet tortoise. Now, Boyd Huppert checks in on the pair - still together, 56 years later. kare11.tv/2Hq0n17

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Queen of ENGLAND : Finally .... a worthy opponent, our battle will be Legendary !!!

william hiers

I don't think of her as a pet I think of her as my baby girl she love her momma and that's me

Toma Hawk

Thank You So Much for Your Caring & Patience with this Tortoise! ????♥️


This is a great story, thank you.

anil rehmatullah

i wonder what he thinks about the newest election and his political views on it.

billy bishop

I would totally build him a race car..I think he'd be thrilled to move a bit faster than he does lol

Financial Interferometry

George "ran" away.

Kurt Matthew P. Aquino


Steven Hall

WOW back in the early 60's I lived in Santa Cruz Calif. and had a Gopher Tortoise named, wait for it, YES!! GEORGE!!! I was kind of a strange kid that year, not because I had a plethora of Reptiles and Amphibians around the house all the time, I did that my whole life, but because that year I named my Tortoise, my Alligator with the forked tail and my 5 ft. Gopher Snake GEORGE, ALL 3 OF THEM, AND I HAD THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! In the summer time my Tortoise lived outside bouncing back and forth from our yard to my great grandmother's yard next door and the 1/2 acre field in between, where he enjoyed fresh green grass, dandelion leaves grapes off the side of grandma's yard and blackberries from the huge profusion along the back fence and loquats off the back neighbors tree that fell over into our yard. This went on for 5 years when one day after a camping trip, we couldnt find George anywhere and grandma hadnt seen him in 3 days!! We never did find George and we always suspected a neighbor kid who was the bully of the neighborhood of stealing George and giving him away to his cousin. As for the other 2 Georges the Alligator Lizard with the forked tail lived out his life at the school I went to in a 55 gallon terrarium in my 6th grade science teachers classroom, he lived until I was 19 years old so around 12 years, and I turned the snake loose since he was a native that I wild caught in less then a year after I caught him. He was never aggressive never bit, and would eat mice and rats straight from my hand in less then a week!! I used to ride my bike all over town with him wrapped around my neck, where he put on just enough pressure to stay there but never to much to the point of constricting my breath! He was an exceptional snake. A few years later I caught a King Snake about the same size who also had a mellow temperament as well , and I named him............JOE!!!!

Westside Smitty


Jon Lit

This voice over sounds like food wishes. @foodwishes is that you??

samira r

I love this story , i always come back to rewatch it

kiyosen L.

Bieber is canadian, he cant be president

Sharad Bagadi

Salute her animal love

Emily Vance

I got my tortoise at the age of 12 and I’m 15 and he’s my best friends he was 6 months old when I got him. And now he’s 4 years sold.

Jet Stream

I wouldn't be surprised if George outlives Jeanna and her kids.

Sketches says

I feel like ...the narrator is trying not to laugh into hysteria with his voice cracking

Marion Sanders

I just got a tortoise ???a baby one name ginger it’s a sulcata tortoise forgive me I spelt it wrong and before I got it did my research and all on them every species been wanting one since I was 11 and now I’m 18 in college with a baby one and this video before I got it inspired me along with the other tortoise videos I’ve been watching for years I wanna grow old with mine

Uros Krstic

She died

Sara Paxton

This is so sweet. I have an Italian Greyhound named Pepsi. My family got her for me when I was 8 years old. I am 22 now, we are inseparable. Her and I can always be spotted together around the neighborhood. People are always amazed when I say I've her for 14 years, but that is nothing in comparison to this lady!

Daniel Arauco

That's a beautiful story

Troy Hoopalopa

my turtle didnt like to eat

so it died

damn shame


I hope they're still happy together.

Spectacular Spider-man

0:39 PROBABLY????

Henry Spadt

She looks bad for her age being 10


At 56 years he's still young. There's a long way to go haha.




Tortoise strategy : move slowly when you look at them, so you wont expect them to leave very quickly... (true story I lost my tortoise like that and never figured out how it was possible)

Dove Camp

That's love and commitment! Thank you

Timothy Kauffman

Oh I get it they became a protected species within the last 50 years so she was grandfathered in or grandmother in this case literally

Shanti Haring

You always have to keep an eye on the 26-year-old toddlers 1:41

Robert Jensen

That tortoise will be crawling on that lady's grandson's grave some day.



al rob

Moral of this story.....If you eat only fruit and veg, you too might outlive a dog.


this reminds me of the guy that tied a helium balloon to his tortoise so it could roam the room without him losing the tortoise

Sally Dorsey

Love this story

Bear Ass

they informed the press when their pet tortoise run away? And they showed up?


We have ours for about 34 years.

Vall deroy

This is FARGO

Gorgan Horn

This thing will be alive in the year 2077... Cyberpunk Tortoise 2077

Jessica Espinosa

Face of the tortoise “kill me”.

Lili S

This is such a wholesome story


George just trying to take a #2 in the bushes

Catherine Tran

Can you imagine when she passes away and he escapes to her burial site all the time. Would bring tears to my eyes if the news came like that.

Zack Martinez

Never feed ur tortoise anything that contains Citrus , and try to stay away from fruit ! High fiber low protein is always the best choice !

Cyril Riceball

Hi Jeanne. How man times do bathe your tortoise


I got a turtle on my 6th birthday 23years ago.
We are still together.

william hiers

I have a pet tortoise shes a baby though

NoNo YesYes

Oh come on!, hes just trying to play hide n seek for once.

ChromaticFitness Dragon

This is one of my favorite things on youtube

Sing Song Sign

I'm looking at the comments to see if anyone mentioned Kirby.



plot twist: that wasn't George they found

Jim Vandemoter

What a great story! Tortoises are amazing . I got my South American Redfoot in 1968 when I was in high school. Her name was Studebaker. She was already an adult so I don't know how old she was. I had her over 35 years. She was paper trained and hand fed. She had free run of my kitchen. When I got older I took her to a local library during their summer reading program. I did that about 12 years. Our local newspaper even did a story about us (The Saginaw News, Saginaw MI)

Neon Amnesia

Pets given as presents usually don't do well or they are given away eventually. Glad that it wasn't the case for this tortoise. ❤️❤️

DjWolfGaming 106

Every time he takes a step it sounds like he’s stepping on chips.


I thought they'd be bigger at 56

I like pie animations

My cousin tortoise in the summer disappears and appears. And there neighbors know if they see one walking down where to bring him home


I lost mine after over 10 years of having her in my life ,she was a desert ornate I got from the pound she only had three legs ,she died during the earthquake in Trona California when we lived out there I miss her everyday ? ,I still have her as the screen saver on my computer.


This is so adorable to see their bond for that long and he wasn't passed along.




I had the same three box turtles for 24 years. Their care is provided for in my will should they outlive me.


George didn’t escape. He was just looking for John, Paul, and Ringo. Must have heard they had a George too.

la verdad



Waay crazy! I found my box turtle when I was ten. It's now 52 years later and he still walks around my condo all day. God bless!!!!

Michelle Kim

this will be me

Brian Lee

"The Beiber Administration," UGH! I did not like how serious that sounded.

Nerys Ghemor

Not many people realize that a tortoise is a lifetime commitment. Even if she didn't know at 10 years old, it's wonderful that she has taken her commitment to him seriously all this time!! :-)

Taishi Singleton

When I saw that turtle, I immediately thought of the turtle from The Neverending Story

Freya - louise

Aw I have a female hermann tortoise had her since I was 10 too nearly 7 years later she lays eggs and burmates can’t wait to have her forever

Nick Jones

The Beiber presidency?? Oh god ☠️

Randy D

@ 1:48 I'm pretty sure George didn't "run away" when he was 26. He is getting a bit slower in his old age though from the looks of things. I wonder what George's top speed was when he was a youngster?

Wendy Schkade

We were given one when he was 13 yrs old. Flash is still with us at the grand age of 79.

C Griffin

I wish I still had mine. I had one for years and I gave her away makes me so sad ?


That is beautiful :)


Yeah my dad got a tarantula 10 years before i was born, and he have had it since then 15 years later

Bromar O

Woah, she's kept the same tortoise for longer than she's been alive!

paula brown

Gopher tortoises are considered on the endangered list due to habitat being destroyed.

fat mitches

Protect your turtle God bless you

Lux Line

@26 he wanted to move out lol did his college degree needs a job c'mon mom you can't baby me all my life lol

Rolla Jay

Wait... So she was married at 10


Plot twist: George is a secret agent

Lord of the Baguette

Oh my goodness gracious that is soooooo cute!


read up on salmonella if you decide on a turtle as a pet..

Misty Art

“A day over prehistoric” good joke

Suleiman Bayoumi

How do you spell the species of the tortiose?

Aya Kasalih

question: how old was George when she got him?


Thanks for jinxing it for all of us, the Bieber presidency. You just couldnt shut up, could you?

billy bishop

Proof that slowing down helps you live longer


If you think that tortoise is old there’s another one 20 times that size and it’s 180 years and his name is johnathon


Imagine if a dog could live this long.

Mike Kline

He ran away trying to find some heat. Reptiles need heat lamps and stuff. That poor turtle has been freezing cold for years and years

Jezzee Stewart

That’s a cool turtle

jay bee

That's a commitment


i have tow turtles that only live 30 years :( they will have the perfect life


Any update ?
Love this jam.

Tom Nicholson

Nice story, the commentator made me smile when he said, 56years later and George doesn't look a day over prehistoric ?

Walter Sobchak

This is the best thing I’ve seen all year

Snowy An army And Fruit the naught noob Tortoise

Iʻm ten years old I got my redfoot tortoise on my birthday this year...holy crap and Iʻm planning to grow up with my tortoise

Nice Shot

George is definitely on Fiji time.

Joshua Saba

I hope he lives his 100years, I think he has 34-40 left

5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women5 Sep. 2018
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Sixty and MeSubscribe 438 721

5 Thoughtful 60th

5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Choosing a 60th birthday gift for a special woman in your life is tough. After all, older women often say, “Please don’t buy me a gift. I don’t need any more stuff!” The truth is that everyone, especially women over 60, secretly loves to receive thoughtful surprises and gifts. The keyword is “thoughtful.”

Have you discovered a thoughtful 60th birthday gift idea for an older woman that you would like to share with the community? What kinds of gifts do you like to receive yourself? Let's have a chat!

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#Thoughtful60thBirthdayGift #60thBirthdayGiftIdeas #SixtyAndMe

Comments (69)
Ruth. Ashkenasy

My husband always gives me roses , candy and takes me to my favorite restaurant and in the evening he surprises me with A special gift the he picks out himself .

Georgiann Maloney

Hi your hat is so cute on you. Love it.
I am not 60 yet. but I have some suggestions for a nice present for a woman.
House cleaning for a day. have a house cleaner come in and so cleaning for her special day and do the dishes.
Take her out to a favorite place to eat.
Gift card to a favorite place.
Spa day with gift giver and her.
A nice ride and bring along a picnic basket.
Pay one of her utility bills for the month.
Visit a museum and go out for a meal.
Purchase something she needs.
Take her out to eat and then to the grocery store and buy her groceries.
Wash her car.
Flowers and a meal.
Cook a meal for her at your home or her home.
Picnic in the backyard or park.
Just spend time with her and ask her about her life.
I would like to go on a trip to see the ocean for my 60th. Love big bodies of water. yay

Oleander Pink

Lunch and a special activity: a film, Huntington Garden etc None of us needs any more stuff. I love books and I have a friend who love plants but time spent is the most special.

Suzie Wratten

Love the hat ?

Kris Krumanaker

I got a beautiful flower arrangement from my two older sisters and a trip to northern Michigan to tour and taste at a few wineries with a young couple I know. Best birthday ever! I never do/get either of those things. Also got taken to a movie by a young man I know (I'm like his aunt). AND another young couple invited me to watch a movie and eat Indian food at their home. (All these young people are brothers and sisters and their spouses.) Really--the best birthday ever. What we did was great, but like you said, the best part was spending time with them.


Love your hat and necklace?


Where did you get that necklace-I usually am not a fan of big ones but I love that-is it available anywhere? My birthday is next month-maybe I can drop a hint to someone! lol

Suzie Wratten

My daughters arranged a surprise party for my 60th at a local restaurant and invited all my family. They made a banner with funny photos of me pulling faces (it's a thing our family do in photos pull funny faces),, they made me wear it walking through the harbour where the restaurant is, I did get a few funny faces from other people there. It was great fun. They also booked a w/end at a posh hotel for just me and my daughters with treatments as well that was lovely. Unfortunately I have a husband who would never think of doing things like that, all he ever does is give me a card with money in it even though I have arranged special treats for him often for his birthdays.

Geoff Owen

The world needs more people like this. She has really helped my wife. She is 54 and used to get low but since she has watched this lady she is so much happier. Thank you.


I just try to listen throughout the year to see what my friends over 60 like and go from there. I prefer to take them out to lunch or maybe a pedicure together at the more of a splurge organic nail place in town. I've already planned my 60th (coming up) birthday - two week cruise, just me and the hubby. My 50th was a surprise birthday and I'm not a big fan of surprises.

Shari Garton

I am going to be 65 this October. When I was 60, three of my children had a dinner for me and I got a beautiful turquoise sweater (in just my style) and the latest book from my favorite author (Nicholas Sparks). Last year for my birthday, my son gave me flowers delivered to my office on my birthday + flowers to be delivered every week for the rest of the year. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! ?


Cute hat! Does she like folk music, country, rock? A concert would be great. (no dusting) My Mom loved Charlie Pride, it's too late now, but I often wish my younger self had thought of it.

Viktoria Pettypiece

My son and his partner took me on a vacation to northern Italy for my 60th, love those memories, as they told me on this trip that they were expecting my first grandchild... was a wonderful birthday!!!! Here in Iceland, any birthday ending in a 0, is a huge event, with parties and big gifts, and often , gifts for women are gift cards for spa treatments and city getaways abroad


I love flowers.It is natural from mother earth.I send my mum flowers via interflora.She always decorated our house with flowers.Now she is fragile and cannot do it.I love that ONE flower idea.Its precious and the precious pink little hat.

Carol Feingold

My best friend took me on a Segway tour of Chicago for my 60th. It was so much fun and I’ll always remember that experience with her.

Judith McCormick

I would love a necklace just like yours. Where did you get it? Gift card from a spa would be something I would like to get.

Julie C

Love the hat and colour and your necklace. Which would make lovely birthday gifts. I just turned 60 and was given a new mobile phone, necklace, candles and flowers all thoughtful ideas from my much loved family. Also had a few days away so a very happy lady.

lariza Fernandes

so helpful to choose a gift for my grandmother

Pamela Staveley

My 60th birthday was yesterday. I drove from Maine to Connecticut to adopt a senior rescue dog. I didn't want the day to be about me, I wanted to help animals in need. I think it was the best birthday ever! Please consider a donation to a rescue group or shelter and help save a life.

Linda Busch

I was taken out to eat for my 69th birthday , I love going out to eat and spending special time catching up with friends and family. Very special appreciated gift.

Lauren Southgate

I love your necklace and the hat looks great.

Blue bird

My favorite gift is cooking a fun meal with a loved one, or two...Happy trails.


I prefer tea over coffee

Peggy Allen

great ideas..i just ordered lemon honey tea with probiotics..cant wait to receive it

zarina johnston

Margaret, You made my day,, I was so happy that you received the hat, I really was not even sure it would reach you as we are so far apart. You are a very special person and have brought a lot of smiles into my life. I look so forward to watching your program. My husbend Jack wrapped the little box as he always does such a good job. It was my pleasure to send it to you. Lots of hugs,, Your friend from Canada. Zarina.

Anne Brandly

I love books and always appreciate a gift card for a book store

James Spencer

U have a GREAT channel ?

Sharon Arrendale

I think that a pretty scarf. What a sweet hat! You are such a wonderful friend. ?

Ruth. Ashkenasy

I love the hat !

Latresa D

Good morning (7am) Margaret, I started purchasing and enjoying Pukka teas thanks to you! You hair length and color are right on as is that gorgeous necklace, wow. In Tennessee we give gift cards, a pedicure I love or for a nice restaurant, gets the birthday girl (guy) out and they cook and clean up, bookstore or department store cards and fresh flowers are a staple (minimalist can throw out in several days too) a special picture frame or lovely candle, pretty make up bag would also work, handmade gifts are super special indeed, thanks for another enjoyable video, have a wonderful evening your way. <3

Henrietta Lazo

You look a absolutely radiant. It is such a treasure to share your words and enjoy the moments spent. Your attitude is so infectious. I just love your delivery. Enjoy.

Janie Nichols

For my 60th several of my friends took me to the beach, my happy place! My husband was understanding about my choice to be with close girlfriends- which was the perfect gift from him!

LS Weddle

One longtime friend from the east coast, sent a gorgeous nautical theme box that she filled with sand from my favorite beach back home where we shared many wonderful days at the ocean at Cape Cod.


With family, it would be a meal, with a friend a coffee date, the memories are the most important thing to me, totally irrelevant, my granddaughter turns 18 next year, along with a piece of jewellery she will receive a photo album of memories of times spent with us, if I'm asked what I would like, it's usually " oh something for the garden please" the hat looks lovely, perfect colour!

Sharon Arrendale

I totally love your necklace! Always love your videos ❤️


I love the idea of photos, journals or something personal made by those I love. In general I ask for gifts that can be used up so that I'm not accumulating lots of stuff - eg expensive tea, hand cream etc..Sharing a meal with people is also precious. I gave a musician friend a beautifully bound copy of Brahms' piano works for his 70th, and another a leather bound journal to record exciting plans for the next decade on her 60th. Loved your ideas Margaret :-)

Lucy Brook

I think soap, candles and flowers maybe a blanket anything that you have liked to use yourself are good even a tea towel love the hat

Aging Ophelia

Love the hat! I think a great gift would be a certificate for a tailor, so one could get one's clothes altered or repaired with ease. Or maybe a "Crafternoon" with friends, where others bring the supplies to try a new craft, and everyone can have a cup of tea of coffee and hang out doing this new activity, without the birthday girl having to store a bunch of supplies.

Amy Stiber

Haha, my 60th gift was a kidney stone in the ER! Afterward, I appreciated a gift card to my favorite yoga studio. Health is wealth. ? Thanks for your lovely channel ?

Diane Greyson

At 67 now, I am back to preferring what teenagers want: gift cards or cold hard cash... it's always the right color, the right size, and no returns to do! Diane

Taquiena Boston

A dear friend, now deceased, used to create birthday games and puzzles that involved gift choices based on things she knew I liked or had on my bucket list: a hot air balloon ride, a day trip, a favorite restaurant, a cooking class, a service, a magazine subscription. Depending on the cost, I could choose one, two or three (least expensive). One year she based the selections on the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, and water.She usually presented the gift at a brunch or dinner at a restaurant that we both loved or were curious about. The best part was spending the time with my friend who in her brief 38 years really lived abundantly and adventurously. I carry the gift of her creativity and courage, and find it hard to believe that it's been almost 25 years since she passed away suddenly. I still miss her after all these years.

Elize Kruger

You look beautiful especially with the beret !!!!


Good ideas. You are such a wonderful person.

val tovey

Hello. What a lovely post, positive and happy! Love your hat. Yes I agree, all lovely ideas! My birthday falls the week before Christmas, so things always feel a little hectic. For my 60th birthday I had a day out by train in York with 3 friends. I organised it & we had the best time! With the family we took the car (about 47 miles) to Rosebery Topping in Middlesbrough and we climbed that. As you say, both were happy experiences I’ll always treasure. I got flowers too. A close friend bought a sweet little book, called “Why you’re my bestie”. Have you seen these? The blanks get filled in by the sender, 50 responses. So unique and special that I have since bought some for other friends’ birthdays xx


My girlfriends and are are having experiences. We need to get more creative than just lunch!!!
I took 10 friends out to dinner at our favorite restaurant —loved their company ??

Patricia ADAMS

Awww the hat is so adorable on you !!

skyna amidice

The beret looks so lovely on you, do you know where did your friend learn to knit this type of hat? I'm thinking about knitting one for my mom for her birthday as well but I couldn't find any hat knitting video that as lovely as yours. I'll appreciate it if you're willing to share, thank you very much!

Maria Augusta Silva


Katherine W

A hand made birthday card from my granddaughter, the perfect gift. My children know that a gift card to buy books is always the perfect gift.

Viktoria Pettypiece

Love the neckless, very pretty

Debbie Jarrett

Good morning... cute hat looks great on you! . I love just being with friends and or family and enjoying a nice dinner at home or out. Nothing like lingering around a table over a simple meal, talking and laughing. It doesn't have to be extravagant, it's about spending time together. ....... Have a great day everyone!,

Karen Cartwright

Hello lovely friends, I enjoy making my truly delicious chicken cacciatore for celebrating, well anything really. I smile as I think of who I might gift it to & cook it with love. I keep frozen packs for 2 (altho most of my buds are solo so lucky them:)) & just luv giving it out on their occaisons

Rita Freeman

I was extremely fortunate that my children bought me a lovely cruise for my 60th birthday I didn’t want anything not even a party as I didn’t want them to spend too much on me as they all have their own commitments so I was so surprised and emotional when they presented me with a card and the tickets for the cruise I broke down in tears ? for what they had done and them telling me how much I done for them whilst growing up I was just happy to be with them as a family as I thought it was just going to lunch I will always cherish what they did I am now 65 and yes I have been on more holidays but that will always be my most memorable from my 3 boys and their partners

Caryl Pratt

For my 60th I celebrated in Verona, Italy (with hubby) and it was fabulous. Having recently moved from Canada to France, permanently, we can now travel around Europe by train and stay in AirBnB's quite affordably. Hubby and I decided quite early in our marriage that we wouldn't wait or expect someone else to plan our birthdays. We would talk about our wishes and decide together how we would spend each and every birthday. We never expected gifts and if someone asked us what we wanted we would usually say oh just a visit or a phone call or a card would be great. Many times, my husband would surprise me with a special gift. Some years when our kids were small it would be simple - maybe just a special meal made at home or a stroll in nature. Next year when hubby turns 60, he'd like to plan a visit to Prague.

Jennifer Nethery

Yes I agree, flowers are the perfect gift.

Yvonne Jeanette

How sweet of that lady to give you something she made and she knows you like hats and the color pink:) Ice pink looks really pretty on you.

Elizabeth B SoCal

I want my friends/family to throw a fun 60th for me. Only 7 more years to get there so they have plenty of time to plan it - ? ~Elizabeth

Jenny Shaw Parolek

Where is this gorgeous necklace from ⭐️⭐️⭐️??????

Marlene Gonzalez

I love your picture your look w the hat??

Lynley Riini

My family don’t do anything for 60 th mines coming up I wish they would for me

Dee B

Tickets to the theatre!!

Maggie May Small

I took my family to a restaurant that we all enjoyed. Also 2 couples that are my very good friends. It was a wonderful meal and time. One of the best celebrations I have had in a great many years.

Kathleen Quinn

I’m 67,don’t remember what I got.i love beautiful smelling soap

Retire Certain

Love the hat on you! My best friend sent me flowers for my birthday this week:)

Laura Hills

When I turned 60 in 2017, I gave myself the gift I wanted more than anything else. I had a "Sixty for 60" party. I invited 60 fabulous women to celebrate my 60th birthday with me. I had the event at a local restaurant during happy hour, which was very affordable. Women from every part of my life (including my three daughters) joined together to celebrate with me. I asked my guests not to give me a gift but instead to donate to their choice of two service organizations to which I belong. In total, we raised more than $1,500! Best gift ever!

Jane Deborah

The necklace you are wearing today is so beautiful, Margaret. That would make a lovely gift :)

Sally Voccola


Donna Kraft

Margaret I really like your hair cut! Keep up the great work!,,,

Debi Kelley

The pink hat is adorable. Personalized gifts mean so much. That someone took the time. I make quilted throws for friends. As I'm creating them I think of their personality. I do agree the best gift is simply time.

80 year old woman gifts a toilet to her 110 year old mother in law by selling five goats

80 year old woman gifts a toilet to her 110 year old mother in law by selling five goats19 May. 2017

80 year old woman gifts a

80 year old woman gifts a toilet to her 110 year old mother in law by selling five goats

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