Glute ham exercise

45 Min GLUTE & HAMSTRING WORKOUT | Strong & Lean Series Day 3

45 Min GLUTE & HAMSTRING WORKOUT | Strong & Lean Series Day 38 Jul. 2020
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Welcome to Day 3 of the

Welcome to Day 3 of the Strong & Lean at Home Series!

This is day 3 of a 5 day Series focusing on strength using only your own bodyweight to target the entire body. This workout is focusing on the glutes and hamstrings. This type of training is important if you are wanting to activate your glutes in order to really be able to train them. The glutes are a tricky one to work if you are not able to connect your mind to the muscle during the workout so relax, aim for heel to ceiling in donkey kicks, keep thigh tight in leg lifts and really squeeze each glute you are using to lift!

The glute workout and hamstring workout today requires a mat and a stable chair. The main workout consists of slow and controlled movements targeting the glutes at all angles, the hips, hamstrings and core to really help add strength, mobility and shape to the lower body. Take the movements slowly, rising and lowering with control throughout.

Following this, we will finish with 8 minutes higher reps and plyometrics to increase heartrate, burn extra calories and really finish you off!

The glute and hamstring exercises are performed for 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest throughout the entire workouts.

We complete 1 set of the following as this is no repeat:



























And to finish, x 1 set of the following;






I hope you really take it slow, try to keep tension in thigh, foot flexed in most movements and use the glute to lift! Lower with control and lift with control! I will be stopping to ensure my form is good so please don’t stop if I do!

Please ensure you warm up for at least 5 minutes prior to beginning workout. Here is my 5 Minute Warm Up Routine: https://youtu.be/_DAM-7Ctxcs

Tomorrow’s workout is shoulders and back, you will need a chair and two filled water bottles! See you then!!



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Monica Pufulet

This was incredible!!! Such intense burn ??? Everytime I saw "Same leg" popping up on the screen, I would tell myself "prepare for the most intense burn" haha

Wendy W.

Awesome workout thanks ❤?????

Dori Garcia

¿podrían poner el texto también en español? Muchas gracias


Felt really easy - but also sore on my glutes so that's good - the only exercises I really couldnt do were the bridges jump at the end - my feet/toe kept on banging and i have had my black toes from running so that wasnt going to help so I skipped all jumps

Athyr Almanie

Bravo et magic

barbara garay

All I have to say is ???


Did it omgg it's a killer one ????

Mohamed Nafa

Hey ladygirl are u Single in your life l like you and l like your face eyes

Contact me okay

Tannu Tanwar

I'm a just started doing exercises while doing this workout my back start aching is it okay or i do something wrong.?

Sonia Siliezar

Sería bueno que agregaras subtitulos a los videos más personas te siguieran porfa ?

Andrea Milena Peña

Me encanta esta rutina, aunque no entienda el idioma solo observó cada movimiento para ejecutar lo, gracias Caroline


So glad I found your channel :) I love the way you structure them and you keep smiling :) I wondered if you could help me? I am “skinny” but have a lot of fat on my stomach. My booty has gotten so small in the last few years :( is there a way to build up my rear while losing fat from my midsection? Thank you so much for giving us these great workouts :)

Zee Jones

Wow did I swear - loved you're bridge jumps but we're a challenge - great workout thank you.

Antonella Fabbri


Sofi Araujo

You need to try it! This is awesome! I did it with ankle weights and almost died, but the booty pop after this was worth it. Great video!

Helen Jauregui

I am enjoying your workouts so much! I even have my sister in laws doing it too! I am seeing and feeling the results already. Although the scale isn’t moving, I can see the slight difference in my body. Thank you for that and thank you for making these workouts so fun, so intense, so amazing. And thank YOU for not rushing through all the workouts. I feel like I can do it at a good pace, not rush through it and actually do it correctly. Thank you!!!

RJ Gaming

My problem is my tricep are so pumped that they are working out lol at same time by end of 25 mins lol

Aishwarya Javvadi

Hi Caroline! I discovered your channel during quarantine, and I have to say this is probably the best thing that has happened to me hahaha! Your workouts are absolutely killer and oh-so effective! I'm so grateful to you! Love you so much!

Aya Ashour

Caroline, that (glute bridge jump) is a hrad move, isn't it? I mean I have a good hamstring and glutes, but seriously I can't do it like you, I try to jump, but when I land, I land hard :))
Does it requires also a good back muscles?

Yvette Olson

That was awesome! I am new to your workouts and am loving them. Especially the tips, prompts and your encouraging smile.

laura gc

Thank you!!! Love your training!!!!!!!


love you and your workouts!! you're such an inspiration

Anita Montanaro

LOVE the strong & lean series LOVE THEM

Meredith Hesterfer

I’m glad I found you! I know if I keep up with it I’ll finally gain strength in my core. I had twins (gigantic ones ?) 17 years ago. My core is a mess...I like your style and how it’s slow and you don’t count repetitions. It’s keeping me engaged. ??

Anita Montanaro

Bridge jumps are hard, another thing to keep working on. I guess it takes A LOT of strenght?

Sarah Moyle

I never knew glute bridge jumps were a thing. ?

argyro kalokairinou

What an amazing workout!!!??

Caterina Pungitore


John Lambert

Great routines but the black leggings make it difficult to see the detail in your leg movement, much better in your other posts when you are wearing grey or similar.

Maria Cristina Paredes Ojeda

Exelente ...gracias!!!

Jill Amison

Glute Bridge Jumps....WOWZER!!!?

Elena Faccenda

Very nice workout! which programme do you use for video editing?

Mile Vial

Merci, je suis très contente de t'avoir trouve. bisous

Edith Heussen


Angela Magni

perfecto ? muy efectivo aun sin pesas! gracias ? tengo que mejorar esos glute Bridge hops tienes algún consejo? ??

Patrizia Cavaliere

Hi Caroline, I’ve come across your workouts and been practicing them since two weeks. Just a huge compliment, they’re challenging, adventurous and they work! I also love the way how time and preview is arranged. It’s easy to follow as one wants to focus on the workout rather than guessing what’s going on. Thank you!

speed cell

Loved it , You are such an excellent inspiration to me ?thanks

Lisa Campbell

Every single video you post are always awesome!!! Please follow Her and subscribe! She is amazing !

NoOr Ahmed

Love your workout ?


I have such appreciation for matching the colours to your outfit haha. Thank you for another hard workout!

han nguyen thi quy


Gabriela Caballero

I love it! But my lower back was killing me for a moment there during the leg lifts ¿is there a particular reason? I tried my best to do it right form, maybe my back is too weak?

Lisa Engelke

Omg no wonder you look like YOU ??? is this all you do ? WO was HARD ??❤❤??????

Tilli av

just finished this, what a great isolation! my chest is sooo sore from yesterday though? loving this series and can’t wait to do the shoulders and back tomorrow! thank youuu <3

Moni Arredondo

Another great workout! And the low impact is a plus for my knees! Thanks!!!

154_Rakhi Bhandari

How much approx calories do we burn in this workout...???
Workout is just awesome❤️Feeling the burn?

jos guay

First 15 minutes, I thought I should add ankle weights... I was so wrong!!!! Body weight was sufficient. Couldn’t do the jumping bridges though. I modified them instead.

Arwa B

Hi! I came back to this today! I was debating whether I should add the ankle weights, but in all honesty my body doesn’t feel like adding much weight especially after the EPIC finishers this week, so kept it bodyweight. Nontheless, it remains challenging and exciting.. Love a nice glute burn!

carolyn hardy

Another brilliant workout!!!! Just love and appreciate your constant challenges Caroline

Aryan Sabnis

How much calories this burns?

Ambika Raina

Done with this Day 3 workout ? after yesterday's Day 2 workout now feeling burn in both upper and lower body??.. These look easy but it takes effort to do these skilfully... @Caroline you are so graceful in all exercises ?❤️... Followed with 2 min plank as August challenge ?

Andrzej Domaradzki

super, thank you

Kasia Becmer

...my lower body definitely stronger than upper body I have to say...it was a killer. Thank You so much! I'll be here tomorrow ?

Amy D

I’m pretty obsessed with your work outs. Definitely my go to work outs for the busy days when I have the kiddos running around every where ( which is almost everyday). Do you ever show how many calories you burned or about how many calories burned per work out?

Kristi Epp

That was harder then I thought it would be!! Thanks for the workout!

Insook Jeon

Thanks Caroline, I couldn’t do the jump bridge but it was a fabulous class! I will keep practicing! You are such a beautiful ( in & out ),kind, kick ass teacher!!! Many thanks for your devotion and caring!!!!


Hello again Caroline I wanted to calculate how many calories I could burn with this workout by using a MET calculator. Could you please tell me what MET level would this be? We're working a large muscle group and we're going at a slower pace and I'm not sure how high the METs would be.??‍♀️ Thank you.☺

Desiree Johnson

OMG!!! I LOVE THIS WORKOUT. I haven't been working out because if a little surgery. I am trying to ease in because i had stitches in stomach...THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST HOME WORKOUTS I HAVE DONE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Svetlana Paptova


Dayanna V

Caroline I need some tips with the glute bridge jumps, I feel like I'm landing too hard on my knee/foot with these ones. Any advice? Great workout by the way, as always. Thank you soo much for the great-high quality content you are creating❤

Alicia Lowery

Thank you so much for sharing these workouts! I love them! You do such a great job! You are amazing! Also, could you do a video on your diet and your story? How long it took you to reach your goal? I have been working out 5-6 days a week for the last 3 months, but struggle with diet! Ha.


My lower back hurts, especially when I do Standing leg lifts but also on the exercises where you are laying on your stomach and lifting the legs. Any advice what I can do about this?

Anakarla Cas

Excelente rutina Caroline, podrás traducir en español lo que dices porfis, sería genial. Gracias saludos desde México.

Д_ Fortuna

Thank you ??

Kathy roblee-stepro

With my legs shaking while doing the standing leg lift pulse and the artist singing “can I, can I, can I”, I was saying “I can, I can, I can”. I love the music! Makes me forget about counting. :0) I am truly enjoying my exercise journey with you as my coach. YAY! Thank you!

Joachim Plessl


Dori Garcia

Muy buena rutina.Muchas gracias Caroline

Rasta Pau Yoga Fun

You've outdone yourself Caroline. Lets see if I will be able to walk tomorrow! Many thanks

Val Kelly

I love this workout! I felt challenged and since I started doing your workouts I have seen positive changes to my body that I haven't seen in years. Thank you for such great content!! :)

Maricela Bodart

I thought of doing this with a resistance band. Silly me.

Anita Montanaro

BUENISIMO as usual. Tried HIIT and failed miserably, must train harder haha.


Merci pour ce workout de folie ?? on sent bien que nos muscles travaille waouh.... J'adore ?

Tatiana Tcholakian

Hii!! it is more effective if you use the resistance band??

Lily M

Girl..i thought this workout will never going to end ..i kept looking at the time ..

Lorella fantini

Very strong but i really appreciate It..i love it?


I love how your workout editing has evolved over the past few months! I really like the captioned hints and queues and the mini-preview of what's coming next. Unfortunately, I was so drenched in sweat on this one that it was hard to read them, but I know they're there ;-) Cheers, and thanks again.

Zeina Ahmad

Is it fine if i feel my lower back burning while doing donkey kicks ?

Holly Davis-Miller

I love how controlled your movements are, there’s so many videos where it looks like daddy long legs flinging their legs all over the place ? thank you for your video x

Daniela Siko

DONE, one of my fav moments. Thank you Caroline. We did it again!!

Lareina M. Guo

I love your target workout!! Good length and great focus on the target muscle group:)


??‍♀️Hello Caroline. Surprisingly I did well up until the bridge jumps. I had never done a move like that before, I struggled but "practice makes perfect" and I felt the glute activation so I'll defintely add this workout to my weekly workout routines. ?????
I just found your channel and I've done your 15 min Dumbell Arms & Shoulders workout and I've been saving your other workouts to my YouTube playlist like a mad woman? I'm excited to try them??

David Brown

Loved the workout!! Never done some of these moves before


excelente trabajo solo un favor inmenso coloca traductor abajo porq la verdad no te entiendo nada y me gustaria saber q dices

Namita Gupta

My glutes are on fire......omg what a workout....I started with 1 min of burpees and finished with again a min of burpees n tell u frankly it was a killer.....I was cursing myself y did I had to add burpees???great one caroline

Julia Shiyan

Thank you so much for challenging me. I have always worked out but this feels like I am going to have the results I always wanted. ???
Love the way you smile.
And the way you also struggle makes me feel human??.
Lots of hugs from Germany from an Ukrainian girl❤️❤️❤️

Анастасия Клименко -Регьеро

Thank you for another awesome workout! My glutes are on fire ?

مبارك السليم


Courtney E

Your song playlist is the absolute best & really made this hour fly by! I'm definitely sticking with you !

Difoullous Hanane

I love your Workouts. I really see changes in my body since I started following your videos. Thank you Caroline ❤️???. This one is intense and my glutes are on fire ????

Elizabeth Del Carmen Santana Elgueta


Lulu Alex

Love this workout <3 <3 Whats the song at 40min anyone? I fell in love with it :)

Kathy roblee-stepro

With my legs shaking while doing the standing leg lift pulses and the artist singing, “can I, can I, can I”, I was saying, “I can, “I can, I can”. I love the music! Makes me forget about counting. :0) I am truly enjoying my exercise journey with you as my coach. YAY! Thank you!

Mrs. Blue

OMG!! Amazing!!??????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Liza Puha

Thanks, it was super! :)

Amanda Williams

Day 3 done!! I really felt the burn. I love it. My glute bridge jumps need some work. Apparently I sound like I'm about to crash through the ceiling ? Can't wait until tomorrow's workout!!

Maria José Torres


Phuong Nguyen

Threw in a band and ankle weights = a killer workout. Love it!


You look wonderful with this hair and makeup :)

Anna Telychko

How many calories is it possible to burn during this workout?

DinaValerie Wellness

This video was literally kick ass, I added ankle weights. Good music choices.Gluth bridge jump it’s just not happening in this body right now, so I just did bridges with weights on my hips ♥️ thank you for this work out!

Glute Ham Raise - Fitness Gym Training

Glute Ham Raise - Fitness Gym Training15 Dec. 2019
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137 811
Hanna ÖbergSubscribe 438 721

A intense quad and glute

A intense quad and glute focused workout for you all. If you like this type of workout go and try my new health and fitness app OWNU at: https://www.ownuapp.com

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Hanna Öberg

Musicbed SyncID:


Comments (100)

Love that European English accent.
You look so lovely and beautiful as well.

Mai Vo

I love your workouts and music. May I ask what’s the name of the song in this video?

Eddie Perez


chrissy peach

what’s the difference between stiff leg deadlift and Romanian deadlift? are they targeting different areas?

inka särestö

Gotta try that trick with the roll when using that abductor machine!! It gives me a hard time making it feel since i have short legs also?

PaNou V

You are BEAST!! ❤

Nichola Blakely

Major inspiration!!! I love seeing a girl train like that, so incredible. I was doing deadlifts tonight and when I go heavy my hands slip and I’ve always had weak wrists but love lifting heavy. I need those straps, can you please send a link for those! ???

The Maniac Family

Love how you explain everything about the workout...

Koka Koka

Whats the name of the song??

Valeria R

What was the song at 5:00?

Asmara Coolen

Same!!! Short girl problems ?

Sarah Samuhelova

Ohh ? yes. That was really good training ?! I looove it really so much. I want to see also another trainings, lots of videos of what you eat in a day, your shopping ? list, tips ( for somethings) and a lot of videos. Love you so much ❤️?

Marcelita Buck

I’m also too short for everything and on the hip abduction machine I stand up to her full range of motion!!

Shanga Ahmed

Moreee glute exercises and informationnnnnnn

hannah • 6 years ago

omg ur backkkk????

Em Delaney

I literally had the same struggles on the abduction machine yesterday ? being 5ft in the gym is hard ?

Sasha Lee Govender

Hi Hanna. You've been a great teacher for me at gym. I really admire you being a female gymer/bodybuilder and it gives me motivation. Please may you do a video on traning gluteus maximus. I've tried all your glute workouts and they burn mainly my medius and minimus. I would like to feel the burn on my maximus and grow that muscle. Thank you

Stacey Isherwood

Yes I have the same problem with machines, I think they are mainly designed with men/taller people in mind ??‍♀️?

Erica Baker

Not trynna sound weird but the noises she makes during her exercises are so cuteeee ??

hva faen skal jeg hete

You should do a challenge where you try to do the most brutal leg workout that exists XD

Stephanie Hernandez

I’ve been kicking my butt so I can earn some straps & a belt from your brand - a little congratulatory treat from me! Thank you for motivating & helping out a stranger like me! ??

Stephane R

Your playlist is fire!???love the intensity


How long did it take for you to see results?

DJ undadirt

What’s upper from Las Vegas. YouTube/DJ undadirt. and YouTube/F a Mask

Bhawna Kashyap

I think you were busy in baby care

Jenni Sanchez

I love it so much and i truly believe you’re going to get me in shape! Everything is fun too ??

Flowee G

8:40 i can feel u??? sometime i can tell it to the whoever stranger beside me and then move on?? the stranger will be like ‘huh??

A.J. Sykes

Can you do a video on workouts with let’s say a upper body restriction or a shoulder injury? I can never follow workout guides or videos because of my injury :(

Sojourner Stewart




The Maniac Family


Sofia Lennerkvist

I am tall (181cm) but I have the same problem with the abductor machine.. I always use your barbell pad with this exercise, it is perfect for that. I put the flat side against the seat so it stays still and the rounded side against my back. And I do the same in the leg extension machine. Such an awesome gym hack ??

Hailee Nielsen

Trying this program at the gym tonight! Thank you❤️

Lady Monique

Hi Hanna! I Have been watching you for a long time pre-baby years and all lol. This workout was awesome! If Its not to much can you please write the workouts in the description box like you used to? It's so helpful! Thanks and keep up thegood work! !

Kandi G

I just signed up for your app and downloaded it to my phone so i can work out with you from anywhere. I can't wait.

Katrina Blain

I always love your food videos. You always give me such good ideas!

Ashley Michelle

What’s the name of the song that’s playing on your video???

Geef licht door

Good workout !


Love all the videos you do! So we are happy with anything! But would love to see more Hanna’s healthy kitchen! Love to see you cook, and would be so cool in your new kitchen !

Sari Pena

I’m so glad to see you’re back!! By the way your baby is adorable, he’s soooo cute!!! Hana, keep up the good work. You look amazing ?!!!!

Annabelle Ortega

i love you!! how soon will your belt be out again I NEEDDD

Carla Elias

Hanna what’s your current workout split if you only work lower 2 days a week? ?


The accent is so cool

Roxy K

Just signed up for the 7 days trial! Also what song is the song playing during the video? ?

Vali Cercel

Como puedo contactat contigo


What is the difference between the first and the last exercise?

maya aboumourad


Jade Chan

tomorrow is my leg day and I can feel the pain already ???

Sandra Helgesen

I cant find this song - i neeeed it ?

Luisa R.

Your so lucky you don’t have to wear a mask. We have to wear one in the states and it sucks when your training

Ida Li

älskarr? du är så härlig och en sån stor inspiration???

Nicole Sparks

???????? thank you for the changes already made in the app! my A$$ is so sore! ?

Dàlìlà Sàssì

Hi coach , I hope you're doing great, thank you for this videos, i found em really helpful , you r the best . actually I have injured my knee.. the cap knee have moved from it position .. please could you give me solutions .. i can't go to the gym , i put ice cubes everyday ... please. briefly could you put a vedio about how we can strength the knees after having injured.

Kristen Kachelmeier

Please put workout in description

Diana Antunez Osorio

you look sooo different.. in agood way!! Hola from Mexico!! keep those workouts coming..


I had tone and sculpt app,but once I saw she finally open her own app I switch!
Honestly guys, if you want results , download her app. We all know she’s a badass. She’s not about those weak ass workout . No you WILL DIE while working out , but will THANK HER later.

noura bayad

سلام لبنات عفاكم دخلو شتارك في قناتي كل مايخص الرياضة والله مغدي تندمو بلعكس غتستافدو بزاف انا يالله بديت فيها عفكم عونوني نكبر هاد لقناة الله يرحم الوالدين❤❤❤?

Julie Caird

I did another lower body session from the app and my butt hurts so bad today! ? I love it! I don’t think my actual butt has ever been this sore from a workout before!!

Haly VB

I would love to wear grey and other light colors but for x reason I sweat bottom area..? and upper. But I care most for under just looks so weird. She did all that and no visible sweating

Charlotte D

Another great workout I’ll definitely be trying next time I can get into the gym (we are back into lockdown this week ?). Love your workouts Hanna, they really keep me motivated! Thanks ?

Kuini Tofilau

Love it Hanna!!!!??????

Giovanni Omana

Song name 5:07

Kelly MH

Hi Hannah!!
Will you please show us how you use the straps properly. My grip/wrists fail before anything else. ?


Maybe some alternatives with bands instead of the machine exercies in the next video? ? the gyms are closed again in Austria?

shabs reaz

God bless you .we need great people like you

shabs reaz

You are very talented.keep it up

Mary Albano

The short girl struggle is REAL! I feel you! I get so excited when I find machines I fit in!

Cecilia A

Hannah you are the best fitness youtuber! ❤️. You are the reason why I downloaded instagram and created an account.. just to follow you.
For the next video it would be nice to see you showing us the correct form on different exercises.. How the exercise with correct form looks vs incorrect form(or common mistakes) and where we are supposed to feel it. I also like your Q&A videos. Thanks. ❤️
Ps. I also wanted to know what is the difference between doing 4 sets vs. 6 sets

Gustavo Lopez

San Diego baby still partially quarantined still wearing masks but it’s all good cause Gods going find a way to set us free. Whooooooooooop!

Melanie Rotante

Seriously someone’s needs to make an abductor machine strictly for shorties! I’m 5’1 and I’m always struggling to get full range!! I always think of Hanna when I workout and now that I have her app, it’s like she’s there with me every day! Keep doing more videos like this I love to see other people train!


I love your workouts and how you push yourself ?

Lacie Hamblin

I want to say YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I know it’s nice to hear it after having a baby. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and you’re an AMAZING mom! & I’ve been following you since you first started this whole shabang, so I’m so proud of you and you’re doing awesome!
Btw I’m 5’2” and it sucks being short it’s so awkward lol ?

Tribe Dynasty

Is there no American link for app?

Taty Work

your gyms are open! i cant do it anymore :( ours are close again!

khanyi ngcobo

Hey Hanna can females take creatine, to build muscle?


Loved this! Can you put the workouts in the description! Keep working hard and enjoying life. <3

Vanya Nikolova

Hanna i swear you are such an inspiration!! Dedication, strength, will - so real and raw! You motivate me! Please can you tell me the songs that you have used whilst you are training - they are amazing! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


Nice seeing you back! Just started my gym journey, hoping you post some videos ❤

mariah harding

I’ve just recently fell onto your YouTube channel and omg why haven’t I know this before you’ve helped my workout by soo much thank you !!

The Maniac Family

I’ll be on the app but my bucks are not where I want it to be but I’m still following

Aanchal Yadav


Luca Stoke

Great stuff! ✌? You ought to get a kick out of my buddies videos too ——> #bodiedbybreeze ??


I'm just under 5ft7 and i swear the hip abductor machine is still awkward.. I have no idea who they use for a sizing guide when making those things lol a giant I guess


I just got your guide ❤? so excited to do your workouts..Thank u beautiful for bringing this amazing app to us!!!


I’m 4’9 i need to climb up some machines. ?

Nick Rogers

And who are these imaginary people saying you shouldnt squat ass to grass aka full rom. People listen to you. Do your research before you share info with your audience pls. Going to parallel is totally fine if that is what you can handle but if an individual can handle larger depth there are many benefits and it is not inherently bad for knees. Please consider this for your audience as many are likely in the early stages of their fitness journeys. Thank you for your time

Moriah Olling

Quite possibly my favorite fitness influencer ? So real, raw, down to earth, and funny. No BS just hard work!!

Heather Wilson

Hanna what is the name of this song?? I love it?


Definitely doing this tomorrow for my workout ????✨✨

Adrian Cole

love your glute workouts! always bomb


Love the app!!! Love your energy, strength and positive attitude!!! Keep up the good work!! U have a wonderful family!! Kiss and hugs from Trondheim ?

Michelle Moult

Hanna what size is your top? I’m not sure to get
Either small or med

Lucy Keast

Great video but the noise balance was off for me. The talking is so quiet and music was so loud, I had to keep adjusting the volume throughout video. Just an FYI. ❤ love from Australia

Claudia Rodriguez

such an inspiration! I like to see you in the gym and your cooking hehe. Love your vibes...and I think I will try the app but my weights are not arriving yet...gyms are closed but I have a barbell hehe.

Susanna Illenseer

Can you please do a home workout video

Sharon Modeste

That would be great but gyms are now closed in the UK ? and I've just purchased your Upper body programme and have 2 days left of the Get Lean stay healthy 2.0 @hannah Oberg

Milena Boyer

Short person checking in ? 5’1”

Katarzyna Simińska

That's smile after the hard exercise...I love it

Vali Cercel

Hola me gustaria,si pondrias la traduccion en espaniol

Esmee Winnubst

Just order the gymshark set you’re wearing in dark green! Via your link ? thanks for showing all these nice workouts