Plyometric push-ups

11 Challenging Plyometric Push-up Variations on Exercise Alignment Mat

11 Challenging Plyometric Push-up Variations on Exercise Alignment Mat9 Sep. 2012
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When people think about

When people think about plyometric push-ups the "CLAP" push-up comes to mind. Now we can think beyond the "CLAP" push-up and do MORE to build strength and develop EXPLOSIVE power?

Checkout the 11 Challenging Plyometric Push-up Variations for Power and Strength you can perform on the the PEAMS® Push-up Mat from http://youtrainfitness.com

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kyle gideon castillo

Thank you for the post.



Shannon Sullivan

I like how you always burn it out with regular push ups. Thanks for the video man.

Can We Build Muscle With Plyometrics?

Can We Build Muscle With Plyometrics?5 Nov. 2018
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I got a couple of questions on plyometrics and building muscle. With the second question more about how clapping push ups compare to a traditional push up or bench press.

Now plyometrics can play a role in building muscle, but that is not the main function of plyometrics. they are primarily used to improve athletic performance by increasing power or the speed/strength connection. But what they have found is that plyometrics stimulate more of the type 2 or fast twitch muscle fibers in our body, which are the ones that grow the largest. So we can use them to help fire them up.

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Gainz R Us Fitness

Plyo’s Are always Great to do!!!

Good Video Champ!!!!

paragxn calisthenics

Great video and info lawrence ☺ and love the clapping pushups and archer ... great ! ☺

King Kaf

Great video! I cross train using plyo's to stimulate the fast twitch fibers.

the womble

Hi Laurence. another superb vid. I just wondered if you can advise me how to get lean without adding muscular bulk? I'm about the same height as you but have thick thighs and broad shoulders which can make me look "stumpy" and short. I want to look leaner and slimmer but retain strength. Any ideas would be most welcome.

Christopher Canale

Awesome amazing muscleman beautiful body

Louis Walker

Really insightful!

Big Boss

God bless you captain!

Devon Bernard

Stellar video man! I like clapping pushups, hows November been so far

Chris Harrild

Thank you , I look forward to them. I think it's just stiffness and discomfort. I trapped a nerve 20 odd years ago, and have had quite bad posture. Was hoping that by strengthening the muscles safely, the rest will sort itself out. Really appreciate the effort you go to to , to make this daunting endeavour accessible. Cheers.

William Ashanti Hobbs

That does it, I'm adding plyos to my regimen.

hoes madd

Awesome video

Suspect Natty

100% I've used plyo to get stronger over the years and it definitely helped


Excellent! Great advice! Thank you! ???️‍♀️?

Kevin Clements

I've done dome plyometrics when I was younger, but now my joints don't seem to like them anymore !!!

Michael Albro

Thanks Lawrence, I’ll be 55 in Dec. and it’s working, slow process but I’m getting there.


heh cool bow

Bethany Meyer

Awesome video!! ??

Petrounot Twins

But can i build muscle with plyometrics only? that's my question

Claudia mariani

Plyometric push ups helps with punching force and speed ?

Marcello Antonio Dreier

my challenge was always to maintain my pylometrics "skills/power" i would progress fast but than quickly regress if i don't do them for a few weeks.

The only thing that really worked in the past for me was to do foot drills and leg exercises pylometrics style.

well for now slow and deliberate practise is safer and wiser.

thanks for the video. =)

Chris Harrild

On the subject of lower back, do you have any lower back strengthening exercise recommendations. Please? This channel is perfect for me by the way. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Marie Hedrick

Thanks for this video. I'd be interested in more examples of this type of exercise.

Talha H

So in short mix ployometrics with my regular workout to build size and explosiveness and keep the plyometric reps no more then 7???


I know this is extremely late but would plyometrics be good for boxers and grapplers?

Gareth Bretton

still loving the videos bro! keep it up

Luke Sherran

I have a love/hate relationship with plyometrics! Really good advice Laurence.

Jon Mango

Always great advice and great content! Good work my man!

Grey Wolf Fitness

Plyometrics are great in assisting your main lifts in my opinion jumping squats has defo helped my regular squat MINT

Hawkmoon Prime

Hi, just found your channel, I’m 65 and you’ve inspired me to start training, wish me luck.

Explosive Push Ups/Plyometrics (Extreme Push Ups)

Explosive Push Ups/Plyometrics (Extreme Push Ups)24 May. 2013
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Explosive/Plyo-Training. For more Extreme Push Up Exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naRaVsFn_g4 (Crazy Extreme Push Ups)

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Santiago Gaspar

parce muy bacano
y para mi admirable y buena motivacion

Cameron Macdonald

This niggas arms be legs

Rob Crowley

I can do that too easily....

zakaria fqiri

entrainement attraction


if i could do those, i'd be doing em everywhere in public LOL

getz clips


Tiesto X

Hooow can you be that strong!!?? You are great man. Tnx for sharing. :)

Daniel Ramirez


Narrie Esselink

OMG, how insanely fit is this guy?? I tried doing one and almost face-planted :D

Bharat Goyal

Just unbeleivable man... Awesome

oussama d

the exercise seems 2 easy when he does it lol

momo simo

Thanks man great

atila alikalfic

are these pushups necessary can i just do regular ones?


very good core.

pradyumna srivastava

youre the best dude
you shoud recieve an award or something

Lee Khai Hong

from the side i thought this guy was chris evans

Andrew Kurish

what kind og gloves r those ive seen a lot of ppl wearing them?

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Thanks P :) Testar lite nya varianter :)

Franck Dino

Best way to break my nose

Little Man Huerta

Ay there's a push up for me im a Aztec


LOL, I need some doses of caffeine to work out like this.


now that's the definition of fit

Bilal Rajput



depends on whats necessary towards your goals. what are you trying to acheive?

Patrick Jacobson

Fan va bra!! Me like! =)


I may have already said this in another video of your but thanks man. You uploading quality content allows people like me to really expand on their exercises and become better and stronger.

You're the man!

Prakash S

just one question..!! is ur body a result of just different variations of pushups alone ??

Crow BIZ

your arms are insane.....subs :)

Danny Claringbold

How would you go to build up to this type of training i do heavy strength training 1-3 reps with sub-maximal power training?


Heavy pushups means, putting weight on body and do different pushups rte? yeah i will definitly look for polymetric ones,,ohh really, great i am waiting


another great video man! love your contents...you know the basic/preparatory exercises to reach this level? my workouts includes a normal routine of push ups-spartan push ups-hand clap...thanks!

Sen Chi

how many years and how regularly have you been working out?
you're a fuckin bad ass man!

Marcos Rey


Dron Guha


simon M

Good bit fumo because antes people Cam do with training

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Thanks for watching man, and welcome as new subscriber, glad to hear that. I will check it out.


and eagerly waiting for my requested bicep ones,,God bless you Kris


Man's making beats at 0:40 ;)

Sam Lee

what's the background music playing ??

Top Fitness


Lukas Lui

I dont think most of these exercises are very helpful although they might look cool. In my opinion clapping push ups are enough. The rest is fine for show off

Juan Mormontoy

Guauu... Bien

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Thanks :)

Phuong Diamond nails

Woah when you did that ur face got really red

kevin belden



Kinetic candy


Fuck that shit!! LoL

Battle Tank

grate workout ! upload more tutorials 

Rugved Reddy

impressive !!!


Zen says "speechlessness " from my side ??


Good I think

Andrew Smiley

You look like Vegita in the thumbnail.

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Thanks a lot for that! By the same as with weights: progress, more intense work, more rapid motion, more heavy work, variations etc. I believe bodyweight should be worked heavy as well, not only doing basic exercises and high rep. Thats why its good actually learning some of the tough/advanced ones working at max strength or close to. There are some bodyweight exercises I only manage a few reps, thats heavy work! step by step, progress..

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Thanks man. Been training much, and for a long time... :)

answer pls

How about a no-hands one? XD

Orgio GL

omg cant do one of this

Shehryar Khan

This video needs to get more views, Im surprised it did not get the attention it deserves

Paul Corrigan

You can build mass with bodyweight you just need to get into variations. Planche progression, one hand pushups, and yes, explosive plyometric pushups

Maksym Duńczyk

очень сильно! Молодец!

Jon Barnes

When it comes down to it, each the push ups and bench press have their benefit in fitness, yes similar but for someone who wants to work on calisthenics then adding weight to their push-ups allows them to continue working out in their style rather than on their back pushing up the weight which has nothing to do with overcoming body weight. Also push ups can be a great addition to even a body building routine, changing exercises up and getting that muscle confusion in is key.

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Great comment, thanks.

Calisthenics & Weight Training

You can do different ones, as long as you work with explosive pushes. When you do the push up you can not only think about press yourself up, you need to explode up and push with all strength and speed that you've got. Think mentally that you want to push yourself up as high as possible when doing it, then you can work with different kinds. Also practise against benches etc, things at different heights...and push you back to a standing position.

john ateen




Nathan Prescott

My muscle hurts while i watch this.

mohamed nabil

i can do all of them but azetc i fall on the ground any help and please any numbers for each exercises ?

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Work heavy push ups, also explosive push ups more rapid and fast. Push with full explosive power, what you do after or in the air is not important. Search for plyometric push ups for more info. I will probably make a video in future too. Tomorrow I will upload back and bicep workout. Bless bro

EB's Guitar Covers

insane push ups.... awesome... when did you start to do this amazing push ups..?


hey bro, i am doing chest workout like wide, shoulder width and diamond pushups and their repetitions on ground and on pull up bar and trying these explosive ones, like thigh slaps and superman, would they b enough for nice and big shaped chest, i know it takes time, but just for an information, i want to know


amazing channel. consider me a subscriber. how do you gain muscle with bodyweight excercises?

john ateen