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Watch me take on 7LB's of

Watch me take on 7LB's of Chicago Town pizza challenge, this is every flavour Chicago town Tomato Stuffed Crust Pizzas I could find!


IG: https://www.instagram.com/shutkeverofficial/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/LEAHSHUTKEVER

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Comments (100)
Peter Leep

Amazing to get all that dough in to a small space are you good at packing a suitcase?

Vicky Dempsey

Are we splitting the bill? ?

Yv Na

Your totally the best female tidy eater I've seen...big plus for me to watch TY


How many days does it take to get it through your system? I’d be sat on the loo in agony for a week.

Leah Shutkever

Q: If you were on a first date with a competitive eater (me) what is the NO.1 question you would ask?!

Michael Riha

Question is "how do you get to date a competitive eater?"


Want some pho?

Cam Hollander

Your Place or mine for Dessert?

Adam Cruickshank

Wasn’t disappointed.
If I was on the date I’d asked if we were splitting the bill. Not sure I could afford the amount they eat.

tommy roach

Loved it Leah u smashed it I love Chicago style pizzas ? way too go Leah ????????

Sherrie A Norman

Leah, STOP PUTTING YOUR TIME DOWN AND YOURSELF!!! How could you possibly know how long it would take you to eat those?? I LOVE watching you! I'm very proud of the stuff you try and your ability to do anything!!! I MEAN it.


Shutz, have you ever tried soaking your crust or bread in water? I’ve seen a lot of other professional eaters use that technique. It looks absolutely disgusting but seems pretty effective.

Jason Martinez

That was fucking badass


A bit late but my question would be "Have you ever been tempted to throw it all up again afterwards?" Sorry, bit of a gross question, but I really am genuinely curious about that.


You did a awesome job don't be dissapointed

vicky woodhall

I’d like to know if you ever get a tummy ache or indigestion?

Notorious B.O.B.

Nice work Shuts! I just learned about dunking pizza in sauces, I have never done it and now I am seeing it everywhere. I may have to give it a try. Good time. These videos are a ton harder than they look with all the preparation needed the food is never optimal and it is usually cold and hard to chew. My question to you would be: "Will you help me take on a ream pizza challenge?"

Lucy Blanks

TBH I wouldn't have worried about the pizza box lol.. you did amazing btw - as always! Also I think you're too hard on yourself because all that bread and cheese looked tough but you smashed it!! ?

A Person

Leah I'd like to see a butchers shop special... offal!!!

Hollie Chapman

If you went to an all you could eat buffet style restaurant, how much do you think you would eat? X

Hans Wurst

Do you refill these plastic bottles? Seems like a huge waste if you are doing challenges at home..

Fily Kanté

Damn she didn't even chew

George Whitehead

Have you found a change you would not do?

Gavin Broughton

Omg. I eat these fairly regularly and I'm stuffed after 1 which takes about 10 minutes to eat...

Naught Mike

Just don't understand this
How does she eat and swallow so quickly??
Is she a monster in a beautiful body??

i cringe also but in Awe as well

Beautiful devil


Are you paying the bill ?

Aaron Reyes

Love watching your videos. I’m learning how to become a competitive eater like you. If I was on my first date with a competitive eater like you, I would ask to teach me your tricks on how to become a good/ fast eater. :) How you enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

Just Saying

I thought she was going to bring out a pizza cutter...I was wrong


Lol when she folded it up like a taco, I realized she was in a eating competition ?

osman ahmed

Nice girl keep it up....eat sleep repeat ?

Brian V

#1 Question. After dinner. Too full to smash? ?

Joshua Turner

I would be done after 1 let alone 4

Julien Dionne

Did you have time to taste?? lollll You are you pretty lady but I'm not rich enough to invite you to a restaurant lolll

Jesus Castillo

Liked the movie sceen you had in the beginning. Batman vs ninja turtles, nice movie


Five pizzas folded and shutzed, holy shiz!!

lll ***

Still love you Leah!Keep up the working

Nacho Gomez Mahuzier

Other Girlfriends:
"Mmm im not hungry at all, can i grab some of your french fries?"

Leah as a girlfriend:
"Mmm im not hungry at all, ill order just 6 turkeys, 12 family pizzas, 10 liters of soda and some ice cream"

Failed States

When she folded that first pizza in half....?
Leah doesn't mess around.

Sean Chaney

Wow Leah, you're way to critical of yourself, that was an amazing time to finish all of those!! ??


Gosh I love a woman who can eat. It must be such a smooth and easy process to order at a restaurant with you

Ana Jana

How do you work through when you feel like it’s dry food constantly swallowing and also how do you work through when you just feel full and can’t eat anymore? What do you have to do to prepare? ( such as not eat for a couple of days beforehand and work out a lot or whatever) know isn’t a few questions but always wonder these things especially when can tell is a bit more difficult

Chloe Sigamoney

Hi! I love your videos! You're so cool. Can you please pleeeeease a noodle challenge? Spicy noodles or any noodles! Some noodles! Would love to see that ?


Stoned AF again.....


Are carbs more difficult to consume than copious amounts of fish or meat?

Lorena Seoanes

I would die after the first pizza ... she’s truly a champion ?

Gail Marks

You are my favourite female competitive eater. Well done..!??

Homemade by Jordan

Can you imagine going out to eat on a date with this girl ?


wtf she ate the pizzas like döner, well done awesome

Jamie South

You’re our real life Wonder Woman! I’d ask if we could skip desert and go straight to coffee?......

Miss Shutkever, you’re a legend.

Kim Chaske

#1 question to a competitor eater: No, I didn’t see any food fall down your shirt. Lol

Mrs Moo

Amazing accomplishment but wow your voice is to die for ?

Kim Chaske

What’s for dessert.

Adventures in Bizarreness

I'd be curious as to what's the one food that you could never get sick of eating? Like the only thing you could eat and you'd never get tired of it?

Daniel Leza

Watching this video, she finishes eating:
Me: "Wow, can't believe she ate all that Pizza in 13 mins!".
Leah: "I'm so disappointed in myself".

The Kasey Jaeger

Question. How do you stay so lean? Do you prep yourself before a challenge?

Damiano Cammunci

vorrei essere una di quelle pizze.

Fiona Louise

After you have eaten a big food challenge, do you eat normally the next day, or do you take a day or two off eating altogether? I wonder about this every time I see you eat!


? Expected to see pick up of a slice at a time..not the whole pizza. Cool. Congratulations on meeting the challenge. ???

A bunny named Poppy

You should do an asda pizza challenge! They're cheaper than Chicago town (normally) but are amazing and fresh....try this combo: spicy chicken x 2, bacon,red onion and chilli and garlic oil !! ??

Jennifer Vermillion

howdo you prepare

Floppy Bob

My question would be.... Do you have to tell yourself to slow down when out enjoying a dinner with friends or family? Or do you find yourself eating at a normal pace naturally?

Mark Tucker

How do you take your tea in the morning ?

Don Jon

Do you get hungry in bed?

apeng daldal

shuts, want to share a family meal? ??

Jay Smith

Very greedy lady ‘loads of kids are starving in Africa and you are just stuffing yourself

Karen O Leary

Watching u eat pizza and im over here doing intermittent fasting, cravings have just crept up.....wow your impressive

Kim Chaske

Yes, it’s astonishing at your level of composure. Yum

Life With Louie

I have a personal question Leah. I want to challenge you to a fastest time to eat a greggs sausage roll. I bet I could win. ?

Would love to try

Shawn J Woloschuk

W0W, great-great video , love you ?

Em Ariella

Which challenge have you been proudest to finish? Like one you thought you never would and managed x

Michelle Villafana

Are you scared of choking? One of my fears

danny clarke

The way u just fold it up and put it away is very impressive ??


Jeez Louise. This shouldn’t be possible!


Please use cups for your water, bottled water is terrible for the environment ? just saying ✌?

Bola Shoyebo

Were they still warm? A very difficult looking feat! I can barely finish 1, let alone 4 in one sitting. I'd end up in the ER and on the local news for sure!

Gareth H

Pulling all the stops during lockdown... love it ?


I do love those pizzas ??


Do I look like food to you? ?


Literally watch you all the time and the way you sank that first pizza?!! wow lol i can imagine how stodgy that was smashed it LEAH :)

Larry Barrett

You crazy , girl ..

Chris Rayson

I would ask, what is your favourite film? X


Its a Valentine's date with competitive eater?.How about all you can eat sushi bar



Lee Broadley

You very very very lucky lass eat 4 pizza and fake time lol

Jade Hutchinson

Why why why do i insist on watching your vids when I'm starving ? ? ? Leah you must owe me like £300 in takeaways now like ?❤

James Bigham

Well done Leah your videos never disappoint.
This is the first time that I have seen a clean pizza challenge
I definitely liked your pizza fold style

Steven Ng

My questions would be: do you eat normally when you are on a date? Do you taste and enjoy your food? because you don’t seem to chew much and just swallow food in chunks.

Michael Riha


Joe kle

How much debt do you have? If they do have debt do they have a plan on paying it off.


WHat was yr most difficult challenge ever?

Icefire Icefire

Go LEAH!!!


The question I'd ask is how many plates could we go through at the buffet as I love food too ??

Becky M Lane

Please do a creme egg challenge for Easter

Jay Davis

When sewage workers see a massive log floating by they all know Leah recently completed a food challenge

George Karakas

That's scary


This is Matt Stonies sister

Thom Michaels

Though I hardly ever order a stuffed or a deep dish pizza,I can assure you that said pizza served fresh could not be folded in half.signed,a 69 year old Chicagoan

Shenaz Miah

How did you get into competitive eating?


You did a fantastic job heck I was eating a fried egg ? and bacon ? sandwich ? while watching you consuming those pizza pies!
Question, Are you dating any one ?

Lims Wangsha

Dam she is beautiful.

GIANT 7,500 Calorie Chocolate Eclair CHALLENGE | Asda GIANT eclair | @Shutkeverofficial

GIANT 7,500 Calorie Chocolate Eclair CHALLENGE | Asda GIANT eclair | @Shutkeverofficial31 Dec. 2020
57 367
Leah ShutkeverSubscribe 438 721

Finishing the year off on

Finishing the year off on a SUGAR HIGH with this 7,500 Calorie ASDA GIANT Belgian chocolate eclair Challenge!

HUGE THANKS TO @Musclejunkieofficial + @addictedtothelifestyleofficial for Helping source the goods!


IG: https://www.instagram.com/shutkeverofficial/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/LEAHSHUTKEVER

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShutkeverOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeahShutkever


Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/Shutkeater

Paypal: paypal.me/Shutkever


The Shuts Mail

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#eatingshow #leahshutkever #foodchallenge

Comments (100)
Bottom Line

Leah, Gaz here... followin you from Oz. I don't even like Indians MUCH even sorry... but MARRY ME!!!!!

Julian Martinez

Your beautiful

David Jones

Babe how can you eat all that and look so fit. How about a vid showing how you work out.

Mush Ekin

I’ve never wanted to be a chocolate eclair so much in all my life❤️

Snowlily Bledsoe

oh no i was late!! new years anyways, and don't worry my stomach is already hurting for you, haven't even finished the vid yet, hppy new year!!!


Talk about carb loading for and intense workout!

Sam Henwood

Big custard donut ??

Rastaman Ralph



Aaaahhh i live nowhere near an asda. Éclairs are my all time favourite. Id love to get my hands on one.

Angie's ASMR

There is nothing wrong with meat on the bones! Bigger girls can't be broken!

Hassan Sass

Hello you eat too much ? why don't you take weight ? ?whats your secret to stay fit ?

OJ Raza


the holmes

Its just as well you train as hard as you eat

David Brown

Wow ! ??

Red Knight

How many eggs can you have in one sitting?

Clare Rigby

If u no a youtuber mrbeast he brought a $100.000 ice cream would u take it on

Anne Swimmer

Happy New Year Ms. Beautiful ???

Michelle Saavedra

Happy New Year and this was amazing! I love eclairs!!!! Good job!!!!

sophie wiggins

Subscribed x

Аslan asik

Omg what are you foing it insaine stop it by 49 you will wight 99,9 killograms


I would like to see a ramen noodle challenge

Happy Days

Eclairs are made with Choux dough, one of the lightest air-filled doughs out there. Nothing to them.

Brendan Wheatley

I love your work Leah, but as a typical male, there are so many innuendos to be made involving the phallic symbol! I know, I shouldn't have said what I said to be PC correct, but I said it! Best wishes to you for 2021...

Just Another Day channel

Can you do the 100 Katsu chicken mac Donald nuggets challenge Leah.????

Alison Prendergast

Well done, nice to see a clean eater?

Dirk Huthmann

Great fight! Amazing woman!?


commentary is full of lol moments

Clayton Vink

Those eyes???

Michelle Easy

Happy New Year to you, love your videos xx

J80se D

If you’ve eaten all that, would you typically eat again that day? X

Nikka ASMR

happy new year??? this video is amazing?

Tracy Waller

Love your videos big fan will definitely will like to see more dessert videos

Paul Gray



Nothing like black coffee to break up sweetness! Good job with these eclairs! Happy new year!

Shane Rich

Happy new year

the holmes

Its just as well you train as hard as you eat

Stephen Nicholls

So , have you actually put weight on?! And what do you do about it ?! Leah

Nina Mya

Hello guys! This is my friend second video on the channel MUKBANG/ASMR EXTREME SPICY ? NOODLES. If you have a minute please check it out. It’s really ?. Thank you and have a nice day.?https://youtu.be/Eoz8JYm_BP8

Bill Skidmore

Happy new year to you, I could definitely not eat that much sweet stuff

Jonathan Morales

Please two things you Can eat a complet pork,,,, a animal more great that a turkey,,,, and the other make burps for your followers burplover

Nina Mya

Hello guys! This is my friend second video on the channel MUKBANG/ASMR EXTREME SPICY ? NOODLES. If you have a minute please check it out. It’s really ?. Thank you and have a nice day.?https://youtu.be/Eoz8JYm_BP8

James Bigham

Well done Leah you have had an amazing 2020 in my opinion.
I am looking forward to 2021 and see what you can accomplish.
I would like to see more dessert challenges my concern is that is a lot of sugar that isn't good for anyone.
You will always be a gorgeous lady in my eyes you are my favorite channel that I like to follow.
Do you have any New Years resolutions?

Fern Coleman

Happy Healthy New Year Leah! For me, I’d of enjoyed them more with plain cream, like eclairs usually have. You did amazing to handle that much sugar and to not be bouncing off the surfaces! Huge well done ?? I’d love to see more dessert challenges, maybe a giant Jam Roly Poly with Custard? Yumm ?


Imagine being eclair number 4 and watching Leah making short work of the first eclair. It's pretty intimidating, but you're quietly confident that the first eclair will fill her up. As Leah calmly demolishes the 2nd eclair, you are starting to worry but still think the odds are in your favour. Imagine watching this beautiful woman devouring the third, as you realise that this girl just isn't stopping and you are next on the menu! Imagine that realisation as Leah picks you up that there is only one way this is going to end. Leah is an absolute sensation! Wow!


I want a censored bread version, oh yeah

Jamal Elfara

I love you ❤️.
you are the best in all challenges.
You are soo sweet


Accidentally clicked this and now I can't stop watching ?

Amie Mee mee

When I wanna treat myself I cut sugar with coffee. Little diabetic trick hehe

Banu Bozkurt

new type of WONDER WOMAN...I salute you...

Elize Viljoen

Now my silkworms have been put to shame. ???

Clare Rigby

Hi I love your videos would u try the world's biggest ice cream worth 100.000 challenge


Your an incredible woman! Love you Vids!

Pritpal S

Was it only at Christmas time

Sam Henwood

Chocolate overload ?

Joanne Frisby

10 people yea right... ?

Kym G

Happy New Year Leah!

geraldine rice

Get rid of the stupid nails they slow u down.

Rastaman Ralph

That thumbnail is something else??

Golden Tears

Christmas sweets challenge!! ❤️?? (next videos)

Matthew Bryant

I reckon Leah and Homer Simpson would get on well they both eat food Similar


curious on the taste of the eclairs, maybe add commentary describing the taste besides being sweet

Tatiana Araújo

Your stomach must go from your belly to your feet! You’re amazing! Happy New Year, queen!



みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Richard Stahl

That looks good ????just like you great job ♥️♥️♥️♥️????

Davit Bujiashvili

marry me...

Si Hill

Wow, talk about having a sweet tooth, good challenge,

Kira Coralie

Video suggestion - considering we’re in lockdown. Perhaps support a small business and put in an order with a local business to you. Your platforms could benefit each other in comparison to supporting large businesses at this time.?

Ray McCleary

I think im in love

Robert Lindgren

Once again your hair is affecting the outcome of the challenge, something MUST be done!! Happy New Year... you are loved in Texas??

Mike Cobb

Let’s just hope that was actually your hair...

Phil Ellul

How are they eclairs if they ain’t got cream in the center

callum rowland rowland

i think your amazing i think u shoulkd do a cheese cake challenge

Elizabeth Cobb

Great video! Happy New Year! Take care.

jerry neil macleod


Steve Macfarlane

Utmost respect for you Leah you r so amazing and such a sweetie and you r just perfect. Well done girl proud of you girl always. Y don't u cut the massive big chocolate éclairs in quarter pieces to make your job easier for you to eat

Amie Mee mee

You look drunk after that big eyes hehe x


Leah honestly you amaze me every time but can you prove you haven't got some hidden razer sharp teeth up there in your palet? ??❤?⚘?? Happy New girly

Jay Nadiah

its not the calories that worry me so much as the sugar omg!


I want one!!! ?


Best wishes to all.

Fidel morales

Yes another sweet challeng pls


Very impressive ??

Dorian dagneaux

Ravi de vous retrouver, ainsi que tous mes vœux, pour cette nouvelle année 2021.
Je vous souhaite le meilleur.
Ne changée rien, je vous adore???

Giulia Lopez

yeah but sahow the belly


Too much sugar? I think not, until you get Bart's eyes rolling into space. :)

Kamil Maciejowski


sophie wiggins

How do u keep the weight off

ray ray

Im full by watching this even a stomach ache???

Hero S

Looking through the Comment section and I have not seen a dirty innuendo.....yet

tomas isakson

god gob gerl

Mike Sutton

Well sad but stopping watching these vids due to The Sun being shown...

agnes Stokes

Happy New Year you made my teeth ache watching you eat those eclairs

gone rydin

What a beautiful eating machine. : )

Fast Breaks & Breakfast

We love your videos. How about a cake pop challenge?

Sherrie A Norman

Leah, your so amazing!!!!

Dana O

O my goodness! I'm in love,....... with eclairs!

andy jones

Such a legend and as for getting fat this Christmas I don’t believe it you look stunning xxx

Jen Gardner

Happy New year babe, hope 2021 is a great year for you and your boyfriend. Thanks for the great videos and sharing all your Guinness world records, what a roller-coaster 2020 was, so thanks for cheering us up along the way, your truly beautiful on the inside and outside. I've haven't seen any of them éclairs in my asda but really wanna try one now lol, are they cream inside or chocolate. Right lovely, stay safe, much love, take care, love Jen ???????? x


The way she just takes down food makes me wonder.... XD

Carrie B

Do you even chew ? Poor digestive tract ??impressive tho

BIG DAVES BREAKFAST SANDWICH CHALLENGE Vs.Beardmeatsfood | Shutkeverofficial

BIG DAVES BREAKFAST SANDWICH CHALLENGE Vs.Beardmeatsfood | Shutkeverofficial5 Nov. 2020
294 432
Leah ShutkeverSubscribe 438 721

Watch me go against

Watch me go against BEARDMEATSFOOD in this enormous breakfast sandwich takedown at BIG DAVES Cafe in Bromsgrove!

Find Big Dave's Cafe here:


Watch BEARDS Video here:https://youtu.be/1pwiLnDNiYk


IG: https://www.instagram.com/shutkeverofficial/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0dlQ2xYj2kw7BiE1HAygLw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShutkeverOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeahShutkever


Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/Shutkeater

Paypal: paypal.me/Shutkever

#eatingshow #leahshutkever #foodchallenge

Comments (100)
Bob M

OMG! Good on you, congrats!!!

Marluce Paulo


Oh My

all that bread, you're a savage girl, just subscribed! ❤?

first contact

How do you not choke?

tim avila

Absolutely fantastic ?

Scott Andes


Ben Haj

l love you❤

Przy Zien



The Hagus is just mean?

Ronald Evans

Your welcome! Youno your the one!

Nicholas Braun

You are just amazing ? that was fucking beast. Congrats!!!

CB.Author Lydia Green


Владимир Николаев

Глубокая глотка.

Rhys Williams

Grateful for the voiceover, I find the coaching so annoying. Well done on the record.

B Mac

I had a tank buster at the copper kettle on the A5 near atherstone, I'm a chunky lad and struggled with it. It's about a tenth the size of what you just put away.

war craft

We need a collab with Matt stonie??

Rab n3sbitt

Holy shit she smashed Adams time that is crazy

Bryan Watt

You vs Adam in a buffet place but all you can eat is the same exact things so say one plate he says one plate and so on and so on

Katia Lira

Sempre acompanho,mas seria melhor se tivesse legenda em português.

Barbara Reel-Allen

Great job


Any chance of future vegan challenges? For instance vegan meatballs ?? I really enjoy you and vids ??

max gallagher

Beard would kill her time

Johnny Cardona

Wow how do you do it and still looking beautiful


Wait... so is she a better eater than beard?

Mark Dubois

That bread would last me 5 days.

Neil Graham

Killed that in no time I feel full just watching you smash it..fair play you beast

Reverend George

Beating Mr Beard is one neck of an accomplishment, well done Leah.

Brad Burchnell

How are baked beans a breakfast item? ?

tommy roach

Awesome Leah u smashed it that sandwich looked good loved it ??????

boston castor

Its small bread than beard


This comment was made at start of video, I have seen you demolish things way faster you have this

Bagger Rider

It is such a pleasure watching you eat! You’re amazing and astonishing beautiful as well ?

Erik Valdur

How can ya go wrong here. A beautiful young lady and a torso sized breakfast sandwich. Wait, there was a torso sized sandwich there a minute ago.

James Masters

Just amazing!

Palak Garg

Ngl but Adam one seemed way bigger than this and even more fillings like it was more wide and thick or it's the same?

Thorx 90

Jak to potom asi vypada na zachode???

Jeff Lowney

I'd love to take you out but buffet of course haha jk


It will be interesting to see if Beard attempts it again. He spent a lot of time dismantling the sandwich and cleaning his beard, might not have saved him 5 minutes but it would be interesting to see

Jose Hernandez

Dip the bread in water. It will be easier to eat!!!


Well done you! Difficult to see the clock due to reflection - grateful you could check for future. Thanks and look forward to seeing more challenges! M???

Denise da silva mota Mota

Parabéns adimiro suas laves merece troféu

Graham Cole

What a girl.

Love Sun

Oh my days ?, I guess you eat once a day!!! Please tell us? Intermediate diet? I think you are doing it because it's too much ?!???

jason parker

Where did that crust go at 3:50?

Kevin Ketchum

Smashed it!

Przemek Marulewski

Respect ?

James Watson

As usual, a very impressive challenge completed. I literally can't imagine eating that much food in such a short time. Super, super impressive!
- BK - your number one USA fan!

Irish forever

this one got ya my sub...unreal i thought this one had you beat..but..nope....seriously impressive...

Carol Coates

Head to head with Molly.........now THAT would be a contest! My money's on her!

Clemson Tiger

New pagie called Parler.


Good God I'm in love ? ? ? ?

Don Morgan

You wouldn't take her for dinner cost you a lot of money

Jeff Lowney

I eat alot of wild game never had haggus is it good babe?

justine brownlow

Can't believe she beat Beard! Well done! ??


Can't hear a word you're saying.

John W

THE BEAUTIFUL EATING MACHINE LEAH.......Strikes again..... At the start I thought maybe that bread was hard to get down? Leah, you must not eat for a day or two and burn 1000 calories per workout to keep that small figure of yours ? Leah, your always a enjoyment to watch crush challenges ! GO GIRL !!!!!

Elize Viljoen

Not sure how long the teeth are going to last but well done.

Zachary Gourneau

You must be the hottest competitive eater in the world. EZ

Miracle Diengdoh

leah should continue with such rock/metal background music. Would give me double enjoyment.

Justin Grainger

@kylemeetsfood #kylemeetsfood

Jordan Belfort

Do you make yourself throw up after eating so much grub?

Patrick Petersen

You should take Challengs with Matt stoine


Wow, thats actually unbelievable... HOW do you not choke? I once nearly choked on a tiny bit of steak I didn’t chew properly!... plus, just watching is making me need to go to the jacks ??. ?☘️☘️☘️.... great channel btw.

Shotgun 483

Not to be rude but the audio levels need to be adjusted up a little more. Again I'm sorry not to be rude just trying to be helpful

Mclaza Guy

Every time I watch these videos I get so hungry I need to go get a sandwich

Chris Reynolds

Seriously!......staggering! I really thought you were beat this time!

Sara Kirk

Hi Leah! Just been watching both you and Adam do this challenge. Totally smashed his score to pieces. Definitely you need to do a UK challenge together. Love watching you both eating and your chatting talks in between . Such a great challenge. Well done you ??????

Ron Bush

Wow! You get a Wow!


I can’t believe you beat beard, holy shizzle girl ???that was impressive ✌️?from Alberta ??

Joshua Epperson

You remind me of a skinny Gina Carano.

James Everist

Why have i been watching Adams beard get messed up when i can watch boobs get messed up instead

Mamma Moo

She should meet Adam richman off man vs food they could do a challenge together

One UP

Good bread roll and all the meat slices at a supermarket etc gets the big stack super meat sandwich done add cheese

Eric Mcclelland

Leah makes the impossible, possible. That was mad!

John C

Wow you're really Beautiful and you can chow down with a vengeance:).

Theresa Gracie

Yes lady lady!???????????


You're a beast, well done :)


You're unbeatable Leah . . . . well done yoooooooooo! MD

Gareth H

Leah you are the boss

boston castor

Beard ate much bigger i compare it


You have huge hands..looks like u could choke out a bull and then eat it..

ashley simmons

You are AMAZING!

Keith Hackitt

Omg I cant even think of any other words apart from omg lol massive well done for getting the record for us brummies and looking so lovely at the same time x

Miguel Sobrevilla

"Where's the beef"; forgot the spam. Lactulous.

Jaimie Sotsky

How abt how many pickles in 10min.

Steve Macfarlane

Wooow girl you have been fantastic. At which point of the challenge did you struggle with that massive sandwich? But you still put in a reasonable good time 13 minutes 54 seconds. Well done girl that is a new lap record well done girl.

Zahir Mahmood

Hardly bites, girl is neckin

tuns afun

Far out I dont have much money and a sandwich like that could feed me for over a week.

sam slack

Not sure why you put Vs just for views when beard is not exactly trying to speed eat..

Frank e Wan Male

thats my kind of girl right there.

Xeth Goode

WOW she did it


That's a load of fresh bread to eat! Wow!


I vote for a head to head with beard!!!! Side by side.


Randy would've eaten everything.

Tony Nathan

Mmm fresh loaf, can imagine the smell

Honest Snark

I ate 4 donuts yesterday



Snoochie Boochies

??????. This is worrying for the guy taking this girl out for a meal


Awesome!!! you killed it! congrats!!

Invincible Vettel 5

6:35 Leah, you actually did it in 13:37 mins.