Feel sick after workout next day

Working Out When Sick (LIFTING WEIGHTS)

Working Out When Sick (LIFTING WEIGHTS)24 Mar. 2015
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Working out regularly can

Working out regularly can help you stay healthier…


One of the most common questions I get asked is whether it is ok to workout when sick. The answer isn’t as easy as yes or no. You see, different people deal with sickness and injury very differently. What may be disabling to one might feel like nothing but a minor setback to another. That said, there are some general guidelines to follow when you’re sick to tell whether or not it’s a good idea to skip your workout or try and battle through and get it done.

If your symptoms are generally located from the neck up, including a headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, or earache…then it is commonly accepted that you can still perform your strength training workout without much fear of causing more harm than good. Now that said, each of these symptoms can be generated from a much more complex underlying illness that would definitely preclude you from training. For instance, if your headaches are coming from viral meningitis, skip the workout bro and head to the hospital!

If your symptoms are from the neck down, including a fever, body aches, muscle aches, respiratory illness, etc then you likely will want to skip the workout all together and rest. When your body’s immune system is compromised, adding a catabolic workout process or stress in addition is not likely to be too productive. In fact, with such limited resources available for recovery, you might even be wasting your hard work since the priority will be illness recovery rather than piling up the lean muscle gains at times like these.

The groups of symptoms above requires some clarifications as well. For instance, if you feel good enough to go to the gym but your runny nose is causing you to wipe your snots all over the dumbbells between sets, consider staying home! There are some great home workouts you can be doing without having to subject the other gym members to your germs.

Same thing goes with the concept of sweating out your illness. If you want to take a hot shower or even take a quick jog, do it close to home. Only one thing grosser than a guy that sweats all over the equipment at the gym is a guy that sweats germ bullets all over the equipment at the gym.

One final note about this topic. I’m referring to weight training workouts. You may be able to get away with a very low intensity walk or jog or even yoga to try and help your body get back moving again without enduring the stress of overload from a heavy weight workout. Use your judgement when deciding whether it’s time for you to attempt these other workouts.

Whatever you do, it has been shown that those who exercise regularly have far better immune systems than those that don’t. For a complete workout program that allows you to become consistent with your training while training like an athlete, head to http://athleanx.com to get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

For more sick workout videos, and advice on how to workout when not feeling well be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

Comments (100)
Damian Aimers

i have lost about 4 kgs in a week from the flu. I look disgusting with my shirt off, a week ago i looked brilliant.

Alex Richardson

Thanks man this was helpfull


I started getting the flu so I did pushups until failure to rid my body of this evil and wound up shiting myself. This might not sound ideal but I could feel all kinda gains in my draws man


So you should continue to eat well.
Does this refer to eating healthy foods or to getting enough calories in?

Alex DeSantis

What about a cold? Should you workout if you have a cold?



De'Angelo NRB

Who else is sick and typed “working out when sick” and clicked on this video ?

Option1 Marketing

Fantastic Video! So many of my questions answered in 4 minutes. TYVM for making this!

Mark Chadwick

Flu uuurrrghh!


im sick as shit and have been piggin out these last 2 days. Will be skipping a few gym days but will definitely clean up the diet.

Jamshed Arslan

Rest. Rest. Just rest.

An Atheist

I have a great tip for anyone whos sick now: if you don’t wanna lose gains, imagine working out. Studies have showned that JUST imagining helps to build strength and dramatically slowdown muscle loss. Stay home, don’t infect others in the gym.

Odd Niit

I hit my head first week had to rest half of it, second week got sick whole week iver Been so unlucky, i had just achieved so much at the gym and hit many of my goals and ofc this happens

Freakish Rash

There’s some gnarly flu going around at the moment and I’ve been off the gym for nearly 3 weeks now. Depressing AF!


It’s crazy because I hadn’t had a workout for a week and I’ve been feeling fatter just sleeping in my bed and I have to go to work and I like eating bone broth and my appetite actually increases when I have a fever lol. Right now I’m post recovery from a flu but I’m hitting the gym today as this video plays.


Fuck it, I'm going to the gym.

Jonas Hyltén

Today is the 1st day I do not have a sore throat in 8 days. Can I work out directly today or should I rest?

Shaheer Khalid

I lost all my gains ?

Ryank _G

Yeah I did that thinking i was starting to get better ... Then my fever rose up

King of hearts 203

Thank u Chael Sonnen ??

Lucy Prairie

Jeff you never made this video again since 2015 and it's 2019 now. Does this mean you have not been sick for the past four years?


THANK YOU! I have the flu and knew it was time for a break while I recover, but wanted some advice on how to proceed - this video is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you thank you thank you.

Kate Male

Another great video! Thanks Jeff! X


That is sikh bruh

Ruhan Slater

I do not recommend working out when sick because you can cause damage to your heart

Dustin Arroyo

I threw up my entire rx2 shake on the captains chair wtf help


Jeff is absolutely right, but now I'm going to tell you the LIFEHACK №1 that works every time (at least for me). When I'm sick (cold, flu, etc.) I pick 2 days when i'm not at work and do the following ritual: day 1 sleep untill about noon, after I wake up I don't do absolutely nothing that requires fisical efford just stay in bed or on a chair and EAT and REST through the entyre day, then in the evening I take my preworkout shake and TRAIN like there is no tomorrow NO MATTER how sick I feel ( I mean even your nails should sweat ) and train untill I'm about to blackout, after that I make some tea and add a little hard alcohol in the glass, but every time I drink ( after every sip) I refill the mixture with alcohol and this continues untill there is no more tea, when that happens I drink everything that is left at once and immediatelly go to sleep before the alcohol kicks in. In the morning there is no trace of sickness. The logic is that either I'm going to survive this or not, but the virus will not survive it for sure, there is no room for both of us in my body. I think this could help even againts the COVID.

bruh hll

I was sick two weeks ago for 2 weeks, then went to school for 2 weeks, then i hitted gym twice and now im sick again. Fuck me.


Next video: how to properly cough without internally rotating the shoulder


I currently have stuffy nose and cough..
it's been 4 days since I last workout..
my body wants to sweat dahmmit..
I'm eating right tho well, actually more than the usual.

Malinda Fernando


Spike Spiegel

All bros on the comment section was sick when watching the video. Hell, I watch it every year when I get sick.

rudi venter

Noo no subing

The Mushy Brain

Great advice, I’m gonna give myself a rest and get back into my routine when I get better

John Blaze

I have zero appetite when I’m sick though

Jam S

Have to say i watching this became i am ill lol. And i no i am not going be the 1st or i am not going be the last.

eslam youssef

Allah bless u for such a great knowledge


REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but Jeff I want to keep my gains

1nonly raptor

I have COVID

Panayiotis Michael

Eating really depends if it’s a viral or bacterial but still it prolongs your illness when you are increasing your glucose, the cells will manufacture more of the replicated virus. I wouldn’t eat much other than soups and water or better to just do fasting so the virus dies and doesn’t get the chance to replicate. There’s also a reason why your body is telling you not to eat.


266000 sick people rip


Came here because of coronavirus

Quân Nguyễn Vĩnh

Who else watching this when COVID-19 is pandemic

Jordan Comstock

You search this on google and get so many mixed answers. Of course I should have looked to Jeff first.

Ryan Dyihk

Thx helped a lot

Michael A

I’m sick as a motherfucker fuck I miss the gym

Evan Griffin

The like to dislike ratio is impressively humbling. However, I still can't understand why anyone would dislike this kind of content.

Lucy Hilton

What if you are having nausea or diarrhoea should you work out then?

Brandan Blevins

I’m watching this November 2020 cause COVID that’s why!!! ??‍♂️

Neckole Kaplanovic

Exactly what I needed to hear. I'm going back under the covers


I've been sick for a week and a half and I'm so annoyed because I want to workout. I hate resting the whole freacking day ?


Sick video Jeff (Y)

Santos Bencomo

Thanks jeff helps doing the athlean program so i got a fever smh anyways ig ill get back at it in a day or 2

Alex Jones

Thanks for the help...I feel like shit ?


Just stopped working out for 3 days, yes only 3 DAYS and my biceps and wrist already got smaller WTF


Where my sick gang at?!????

elvis esau

Everyone watching this ill. Get well soon guys

Cali Burke

What is your advice on swollen lymph nodes due to fighting off the beginnings of an ear infection? Workout or no?


I feel bad for the virus that entered Jeff’s body

Catherine Fuller

Good advice

Youtube User

this jeff is really different from the jeff we have today


I traveled over seas for 11 days and only did 2 workouts while i was away and was planning to get right back into it, then got sick the day I got back. I lost 3.5 kg in 3 days today I plan to get my gains back?


I'm wanting to start the athlean program but my stomach is acting horrible and I'm like crap but if I workout I'm gonna crap. I might have to do half of week 1 then do the full week the following week.

For me it was Tuesday.

Been days now. I m getting sicker

Isaias Barrios

Ever since I got sick I have been less like less appetite. I feel like I have been eating less. Is that normal ?

Transformation in life

I have a huge respect for you and i love all your videos



Christopher Leal

Glad I found this video. I'm sick with Bronchitis that nearly turned into Pneumonia. Only thing that's helped besides the basics of eating well and taking the meds has been rest. Yes, it's been upsetting and good both. I've maintained my weight and haven't gained. I'm starting to see abs, and less visceral fat. I had some cheat eats on Thanksgiving day, but didn't destroy myself due to being in a caloric deficit from being miserable. Before getting sick, I was plateauing with grip strength, progressively overloading, and weight loss. I've turned it in the opportunity to deload, and let the physical changes I'm seeing be the pay out to fight harder when I get well. Let the positives become a payout for wanting to improve and do better if injury or illness cause a time out. I will say I sometimes wish I could turn the dial back to being a teenager when it comes to fitness. Seemed like I had less Consequences back then with food, rest, and illnesses.

Mark Romano

Thanks Jeff! I was worried, till I got this advice..

Stellar Star

Thank you SOOO MUCH for this video!!! I've been going HARD with my weight training the past few months and I JUST got sick and it's seriously messing with my head!! I feel so down because I want to be in the gym so damn bad!! I appreciate this video and your advice and insight. Much love! ????????????‼️

Fast Tings

I just want to get better been sick for three days and not working out makes me feel even worse


I watch this video everytime I get sick to not feel too bad about it. Thanks Jeff

Jarred Geis

the strength training losses are real. im running the texas method right now and before getting sick i was doing 205lbs 5x5 on the squat. one week off being sick and i could barely get my reps in with 185lbs. i expect to bounce back quick, but the flu really kicked my ass this year.

Patrick Perry

This video is even more relevant now

The Calendar

Human immune response is somewhat suppressed during vigorous exercise, so any working out during illness is completely idiotic and is a fast way to rapidly spread disease in a public gym. If coronavirus spreads, a gym will be a hotbed for it since there are so many dumb jocks who think working out during illness makes it better. And remember, just because you are sick with one virus doesn't make you immune to another. The best way to get multiple viruses, and increase your chance for mortality, is to go to a public gym thinking working out will make your cold or flu go away faster. And you put everyone else at risk. Stupid for you, stupid for everyone else.

Robert Perez



I feel like I got skinnier

María Leonor Cobo

Thank you

Mike Watson

I'm sick AF and glad to here you say all this... I was concerned
Thanx Jeff. ???


Funny thing the only time i lost fat and saw veins was when i got sick

Harold Westrich

I was sick and stopped working out, but when I got better and tried a light workout I got a sore throat again. I gave it a few days and felt better and when I worked out I got a sore throat again! ! !?!?! Ive gone through this cycle four times now and it never fails, Work out , sore throat!?!?! What is up with this?


Just don't dead-lift with Gastroenteritis. Trust me its not worth it.

Ryan Bruns

What about if you have strep throat

Hayden Humphrey

Who’s watching this video in October 2019 because of the weather change ?

jagrit islash

Who all is afraid of losing all gains because of being sick


Dead ass I’m sick right now lmao

ParadymShift Music

I think I got the Rona, Jeff! What about going on a brisk walk or jaunt around the neighborhood??

Muzaffar manuel

Who else has covid?

Ignacio Espinosa

Thank you Jeff Cavalier !
Its like you know the answers that are on my head that I dont think about.

Andy Kay

I was as the gym a couple of days ago, and i managed to touch my tongue With my finger, and at that moment i knew i had fucked up.
Next day, and i had a splitting headache, a Fever and threw up like crazy.
2 days later, and im not throwing up anymore, and eating again. So i thought i could hit the gym. When i got there, i had lots of energy in my head, but my body was tired.
I did some pushups to warm up, and after 10, i felt light headed, weak and tired.
I'll just stay in bed for a couple of days i Guess...


Haha, very true. I am not feeling great so, decided to watch this video. Taking off 4 to 5 days is not bad. I just wonder if I still eat the same amount of calories while I’m working on says that I am sick will make me gain body fat?

Grendel Prime

Do a video on working out when you have seasonal pollen allergies. I was on a really good track but it's been impossible to do cardio, lift, etc when I'm sneezing and can't breath well. Taking a pill doesn't help much either because it makes me drowsy.

Adam A.

Is it ok to go to the gym if I have ebola?

Sangre Maya

I couldnt go to work because i was sick but i still wanna hit the gym.

Hey! It's Me!

I'll try to workout with coronavirus lol


Can anyone answer this: I went for a workout but after 15 mins i just felt nauseous and sickish it was weird i was so confused. But im not sick or anything after i got home i was fine after 10 mins. Can anyone explain this please thank you.

Masto Von Mastoson III

Definitely one of the best workout channels on YouTube!! ??


Came here before 4am because my head is pounding and this dude called my headache something little and minor ?


Me on a sick day: how to workout even when you’re sick
Me on a normal day: what to cook for dinner

Rainbow war pig

I’m glad I don’t have to workout because I’m sick. Perfect excuse for me.


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Comments (100)
Deborah Green

just what I needed, and I loved the intro in zombie make-up and the tango music.

Jess T

Adriene has literally saved me from insanity more times than I can count. Earlier this year when I was recovery from a major surgery and I was so upset and depressed with/at my body, and here she goes again when my mental health is at a wits end. <3

Anna Stanyard

The UK is back in lockdown with record number of people sadly dying everyday - working and coming home to nothing sure does make you feel like a dead person walking. Everyone at work wears a mask , no one even talks to one and other anymore unless it is via a video or phone. Laying on the ground shaking my body around like a kid made me feel more alive lol better days are coming I am sure of it. Thank you for this video and everything you do on youtube ! <3

Nathan Mandjes

Hilarious. Clicked on this video instantly because of this title. Let’s go!

Sarah Torrella

I am having a hard week and this intro made me laugh so hard hahaha. thank you for this <3

Ira Strugova

'If you want to stick your tongue out you can like lizard'
I did and it feels great! Should do it more often.


Everything you said really resonated with me, im literally crying. Thank you

Sara G.

Ok, the into made me feel REALLY SAD! Seeing the bright yoga pal look so ... empty. Bravo Miss Actress!! ??????????

Vict0rr 's Vlogs

My depressed ass being shookith by the Halloween vibes. Lmao I love it.

Cassy .Choe

Thank you Adriene for this wonderful session ! it was a big release for my stress body

Ann-Mari Østensen

Thank you <3 Just what I needed today <3

John Best

Thank You

Laura Henckel

Perfect practice for my first venture back into exercise while being sick with Covid-19. This practice was SO intuitive. I felt like several steps were so natural that I did them before they were called. Thank you, Adrienne, for helping me SO MUCH! (Day 8 of symptoms, by the way)



Lilah Richardson

Thank you so much for this episode, and for the permission to really feel "dead inside!" I cried almost the whole way through, and it's like a whole bundle of repressed emotions came pouring out of me. I feel totally rejuvenated after shedding that weight.

Tamaki Sou

Thank you!


Brilliant choreography ?

Alison M

I work in a psych hospital and i always recommend this vid to coworkers since our jobs are so mentally and sometimes physically taxing. A coworker is trying to it tonight! Thanks for this video! It keeps us front line workers a much needed chill sesh !

Hot Mess Express With Jess

This girl legit has calmed my mind with these videos.
Legit thought that was impossible.

Petite voyoute

I definitely feel better after this practice. In fact, it makes me want to do more yoga. Thank you Adriene!


Reading all the comments under Adriene's videos always makes me tear up. There's so much love and hope, thank you Adriene and the YWA community.

Gary Shaller

The stare! Classic!

Jordan Junkermann

This cracked me up but is relatable.


you didn't have to call me out like that! :D


You are so sweet adrian?

Cupcakekitty Muffin

Yes t

Ashley Ford

You have no idea how much your videos help me ?????

Anna Nováková

The end made me cry. Truly thank you to you, to myself, to everyone.

Jesse S

Saw this after not being on my mat for literally like 6 months, just every day the same old sit on the couch, watch tv until it's time to sleep, repeat. Showed up today just to see what was new on the channel and saw this. How does Adriene always know what we need?!

Renee Bullock

8 weeks pregnant today. I feel depressed and heavy with emotion and physical pain. My husband and I are about to do this. Thank you Adriene for the help you’ve given me the past two years.

Renate Winter

? that was great!!! ?

Mary Nagy-Benson

Most transformative practice I have ever done. Started crying, ended laughing. Ok I'm now ready to make dinner.

Maheema Dua

I love you Adrienne, thank you!


I was sick in bed for a couple of days and really felt ?... now I feel much much alive! Gracias Adriene!

Rogério da Costa Pereira


Stacey Starling

Here we go

Peg Duclos

Dead inside was spot on for todays mood. ❤️ this little "ditty" ☺️. ?️

shayla jayden


Edna Hamulić

OK.. this was e v e r y t h i n g I needed today. Thank you Adriene and Benji! ?

Tamina P.

now I'm feeling less dead inside :)

Andreas Moyseos

oscar-winning performance, and that makeup is crazy.

Chantal Doomernik

Thank you Adriene, you and Benji always put a smile on my face! After the dead bug I feel alive again!! : )

smilte gud



Damn that intro ??

Rachel Voller

I feel sad because I literally look like Adriene in the beginning clip-huge dark bags under my eyes, hair is messy, dark scrubby clothes. It's been really hard cuz I haven't always been this way...I'm just struggling to get out of a bad place.


Haha, what an intro!

coffee addict confessional

I've been slacking on the yoga recently and this was so good to pull me back into the beautiful movement of the body.

Evan Lachaux

Hello, I am a yoga teacher, I have created a training to teach you all the yoga techniques, all the postures with videos, for beginners or advanced, here is the link of my training: http://go.evanlachaux.advision.2.1tpe.net

Nora Enderby

This worked wonders. Thank you so much. I shall remember to come back to this one again.

Liban Shifara

Can someone please write down all the poses?


Wow... I'm French, and I've tried to find some French-speaking yoga youtube-based lessons, but (I don't know why) I really don't like their voices. Whereas I love your sessions, the tone of your voice, your energy (and Benji too haha), it inspires me!
Lately I've not been feeling great with myself, and with the confinement yoga practising has been harder. This morning I managed to find the motivation, found this video, and... I actually cried during the practise! So thank you thank you thank you, something needed to be released ^_^


Edgy yoga

Varli Vuitton

is there a website you recommend for learning all the yoga poses by name? or something similar to educate people on yoga?

Fatima Ezzahra

Do you have any tips or advice for people who get lower back pain when practicing yoga or when working out in general ?


thank you I needed this

Caitlin Hutchinson

Love the name of this video!! Literally exactly what i needed this morning!! ?

Sabrina Bounds

This is ME right now hahahaha XD

Kinga Wesołowska

Dziękuję.thank you for this session. my favorite. I wish you all the best.


That intro was legitimately scary

rehab hamad



Did this practice after a day of feeling extra grumpy... turns out it was exactly what I needed. The last of my bad mood left me when Adriene described the shaking pose as “dead bug pose” - I laughed out loud in a super necessary release. Thank you Adriene!


Adrienne I wish we lived in the same country because dammit I wanna be your friend and literally just hang out with you haha. The intro made my day!


thank you for this Adriene. i;'ve been a new level of inactive this week and this is all i was up for today; felt better by the end xo

Yoga With Adriene

Hellooooo everyone! Are you feeling more alive after today's practice?

Chaos Elemental

Is anyone else here on a random weekday, nowhere near Halloween? ?


1.2 million views and 1.1 million of them are me ?

robert kavanagh

2nd day with your videos and another great practice. Thank you for doing this so we can all
Look after ourselves. Love love love Benji the werewolf and the words you say resonate and comfort me, your personality come through and it makes this nicer x

Anni M

I wasn't feeling like anything today... so I opened Adrienes Channel and sure enough I find the perfect practice. THANK YOU!

Amanda Green

Just what I needed, thank you so much Adriene!

abby 1111

Yup. This was amazing. Thank you. I always feel 100% times better after doing it. The 27 minutes went by so fast!! ❤️? Namaste

Kate Joseph

Did this today after feeling empty from taking all our Christmas decorations and lights down. Love you gal and Benji ?

Elvis Nguyen

that was amazing. revived and subscribed.

Sarah Ramy

omg hi. i’ve been practicing with you for a few years now. i’m 17 and struggle with an eating disorder. when you said “ breathe in like you love yourself ” i just put my hands on my belly and for the first time in years, or maybe forever, i liked what i touched and i felt home. thank you thank you thank you for this practice ❤️ namaste ?


these help me sm ,:)

Deepest Soul

Showed up to do some yoga but kept staring at Adriennes figure all video ??

Nicole Jacobson covers

I didn’t know she was a comedian too haha ?

Ava Danylyshyn

Hi, I didn’t really know where else to go for this because this is kinda my comfort zone. But do any of you guys ever feel... meh? Like you don’t want to do anything, you don’t care about the consequences, bad grades, and health habits, or anything like that. You just want to lay down on your bed and zone out, and hope all your troubles will disappear. I’ve been feeling this a lot lately, just wondering if anyone else is too. Thanks Adrienne as well for making this like my comfort zone.

Mallori Matos

Followed this practice this morning after barely sleeping for 3 hours and having to work doubles the next few days. I don’t feel perfect but I feel more tuned in to my body, and also more grateful to be alive and have these shifts to work. I’ve lost my jobs as a server 4 times this last year, so I’m absolutely grateful I have work to show up to this week ? Namaste everyone

camilla nilsson

Whii ?

Alllie Nunez

I so needed this today. Thank you adriene?

Felicia Lundh

One of the best yoga practice i have tried!! Been dealing with a lot lately, and feeling quite dead inside ? But this halped A LOT! Thank YOU ❤️

Ashley Ford

I cried so much I LOVE YOU

Life in Yellowknife

Click bait lol

Asir risA

Yoga for always

Amber Dermul

Thank you for this practice ?

Marin Green

The fact that I laughed at just the beginning and I feel sooo much better. That’s a power only Adrienne has

John F. Sowards

So good. I'm ALIIIIIIVE!!!

Dark Cellador

It must've been so hard to be so Wednesday Adam's like ??☮

the opposite of your natural energy

Abby Jarvis

This just turned my whole day around, thank you!


I just started a new sleeping medication yesterday and have been feeling numb and weird in my body all day, like I don’t feel any energy in my limbs. This helped me get some energy flowing again, thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️


Yes ❤️

Christi Wiechers

Fantastic- dead bug pose my best? Thank you!

Raquel Clark

Thumbs up if you love how Adriene reminds you to be gentle to yourself. Moving your body more gently. Thinking gentle kind thoughts. And focusing more on intentionality and unconditional love for yourself. ? LOVE ALL THAT YOU DO ADRIENE!

Lori Rogers of Garceau Realty

Thank You, these short practices have really helped over the last few months.

Сергей Корольков

So basically yoga for every day, nice!

Rachel Hinkley

This was such a fab practice! Made me feel so much more alive, present & filled with gratitude. Thank you as always dear Adriene. Looking forward to 30 days of BREATH with you & sweet Benji boy in 2021! X ?

Stephanie x

This one flew by. So nice

Aspen Collins

I have a blue heeler too and she likes to lay with me while I do yoga as well! ??

Priyanka Agarwal

From dead to alive in 27 minutes. Thank you, Adriene!

Brittany Ross

Decided to rejoin the practice after a 3 month hiatus... this was a great one to ease myself in while still activating my body. I am already so happy that I made myself get back on the mat

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Here’s Why You Feel Sick

Here’s Why You Feel Sick After Yoga (And How to Fix It)

For more details, read the full article here: https://yogawithdakota.com/heres-why-you-feel-sick-after-yoga-and-how-to-fix-it/

With countless studies on the benefits of yoga, there is considerably less research on why you may feel sick after yoga. Although it can be any number of things, there are probable reasons as to why you’re not feeling well post-yoga session.


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Here’s Why You Feel Sick After Yoga (And How to Fix It)

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Here’s Why You Feel Sick After Yoga (And How to Fix It)
For more details, read the full article here: https://yogawithdakota.com/heres-why-you-feel-sick-after-yoga-and-how-to-fix-it/
With countless studies on the benefits of yoga, there is considerably less research on why you may feel sick after yoga. Although it can be any number of things, there are probable reasons as to why you’re not feeling well post-yoga session.