Nasm vs nsca


NASM vs NSCA21 Nov. 2016
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-Farthing, JP and

-Farthing, JP and Chilibeck, PD. The effects of eccentric and concentric training at different velocities on muscle hypertrophy. Eur J Appl Physiol 89: 578–586, 2003.

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How many personal training certifications do you REALLY Need?

How many personal training certifications do you REALLY Need?22 Sep. 2019
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http://jonathanfitpro.com/best-personal-training-certification/ I get a lot of questions on which personal training certification someone should get to start their fitness career. Based on my experiences with ACE, NASM, AFAA, and NSCA I'll tell you here!

ACE - https://www.acefitness.org/fitness-certifications/personal-trainer-certification/default.aspx

NASM - https://www.nasm.org/how-to-become-a-personal-trainer

NSCA - https://www.nsca.com/Certification/CPT/

ACSM - http://certification.acsm.org/acsm-certified-personal-trainer

NFPT - https://www.nfpt.com/certification

AFAA - https://www.afaa.com/courses#everything

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Jordan Fuller

So true. I'm in the UK so Fitness and PT certs, and insurance are mandatory but I done the NASM Group PT Specialist and run boot camps and you're 100% right in them providing you with more opportunities.

Nitin Kumar

I am from India and how I get education..
Because I want to open my gym

Mukesh Rao

Nice explained bro

Jerrol Garcia-WIlliams

Team FitBoss would you recommend buying an older edition of the NASM CPT book to get your NASM CPT as your first certification? Do you have to purchase the study package to obtain this initial certification? Were the quizzes and practices exams beneficial to you? How would you recommend studying just from the book as well?

Gary Priest

It’s coming up for my recertifications do you think that it’s worth keeping it up

Megan Gerwig

So get one certification, the rest buy books, learning manuals cheap on Ebay or Amazon. How do you put on the resume you know the knowledge?

Demetrius Gordwin

As always great info brother. #StayDOPe✊?

BS Body & Soul

This was great info! Really needed it because I want to start and help others but it’s sooo expensive to just receive a piece of paper. Thank youuuu!

Valentina Giusti

Really true what he said: big difference between education and certification, but one tends to think that certification(s) are the ideally way to get educated. Thanks

Maria Rubio

I live in NYC every gym ask you for certification

NASM or NSCA? - What Personal Training Certification is Better?

NASM or NSCA? - What Personal Training Certification is Better?6 May. 2016
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https://www.ptpioneer.com/nsca-vs-nasm/ The full article is here.

Check out the NASM website here: http://www.ptpioneer.com/recommends/youtube-nasm-normal/

Check out the ACE website here: http://www.ptpioneer.com/recommends/youtube-ace-normal/

My top three articles to help you get started with personal training!

Guide on how to become a personal trainer:


Best personal trainer certifications:


Personal trainer salary and how much you can make:


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Michael Natsariym

Meow ?


What are your thoughts about NCSF?


Nsca does provide more than just a book. You can get practice exam and videos

jeffrey jimenez

Which one would you recommend sir if i want to work with triathletes or maybe runners and cyclist when it comes to strength and conditioning training. NSCA,NASM,ISSA? Thank you


Do gyms also accept NSCA?

James Dardis

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