How to grow traps

How To Grow Your Traps (Ft. AlphaDestiny)

How To Grow Your Traps (Ft. AlphaDestiny)15 Jun. 2018
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Marcos Lebrel

"Praise to the row gods" <--- T Shirt material


I miss this omar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3lSrbEG3t0


shit my nigga Alpha is on :)


Alex's lift shoes looking crisp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV3U5BlJPTk


I got a volume day and a volume day

Akira Kush

bigger than zyzz, muscle-dwarfed by omar isuf.. omar 2x bigger than zyzz confirmed


Yeah i bet y'all got some "neck training" done together ;)

Nischol Suresh

gym-bros are idiots and weak as hell. i like mentioning it again and again :P . totally agree with alex and omar. bodybuilding makes yoiu look like "chicken-65".


the Wolverine and Sabretooth of lifting channels

Johnathan. Aviles

Didn't Alpha already make this video?

Steffen Petersen

People hate on Alex but forget or dont know that he recently droppep 20lbs and has shifted his training toward calisthenics


Omar's already got bigger traps and neck than this wee guy.
The wee bearded guy is shorter so tends to look wider.
Swing the weights around and ego lifting like that will only get you so far, provided you don't injure yourself first


Alpha for president

train gear

I always thought Omar looked small , but looking at him next to Alpha I see how small Alpha really is. Alpha needs to go back to "Alex" and gain 50 pounds of muscle before referring to himself as "Alpha'' again

Dan Gibbs

Omar where are Nmar and Pmar?

Conor Niggregor

The power shrug should have been the only exercise. and maybe the snatch-grip upright row.

bbrock RailFan

Great advise I just dont recommend doing shrugs in that super fast herky jerky style. I am lucky I am naturally thick and can shrug 500 or more for 8 plus reps and can hold and squeeze at the top. But, if I was training someone I would not have them just jerk the weight up. Just my take. I am not a fan of that bullshit light crap either. Most people should eventually be able to shrug around 400lbs with holds after a few years of training.


Nice video hope one day I can develop some serious muscle growth

nick wandrey

omars neck and traps are bigger lol, why would we listen to this guy, he claims to have god like grip but cant do a farmers carry with what omar can do, claims to have ridiculous core strength but cant stay stable with a 480 yoke... this dudes a joke

Jovan Joseph

Awesome collab

blackflag nation

Remember lift in a jerking twisting motion

Andy Nam

You two and frank yang are my fav natties

James Sarvan

Is it just me or do Alex look pretty akward around other people?

Joxxxy Alpharius

thank you bro

Fucco The Clown

I thought ya'll were the same person!

Alex H

Jason Bloho doesn't like this video LOL

Golden Memes

alex looks like King Leonidas in this video , he would be proud Alex

Mo A

genetics and heavy pulling

Phil's TV

Who has bigger traps, omar or alpha???

Dan Gibbs

When will ppl stop using the term Alpha its so overused, old and annoying

Flakey 12

Thb his neck is normal size for a male.

Mark Copley

on one could accuse you of being all about arms!

Andrew Sins

Try being 6'4 I'd have Alex traps if I was 5'3

Henrique Perez

07:07 he meant intensity day : P Great vid tho bois

Fuck do you mean

How to get big traps: inject exogenous testosterone


Alex needs to chiiiillllll


do you guys apply your own tips?

Ed Hsi

Omar’s traps look bigger in the video because he’s wearing a stringer

Gainz R Us Fitness

I actually Think Traps are one of the most important parts of the Physique, It really makes you look like you Lift and It Keeps your Tank Top Look even Better...

Tyler K.

Im gonna cut it short: Use as much leg drive as possible in every trap and back exercise.

Incel Destiny

Can't wait for cope destiny's video

Dare Ostag

There is a reason why I un followed both of you, and this video is it....it appeared in my feed so I thought I'd give it a chance....look, please just say this is a gay fitness channel, that's fine, nobody will judge you, but trying to hide it is not cool and it's insulting to the gay community. Just own it!

Dan Gibbs

Neck gains go well with a nice Neck beard

James Wilson Music

Go 5x5.. Or 5x10... 3x20 is good. Be explosive... Like heavy... I mean volume work is good too.

So just train traps then.


cope crew checking in


Yooo both of my favourite fitness youtubers in one vid☺


Dope vid now where the hell is Lou?

Stevie Shred

is it just me, or does omar oftenly look very confused or like he is trying not to laugh when alex talks?

ch ne

your neck is bigger then Alex´s !

Marc Steubing

Watch Jason Blaha's review video on rack pull's!

Dan Gibbs

Im not hating on anyone, there is something very offputting about this guy Alpha density.

Grow Stronger

So fucking great to see Alex finally being recognized

Jodie themathgenius

powercleans and presses are also underrated for traps

Incel Destiny


George Looker

Controversial but I've found shrugging while doing farmer walks with straps have done the most for my traps. This is because the traps can usually handle a lot more weight than your grip strength can handle. Simply take your deadlift 1RM + about 20%, split across 2 dumbbells, lay them out one at a time onto a bench so you don't actually have to deadlift them. Walk a lap or two round the gym while shrugging, avoid turning fast as this can injure your knees. Do this 3 or 4 times towards the end of your workout with a 60 to 90s rest inbetween and you'll really feel it the next day. Obviously include lots of rowing in your pull workouts but for trap specific work you'll get so much out of this, trust me.

EDIT: I realise that not everyone has heavy dumbbells to provide enough resistance, my gym does have up to 120kg dumbbells so this hasn't ever been an issue for me. If you need another way to add resistance, you can attach bands round the dumbbell and then hook them under your feet as you walk OR you can load your walk by suspending a hex bar between 2 benchs so you don't have to deadlift above your 1RM. Also consider little things such as hanging heavy chains over your traps and around your neck.

Randall James

The amount of people snapping their back up after this video is too damn high. Throwing around weight in search for bigger muscles is exactly what not to do in the gym. BTW the scalenes and sternocleidomastoid are the main flexors of the neck, not the traps. The upper traps are the antagonists for cervical flexion which means, they actually relax. You want big traps? Go do some heavy farmers carries and deadlifts. Love you omar, but this was a little disappointing. You've always had great form for the most part in your videos. Can he lift some heavy weights? sure but this advice is laughable.


Awww it’s nice to see Alex is getting the recognition he deserves!

Anubis Lockward

Talking about Massive Traps and not featuring the Traponator T(raps)-1000, Mr. One and Only Elgintensity? disliked.....

Roman Kondrachov

Great, straight to the point video

Richard P

But Omar, you have much bigger traps than a "traps specialist "

Happy Birthday

Just do shrugs 2 to 3 times a week plus 1 full day of back like rows and pull ups then deadlifts twice a week my traps just keep growing with this type of training. Having big traps will help with all your bro lifts.

Muscle Apprentice

1:03 this guy is small as fuck. Fake expert who does not know how to build muscle.

Muscle Anime

I'm gonna warn all of you who are starting to do rack pulls at the gym who have to put the rack on the squat rack to make sure you move the barbell back. When you do rack pulls with heavy weight sometimes it goes diagonal and if it is too far forward you may drop one side of the barbell. This happened to me last night and it hit my leg luckily it only scraped me a little bit and the cut healed earlier this morning.




Jesus Christ this guys a tool


Alphadestiny is a beast

Alex Beasley


Dylan J

omar is still bigger than alpha

Turkish Delight

Or...just play in the front row, traps to your ears. Props and hookers from the age of 14 will have traps like Alex's without even entering a gym. Maybe its the direct pushing you do starting from your ankles and ending with a 16-17 stone guy leaning down on your traps and neck. There is also some micro shoulder wrestling in the scrum which probably contributes. Not sure what movement or machine would put you into a scrum like position in a gym though. If any ideas would love to know, cheers lads

Josh Williams

loving these collabs with Alex

Jerry Lewis

Omar his channel is top 3 on youtube easy.

Gato Zilla

I need a ultimate guide for quads and calves!


Lmao Omar has considerably bigger traps than Alex

Thunder Kat

Hey you, Alex... switch to push pull legs and GROW!!!!!!


Loving the content


Omar "No Neck" Isuf

Don't Trend On Me

Why Omar gots bugger traps?


whats the best exercise for mid/lower traps.


Yerk Training

Lander Hendrickx

That T-bar row looks dangerous for your balls.

Eduardo Cardoso

Alex you Yoked

Francisco Hestnes

Omar looks worried AF

AndrewMunro19 71

Volume day twice a week... interesting.

Raphael Nano

If I do the exercises how Alex is doing them with my 13.5 inch arms .. it won’t look good and will have people come over to correct me

Gabe A

Great lighting bro


I wouldn't say you had 80% of your physique. At 5:44, you could see his delts were smaller.

Alex Mora

Time to build them mountain peakssssssss

Ninjaslash52 _

Your back... it has the face of a demon...

momentum gaming

lmao he has tiny traps


Omar is a great dude you can tell

Julz -

Id like to suggest that the ultimate trap video can only and only be made with trap lord aka Elgintensity.

das tuff

Yo Omar why the fuck are you wearing a skirt

Greg S

Oh. You two!!

Public Health

great video


I didn't knew Alex had 2 volume days and no intensity day.

The Terrible Puddle

You could eat cereal from that trap bowl


Omar got a great channel. Why feature some douchebag.


Alex, your beard gains are amazing !

Dan Gibbs

What about using Omega?
Alex is the alpha to omars Omega. But compared to Jason Genova and Blewho they r both beta


sack pulls above the knee son

How to Grow Your Traps with Jaco De Bruyn

How to Grow Your Traps with Jaco De Bruyn20 Jan. 2021
Jaco De BruynSubscribe 438 721

One of the key markers to

One of the key markers to a complete physique is a great set of trap muscles. I have always been fortunate enough to have well developed traps and they did not arrive overnight. Here are some of the exercises and methods I use to keep my traps in good shape.

#howtobuildtraps #bodybuilding101 #getbig

Comments (13)
Rian Gj

Good. Always on brother

Jannik Kierdorf

Enough Androgen! ?

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Jaco Bruian

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Hit Video Clipurile Jaco Bruian

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

America fetele Baetii

the podium

You people r real stars


Plz make the next video on how to get 3d delts like yours?

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Frumos Selfie la Sală

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Bravo La Sală Jaco Bruian

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Smion Panda Andrei Deiu Rok America

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Mis fan România

Andrea Montserrat Lascuraín

Mr. Jaco de'Bruyn you are Great among the Great Greetings from Mexico

Melanie Thompson

Love you all ??