How to get in shape quick

11 Min Best Workout To Get In Shape Fast

11 Min Best Workout To Get In Shape Fast23 Jan. 2019
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Get in shape fast with

Get in shape fast with this 11-minute workout routine!

Who says a busy schedule can't accommodate an exercise routine? This 11-minute video is an excellent time-efficient workout you can squeeze in to your everyday schedule to get you in good shape and burn those calories.

Try out this home workout video to see amazing results in just a few short weeks.

Before we get started, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive alerts on new video workouts everyday.

Are you ready? Let's go grab a towel and get started! ?❤️

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Levi Ackerman

I'm a new subscriber and I loved your work I'll try to do the workout and thank you for your hard work??

Pooja mastipur

This exercise is for girls or boys

uk chandrika22

Hello...roberta.I ve been doing the 300 calorie workout...I have a broad shoulder already..Does knee pushups increase my shoulder size??if so please suggest me some alternative exercise to reduce my shoulder size...Thank you

ella denham

That burnt 34 calories for me xx

Vinay Jain

4:27 this turns me on shit!!

Naga sai Reddy

Excellent I will try

Mantasha Basit


Nitasha Sharma

Please upload a video to show don't and Doe's before and after exercisong

Vaishali Kandalkar

Kya kare

emu suri

I don't want to lose breast fat but why after doing many exercises it decreases and becomes small..

shiny_ asnr

Which is best,23min work out to get slim fit thin I m doing that from 1month, which one we have to do

EzAr Adventures

I’m fit ? from Aria

Jewel P.

This definitely on my level I like doing this, for sure doing this again! ?

Just Reem !

Day 1 : ✅
Day 2 : ✅
Day 3 :

Abby Rose

I can't do the plank slaps cus of a medical condition. But everything else is really helping. Thank!

Lavigña Leorag


Nagaraj Nagaraju

Started the workout today ❤....

Bizayta Gupta

By doing this will really make us to get in shape fast???

Mantasha Basit

My frist day workout complete

Zabz M

I'm gna do this 2day! ?

Family of Malalasekara

Triple Gem Blessed You

Chantelle Maxwell

I’ve subscribed !!!!

Suchita W

In how many days does this work s?

Yagirl Maymay

I almost killed myself

snehal swami

Hii Roberta..
Am ur new subscriber...Am too much weight gain after my c section delivery..Now I want to start weight loss sooo plzzzzz help me from starting stage....

Nidhi Mishra

It's amazing.....I icludes this in my evening routine... although I m already slim....but it's effective to get rid my back pen nd shap my body

Enchanted Pandas

Very good I do it 2 time at night and 1 time in the morning

Day 1; found this workout at night very good No jokes can already see the difference tysm first this

Alleison Esmele

Hello new subscrber


Thank you Madom,it is very effective

Pr League

Dear am 70kg I want 60 in one month tell me please ❤️❤️❤️love you


Here is the another episode where karantinr brought me again

Prettyrose . 08

Does this exercises help shrink my thighs?anybody please answer my question.

Rashida Johar

Can this exercise be done at night ? After 1 or 2 hours of dinner ?

Rhythm Ydv

Please tell an alternative for plank slaps,,

eswari hari

Ya Pl do post d do's n don'ts before and after d exercise....


Thank you dear ??

Nirmala Reddi

This exercise is really working for me.thanks Roberta's gym

kiran rose

How many calories burned during this workout

Hedi Adi

Day 1

Chim Chim

I'm doing this exercise as well the exercise of urs to build muscles... Can I do these two at the same time... Will it not give u results??

Vidhi Kumari

Hey Roberta . In how many days we can lose weight by doing this workout

Marneni Pranathi

Supreb I I'll definately try this❤️

Dc Batool

I will try ❤❤

Shahala Thasni

Its my day 1
Its harder than i thought(personally)

Mantasha Basit

2nd day bhi complete ?

sohaima amjad

I am super lazy plzz help me to workout

Roshnee Desai

Up up down down is impossible to do


Roberta 's gym is the best channel for workouts in YouTube ❤

Swz Z

Hi, am u r new subscribe, I want to reduce my belly fat n weight loss. I have done c section operation just 2month before. so plz tell me which is the best exercise for me. How many months I need to do. Any diet is there. Plz reply I am waiting for u r reply.......

Najeemdeen Sekinat Adedoyin

I really love this channel I wish I have know you for a very long time anyway it's not too late for me thank you very much

Ilham Mahmud


tello tello

Excelente robertas gym.. Hacer la rutina no hay pretexto.????

Naima Gazoum

Merci ? encore pour vos séances géniales ?❤️


hahaha bitvh Im on the baddest shape you can be on and this shit easy ass hell

Flipper Orca

Can anyone tell if it works?

Mantasha Basit


Reslie Densing

Thank you I'm following you start kahapon n every i work out sa vedio nio gamit. Salamat at pinagpawisan na ako ngayon 2nday plang. GOD BLESS?

Eisha Aamir

How to get a slimmer legs the way it shown in video btw I have tried all your workout it's amazing ❤️?

Jill and Erika Hehe

On break time I had naps?

Vidya Venkatesh

Does this really works
If it works how many days will this result come

Sana Shoaib

This exercise for all slim girl?? I want to make my body in shape.. Coz I'm too slim ?

Dila Awan

Wow Great lovely

Rubeena Ruby

Hi I'm.following ur 1 week lose belly fat workout

Farina Ahmed

I am underweight. Should I do it? Please suggest me.. It's really look impressive. But is it okay for me? I want to gain my weight also getting a good body shape. What should I do now?

Family of Malalasekara

Wow perfect

Tarika trezy

This year I am going to have that dream body, I am glad I came across your channel????

Fairy naz

1 bat smjh n aaraw kon kon sa krna h 1 bar btado half hour ka usi m sbkuchh

susmi sarwer

This exercise is really work for me... OMG... I got shape in my body.. though it was very tough for me but I do it 30 days.. thanks Roberta's gym


I am 16 year old boy and thin like a paper.... i tired of getting bullied. so i want workout. i hope this will help me increase my strength and shape my body so i will not get bullied ever again :) (before watch the video). lateral arm circle got me good. i stuck at 28 time but i manage to got 48 (i try to double all excercise amount to get better).

Lalparmawii Kawlni

Robert can I try these exercises anytime please please reply

Because I don't have time to do in morning we are very busy so please reply

Itzmatt55 *

This looks too easy for me but ill give it a try

Rajeena Shakya

Can u advice for thyroid to loss weight and belly fat?


You are the best,dear..thanks a lot..I am following you.?

Iyah G

How should i do this exsercise?

Sania Munir

What is the neme of this app? Could u tell me?

Nayyab Ali Malik

Do this excercise really help? For a fit body?

Amin Abdullahi

Can men also do it???,

amulya garaga

This is my 2nd day of following this work out...? thank you..Could you tell us about at what time should we do this exercise and can we drink water before or after the workout??

Javeed Ansari

First like first comment thank u roberta u are helping me alot in my weight loss journey thank u

ilhaam abdirahman

This app is so cool I think I did this workout 4-5 days now and I do it twice a day in the morning and night so I can always be in shape

Anaya Finley

I was feeling everything

kokkirala venkateswar Rao

I have tigh pains when it dones what can i do pls replyyyyy

Ananya Sinha

I will try but what time is best for exercise... 9 AM is good or not plz reply bcoz I am a slim Nd I want my body in shape Nd sorry my English is not good

Tech Girl

Even though I started this yesterday,I see a huge difference in my thighs,,,Will update the result after a month

Neelufar Banu

Hi Roberta.. thanks for the video..will the above workout help in reducing love handles...pls do reply...btw loved ur workout video


Uhm pls answer will this help you loose weight?

Ntsako p ngobeni Ngobeni

We did it

The best way to get in shape fast

The best way to get in shape fast3 Jun. 2016
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Shawn Arent, the director

Shawn Arent, the director of the Center for Health and Human Performance at Rutgers University, explains what you should be doing if you need to get in the best shape you can in a short time frame.

Produced by Kevin Reilly

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Comments (45)
Roryyy Mercury

the best weight loss tip is to not rush it... it's better to take it slow and lose weight over the years to come. everyone wants to lose 100lbs a year when they've been 100 overweight since they've been kids.

Diaa Calleros

I got a six pack in 1 month doing at least 100 situps everyday other than weekends and i was a little bit chubby

Mercedes Case

Wow this guy is hot.

Root er

best way to get in shape fast :dont eat junk food sleep alot and exercise and est helthy

Smoke Jaguar

Take some creatine

Geek Mackey

TL;DR: You still need to make exercise

Καρυπίδης Ραφαήλ

This video is too short to explain it

Jon Doe

The reason people get mislead and confused is because exercise is a business that benefactors make “complex” on purpose to make money.

Ziny Sasun

give me all the hamburgers and pizzas and all the other food fat people shouldnt eat and i will be happy ^_^


I love how straight it the point this compared to other vids

Tens of DU

I just ate a 2600 calorie tub of potato salad for 1 meal and I'm very skinny. u mad?

James Kaprowski

He uses the same commentary of multiple videos. He did another video about getting abs that had this guy saying pretty much the same exact thing.

Ushnish Roy

This video is almost the same as 'how to get six pack ribs'!???

Darryl Erby


Tim Mochylo

So chipotle is bad?


Came here for quick fix. Disappointed with "no way around it"

The Dude

Eat right and exercise duh doi

Jack o' Bong

no way! I didn't know that in order to get thin I had to eat less and do exercise! thank you

Jesse Gentry

SHAWN, please read my input.

Justin Santos

Eat less, move more. That's it.

Jana Nagyová

Wow I've just learnt literally nothing

Sleepy Alligator

Assuming you don't have a degenerative disease.

Glittery Howell

I have a friend who just eats five slices of pizza and a bunch of hamburgers everyday and she's literally a twig. Genetic unfairness ?

Manh-Hai Müller

Thx for nothing!?


Damn, no magic pill!!!


Most of the time when its our recess time I don't even eat.And its been going on for atleast 5 months.

Safiya Tariq

I have 23 days till prom. think I'll do it???

Jesse Gentry

Too simple, too easy. There are no short cuts in life just facts and changing your ways. He is just restating the facts. Sometimes it takes another person or repitition to really connect with the straight facts. Let it soak in and say the same thing he says over and over daily. Other people have said the same thing but realize and understand they are all saying the same thing. Listen, catch on, and do as they state. It is not rocket science, just PLAIN FACTS. You may be watching this video looking for a different answer or a nother opinion but you have to realize it will still all be the same. I am 68 years old and remember when I was young you didn't see that many out of shape and fat people that's because we did not have tv, computers, I phones and other things that took us away from getting natural sun and exercise, we just endured and kept going. There are more killings, in school, churches and public. Tell me the old ways were not right and todays society is getting better. Revert back to simple life and living.
I would like at least one caring person to give me a feed back.


Um, may I please state the obvious? The best way to get into shape for the summer is to NOT GET OUT OF SHAPE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Plus, your binge eating of cheese burgers and fries is causing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and is jacking up the costs of healthcare FOR ALL OF US!

Retarded Mooslim

Remember people, when you burn fat you create CO2 and Water, not energy. And 80% of that fat burned turns into CO2.

Marshal General

I love to eat!!!

Gurudeep Singh Dodmani

What different did he say ?


Looks at my food

me- "But its so tasty.... they're my babies"

Riyansly Lambert

One of my friends eats 107 burgers in one month litteraly

Soli JSS

This channel its ....

Proxy claudia

sleep alot.. thats kinda good news

Guilherme C.

I hate when "additives" are demonized like that... sometimes the additives happen to be vitamins and minerals. Let's stop with this belief that everything we add to food is evil.

Parag Tech Videos

As an indian guys....i am only eating health vegitables, cards, lentils, and other health food all my life....i never ate pizza or burger or anything that makes me sick. But still I am fat.

Brian Burke

Will I lose wait if I get more sleep?

Jackson Pham



how about how to gain weight fast? I'm skinny af

Agent Diary

Very informative video,but for other alternative way to help you get in fit is redtea detox.Here's th link you can visit: https://tinyurl.com/y94auvb4

Ayo Jay

the thumbnail makes me think that the best way to lose fas is to have sex with the ground

Myth ͔

Carmel frap :(

Jesse Gentry

I am a philosopher and if you read this quote and understand it and believe in it you will change and understand how so many people are on the web with their miraculas changes. I can help you if you need me and I have helped many people just for the helping.
Just simply think of this and watch the video again for several days and believe in your self.
I would like a comment from some one who really wants a change.


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We all know how difficult

We all know how difficult it is to get back in the water after the usual week or two break following a championship meet season. You've been eating like a kind, watching everything on Netflix, and have seemingly caught up on all of the missed hours of sleep accumulated throughout the season. It’s time to get back into shape.

This week, we are reviewing one of our favorite workouts to use in that very early stage of a training season. It helps with all forms of conditioning, but most emphasis is put on your kick. You will start out stationary kicking on the wall with you head down and working on some breath control. The moment coach whistles to go, you are going to perform a perfect flip turn, powerful push up, whip out some underwater kicks and breakout into a full sprint lap to the other side.

This is beneficial in many ways. We are conditioning our legs to mimic how they would feel at the end of a race, breath control helps get that heart rate up and really makes for a killer aerobic set, and then the flip turn into the sprint puts an emphasis on the swimmer to focus on a single lap of all out speed, allowing them to focus on the technique that they are performing rather than the many multiples of the set that they would be doing later in the season.

Be sure to use this workout with coaching supervision as breath control is never to be done alone.

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Just a girl

I am starting swimming practice next week and I am so exited !! I missed it throughout the summer

Riley Garcia

I'm so used to seeing you in a cap and goggles that I didn't recognize you when you were wiping the lens.


I bet you know how to be a Real friend......



Dominik Toth

Hey phlex team! I was wondering where your pool is? It's very big and it looks cool

Will Yuan

I might do a full 25 yard underwater dophin kick after flip turn

Respectable Bogan

Hahaha so funnny I love your videos!

jenn is decent


Dominik Toth

Here are some video suggestion ideas:
How to put on a cap correctly
Freestyle tips and tricks
Kicking drills to get better

I'll add some more if I think of them ??


Excellent video!! What is the title of the background music??