Plexus brachialis

Brachial Plexus

Brachial Plexus21 Oct. 2014
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Brachial Plexus in the

Brachial Plexus in the Axilla demonstrated on the axilla.

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This is a lifesaver! Studying anatomy online has definitely been a bit of a challenge. Thank you so much for your help!?

Анатомия Человека

Добрый день! В каком университете Вы преподаёте? Можно включить субтитры????

Rik Kirtaniya

Great video Dr. Gill! The brachial plexus had got tangled up in my memory. Your explanation made it so clear! Thanks a lot! :)

Clara Oliva


Shahad Mohammed

That's what I'm looking for
Thank you so much ???

Sachin Kumar Singh

Very nicely explained, Can you please make a short video on posterior cord?

bhavyasri Chandana

Hi Dr I just joined as MBBS student,i joined dissection class for brachial plexus and your video helped me a lot in understanding .thank u and may I know from which university are u graduated from

Amit Kumar Chaudhary

Awesome explanation ?

roxana roxana

Oooh my God??? how is she?????????

sudida madhukar

Mam can I get all videos related to dissection

Faleh Alsubaie

I have a question I hope you don't mind answering , at minute 1:11 when the trunks divide to an anterior and posterior division I've noticed that the last trunk the inferior one its posterior division is on top why did anatomists call it a posterior why couldn't they go on a rhythm that is like this anterior posterior anterior posterior anterior posterior , but the reality is its anterior posterior anterior posterior posterior anterior

thought it was an interesting point to point out ? and thank you for the dissection btw our college unfortunately doesn't provide cadavers cause of some technical problem in the morgue we've got bits and parts but not a whole body unfortunately

Bethany Harrington

That was fantastic! This puts so much into perspective for me!

Chandrakant Patel

Radial nerve was given for searching me .. in my viva n i have identified .....thank u so much to this. CHANNEL....

shravani cilaveni

Mam beautiful explanation but plz tell me how did u get to differentiate between the nerves n arteries n veins on their color or size basis

Caragea Elvis

Can ners repair themselves if are damaged?


Why don't you get a new body? Finally let that one rest after excavating it from a ancient pyramid?


이걸 보고 있는 나는..

Bahar YahyaRahman


Md Umequl Haque

This is going to be a great help.
Thank you very much.

Chandrakant Patel

Thank u for answer


영상이니까 그나마 보고있지.. 실제 옆에서 보라면 난 못봄... 시체한테서 약냄시 많이 나겠지...

Mayada alkiyumi

you made my day I liked your explanation hope they bring us such good cadaver cuze our has no clear structures as this

amber reynolds

Love this video, super helpful

Mario T

Is he lalaive?

Joo ji hoon's Jo Yu Ra

ma'am..you are awesome????✌..All the parts are clearly visible in this cadaver..

Chandrakant Patel

Thank u mam


Hey so when I was born the doctor basically killed me but anyways I have a question, why can I only feel on the bottom and not the top of my arm, when I was born the doctor pulled too hard on my arm and ruptured a nerve and I had surgery done on my arm, it's a harsh life but I'm not complaining

Hamna A

Thank u mam for such great demonstration

Nona Albayati

Thank you so much

SY Park

유튜브 알고리즘 뭐냐 이걸 왜 보여주는거지

Rhithika Ramesh

it was of great help to me! Thanks!


As someone with a complete brachial plexus avulsion injury (from 1997) this was very interesting to watch. Thanks.

krishan kumar

It's amazing

Tushar Hemnani

Thanks a lot mam

Osama Albadr

هذا خلق الله فأروني ماذا خلق الذين من دونه

Aj Islam S

i want to talk with you. please


Thank you

Paushya Watowita

Thank you ☺️

yosra maazab

لحم طري

Sammy Fox Forever

I had a really bad injury in that area about back in 2014

Lord Revan


muhammad shahzad


harshavardhan naidu

By Jove! Thanks ma'am! I missed that lecture. Now, I am very clear, thanks a lot!

T- series

Love it from India ?

Chandrakant Patel

Really helpful for medical student

Lastname Firstname

YouTubes suggested is really stretching it now. Werid Chinese cell phones, weight gain videos now cadaver stuff.

Kamal Sayers

Man can someone tell me wtf this is ?


That m part makes it so much easier in identifying

Harshada Bharekar

I really understood it now . Thank you mam

Kartikey tripathi Medico

Which book you are using mam


This is so fascinating


Awesome...I hope you post more!

Mit D’Sylva

Omg thats so good.... ?

Christabel Aruebose

Thank you ☺️


이 영상을보니 우리 인간도 한낱 고깃덩어리같은게 너무 슬프다.ㅠ.ㅠ

Doniyor Urolov


abdisalam abdi

Is that real human?

Татьяна Юркина

Вы его сварили что ли?

Roger Crow

Gracias,,saludos desde Colombia.

Vinícius N. Barboza

Great video! Very helpfull! Thanks from a brazillian student! ;D

Noah Z.

Fantastic video

Nephilim Death

Thank you so much mam . Godly dissection mam. Great work mam .


Thank you so much!!

Ihsen Hakimi

If you want make a translation to franch because i study with franch and i can't enderstand everything
Than you a lot ❤

apdroid geek

I need to know all the plexus

Totlyn Lee

MSNBC news


اللهم استرعلينادنياواخره?


god bless your kind soul i hope you have a great day and all your dreams come true

mandar Kumthekar

Cindy, I have a lipoma intramuscular type, in my anterior part of the neck .just where should meets neck. My doctor said if it grow bigger it will compress the brachial plexus and the operation is complicated one. I don't know what to do ,should I go for myself getting operated? Would it cause some nerve loss? Please comment!

Malaky ملاك

Ooh my god , your explanation makes BP too easy ?❤️

G9 K9

awesome video, keep going dr.gill!!

Misbah Ullah

Hi mam you're explanation is so good and very easy


이건 갑자기 왜떠 유튜브...

rishikanta ningthoujam

Hi miss Cindy,very very helpful

sudida madhukar

Tq mam for uploading such a good video

vaishnavi ramakrishna

thank you ma'am!?

Aiko The Great

Sus ginoo patay man ni inyong gi estudyuhan oi mga kagwang

Falloutman 342

Did you kill someone to make this

Dion Rodrigues

Realy great video Miss Gill. Quick and easy. Wishing you the very best in your endeavours. Love from India

Eduardo Picasso

Muchas gracias !

Javed Sultan

Dont show and disrespect human bodies... use models...

Chandrakant Patel

In my body there is no absence of artery & nerve ...but palmaris Longus was absent there...is it possible?


All God's work

Youtube Punisher

I use the same exact picture lol

Jamila falhani

سبحانك ربي ما اعظمك لا إله إلا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين اللهم ارحمنا برحمتك و قنا عذاب النار اللهم امين


I loved your way of explaining ,,,, you removed the question marks from my head ..really thank you dr ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nephilim Death

Your explanation is sooooo gooooood mam

Zahid Mushtaq

the M is very helpfull thanku mam


Subtitle ?

Tajammul Hussain

Hi Miss Cindy Please upload a video on how to differentiate between artery vein and nerve


???? its a human??

Ashutosh Sen official

thankyou mam...?


시벌 갑자기 시체가 떠버린다고?


와..내몸도 이럴거 아니예요? 진짜 사람몸은 신기행...☺


So hard to learn anatomy right now without being to attend practical classes, thank you for this


헐 이거 뭐야!!!!! 왜 뜬거야ㅠㅠ

Chandrakant Patel

Bcoz i ws confused...

Masum Rabbani

Really helpful.thank you miss cindy

Dharmesh patel

Already I have passed brachial plexus problem from last 12 years. So ma'm tell me best expert dr. & hospital in India ( live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

doctor .S

Thanks ..but please put translation arabic language below video ..because I'm speake Arabic..

VOLLES VIDEO: Plexus brachialis: Äste & Versorgung | Kenhub

VOLLES VIDEO: Plexus brachialis: Äste & Versorgung | Kenhub8 Jan. 2021
1 157

Der Plexus brachialis

Der Plexus brachialis wird immer wieder in Prüfungen abgefragt und spielt auch in der klinisch-neurologischen Untersuchung eine wichtige Rolle. Nutze unsere verschiedenen Lernmaterialien um dich mit der Anatomie des Plexus brachialis vertraut zu machen: http://khub.me/vn0xd.

Du musst Anatomie lernen und weißt nicht, wo du anfangen sollst? Keine Angst! Wir haben den ★ Ultimativen Anatomie-Lernguide ★ für dich. Und das völlig kostenlos. Worauf wartest du noch? Hier kannst du ihn dir herunterladen: http://khub.me/2wrkv.

In diesem Video erklären wir euch leicht verständlich alles Wichtige zum Plexus brachialis.

Die folgenden Punkte schauen wir uns genauer an:

0:20 Bedeutung des Plexus brachialis

1:11 Lage und Zusammensetzung

1:48 Überblick zur anatomische Aufteilung

4:28 Rami anteriores

5:42 Trunci

6:52 Divisiones

7:23 Fasciculi

8:53 Nervenäste der oberen Extremitäten

18:04 Läsionen des Plexus brachialis (Klinik)

Wir hoffen, wir konnten etwas Licht ins Dunkel bringen! :-) Dann teste doch jetzt mal dein Wissen mit unserem Quiz zum Plexus brachialis: http://khub.me/zysgm.

Viel Spaß!

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Brachial Plexus- How to draw it well in less than 20 seconds10 Nov. 2014
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L or C?



Hisham Hussein

I believe you made a small error regarding the long thoracic nerve. It is proximal to the dorsal scapular nerve, not distal to it. Very useful video, nonetheless.


when that first anatomy test coming up..

Anil goud

thanks you sir

Oeil Photography

I seriously appreciate this so oooo much !!!

Joran Dutoo

I find it strange that subscapular nerve is on that position of the brachial plexus while it's C-6


Thank you! Greets from germany! <3
You saved me so much Time

Shahrukh Iftekhar


Ketki Mutha

Superb explaination ??

Faton Metëhiu

ta qi C-n

Gregory Kost

Thank you , Great explanation!

Ricky Razdolsky

is it T2 or T1?
you have T2 written


Dude. U just saved my a***. srsly. i spent like 4 hours trying to memorize the plexus... wasn't successful. using your drawing, i was able to memorize it within less than half an hour.

Mohit Sinha

That is awesome??????

Shodi Al Q.

I fucking love you man

Dr.Hasnain Abid


Katrinna Delfin

you got me at remember to drink cold beer

Byun Baekhyun

thank you

Fizioterapevt GREG MIRT

Amazing. Respect.

Peter A

stop saying 'Rut' . its a ROOT. REWT. gadam

Jennifer Howard

This was amazing!! Thank you so much!

Aaron Williamson

Thank You!!!

Nur Shi

Super useful, thank you so !

Aafreen Amin

Amazing work.Keep it up.

Rohma Medical

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had such a tough time with this when I learned it in school.  Well done; this is a great method!

Derek Martinez

Cramming for a cumulative anatomy final. You are a legend.

Teddy Pender

According to Netter's, your upper and lower subscapular nerves are labeled incorrectly.

Zobash Nawab

dude God bless you!

Jose Fernandez

You have the lower and upper subscapulars the wrong way around

Valia dineva

amazing so helpful

Kasey Warnes

thank you SO much!!!

Kae F

I know you made this years ago, but wanted to personally thank you for all the time you saved me! awesome

Dehlavi Chelzedale Loyola

thank you so much! you just saved my life

Steven B

This looks great. but I don't understand how to apply this in PT. What does the strike and spare represent also?

Susan Park

Thanks so much for saving my time!!!


Made my day??

Jade Wollschlaeger

What do the X and slash signify? What do the waves signify?

Moby Khan


cool ddfggh

خیلی عالی بود ممنونم...فیزیوتراپیست حسین صنعتی از ایران شهر خواف


Shouldn't the superior and inferior subscapular nerve be switched?




@ 2:59 mins should be superior, middle and inferior

Ratnesh Dubey


Gunjan kharal

there are altogether 17 nerves...you have shown 16 only because you have told median nerve as a whole but have not shown lateral root of median nerve and medial root of median nerve ..


Can someone explain to me the x and / in the division part? I know the anterior divisions form the lateral cords. I know the posterior and medial cords but I don't understand how the X and / represent them..


This video is immensely helpful. Thank you. Any chance you did one like this for the Lumbar Plexus?


I think the upper subscapular nerve is most medial to the spine.

Faith . ATINY x ARMY

Great vid, it's a lifesaver and saves me time on studying! Just wondering though, the inferior and superior subscapular nerves seem to have been swapped in the video, shouldn't the superior one be closer to C7? :)

Irene Xala-flores

HI , i know you did this a while back but as I was drawing this right now I wanted to know, is'nt it suppose to be "MAMRU " instead of "MARMU" ......(M R U median Radial ulnar going down rather than (R M U Radial median ulnar)? otherwise very helpful

Joseph T.

Thank you very much man, you just save me hours.

Red Nikov

Thank you for saving my life


Your method makes the branches confusing as it implies the radial/axillary nerve connect with the median nerve. Otherwise it is easy to remember.

Cedro Posta

Absolute legend, kudos

Sana H

Wish me luck✌ imma need it. 4 am currently and I'm writing at 9am. Haven't sleept since i woke up at 7pm yesterday?

Samuel Thomas

x and spare represent lol

Onur Karagulle

Amazing! Thank you very much from Turkey

paolo pandili

LEZZGOO PLE 2020!!!!

Özgür Özeler

Dude you are genius

meme ammo

you, my friend, are definitely going to heaven, tysm -

Coolio Schoolio

i wanna marry your brain


first watched this when i was studying for anatomy, and now i'm back here while i'm studying for boards


Reconcile how tracking the nerve roots to the Axillary Nerve on your diagram leads to C5 and C6 only.
Your diagram suggests the Axillary Nerve is supplied by all roots, just like the Radial Nerve.

Taimur ali

Thanks ! U saved my ass bro ..no words

Sailesh Balanagu

Its a BRILLIANT explanation. Thank you!


Interesting accent lol

Abaan Khan

when you started off, i was like "Wth is this guy upto?" but getting deeper in the video, i was in awe.....you aced it

Briana Stephens

This is so great. Awesome

Azhar Rafi

is this for the left side?

Mary C

thank you!!!!!!

الخير كله لله

greet doc.. thx

Bhavani Nagendra

super raja,,extremely usefull,,have been strugling with it from mbbs first year,,,u r ultimate,,thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt



Chiamaka Florencegrace Opara

Gosh I just remembered how easy you made it for me years ago ? I forgot how to draw it but I remembered some dude helped me and came back to search for this video. Thanks a bunch! ❤

Minindu Ekanayake

Dorsal Scapular and Nerve to Subclavius arise from roots. Otherwise perfect video

Great explanation. Made it very easy

Gayathri Sakthivel


Ramamohan Annavarapu

Thanks for the tips.


Whats a reuwit?

Alp R

Just wanna tell you that you're such a badass guy ????

G Krishnan

I found two other good ones:
Dr Patel.
Dr Preddy https://youtu.be/xc3PsvLya70

Funny Pappets

Thank you for explanation. Here is my friend, who was cured from the severe arm dislocation https://youtu.be/PDH-9d27BoI.

Khoi Khoi

I gotta learn this in 1 hour!!! YOU the MVP!

MEDSCHOOL is raping me so harddddd T.T

Darth Nox the Beloved

Dude, You saved me!!!

The Peanut

Remember to dry cold biscuits

Derrick Souzey


Samuel Pettersson

"Time Me" he says ? So bold



Ross S

Amazing summarization! Thanks

Xana Morris

this video is awesome and helped me so much but I THINK the superior and inferior subscapular nerves should be switched... right?

Emily Gardner

i really hate how he says "root"

Med Pro


MSWC Productions

axillary nerve is from C5, C6?

Tara Tumble

GREAT tutorial!!!


Are you from Pennsylvania? Asking because of your pronunciation of "Roots". Thanks for the video !

Rene Vitug

you are so brilliant... thank you!


You just saved an MS1s life

Victoria Kildow


Rizwana Fathima

Awww... This s relay amazing... U saved my time


Thank you!