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FBI Fitness Instructor- Career Spotlight

FBI Fitness Instructor- Career Spotlight12 Apr. 2013
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Do you love exercising and

Do you love exercising and physical fitness? What if one day you could train future FBI agents? In this video, hear what E. J. O'Malley, an FBI fitness instructor, does everyday - and how he trains the next generation!

Full Transcript: https://www.usa.gov/healthcare-careers#item-213567

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Marc Brown trains like a DEA agent during simulation | ABC7

Marc Brown trains like a DEA agent during simulation | ABC727 Nov. 2018
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ABC7 anchor Marc Brown

ABC7 anchor Marc Brown went along with some DEA agents practicing in their brand new 4,000-square-foot facility that simulates a home, or other building where they might serve a search warrant. Details: https://abc7.la/2zsmYZ2

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Jesus what an incompetent and useless agency


DEA is a hard working agency that is vital to combating violent crime. A special agent opportunity is now open!

carl rosenbaum

There's people dealing black tar heroin at 9423 n 17th ave #110 at the view apartments in phoenix az this apartment complex is a hot spot for these people dealing heroin right out if there apartment so why isn't the DEA doing shit to stop them...fuck man


At 1:40, he shoots the target in the corner. Shouldn't he take down the one right in front of him as he opens the door?

James Stanley




William Lay

Fuck the DEA, FBI.. cock sucking pieces of shit.. fuck them and their family’s. Fucking degenerates..


When you're walking down the street...

David Easton

DEA you guys need to jump on drug trafficking and dealers in homeless areas. Now that there are less cares on the streets you can more easly spot out frequently traveling cars and drop off sights by watching these dudes who hold signs using money to buy drugs and raid these dealers i would use this time to your advantage guys

drew nielson

Nothing but fatal funnels .

W. Wallmax


Technology that controls the behavior of people with drug addiction. That is on the NSA satellite that allows the Thai defense agencies to use concessions for each agency to use drugs But there are people who do not have good hopes to create behavior that controls the brain with electromagnetic waves. Control the way you look and speak Facial muscles Turning of the head Like a surveillance camera with T.M.S system, medical technology on satellites of security There is news that this technology is available at the police department. Able to create behaviors, even the lèse majesté Privacy and human rights of Thai people disappear.


My agents are bad ass!

Janine Arvayo

So how many police Sheriff's covered up OJay who killed we all know the Truth Dea Lier's Theft's murder s

The Fitness Agents

The Fitness Agents17 Apr. 2016



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