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Welcome to my channel,

Welcome to my channel, this is my first video uploaded, I hope you all enjoy.

We are now 5 weeks into lockdown UK, I have used my new found free time to create a custom outdoor multi gym, made out of scaffolding. the gym is ideal for weightlifters, boxing, MMA.

The gym includes: boxing bags, free weights, weight bars, pull up bar, dip bar, sit up bar, squat rack, bench.

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if you would like to get in touch you can email me: [email protected]

prices now available on request. can be adapted, or made bigger or smaller to suit. pulley systems can be included.

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Chris H

[email protected] the Kent Rollins music ?

Carlos Aguilera

How much would it cost to have this built? Its brilliant.

samad abdus

How much for the setup... any figures..

sonofa B

Super gym! Wow! Impressed.


Shame scaffolders are wankers.

Scouse Sparta

How much roughly did it cost pal tip top this like

Macca Trippy Lewis

Haha he even clipped on when he was on the first lift ?? funny guy


would a 4 feet by 4 feet base be fine for a 7feet/ 7 and a half feet height. and should i make the structure cuboid shape ( |__| ) or would a triangle shape be fine too ( /_\ ) for my base and height dimensions?

Marlon Campbell


Aidan O'Donnell

Haha quality mate ?

Uygar Ramos Oztas

Great video dude but terrible choice of music

johnny pumper

The only ad I've seen on youtube that's genuinely interesting.


Hello, can someone tell me what parts he used for the squat rack/ bench press..??

Thanks already

Mike Brown

What absolute rubbish!

... I didn’t think the gardens were that big in Oxford!

anthony Salazar


Nazakat Ali

Hi mate hw much is cost

blue unicorn95

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

neil Q

Good idea. All you need to add is a cable pulley

Jean Nanon

Love it..lot of work but worthy to the end..

Jordan Snoad

How much weight could those brackets hold that you’ve set for squatting?

Deadmouseoriginal Nut

Not sure what the harness was all about but I liked the finish


Nice one geezer


Deeply dissapointed I didn't see one punch or kick thrown at any of the bags


Wow I've been thinking of somthing like this in my head but as yet until now seen it for real. Great job.

Jamie Ink

What's with the harness? Turd


Fair dues, though looks like your mainly using it as an elaborate looking bench press.

Adrian Ashby

that is some fucking tube son!

Dan Hyde

Could you do one where it’s just a free standing bag stand?

Music Is My Medicine

Very impressed mate. I'm not easily impressed ??


Hats off this is one of thee best things I have ever seen on YouTube. Absolute LEGEND.

Mohamed Elharrachi

Nice one mate

Blue Cobra

I must agree, geeza, your a legend mate. Top scaffolding too. Reality nice build . Superb vid .Thanks

Andrew York

Haha youtube thinks I exercise....

But really good work, very well thought out.

JawadDeBoss harb

Big Brain right here

Fred Hampton

It would have looked even better if it was spray painted

c b

This is the nuts!


This is awesome fairplay


I run my own scaffolding company and I need to employ this guy....... I've never seen someone before do a job within 10mins...... This is brilliant I can lay off the 30 men that work for me and just have this guy we would be raking it in with jobs/£££££££££££££££££ ????

robbie pt may

Could you set this up in hants / Surrey ? Cheers

Dean Smith

Awesome idea

Jack Richardson

I like how you didn't film yourself pinning the sheets down ?

UK Dash Cam

That's so cool and you doing it as a business too I wish you all the best man.
You should do some pull up bars they getting sold for over a 100 for a good one but tbh I wouldn't pay that much just because I know it doesn't cost that much to make anyway so you never know this could make you good money as long you have the material and the experience ?

toby page

When the top mat fixes itself ?

lukey sheff

Go on pal, keep up the content this is absolutely excellent

Lewis Woods

Love it but why the harness ?

Nima Khaleghy

Beautiful job, I always wanted to have my own gym built by my own hands. Salute to you

Mr ish T

Rate this but anyone can come and take the wrights by jumping over that small gate lol

Commissar Corbynov

This is great, but the music?! ?


This might be a dumb question but, why did you spray everything at the beginning?

Awesome job by the way. I don't have the garden for it but I love what you have done.

ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride HIV HOAX

Good job! Where are you located?

Do you deliver scaffold materials in London?

I might need a few 8ft tubes and some doubles to set up an indoors pull up bar.

Ohno Noho

Top notch that lad.

Liam O'neill

This is absolutely amazing. I love this idea, so simple and yet so effective. The scaffold work is fantastic

Great World

Hope this channel takes off

Crit Joo

Very neat. Have fun!


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Quick tour of my home gym

Quick tour of my home gym plus a some details about my DIY platform that we made for under $200

Comments (3)
Jason Vallery

Pretty jealous about your home gym not going to lie lol all i have is some kettle bells, resistance bands and some ammo cans that i filled with concrete... hey got to make to with what you have right?

Apogee Studios


Joey Moore

Awesome outdoor concept for a gym

Deadlifts and Squats! Outdoor Home Gym Workout

Deadlifts and Squats! Outdoor Home Gym Workout2 Jul. 2020

Music by Chuki

Music by Chuki Beats

Gaming Channel: youtube.com/LewaFG

Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/YcxtrQe


Instagram: @FranklinGonzalezFit

Twitter: @LewaFG

Thank you for watching!

Comments (7)
Daisy M


Rob Oakes

niceeee bro

JohMag Cruz

Glad to see you back on it brother ??????

Iron Ally

Nice set up, im digging the rogue rack, weight, and bar... Also, form was on point.

Nullo Verga

how much you weigh dawg? lookin like dropped some in this heat lmao


Gaming channel here!


Nice! Check out my outdoors home gym too ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l6qVTGuF80&t=2s