Olympic weightlifting program

Biggest Olympic Weightlifting Mistakes (Programming)

Biggest Olympic Weightlifting Mistakes (Programming)7 Aug. 2015
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Cody Abel

Awesome! Love the longer videos, keep up the good content

Siren Denied

Hey Omar. New subscriber, loving the channel.

Question: I'm very new to powerlifting but seeing good gains. I get very impatient and tend to space my sets by 1 minute or even less. (Get bored sitting around.) Is this a huge mistake? Should I force myself to wait? How long is the minimum or is it purely based on maintaining my technique and not over fatiguing myself?

Thanks ahead of time!


if the biggest mistake isn't "crossfitting at the same time"...

Ramoy Saddoo

you should do a collab with hann champion, that would be sick.....

Hob iT

can you stop adding "olympic weightlifting" at your video title?I bet you are cool and whatever but not funny when your video comes up after Pyros Dimas and Lu Xiaojun related videos.

Justin A

omar is it true you are actually nicholas cage?

Danijel Regojevic

Hey Omar.. Can you and your coach show some tehniques or practice on how to get under the bar. I just can't learn and have no reflex to get under the bar and catch it. So usually I end up power cleaning :/

Dan Fisher - Fitness and Health Secrets

Blessed are those who have a good coach. Miracles happen when you actually do what they say, lol.

Shazamthewizard Review

I find it strange that power lifting is a new workout trend now. Powerlifting is amazing workout and give you faster to weight loss.


I bet that T shirt goes over well with the laydeez.

walls ride

I went on ur site a saw some fucking sick stringer the bear and the wolf was just about to but them them boom out of stock ahaha WHY U DO THIS jk ahaha when do u think they will be in stock


Broski, you guys still need to do more in-depth tutorials on the actual lifting technique. These tips are awesome, but not if you can perform the lift correctly.....

dan sam



Thank you for being in a quite room!!!


lmfao why Brian have like 3 necks

Justin Gelsinger

Hey Omar! Really good content as of recently. Very informative and entertaining. You always look very uncomfortable and robotic when doing an interview. Loosen the hinges and be yourself during the interviews. Your personality and charisma is what keeps us watching the content. No need to change your demeanor during the interviews. Keep up the great work!

Now Respect It

You're one of the few who has an awesome outro for your video. Must see every time. Peace!

N anastasi

Starting Glen Pendlay's template for supertotal training (weightlifting/powerlifting). Any chance we can get a video about similar programming and how to do it to maximize dem gainz?

Love The Rhythm

I can't thank you enough Omar! We happened to get seriously into Oly Lifting at the same time. I've been experienced in solitary training (in power bodybuilding) for a while and wanted to branch out. And this new content has helped me more than you know! Especially this type of advice since I have to create my own programming based on self observation.
You're awesome man hope we can meet at the next LA Fit Expo and I'll for sure share my experinece with you!

Don Lucky

omar you did anatomy 101 of chest, back, legs, arm, abs, etc
and those were great.
how about calves then? boom

recover from that isuf.

Tina B

Omar, will you be restocking your online store soon? I was waiting for payday and my size was sold out lol

Jonatan Olsén

Olympic lifting is probably the most badass sport in the world, along with ski-jumping. Most people wouldnt even dream of giving it a try.

qt pie


Aesthetic Dream Chaser

You Muslim brah?

Puto Pato

yeah weightlifting is awesome, teach us more! thanks so far lol. question: is it normal to be difficult to sustain the weights over your head with the snatch grip to do the overhead squat? in my case i just work out for general purposes and i think maybe because i'm tired i cant do overhead squats... i dropped the bar behind one time and others ive shaked like a mofo so only did few reps


Coach looks anabolic in tjis light (y)

Krishan Govin

Omar you're the best!

Harry Hopkins

I like coach Bryan. As a coach coming on youtube, he's using realistic numbers. In the gym 150kg would be absolutely incredible. But some coaches on youtube will talk about 200kg etc. And thats just not realistic for almost everybody watching. Top job

George Street III

Good stuff

André Fonseca

Do the bulgarian manual for olympic weightlifting

Matt H

While I'm not focusing on weightlifting at the moment and still very new to picking up heavy things in the gym, I really enjoy the education Coach Brian provides.  Good stuff Omar!

Daniel Sha

Would be great if you could publish a weekly workout for beginner weightlifters so we can get a specific example on how to program our own exercises!


He has never trained an elite lifter.

Jakob West

Load. The load. Load? Load.


yo omar, when you gonna collab with luimarco? you're both arab-canadian, right? you could do a 4 hr long documentary on synthol. daily.

Andrew Wong

Did he just say girl who snatches 140 kg?

sarath s

awesome video

I am Nico 1986

Very interesting! Keep up the good work Omar.

s ku

Hi Omar, how do I put together a Programm when I have lots of squat strength (125 kg frontsq) but low snatch (60 kg) and c&j (85 kg) for 3 days per week?


That licensed snatch inspector shirt looks like fallout's little vault guy. Are you a fan Omar?


is whey protein any good, im slightly overweight anyway ?

Lucas L

Bryan is so damn hot!

Johnathan Lorber

You need a new intro of you deadlifting now lol

For your health

I hate it when I use my load incorrectly

Richard Stewart

What is you opinion of on-line coaching for Olympic Weightlifting?

A Quilala

You're the shit. Now that we got that out of the way ... In the past you did videos geared towards women and since you've started your training I've been interested in how and if the technique would differ from men to woman who want to change from powerlifting or weight lifting to Olympic lifting. The more I watch your videos and read up on things you've suggested I wonder if things have to be altered or if standards differ with women. I don't watch your videos to stare at your hair and read your shirts ... Sometimes I learn shit too. Anyone can answer this if they want .... Thanks!

Landshark Outdoors

Another great video


Coach Brian can manipulate my load any day

Integrated Performance Solutions

Training an elite lifter is easier than training a beginner?!  That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard on YouTube.

You need to find a different (smarter) coach.


Omar clean & jerk some shit up and upload it!!!


So... What you're saying is, we should do incline bench press first moving into the bulking phase to build more upper chest?

TheTinfoil Israel

Fallout shirt

affe gorilla

best coach brian

John Rosario

why is this guy giving weightlifting advice when he's so bad at it?


Omar does coach rock an undercut?

Ariel Sandberg-Maitland

Is there a queue you can look for to know that your rest interval is enough? I usually assume this is the point when you catch your breath.

Joe Duff - The Diet Chef

Epic, Epic shirt! Bahahaha


cool beard cool camera man cool omar

Jeremy J

Fellow Canadian great content eh Omar! #canadalove


Omar did you borrow that video of Lu snatching 170kg from channel? Don't lie.. It's okay..

Gregory Foster

Very good video. Especially like what Brian said about his approach to novice lifters. Looking forward to more content!

Jimmy Struthers

His hair is amazing.

Bjarke Hou

Doesn't coach Brian look a little like Forsen??


Again busting out a quality video Omar. On another note, mirin' his hair haha!


Love this video keep it up ????

Random Utility



Alex Plamadeala

Coach's hair is looking on fleek!

Jay Gatsby

A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours. Never give up :'''(

Adrian Z

hey man, little off topic but i've got a great idea for a video series:
could you do a bit of an anatomy class playlist? like what exercises hit what muscle!:)
you could start off with back and traps, then shoulders, biceps and triceps and of legs. because so many times i am wondering if i'm not missing something
--> what muscles are needed to build a complete physique and how do you work each one of those muscles and like 2-3 exercises, explanation what to keep in mind etc.
that's something that's completely missing on yt

Paul Georgiou

Hands down best fitness youtuber evaar! Ima meet you one day!!!!

Matthew Eastwood

drinking game: take a shot every time the guy on the left says 'load'.... try it.

Carl Carlson

Brian's hair, or Omar's hair...hmm...gotta go with Omar


hi :)

Richard Wilson

Is it wrong that I could watch Coach and Omar talk about this stuff for hours....oops, did I type that out loud?



Theo's Thoughts

Sounds very much like sprint training methods interestingly.

Kolton Hege

Homeboys knee at 1:45 scared me a little.


One of your most informative and interesting videos to date.

Mike Musker PT

hey ass muff, i'm a fighter so all my training is periodised leading up to a big fight, how woud you periodise olympic lifting (something i do use but not properly yet) in the 6 weeks leading up to a fight

Kenneth Zhang

Loving the elite weightlifting clips sewn in between.


Realtalk here guys, how long is Coach Bryan's hair on top? Guess sides are around 4-6 mm.


April fools

Jonas Söderberg

Omar have you ever legitimately considered starting crossfit? (No offense)

Ryan Cardoz

Forget Brian's hair... did anyone see his eyes? They're gorgeous!! I almost got lost in them. #nohomo

Enter a Username



Next time pls have someone else in the video. Brian is just too damn distracting. Thanks. #sexyasfuck

evan ballard

Is HE starting to get into weightlifting now or what? that would be so sick.

Philips Argueta

Omar when are you coming to new York

SP Fitness

Damn Coach brian is making some beard gains while Omar... Not even once

Geoff Findley

Brian, love the knowledge bombs but the most important thing I want to know about...

What do you ask for when you get your hair cut?


Are we getting any more concrete OL programming advice in the future by any chance?

Jonathan Diego

beard game on point

Noman Siddiqi

Coach Brian looking jacked

Sean Evans

I always knew the load was important for the snatch or the jerk.

Jason Ngo

128kg is the ontario record ?

Bryan snatches way more than me but i figured it be a lot more in the 77kg class


Well at least it's not the fat kid this time getting a boner for compound lifts

Feels Amazing Man

Omar 2015

Gregory Stacey

What does coach brian think about crossfit instructors/boxes teaching and performing olympic lifts and using them the way they do in wods?


Bryan looks like older version of chase chewning? Anyone?

How to Create a Periodized Annual Training Plan for Olympic Weightlifting | Programming

How to Create a Periodized Annual Training Plan for Olympic Weightlifting | Programming18 Jan. 2018
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This video goes the the

This video goes the the process and rationale of planing the year for athletes competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.






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Comments (4)
rudy rich

Hi for someone new to weighlifting but whit experience with strenght training and don't want to compete soon, do you think it's good to alternate volume phase with strength phase? I want to do complexe for the classic lift in volume phase, with strenght lift squat, push press, pull in the 8 to 5 rep, and in strenght phase classic lift, and strenght move in the 4 to 2 rep. Microcycle 4 to 6 week each, what do you think of this? Thks

mostafa marmousa

Was looking every where for this thank you so much.
Can i get word or pdf sample


how would you individualise this program? will it just be focusing on the lacking part on each block? I am trying to coach myself so this video was really helpful!

David Slattery

Shot put?