Iron mike workout

Rücken & Bizeps Workout - Iron Mike | 28.04.| McFIT | The Big Pump

Rücken & Bizeps Workout - Iron Mike | 28.04.| McFIT | The Big Pump25 May. 2020
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Rücken & Bizeps

Rücken & Bizeps Workout


Trainer: Iron Mike

Equipment: Tisch, Handtuch, Stuhl, Gallonen, Rucksack, Wasserflaschen

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Philipp K.

Yes, perfekt. Noch ein @Iron_Mike69 Bodyweight Training. Vielen Dank dafür

Iron Mike Tyson Goes Full Retard On Tonal Workout Machine Ahead Of Roy Jones Jr Bout! ?

Iron Mike Tyson Goes Full Retard On Tonal Workout Machine Ahead Of Roy Jones Jr Bout! ?14 Oct. 2020
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Iron Mike showing us what

Iron Mike showing us what happens when the short bus kid finally gets tire of your crap! ?

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Ronald Schoonover

If that $3000 dollar machine can put up with this than I should buy one.

Chales Golding

Mike rockin the “ monarch’s” ....LOL !!

Inko Gnito

I never seen a man being to big for a machine to train

Prince Allah

Roy is actually more suited for that work out to be honest


I thought he was going to rip it off the wall

matthew barela


Javon Ward

Does anyone knows the name of the machine?

wize logic

It was like curly from the 3 stooges getting pissed! im dead?


Look at the graph though! Tyson is full of power imagine how it would look without all that resistance?


"Iron Mike showing us what happens when the short bus kid finally gets tire of your crap! ?" HAHA

Mike Tyson - Training Day #IronMike

Mike Tyson - Training Day #IronMike13 Oct. 2016
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Although he is perhaps

Although he is perhaps better known for his fall from grace than for his performances inside the ring, "Iron" Mike Tyson was one of the most formidable boxing champions in the history of the sport. He combined raw power and athleticism with an unbridled ferocity come fight time, but his techniques and body were refined through countless hours spent training.

- "IRON" #MikeTyson - Number ONE -


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Tresfaye Williams

He should of stayed with the cus da mato camp

Osiris Fernández

His t-shirt reads trump plaza lol



Helene Hade

How mutch that bag Weight?

Ali Bagherian

who was the last opponent??? he was the tough one in the all three. anyone has any idea who he was???


iron men the best and brutal!

Baver aga

32.00 attention


#3 ever but, lol that's Vinny's trainer before he got drunk.


Why don't have weight training ?


Mentor:what does the light saber say?
Me a retard: "TSSS TSSS"

Hulk Strongest Fastest

Really best greatest boxer always forever

xera xera


Shitosław Pasterski

I very like to watch Tyson's trannings

Michail Zapantis

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Ozzpocket Productions

If Cus hadn't died when he did, and he hadn't parted ways with Kevin Rooney.....who knows how long he might have continued destroying people. I'm guessing he wouldn't have lost to Buster Douglas (who, to his credit, fought a great fight that night)...and probably wouldn't have gone to jail....

Michael Java

7:05 is it a water heabybag?

Chetan Khera

ThaT medicine ball hit was hardcore


80's Tyson was the best ever.

LEGENDARIest Legendary commentor

Was I the first subscriber or is YouTube screwing up

Ronnie Williams

Other fighters would look across the ring and say to themselves, "I need another dream." You could see in their face FEAR and DREAD facing Mike Tyson. He was like the 70s Steelers. Just solid and mean.

Monkey D. Garp

He has a monster core!! I’m big as him but my body can’t move like that, need to do a very painful core training.


레전드다 진짜bbb


sparring people knowing they been sent to there deaths lol, even an isis suicide bomber would know he was gunna die getting in that ring he shout alah akbar n tyson punch make him expload coz tysons punches are TNT , tyson hit the isis guy so hard he kill all his virgins waiting for him lmao

Mike Masiello

Can you imagine having to fight him in his prime?

Sammy Soya

This is gold

Diaz Fan

I've BOXED for 6yrs now and I watch 2 different combos of his, footwork and angles and mimmick them to perfection. I am told I'm the best boxer in my county of jackson, all I do is watch Tyson, marciano, Dempsey and how they moved and mimmick them to perfection, I'm too old to turn pro but do compete, damn I wish I was about 8yrs old and knew this stuff I would be money MAYWEATHER and a killer like tyson

stephane dehi

je veux te resemblé mike tyson

David Rabinowits

Iron Mike, best boxer ever!

Michael Spyrou

the King

Vishan Singh

Trump plaza on his pink shirt

Ty M

Who else spars with people who wanted to knock his head off without gear?

David Awonaike

his training rutines are more entertaining to watch than today's boxers fights


My respects for those poor sparrings

Nour Bicep

Bro nobody can fight like him cause he is a legend alone anthony joshua a little bite he mixed a little bit of muhammed ali and iron mike tyson??????

Satpal Rathi

nashib rathi boxer

Emir Vražlić

Mike tyson and tommy morrison are the best ever

Wildman Samurai

Those poor sparring partners...

Нуржан Жантайбеков


Tresfaye Williams

Tyson looks exhausted

danny valastro

Amazing brute power when he hits i can feel it and its scary


Feminists when they see his shirt ?️??️

kamal k.r k.r

Tyson is the king

Jimmy Spears

truly was great God and Mike Tyson motivate me because they can't be compared to anyone else hands down period

NoName Available

So... Where are the 10000 dips or the 500000 push ups and then the one million shrugs or sth all these bull shit ass sites claim he did everyday ..

Mohammed Kamran Ali

Look his moving body fight with knife in your both hands. Boxing an kick


My best years! When I tried! 86-88 With Rooney/ Jacobs I was unbeatable! After losing my shit cuz of Robin I was NEVER The same! FUKN bitch destroyed me and king finished! I was never dedicated or passionate bout boxthing after that!

Adrian Ponce



The greatest

Tresfaye Williams

The second guy that tyson fought looked like a queen


I bet Kevin Rooney could have fought as a middleweight just by training Mike! That shit looks exhausting.

Tech Droid

2:50 it looked like it was hitting a brick wall


the best ever !

Thomas Howard

His Speed is key.

mike morales

Tyson himself knows Ali was the best ever


I'm the real TBE!


Best boxer ever, who the fook is floyd mayweather

Pieter Vandenbussche

Best 45min. ever

Jsn Ynk18

35:15 that shot to the head pissed Iron Mike off


What a legend speed bag with some head movement involved

Paul Hughes


Ty M

Its jus not about slipping, weaving but how he did it. The speed and agility of Mike is insane.

Hanna O

This ball does shit you throw punches to harder the stomach.

platinum pro gym


Larry Thompson

You have to wonder how much people were paid to spar with Tyson

Tresfaye Williams

I don't even think Bill katin would have approved of Mike Tyson fight Buster Douglas that was all Don King

Gerrie herwijnen

im he bes here ever whas hahahaha :)

Nick Casci

No doubt has warrior blood in him

Pork Chops

I dont know why no one was mocking mike for wearing pink

Ljice Vatepri

The only boxer who scared other boxer's in just entering the ring

Doobiwooh Doobiwooh

i laughed so hard at 9:40 :D

Tresfaye Williams

He was more complex with Kevin Rooney on his side

David Wilder

Mike's the man, then and now ?

kham10,12,55 lao

Phongsavanh Childhelp Lao


Damn that medicine ball drill is insane.

Koko Koko

For boxers who managed to defeat this monster, you da real mvp

Mr 54Y3D

14:52 Mikes counter jabs were perfectly timed

King Murphy

One of The best that ever done it period Mike I will always respect you as one of the greatest ever in heavy weight boxing!! GOD Bless.

Filthy Jewensteinshekelberg

I could watch Mike hit the heavy bag all day long…

JJ Okocha

The best ever... I loved his style. A born champion.

Tresfaye Williams

Tyson can beat anybody here he was supposed to be 120 and 0



1 Design

Pay attention to the legs and foot work on Mike as well. The tactical form alone is profound, Quick, and agile


I wish i had a body like that at 20.

alexys q

omg; What An Absolutely Magnificent, SUPER-Sexy, Dominant HE-Manly, Ultra-VIRILE, Tough, Rugged, SUPER-STUD...!!! Mr Mike*Tyson Should really Have Had 'white' girls: we would have shown Him the deepest respect...adoration...obedience ...and TOTAL submissiveness, As He Rightfully Expected - and, DEMANDED - from females!! <3 <3 <3


that bags too fast for Mike! that's for middleweights! needs a proper fuckn swivel! still hits it though!

Abou Alzek Almishhadany

Very Will Mike

FztLider Şenol

10:22 wtf that sound

Jimmy Spears

I love Mike Tyson but he looks like a amateur hitting the bag Ali never trained like that like Rooney holding his hand


been studying Mike's Peek-a-boo Style for over 3 years know (I just turned 18 btw) i dont know if im doing it right or it just dont look good because 1. im no Mike Tyson, 2. i have no coach and proper training and 3. i dont have the same physique as Mike's.

i want to be a boxer, but my friends and family dont support me cause they think im skinny and weak.

but im gonna keep on trying, even if no one believes in me


this man in mma will smashes and be champion

Monkey D. Garp

Ali is the greatest, but Mike Tyson inherited his greatness. There are many great names in the boxing world, but those two will always be at the top.

Neil nolski

Hey mike wanna fight in ps4?

rudi brudi

This guy was the Greatest. Not Ali.



jared cramer

His trainers took time to get perfection out of every movement now trainers just want to get as many punches and movements that they can in a small time period Tyson used mitts and the bag to learn technique fighters now use it as a conditioning tool

The Cut


I thought that skinny guy is going to the ring and I said to my self mmm he will be fucked


In the beginning of this video, guy in the white shirt hitting Tyson with the medicine ball is afraid to hit him. I WOULD BE TO.


who else wanna fight like tyson?

Tresfaye Williams

Great head movement

amazing things

love u mike