Iliopsoas exercises

Iliopsoas Muscle Test Vizniak

Iliopsoas Muscle Test Vizniak19 Sep. 2017
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From - Evidence Informed

From - Evidence Informed Muscle Manual -

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veronica almiral

here's a few suggestions for treating tight hip flexors at home
Gradually start walking further daily
Try an anti-inflammatory diet
Think about trying yoga lessons
Checkout some online courses
(I read these and the reasons they work on Fergs pain ease website )

Durv Viswanathan

Seriously this is so helpful. i thought it was my back from an L2 compression fracture 20 years ago, i think it is my psoas muscle insertion/origin issue. %^&*()!

Konner Bowden

I hurt it yesterday

CSA Aspen


WeLL Done_YT

where is the pain stemming from to where i need to receive this strech?

The BEST Strength & Mobility Exercises For The Iliopsoas

The BEST Strength & Mobility Exercises For The Iliopsoas3 Nov. 2016
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ISM audiovisual

thank you!

Low Back Pain With iliopsoas Tightness Exercises Relief

Low Back Pain With iliopsoas Tightness Exercises Relief9 Oct. 2019
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Hello Pilates

Hello Pilates Lovers!

Are you having low back pain with one hip lower due to tightness on on hip that caused rotation on your spine? I made gentle strengthening a tight weakness of this deep muscle Ilipsoas , a combination of 2 deep hip flexors that help flex our hip pas 90 degrees that gets really tight and weak due to prolonged sitting at work or driving. I will also discuss the anatomy of these 2 deep muscles you will feel all the way underneath the muscle belly due to the origins on these 2 muscles bundled together to the lesser trochanter of the femur bone (thigh bone). SO where is the origin, so ilacus starts on the Iliac crest of the pelvic bone (one of the 3) and the Psoas muscles which are 2 major and minor starts from the T12 all the way down to L5 transverse bodies of the vertebra. Just imagine how the slide down forward to the front, starting from the back to the front and if you have tightness here, it pulls our lumbar so\pine to increased lordosis and causes Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT ) Posture. So stretching and strengthening these muscles will help alleviate the pain on your low back and sometimes in the front of your hip.

Jeff Cavelier take on tight hip flexors

https://youtu.be/BEAc-Ds7zJw Hope you guys enjoyed this educational anatomy of the Iliopsoas and the purpose of this muscle to help low back pain if it is tight and weak . Here is another take of a colleague from therapy Jeff

I will be performing some pilates based strengthening with core engagement to prevent back injury or straining your low back and gentle yoga stretches in different positions depending on your capability.

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Common Sense With Elizabeth

Hello Annie! First time trying this video. I thought I'd try this one cuz my lower back was a little stiff after being outside and then after today's workout. I can do the stretches even with the torn ACL on the right side. That's how much I've progressed.! I always love when Abel makes an appearance in the video.

Animal Papa

Like 23! How are you my friend? Great informational video! Hope all is well with you! Take care till next time!??❤️

Vegas In Stilettos


Marlon Pagaduan

Wow nice tutorial video about therapy....makakatulong to sa Healtj ko...I'll try this one....thanx 4 sharing ur video....keep it up...ok na po...God Bless.

Back Woods Billy Craft Beer Reviews

?????? Thanks for sharing, My pain is in my neck recently... Although I Had C4 C5 Neck & L1 & L2 Lower Back injury years ago. I Fell over 46' .  So I'm believe in being flexible, & exercising core strength.. Awesome Video..  * I Have SMASHED The Like Button #43..  ?? ? Have A Delmarvelous Week ?? Cheers ???

The Laughing Lion

I'm lucky to not have any back pains but this is good to have as reference if I ever do or know of anybody who does.

Dear Charot

Fantastic video kabayan .
Tambay ulit ako sa iyo . Sana makapunta ka po ulit sakin

Annie Pilates Physical Therapist

Jeff Cavelier take on tight hip flexors
https://youtu.be/BEAc-Ds7zJw Hope you guys enjoyed this educational anatomy of the Iliopsoas and the purpose of this muscle to help low back pain if it is tight and weak . Here is another take of a colleague from therapy Jeff ??

Pris Tv

nice one

Ann Tomada

yey! another great video! thanks for this, sis. I can follow this. :D

Out Fished Angling

Watching you explain muscles is fascinating I love it when you explain what we are going to exercise. As always I love your energy, listening to your soothing voices. Thanks for sharing my beautiful friend. :)

Bryan Hooper

Great video and thanks for supporting my channel.I clicked the bell

Lamya- Marketing & Flavors

love the way how you explained the anatomy and was great as always ?

Jace Jacobs

Love this Annie! I'm going to be driving a lot here real soon. This is a great routine. Sending you good vibes. Namaste


Great transverse activation while strengthening the psoas family of muscles.. with the transitions ;-)

Lee Billingham Art

Another great video. Great to see you growing. Congrats on the 1k, you deserve it ???

NB all in

Nice video , please support me , I have a channel


love watching your video, enjoyed watching