Hip strengthening exercises with resistance bands

Piriformis and Glute Strengthening Rehab Workout

Piriformis and Glute Strengthening Rehab Workout20 Dec. 2017
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A great glutes and

A great glutes and piriformis strengthening routine to stabilize the hips and lower back. You'll need a resistance band. These exercises will help you get relief from piriformis and glute pain but only if you take things slow and do them with proper form. Make sure to follow these instructions:

1. Don't push beyond pain. If the piriformis muscle is irritated, start with some foam rolling release of the quads, psoas and TFL.

2. Pick 2 exercises first and see how your body responds to them. Stay below the pain threshold. So if doing 7 repetitions is fine but going beyond that triggers pain, stick to 7 repetitions.

3. Keep your core and glutes engaged at all time.

4. Take enough break in between sets to make sure your nervous system recovers and you're not fatiguing your muscles and as a result, compensating with the piriformis.

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OMG ... so I’m thinking these exercises really help me to confirm piriformis syndrome as the root of my pain. The first 2 exercises don’t hurt, but I can really feel it in my standing leg. The third where you swing the leg to the front and back showed me how weak I am in that area. I couldn’t even finish 10 reps. The mistake PTs have made with me is overall body strength, which I do have already, but apparently I need to focus in this area. But also they spent all my time stretching my hamstring which I think has actually hurt me. Dynamic stretching seems okay, but the static stretching is not good for me. They said I would become more flexible, but the fact is that after stretching for many years I am still not flexible and never will be. So my plan now is to do these exercises daily, and try to build up to the 10 reps of the one I have trouble with. Thank you for all you do! ?

Joe Jeremiah

I'll definitely try this

Luka Coccatto

Should you always do these exercises on both sides? I mean training the side that hurts would make it worse wouldnt it?


Would you suggest hip thrusts?

Elizabeth Macklin

Finally! Someone who understands that the pain is coming from OVERSTRETCHED piriformis...thanks for the much needed exercises!!!

Anoud Saleh

amazing! gonna use these with my patients thank you :^)


if the right side of my hip and glute hurts should I still do the exercises

Hassan Junaid

Hey whenever i sit i get glute pain.my mri is clear of lumbar and si joint.im extremley frustrated .is it pirformis syndrome.


My piriformis has been so bad for so long (>8 months). After Dr.’s appointments & countless YT vid’s and little to no relief, just listening then following your advice and DOING your exercises is beginning to bring me relief. You have a way of saying just the right things—giving the right tips ( no “bad” muscle; mindfulness; etc.), as if you truly have suffered through this bummer piriformis syndrome but then discovered some secrets for healing one’s self. Thanks very much!

Napoleón Villegas

i have periform issues in both sides, the left one hurts more than teh right one anyway. thanks for the tips. the last month i ´ve been doing glute medius excercies and actualli felt that the pain was goin away, and actually spend some weeks almost free pain, but it cames back after som stresfull time in work (i am a digital artist so u kinda get the idea),i am getting alittle beter now, thanks c:

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Hip Strengthening Workout with MiniBand

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Comments (3)
Hassan Al-Mosawi

Thanks for showing how and sharing that, well done, it helps me a lot, I share it on my facebook

Tam lala land

Thanks for the exercises, I needed them!


Where did you purchase mini band?