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Comparing Cheap vs. Expensive active wear leggings | Walmart vs. Gymshark vs. Lulu Lemon

Comparing Cheap vs. Expensive active wear leggings | Walmart vs. Gymshark vs. Lulu Lemon3 Feb. 2019
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Hi guys!

In this

Hi guys!

In this week's video I am comparing LEGGINGS! There's so many brands to choose from and as a avid legging owner, I decided to compare all the different brands in my collection. From cheap Walmart & Amazon pairs to medium priced Nike & Gymshark to expensive Lulu Lemon & Alo Yoga pairs!

Where to find me:

♥ Business Inquiries: [email protected]

♥Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samanthalre...

Thanks for watching❣️


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Julia Wezio

Honestly the cheaper brands are my favorite! I have Nikes I love and Lululemons that are great too, but I feel the most stylish and fit in my cheaper brands

Which Brand Makes the SOFTEST Leggings EVER?!

Which Brand Makes the SOFTEST Leggings EVER?!1 Jan. 2021
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We've all seen a brand

We've all seen a brand describe their leggings as buttery soft, but which brand truly makes the softest leggings ever? I am testing out four of the softest leggings from Beyond Yoga, Lululemon and Alo Yoga to see which leggings are number one! I compared soft feel, lightweight feel, thickness, and did a blind softness test to objectively determine which leggings are the softest!

Disclaimer: I get commissions for purchases made through some links and codes included in this description.

Leggings mentioned:

Lululemon align pant: https://bit.ly/3aX1LtY

Alo Yoga alosoft leggings: https://bit.ly/3rFnzjG

Beyond Yoga spacedye leggings: https://bit.ly/2Ml4Olw

P'tula bare leggings: https://bit.ly/2WWJmoV

Tank I'm wearing in the video: https://bit.ly/3o5xeha

Code: Kathryn


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathrynm_fit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathrynmfit

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fitnessfinds

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kathrynmfit

Website: https://kathrynmuellerfit.com


Chest: 29 in, 73 cm

Bust: 35 in, 89 cm

Bra size: 32 DDD (70F EU sizing)

Waist: 25.5 in, 65 cm

Hip: 38 in, 96 cm(widest part)

Thigh: 22.5 in, 57 cm

Calf: 15.5 in, 39 cm

Inseam: 30.5 in, 77.5 cm

Torso: 65 in, 165 cm (measured in a loop)

Height: 5’9”, 175cm

Weight: approx. 150 lbs / 68 kg (changes all the time tbh)


1st Phorm: use the link below for FREE SHIPPING


Buffbunny: use code “KATHRYN”


Colorfulkoala: "kath10" for 10% off


Kamo Fitness: "kathryn"


Tier Activewear: "kath" for 10% off




Code “KATH2” (2% off 1-2 pieces)

Code “KATH6” (6% OFF for order over 3 items)

Code “KATH8” (8% OFF for order over 5 items)

Code “KATH10” (10% OFF for order over 7 items)

Nepoagym (AliExpress): use code “STY4DUS7”


CLS Sportswear: use code “Kathrynm” (10% off)


Yvette (high support sports bras): use code “kathryn15” for 15% off


Shop my Amazon Storefront: https://amzn.to/2WMLX6a


Video Equipment: https://amzn.to/3hAqPqF

Music (Epidemic Sound): https://bit.ly/31h4Y0O

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Ashlee Hunt

Yes woman of science for the win!

Christine Mallin

I wouldn't mind if you sold more of your leggings. I hesitated because I had a question about one of the tie dye leggings and then by the time I got to check out they were all not available!

Tabitha Evans

Beyond yoga is the softest I have but just wished all leggings had pockets!

Li Gordon-Washington

Aerie leggings are my fave comfy lounge leggings.

Alyssa Schwabeland

I’m so over the buttery soft phrase for leggings ??? obsessed with the beyond yoga spacedye leggings


I need a softest leggings with POCKETS contest :D so tired of having to choose between soft and practical...

Meagan Donaldson

Do you happen to know if these were the align 2 leggings? I’ve been hearing they don’t last at all compared to the original aligns

delmy tanaskovic

Nothing compares to aligns for me ! I love them so much, they recently changed the material to make them more durable

Claire Rowlands

You should try the aerie hugger leggings w the pockets. They are lightly brushed on the inside and the outside. Super soft!!

Page Not Found

The aritzia tnabutter(I think this is the right name…?) leggings are also very very buttery soft. I would say the softness of the aritzia ones is comparable to aligns. They are thicker though, which means they do not have that much naked-feeling as aligns. I find myself always reaching out to my aligns over other soft leggings when I am looking for loungeware. With all that being said, I would still 10/10 recommend lululemon aligns over all other comfortable leggings. The trick is unless you only want black leggings, don't buy them full-price. Always wait for their sales. I just bought a pair of beautiful Brown align 7/8 leggings for $69 in their boxing day sale. Discounted aligns are definitely worth your money

Julia Joy

I LOVE your top! where is it from?


I need the softest leggings WITH POCKETS contest please ='D


I love the detail you put in your videos! ?

Josephine Lonsdale

One of the things I'm curious about is your favorite gym accessories, eg; bands, gloves ( I know you've mentioned them before) towels, water bottles etc. Just a compilation if you've mentioned them in other things, maybe include headphones too.

maria thiessen

Okay leg gains I see you ?

Lesley Rowland

always coming at us with thorough reviews <3

Pamela Chaffee

What is everyone's softest Amazon legging? ?

Sarah Stalcup

The only way you could have determined the thinnest would be to take a sample square from each legging that is the same size and weigh it. Not worth it!

Hannah Barber

Loooove my ptula bare! So happy they made it into the video!
Tempted to try some Alo yoga for winter though!

lucrecia nolan

Can you do this but with affordable leggings?? I really never spend more than 30 dlls per leggings ? 100 dlls for a leggings it's just too much... For me obviously lol

Aala Walsh

I get that this is your job and brings in money for you but no one needs that many leggings it is soooo bad for the environment ?

raeann cardoza

my rosa leggings from buff bunny and yunoga leggings in olive green from amazon are my 2nd and 3rd softest compared to my aligns.

Justin Hurst

Preach it girl.

Monica P

Where are P'tula leggings made (as where are they manufactured?).

Hannah Smith

girl- you're definitely a size 2 in lulus! i think you'll enjoy them even more if you size down! :) love your video


Where do the "Offline The Hugger" by Aerie fall in this all?

Veronica Ruschkowski

What is your opinion on wearing the Aligns for lifting? I’ve heard a lot of girls say they aren’t as good for lifting due to the thin fabric and I’m not willing to ruin mine ? ?

quief latifa

Why am i watching legging videos - I'm a guy that was watching your dental school vlog LMAO


Out of the leggings talked about, I only own lululemon aligns, so that's my comparison point. But the softest leggings I own are the Gymshark training leggings, which are just as if not softer than the aligns. They're a bit thinner, so less compressive, but they feel like you aren't wearing anything. And they're like $30, so I think they're pretty good

Kathryn Mueller

What are the softest leggings you’ve ever tried? ⬇️

Chelsea Croteau

I vote more vids like this!
Most sweat proof
Most compressive
Most stretchy
Most durable
You get the picture haha would be a fun new upload

Yvette Estrada

This was a fun video! Also I loved the stem shoutout heyyyy ??

Rana M

Please please review Crop Shop Boutique ?

Alicia Witt

I will never forgive Lululemon for changing the OG align leggings ?

Talita Mbm

Thanks for comparing these brands, put I feel like you absolutely should have included Athleta’s Elation leggings in the Powervita material. They are Amazing!

Grace Constantine

Just bought some spacedye leggings. They are so soft and so comfy!!!

Giorgia Torri

what about colorfulkoala ? I've heard they are really soft, but I've never tried them

Chelsea Woods

I’m a crazy cat lady too! I own three pairs of the beyond yoga space due and do think they’re the softest pair of leggings I’ve ever owned!


Fabric Composition ✨
Lululemon Align: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra® elastane
Beyond Yoga Spacedye: 87% Polyester, 13% Lycra
P'tula Bare: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
Alo Yoga Alosoft:  87% polyester, 13% spandex ??

Can someone confirm Alosoft leggings composition for me?

Alicia Mann

Loved this style of video ?

ashleigh fay

I really loved the set up of this video!!

Katie Mellish

I need the alo yoga!! My gym is freezing lol so hearing that they’re nice and warm was the selling point for me.

Joann Carpenter

What r those sweatpants u have on when ur blind testing? I love how long the drawstrings r!

Maria Wasilewska

Try Sweaty Betty!! My absolute favorites!!!! ?

Katherine H

Lululemon actually changed the Align fabric to be more durable, but it means they’re definitely not as soft anymore!

Cindy Gonzales

Where have you been all my life? I just found your videos... and splurged a bit on four new pairs of different leggings. Fingers crossed that they work for me too! Thank you for sharing your experiences and opinions. You're just the motivation I need to get back to it. :)


"soft" is definitely the most overused legging description hahaha. At this point it really means nothing from most people/bands. But great video, love comparisons between brands. Also, does anyone know if lulu aligns diamond dye feel different from the solid colors? I know in some brands they say the tie-dyed colors are "softer".

Jenna George

you guys should try the Fleo Bounce leggings because they are as soft if not softer than Aligns, but they are built for crossfit. its magic I dont know how they do it. And only $70 so you're getting aligns that you can work out in for a quarter the price. https://www.fleo.com/collections/legging-bounce-fabric

Krystle Holladay

Hi! What size did you get in the Ptula leggings? Just for reference ??

A Girl Has No Name

Loved this video! 1 soft legging recommendation, Bombshell Sculpt leggings. Now I feel like I need another pair of alosoft and finally try the aligns! The top seam on the BY leggings made me nervous bc my hips are much wider than my waist. I felt they fit in the waist nicely, but was worried I’d break the waist seam getting them past my hips if that makes sense.

Lauren Hess

In general, what leggings do you think have some of the best tummy control? (Both lower and mid-abdomen)

Savanna Trombley

This video was EXTREMELY necessary

Mar Alvarado

Please please please do an affordable soft leggings review. So far my favorite is Lavento . https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0894NGR1F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I love love love love this ones. And guess what? No front seam! :)

Joanne Pereira

Doesn’t Balance leggings have no front seam? Or did we burn that bridge lol

Maya Wilkins

Beyond yogas are the softest that I would still work out in! Aligns are naked-feeling and comfortable for lounging, but the Beyond Yoga's feel more durable. Plus they are thicker so better for the cooler weather.

Sarah Kokopuffs

Lululemon has always been my favorite but I tried out bombshell ankle sock leggings and they are my new fave.

Mary Motch

I wonder if the alosoft one is more like the fleece, rulu, or modal fabrics from lulu. They rotate the feeling of these leggings each winter so it’s hard to say which one. I’ve purchased each one of these fabrics, however a few years ago I bought these side zipper fleece leggings from lulu and they have been one of my favorites for 5 years. They aren’t as naked as the aligns but they are so comfortable ??‍♀️

Kelly O'Neill

The beyond yoga space dyes actually hold up surprisingly well! I wear mine to my bouldering gym to climb; I’ve scraped my knees against holds and they’re still pristine.

seriousbag 007

LMAO when Ian threw that one pair of leggings ?

antimlm_ blondie

Updated 3.0 and tiedye! Lol my fav atm

Scott Vanhille

Happy New Year Kathryn!

Rebecca Rodriguez

Loved this Kathryn as usual especially the blind tests! I feel like the Aerie Offline Real Me leggings are a very soft and weightless affordable option but as far as brushed leggings go I love the classic colorfulkoalas and Buffbunny rosas! ?

Lauren Covey

Hi! Where did you get your joggers? I’ve been looking for a pair like those!


Yay I’m so glad you made this video!! I love soft leggings! Haven’t tried any of these brands besides Lululemon so thank you for introducing me to 3 new brands!??????

Ervin's Movie Corner

Happy New Year 2021, Kathryn!

adria m

you know it’s gonna be a good day when Kathryn uploads?

Teressa Moeller

Loved the blind test at the end. Good idea

Tedi Rae

Girl have you tried adanola!?? I’m curious if you had and your thoughts if not you totally should!

T Luz

If I hear someone use buttery soft to describe a legging I just don’t even bother looking into them cause I need that SUPPORT COMPRESSION. I’m not looking for lounge leggings I prefer joggers or shorts for that so soft is a no for me with leggings lol


I love my aligns but I just got some Live Free Buff Bunny leggings and I LOVE them so much more honestly lol

סמדר ברבן



Do you have a poshmark store?

Veronika Fulopova

This was a great one??


women in stem ?‍♀️?

Gudimayne Safy

A great channel to figure out what leggings to buy as a gift

Maria Skibniewska

ngl since I became vegan the term "buttery" has become a turnoff for me even when the context is clothing

Teresa Mendes

can you try TALA's leggings?

vivian gutz

Okay Kathryn!! Girl your shoulders are smokin on fire their so hot ??haha I wanna workout with you cause seriously your the perfect balance between toned and muscular! You freakin kill the game girl??


Echt makes the softest leggings ever.

Angel Trazo

Would love to know how these soft leggings wear — pill test in the future? ❤️


No ColorfulKoala mention? I thought they were the Align dupe of choice, I haven’t tried them though but everyone hypes them up. I have avoided them because I thought they seemed more loungy and less functional xD

Shayla Daniel

So I just am seeing this video now and earlier today I purchased Alo Yoga and Beyond Yoga ? and I already have lots of Lululemon Aligns! So I guess that means I need to buy some P’Tula Bare ones! ?

Rachel Estes

Get ready for Balance x Vitality’s claim for the “softest material ever” ?

Claire Panda

Scorpio Sol Air Lux is CRAZY soft. Softer than the lulu aligns I have. You can sometimes find them at tjmaxx for $16 but they are also on sale at Walmart for $20!


Haven't been so active on YouTube lately so I've missed sooooo many of your videos ? hope you still remember me even if you have many subs and many ppl that make comments. I remember how I always watched your new videos asap and how much I loved and appreciated them. And how much I always supported you with great feedback, ideas and positivity/love ??

So happy that you still are making maybe the best try-on hauls and you still have this great My measurents in the description box: both US and international/EU measurements/sizes. And it's much thanks to my feedback. I'm so proud for that ? I love how best and professional you are - so good work from you all the way from the description box to the videos ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This kind of video is soooo great! Saw another comment that also loved this video and wanna see more videos like this one and with examples. I agree so much. Would love to see that too and it would probably be so appreciated ??

And since this is my first comment for so long - I want to say that it feels like you're in an even better shape and you look even more healty. You're even more goals and body goals so this is just so amazing! So proud of you! ??? you're still one of my best inspo/motivation for becoming the best version of myself ?

I don't care if my inspo/motivation is guys only; girls only, mainly guys, mainly girls or a good mix. But I can't think of any guy that is a better inspo/bodygoal than you! So you actually beat all guys in my world and that is something you can be proud of ⭐️

And as always I wish I could say all this to you face to face in a hug and end the hug with just compliments and a short cute kiss that's for love, support, that I care and all best wishes ??

Never forget how happy and proud I am to have you as one of my best inspo and how bodygoals you are - and how amazing you are ??


Ugh the bare shorts from Ptula are so amazing, even more so than the leggings??loved this video btw❤️

Raya McGill

Love me a super soft legging but not for the gym tbh! Even my aligns I rarely wear to the gym

Carissa Miller

Love the video! I’ve been on the hunt for soft leggings so this was needed? side note, you said you workout in your Aligns? Can you really do that? I’ve been wanting to try them so much but half of the people say “no you can’t workout in them” but I’ve seen a few people say yes you can?

Kerrie Watson

Yessss women of science unite, girl ??????

Estella Clark

I got the Kamo fitness leggings in yesterday and the solid color is very soft and very comparable to the lulu align

Vyvy Tran

hi kathryn what size did you get for the ptula bare legging?

Gracielli Alison Galvan

Would love an updated best leggings for your booty!!


Super appreciate the closed captioning!

Kana Leia

I have 4 pairs of the beyondyoga space dye leggings (all bought on sale/Poshmark) and they’re soooo soft! I have the “super hero” pair that are ❤️?? and they’re top 3 fav leggings

Hayley Silbert

I love comparison vids like this one! I would love a vid on most durable/leg day appropriate leggings or what workouts you would rec for different leggings


Loved this! I think comparison videos might be my jam... best cellulite coverage, best for "leg day," best for lounging, etc. You could do so many!

I also laughed out loud at the Pinto comment! Really enjoyed this video, Kathryn. And I got a lot of value out of it. Thank you for the time you put into it!

Plastic Bottles into Leggings?? Tala, Girlfriend Collective, Wolven and REI Review!

Plastic Bottles into Leggings?? Tala, Girlfriend Collective, Wolven and REI Review!15 May. 2020
181 173
HopeScopeSubscribe 438 721

Sustainability might be

Sustainability might be the only way to save the industry! Here are some of the BEST eco-conscious activewear brands that are worth supporting. Keep watching to find out how to win a e-gift card to one of these awesome brands!

♡ Subscribe Here:


♡ Watch more fun shopping hauls and reviews:



[email protected]


♡ ♡ ♡

My Measurements (for reference):

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 148lbs

Size: 4/6

Waist: 26.5in

Hips (bum): 38.5in

Chest: 34C

Featured sustainable brands : Tala , Girlfriend Collective , Wolven threads , REI , ODLO

Shop Wolven:


Shop Girlfriend Collective:


Check out Grace's Channel (Owner of Tala)


This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Comments (100)
andro fanatic

I legit buy one brand of sports bras cause I either want total flatness or cleavage from a bra im non bianary so I either like to hide then or show them off I buy from the kids section for low impact but running or playing with my dog I wear a high impact zipper front sports bra

Sarah Tobey

Love this!!!
Super excited to look into girlfriend collective!

Carrie Leitholf

I really liked the girlfriend collective! It’s really unique and seems like my type of leggings and bras :)

Samantha Cotterell

im so interested in girlfriend collective! literally only just heard of them and shopping on their website now :)

Evelyn Tsai

So love the Girlfriend Collective!!

Saber Alter

So question since we're all mostly quaranting I am looking for a good big booty workout what is your favorite exercise cause I need a great one?

Pearl Oberlin

Don’t feel silly please! These videos help me out through times like this!

izzie raitt

I felt the Girlfriend collective leggings once at nordstrom and they were the softest thing I'd ever touched! Definitely my fave.

It’s Amanda

I love your tshirt!!! ❤️


Adidas x Parley has been making shoes and some clothes from recycled plastic! You should check it out.

Debbie Wuehler

Hello just came across your videos and love your energy in this video I think I would love the girlfriend brand just in fact for the recycling I recycle water bottles also and yeah , Just wondering if you have you ever did any Yvette sportswear?

Manon Vo

Another brand that has Activewear from recycled plastic: lunalea. They're originally pole wear but also have leggings and swimwear and everything is SO CUTE MY GOD

Molly Karen

Love this video! I know this was a while ago but in case anyone is watching this now and is interested in Tala, please take a look at @/Grezposed on Twitter or @/Ceo_of_woke on Instagram. I loved Grace but couldn't support her or tala after seeing her flouting lockdown rules and the company trying to conceal the fact that garments were being made in china!

Kennedie Habermehl

Ive been dying to get my hands on some girlfriend collective items:)!!!!

Carissa Wong

Even though hauls aren't the best for the environment, at least tons of people are watching vicariously through you and get to relieve stress. More importantly, your thorough reviews allow people to make smarter decisions! Whether we buy sustainably or from fast fashion, it's still important to shop consciously.

Alexandra Laberge

I’m really interested in trying TALA leggings! They look so flattering! Thank you for your great reviews ?

betania benyamin

i really liked the tala place the cstuff looks coute and nice

eva beauchamp

3:49 that dude doing the neck works looking up like wtf

Manon Vo

Are there really people who don't wear underwear under their sportleggings?

Ashley Dunn

Okay do not take this the wrong way, but the brown set immediately made me think sexy UPS driver ? Love it

Raederle Phoenix

I love just chilling and listening to you Hope. You're entertaining. My own personal commitment has been to exclusively organic clothing (and other eco fabrics) since 2012, so I've literally just been watching your reviews because I like watching you, lol. But with this video our interests converge. The Girlfriend Collective isn't a brand I'd heard of before and that windbreaker seems like something I would really love!!! So yeah, sign me up for the giveaway. :)

Yen Diep

Am I too late for chance to win $200? I love to watch your youtube video even though it is not about Lululemon athletic brand

Jen Donovan

Really want to try the girlfriend collective so thanks for reviewing! Love the simplicity but also the focus on sustainability. Can’t wait to try them myself

mariah canty

They have the yellow color back!!!! :)

Taylor's Vlogs

I would choose girlfriend collection

Kristen Jones

Did you see Wolven has bathing suits?! Please review!

Greta Stanley

I’m most interested in girlfriend collective! Mostly because they are super size inclusive and I love the color options


The TALA collection is so cute!

Brianna Savage

I was most interested in the girlfriend collection! I love that yellow set as it is my favorite color and am bum they are not sold anymore :(

Kim Daly

defo wanna try tala love the look of their hosta shorts and the colours!!!

Molly Hynes

I would probably try Tala or Girlfriend collective. I am in school for designs and always looking for company's who are sustainable. I want to work for a company with this mind set and it was extremely helpful to see the products that they are making and there functionality which is super important. I also didn't know how lovely REIs ideals were before this video, my family has been shopling there for years. Definatly another resource to find sustainable company's that I might be interested in working for. Thanks girl?


I love how simple the girlfriend collective brand looks❣️

Jessica Miller

⚠️?Alert alert ? Girlfriend Collective just dropped 2 yellow colors

Brittany Lilja

my fav is the girlfriend collection, and don’t feel silly trying on clothes it brings me so much joy keep doing what your doing ❤️

Lindsey French

This was a great review!! Love your honesty!! I loved the Girlfriend brand clothing!! Thanks for all you do!


I got the girlfriend collective leggings when they first launched and were offering a free pair on facebook, just pay shipping, which was like $20.
Total steal. They're still some of my favorite high compression leggings, even though I've gotten too fluffy to wear them comfortably.
Super comfortable and a great spot to hit up for BF/CM.


i love girlfriend collective! both their message and focus on sustainability and their clothes. their leggings also all come in 3 lengths, and the 7/8 lengths fits perfectly for anyone like me who's petite (whereas i've tried 7/8 lengths at say, lululemon, and they fit super awkwardly because they're too loose at the ankles).
i don't think the bag that the leggings come in are meant to prevent microplastics though, since i'm pretty sure it's also made of recycled plastics. to avoid that you should actually wash your clothes in something like a Guppybag, which they also sell on their website.


I’m interested most in the Tala brand! Simple and lightweight workout outfits are my fav! I love feeling supported as well as seamless plus the colors are cute too!

Jameson Warren

3:31 I’m kinda confused what the guy is doing on the background?

Janelle Blanks

I need to try Girlfriend Collective!



Julie W.

Thanks for reviewing Wolven. I was really curious about that brand. Now I really want to get something from them.

Lexi Edwards

I love the look of the girlfriend collective set!! Too bad its out of my price range

Robyn Wickland

Hope! Have you gotten more Girlfriend Collective since this video?? Or will you in the future?

Sierra Rettenmund

I neeeeed stuff from the girlfriend collective finally a brand that is sustainable and durable! ?

Rozemarijn Balemans

I love you so much for doing this! ❤It is such a good thing that you stepping up you game just like the brands you are showing! ?

I am the most interested in the Girldfriend Collective ?

Beauty with Brinxx

I can’t wait to try girlfriend collective. I’ve never heard of It before but I like the pieces you showed!

Autumn Gray

I’ve heard of Tala but haven’t heard of the others! I’m super interested in the Girlfriend brand! I love that you’re giving brands that are more sustainable the spotlight they deserve! We humans can do so much better with plastic production and single use items. This is the review Everyone needed!?

Stephanie Melia


Isobel Parker

I love the look of the girlfriend collective ones!!

Sierra Rettenmund

I wish I saw this before I bought a ton of active wear from gymshark ?

Melissa Place

I just friggin love your videos! You and Leo make my day ☺️?

Rachelle michaud

I’m so into the girlfriend collection everything looks so comfy

Gabrielle Lavoie

I'm definitely interested in trying out girlfriend collective. I've never heard about them before

Jenna Sloan

I’m interested in girlfriend collective!


This was so helpful! Love Girlfriend Collective and Wolven <3

The Adventures of Tarynasaurus

Girlfriend collective has been on my radar for a long time I would love to try them!!

Connie Luo

definitely interested in the Girlfriennd collective!

maddy r

Girlfriend collective omg! that yellow set is amazing I hope they bring it back!

Bryanna Smith

Love the tala brand gonna give it a try. Love your videos your so fun to watch.

Linda Estrella

Girlfriend collective ??

Abigail Washburn

My dad works at REI and he said to thank you for doing this

Rebecca Kennedy

The girlfriend collective! I love the plastic bottle thing! That’s so awesome. Plus they look amazing!


Girlfriend Collective looks really nice by far my favourite especially the maroon set

Kenya Gonzalez

I’m literally obsessed with Girlfriend, but they’re always sold out, so I actually found that they sell through Sports Edit!! Go shop ladies!

Shelby Gilkerson

Definitely interested in Girlfriend Collective! Thanks for doing this video. Sustainable leggings are new to me!

Sheila Navarro

I’d try the tala leggings, I’ve heard only online reviews but never seen anyone wear them


I thought of “not that smol” earlier and searched every video to find this so thanks for making my day hope ?? smol makes me laugh

Keri Dalton

Always love your videos no matter what the content is!! Gonna check out these brands!! I’ve been looking at tala for a while!

claudia danforth

This is my first video watching and I really love this girls vibe, I subscribed right away. Why do I feel like she is a fellow friend who has ADD? I don’t know I just really like her energy ?

Mackenzie & Hunter

Girl!! What tanner do you use? ?

Emmabelle skye

What tanning lotion do you use??

Taylor Myers

I love how the girlfriend collective also includes the bags to wash them with! I’d love to try them.


Girlfriend Collective! The windbreaker looks so nice

Brooke Wacha

Girlfriend collective!

Lauren Bonanno

My fav is girlfriend collective! Definitely checked out the website almost immediately after watching this.

Renee R

Thank you for making a video about sustainable activewear! Would love to see more content like this, particularly educating viewers about sustainability practices that companies partake in (or don't partake in - expose them!).

orcanerd c

I'm definitely going to posh some Girlfriend Collective


I love how honest your reviews are, this is a video I didn’t know i needed! I’ve been wanting to invest in higher quality leggings and sports bras but constantly struggled with keeping to my values of sustainability and eco conscious choices. Girlfriend collective is a brand I haven’t heard of yet but looks to check all the boxes of what I’m looking for! Thank you for continuing to make videos during this stressful time, they are something positive I can look forward to. Plus Leo!

Lucia Harrington

Tala seemed the best ethical and practical brand on here for me ? thank you for doing a woven brand too, I thought they were good but tbh after seeing this review I realise that they wouldnt work for me... also being made in China and shipping world wide.. doesnt sound so eco to me??

Kathryn Longstreth

I really love the windbreaker jacket and the cute matching shorts! And the leggings made of water bottles are awesome!

Sassy Sunny

I liked the tala. I’m a big girl, kinda curious if they show cellulite bad.

Kyla Crabtree

I loooovvvveee the girlfriend leggings!! I got my first pair when they first opened. I’ve been a fan ever since!

Kendall Dunwell

I can’t wait to try The Girlfriend Collective! I love that they are sustainable and ethically made!!

Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

How is Hope a medium?? I'm a 10-12, mostly a 12 and I can fit into a small in Gymshark. Girlfriend Collection you are doing it right???

Brandi Hamilton

Please please review Free Label ??

Erika Endo

This is my favorite video of yours! I hope you continue to feature sustainable, ethically made activewear from eco friendly businesses! ♥️

Kara Handerhan

I totally want to try girlfriend collective! That set looks so buttery soft and smooth! Also appreciate your honesty and dedication… trying out the sets at the gym, showing the real sweat, and even wearing that not so comfortable sports bra for so long! ?❤️ Excited to try something out that you suggest as a reward for myself for finishing a full 90 day program (p90) and sticking with the routine and diet 100%! My wedding has been postponed twice now so leaning into fitness and a healthier lifestyle and looking and feeling cute/good during a workout always helps!

Odyssey Travers

Can you please review J80 Fit. Please ??

Erin Rafferty

Got a targeted ad from Wolven today, went looking for reviews and came back to this video! I KNEW I'd seen at least a tiny review before, lol. I'd love to see a dedicated haul from them one day!

Breanna Zilinski

Honestly your puppy makes me so happy, like I watch ur vids cuz I loveeee them so much. It’s such a treat seeing your cute doggy. You should do a video where you dress him up in dog clothes lol

Maya Blackman

The one I like the most is girlfriend collective bc I am a size xxs soon that would fit me best.

Alyssa Dana

You’re so pretty and I love your personality lol xox

Brooke's Best Life

They have lemon at girlfriend collective and marigold, both similar to citrine!!

Jessica Milcarsz

Girlfriend ones are what I will be purchasing next!

Arielle Calara

Came here specifically to see Hope’s review on the Girlfriend Collective and I’m even more convinced to purchase a pair of their leggings. The colors are amazing! Does anyone know if sweat shows after a cardio workout? I usually were black leggings so I can never tell if sweat is showing. I bought some 90degreeflex compression leggings in a light pink and green color and the sweat around the booty and groin area are very obvious.

Urszula M

What tanner do you use?? It looks amazing! I’m definitely in need of some. Please let me know!!! Love you Hope<33 thanks for always posting such fun videos!!

Bianca Ayala

I want to try out Tala & the gf collection!

Alex Wasser

I love the girlfriend collective and also the astro hoodie from tala ? going to order one rn!

Eva Feng

I would love to try Tala out! Love a good legging that makes the tush look great! I recently discovered your videos on a hunt for the best workout leggings and you are so down to earth and truthful! So glad I found your channel!