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3 UGLY Truths About Building BIG CALVES

3 UGLY Truths About Building BIG CALVES28 Dec. 2019
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#calves #calftraining

#calves #calftraining #bigcalves

Read this article: https://massive-iron.com/2020/08/22/3-ugly-truths-about-building-big-calves/

16 Week Transformation Challenge: https://superlivingtoday.com/blogs/news/super-living-16-week-transformation-challenge

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Vaushawn Brown

Very true, team small calves here. Still gotta get after it though

grand poobah

Yes! Thanks Steve! Others and I have been wanting 3 ugly truths about Calves for a long time. The only ugly truth body part missing now is the Neck. ? Thank you for making this video.

Massive Iron - Steve Shaw

16 week transformation challenge: https://superlivingtoday.com/blogs/news/super-living-16-week-transformation-challenge

Davide José

Calves is ginetics...training for a year and the dont grow to the point to been see by other people

Hayes S.

I went from doing bodyweight single leg calf raises to 230 lb single leg calf raises. Get them strong af and they will grow

Jared Hicks

Or... Just be short?

Aniket Sharma

How to train with concurrent periodization


If you want great calves then chose the correct parents. It's all down to genetics. If you were not born with an abundance of muscle cells and the correct ratio of fibers then you will never have great calves. Yes, you can add some shape and size but beyond what nature has given you then that's all you will get. By the way, after 35 years in this game what I have noticed is that the people with the best calves are the ones who have to do the least work for them. Same goes for forearms and traps. You either are born with them are you aren't.

The Jimmy Chews

Who needs to train calves when you can just get implants.

ritch l

One word.
I spent over 20 years failing at calves.
Either get implants or blow em up with synthol.


Cavs suck. I'm more of a Lakers fan.


Small calves aren't an inferiority. A long Achilles tendon isn't aesthetic, but great for running and jumping.

popcornto :

Hey Steve. I already have decent calf size and strength. My question would be that if I were to strengthen them even more would that benefit my athleticsm? I noticed they have went down slightly in size since I stopped training them a couple months back. I built up to 430 pounds on the standing calf machine for 13 reps. Then I stopped and focused on squats. Would calf training benefit my squat strength and athleticsm?

Mike D

#1 is me basically. I have high sprinter's calves and they just won't grow. The muscle insertion is high and I'll just never have those long diamond shaped calves. But that said, I don't hate my calves because they do look developed and it's obvious I've put some work in. I have to give credit to the jump rope double unders....it's the only thing I've done differently in the last three years and that's the time frame when I've seen improvement.
Don't neglect the tibialis anterior (front of lower leg). It can help add some volume to the area. Keep the heel planted and raise a plate with your toes.

Larry Dickman

Small, stick-like calves. Have grown them a couple inches though hitting hard and consistent, like Steve says. But they make my quads look bigger in comparison, I guess.


Glad the Calve gods blessed me.


Ugly truth #1 is real. My calves are record-setting small and previous attempts to make them grow are best represented by wasted time.

Mike Bird

I have a tough time feeling / isolating my inner calf. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


I've been saying it for years. The only way to get big calves is to already have big calves. You might gain an inch or two, but they'll never look the same as someone that was born with full, swooping calf muscles

Humberto De La Cruz

Im screwed. Im screwed!!
Im screwed!!!

Beta Destiny

The worst is having tiny calves but ur quads grow like weeds. I look like I have polio or something massive quads tiny calves


Still cant figure out why anyone who is not a pro bodybuilder gives a shit about how their calves look...

Anthony Intensity

My arms are 16.5 inches.
My calves are 14.75 inhes.
6''1 tall. 173-175 lbs.

Beta Rey Bill

I hate to rain on your parade but no it's not genetics...your calves are the result of you rituals...I wish I could get really into how to properly train calves but its kinda hard to put in a comment...you need to learn how muscles work and comprise of before you can build them properly...but the summary is this...research slow twitch vs fast twitch muscle fibers...in short...calves, forearms and partially trapezius have a higher ratio of slow twitch fibers vs fast twitch...running long distance on a daily basis at a moderate speed for extended periods is one of the best ways to build calves. That's as much info that I can stand to put...good luck all.

Arre Effe

Or you could live in a mountainous region. You get a calves workout everytime you go for a walk ?

Daily 40

Truth. I was genetically walking on stilts. I had to monumentally increase their strength and endurance to change that. They became a major focus.

Epic KAI Gaming

Guess I'm screwed


I’m glad I don’t have this problem


im gonna do 50 reps challenge on seated calf raises every time i go the gym from now on fuck it

Tom McGivern

The honesty

Thaddeus Fields

I was waiting for this one...


I squatted and deadlifted for a long time with no calf training at all.
Then I did single leg calf raises for 125 total reps, one single time.
Couldn't walk for 4 days, they grew a whole inch from that and stayed that way ever since.
Tried again with a bit more reps, no effect, no soreness, no growth at all.

Tim T

“ born with stick-like calves.” .... I resemble that definition. But for the last 3 months literally i am training them at the end of every workout, 7 days a week. They have improved but i do kinda realise they will never be huge

Badass King

How to get big calves from experience:
Walking on incline (especially while carrying a load)


Training calves was an essential for back when I was a runner. We’d do sprint workout that would destroy our calves at least twice a week. If we slacked on strengthening them, then we wouldn’t be able to recover from the workouts. Calf training isn’t super glamorous, but it’ll help your athleticism like crazy!

J Patrick

I had sticks, built them up to respectable level, but gave myself plantar fasciitis in the process.


2:19 - yours truly (since '87).

Mr President

People have dogshit form too

Dalton Deverell

I'm lucky to have all my fat stored in my lower body particularly the glutes and calves which makes them look bigger than they actuslly are. They don't at all look defined but there's a bit more size there than would be normally

Master Noremac

Guilty is my plea. I almost never do calves. If they are to big they make snowboard boots hurt while carving.


I'm screwed... Tiny calves, hands, wrists, narrow schoulders,,, but I do what I can anyways. ?

Mr. Monitor

If you want bigger calves than you need bigger bulls?. (Balls)

Bryan Francis

I agree, I think calves size is mostly genetic. Longer lower legs=smaller/calves, shorter lower legs=bigger fuller calves. For example, me and my 20 year old son are the same height but he wears a 2” longer inseam than me. I am more torso and he is all legs. I bet you can guess whose calves are smaller and I can tell no matter how much he works them they will never get big.


HUGE LEG DAY!!14 Feb. 2021
Brett BenderSubscribe 438 721

Killed legs, specifically

Killed legs, specifically quads and calves. 4 exercises for quads 2 for calves. Give it a try!!

#legs #huge #quads #calves #heavy #grow #anthonymantello #chrisbumstead

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Tom Retry


Ivan Repin



23 173
Stefi CohenSubscribe 438 721

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Mamacita ❤️

Camden Cooke

Calves? Never heard of them

nick christopherson

wow u just got even super sexier to me...luv the knowledge...talk to me about origins and insertions

Rebekah Fay


BiG VinniE

"Hello my baby's" Shes definitely a Chris d'elia Fan


Babygrl your kick game is ?

Tara Fields

Stefi what do you recommend for a calf muscle imbalance? My L calf is a tad stronger/bigger than my R and I feel it tries to take over more, particularly in standing calf raises. During seated calf raises, I feel a good strong contraction in both calves when I alternate! I have been implementing the donkey calf raises as well and those are working out well. TIA

Eliyahu Raziel

Stefi dropping these gems. Keep it up!

black onblack

Stefi u look beautiful ???

Crazyexplosion 233

How many leg movements should I do in a day and how many arm movements should I do in a day

Jeff Kha

Lol i will never train calves or forearms XD


Great work. Johnny Drama would approve!!

Ant Castle

Dope information inbetween all your ads

Muhumuza Charles

Bringing science back to fitness. I Love the content


Hey you are hot as hell

Nt Trade

You r so sexy

Onkel Runkel

Buy a polaroid filter for your camera, to avoid the reflection from your glasses


Never been this early. Like ever. Wtf

Joe Sheppard

I feel like Jon Snow.

Errol and Fisher Fitness

Love the content, love the scientific explanations and video presentations. Great work very informative ??????????????????

Lizzy Bennet

I love this content! Let's hope Omar Isuf is taking notes, lol.

james daley

thankyoiu doctor stefi from one of your babies ...

david faiivae

The hybrid team is amazing, I’ve had a lot of leg growth and strength since I’ve known about y’all!!! I appreciate y’all, fuckin monsters!!!

Leo Elvir

Don't crease your jordans people

Jawan T

Wow I love your voice.

Matt A

I like lifting, learning and everything but let's just get to it what are you doing this week? My baby

Robin M


Jose Soto

Stefi has the freshest kicks in the fitness industry

Rupin SR

I love this format!!!!


toooo many ads

Tom Payne

Why do i love it so much when she calls us her "babies"...


Hey Stefi ?

Kade McGill

Best explanations, best demonstrations, best implementations, best delivery, best production value, best style. This is Hybrid.

Uriel Stark

First content I've seen of yours, you got a new sub. I like that you're not afraid to get technical, lots of people might not know what it means but it can encourage them to learn! well played!

Casey Gonzalez

Just started calf training yesterday. Super glad this came out right now! Thanks Stefi, you’re the best!


Stefi, thanks for the tips to improve my calves. I regularly work my calves and am pretty happy with them, but your suggestions will definitely improve on what I have been doing. Great informative video.

I am human

If you want to look like an athlete you have to train like an athlete.
How?By lifting fake weights

Do you follow the Way?

Bicep curls.

old lifter

Great thanks

Microtonal Milio

Running will build big calves? I don’t think that is correct information. Sprinting perhaps but you don’t see Mr Olympia running around the track for calves.

UZIMike !

Reading wikapedia


Great content. I like this format. New addition to routine.

Gravity Training

For being the muscle that shows the least in winter, I always succeed in not training them. That is my thinking. Not this "they show most in summer" philosophy

Nix Oliver

Do Hybrid ship in the Philippines? 'Cos damn those apparels are always ?? and I want one

Natasa Natasa

13:47 The dog looks so cute with these glasses,no wonder Stefi keeps borrowing them...?

Ian Matthews

You'll get more out of supinating or pronating your foot than adjusting foot position. That was honestly the secret that took me from "Team No Calves" to "I don't even work calves so I can fit in my small knee sleeves"

Plumb Crazy

Doctor Stephi is always on point! ?


I also train the tibialis

Spot Me Bro



Sorry, bit of a stickler for language, here... If you want to call it anything else than "gastrocnemius", then "gastro" would be the term, not "gastroc". The name consists of two parts: "gastro" and "cnemius".

Berzerker Fitness

doing spin classes also helps calves.. one great thing i love about being an instructor


I usually train my calves with some bicep curls in the squat rack.

Imre Csikany

More physics lingo :)

Augusto Martins

Great video, but please, don't use slow motion. I would like to see the real tempo/velocity of exercises. Thanks!

John Moore

I'm cool with the Physics lingo, and so are a lot of Machinists who used to work with or for me that I pulled off the street who later got a raise or two from me by learning a little more physics and math. The trig I taught them myself on one or more of our ten min. breaks. interesting that you are a physical therapy doctor, I knew one in the late 80s who had one of the best developed pair of calves, well on earth probably: who pulled away from me on a bicycle once like the Millennium Falcon "making the jump to light speed." I met her a few weeks later working out in my gym but didn't know she was a doctor or Occupational therapist until I had a pretty bad head and spinal injury and ended up in the hospital where she worked. I wasn't her patient, but my OTR worked with her and we talked sometimes though didn't recognize her until she took off her white coat one day, walked across the large therapy room wearing cargo shorts or something ( my eyes were locked on her calves at that point as she walked to the far end of the room and started talking to my OT while doing some hand exercises with some theraputty. I was having quite a few memory problems at the time so we both pretended like we didn't know each other before I became a patient, which probably made it easier on both of us as before that she thought I was hitting on her half the time, though it was really only once or twice . Your videos are pretty good bye the way: the 20 or so I've watched at least.

Cristian Campos

8:50 those dumbells are beautiful

Joseph Sage

Very informative and well done. Great work Miss Stefi

Jerónimo B

How important is it to train calves in isolation? Is it benefitial to the averege athlete or is it just for aesthetics?

Bes ma

Dude, just walk uphill


tfw you had small calves to begin with but they broke you ankle skating and now your ROM if forever limited

i will jack hammer you

Stefi is a freak.. She can do anything . normal people have trouble being higher level.. I'd be scared if stefi was mad at me.. She could hurt a man with her power..

kane herbert

Fast calf work or slow

Maximiliano Ordenes

Bro I look forward all week, this time 2, for your video. Im latino too and I totally get how hard it is to move countries and you are an inspiration for all your accomplishments. SOOOO PUMPED FOR YOU


Ge...ne...tics....! Or get better parents lol


Testo taylandan geldik ????♥️

Ilya H

I appreciate the time and effort you put into these videos but you say long, complex words too quickly, I’m a slow meat head, I need slow and simple.

Roque Campos


Language Mix



Stefi is my mom but still I don't have such good genetics WHY GOD WHY?

Claudia Ruiz

Me encantan tus videos? "You are the best"?

gab p

I hit like everytime she says my babies


Do you do foot strengthing could you do some videos of foot strengthining plz?

Moises Ayala

hedging language. science.

red eye gamer

You look spiritual to me

Jawan T

Thought you were German at first because of your name. Did not know u were Venezuelan lol.


You gotta just love Stefis fitness info

Rafael C

At last! My calves shan’t be the laughing stock of my gym peers any longer!