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100 Days into the One Punch Man Challenge (Joe-You-Know)

100 Days into the One Punch Man Challenge (Joe-You-Know)7 Sep. 2019
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Joey FredricksonSubscribe 438 721

My journey 100 days into

My journey 100 days into the One Punch Man Challenge. Through hard work and sacrifice, I was able to lose about 50lbs throughout this journey. This is just the second step in this three year challenge

Lanipator was my inspiration for this, check out his channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/Lanipator

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GamerBoi 3000

good job man


What the fuck? How didn't this blow up my dude? You are grinding like hell. You got my respect dude, I'm proud as fuck :D


You should add pull ups for the back muscles

Zige Kaiz

Bro you’re awesome.

N 94

Saitama is really an inspiring character.. there is guy in our place still doing it. He was fat before and now he is ripped AF.

Andon Brown

How tall are you? Cause at 240 pounds I look nearly as small as you at 205

James Duran

Nice man keep up the good work


How long dose the run take


Keep it up! ?


May I suggest something I saw on how this could be ineffective for sit ups because it messes your spine up and for you like health I will link a video after I finish watching this one that will be way better for your back and it will help and also amazing progress https://youtu.be/Ga6Vr3Ec2Mc

Ali09 s

keep it up man


Good job I'm starting today I'm going to the end of the year


Not really you have to do it three years then u start getting abs on year 2 year 3 u have abs and pretty strong


Keep urself motivated. U can do it,?


Carbs are your friend. Keto is a killer. Great job man.

Temi Obe

Respect bro ??


Another anime fan getting fit because of opm/goku

Dave Clifford

Awesome . Well done ?

Sinus Lebastian

that's a crazy transformation

Sonam Wangchuk

Bro if u want to be thin u should drink lemon mixed with water


that dude deserves extra credit for taking that challange... cuzz it`s all bodyweight exercises so more hard then for twig dudes

Ross Cheese

nice one mate this is incredible

Sonam Wangchuk

Y to much trouble

Daniel Sampson

That's inspiring brother keep up the good work!

OwO Reagan

Omggg! Rooting for you bro!!

JT nuclearchaos

Im proud of you man????



Nicholas Cauton

Great job for staying consistent. But there are problems with the actual training in the anime:

First and most obvious is there are no pulling exercises. Push-ups train the chest, front shoulders, and triceps. But what about the back side? This will cause issues and eventual injuries due to muscle imbalances. Not saying you should do pull-ups but inverted rows compliment the push-ups extremely well. Inverted rows train the back, rear shoulders, and biceps.

Second is the sit-ups. Sit-ups is not the best exercise to train the core. For one, it’s because it’s bad for the spine but more than that, your abs are only activated in the first part of the movement. The second half doesn’t use your abs but your hip flexors instead. While I’m not against the idea of training the core, it shouldn’t be a priority compared to the compound movements (push-ups, inverted rows, squats). Crunches can be a good substitute but it shouldn’t be done every single day. Once or twice a week is fine. Also as a side note, push-ups, inverted rows, and squats make use of the abs as stabilizers. Meaning you’re technically activating the abs without you even consciously knowing it.

Third problem is the running. Although this isn’t necessarily that big of a problem, running a 10k is way too much for most people and it takes a lot of time to complete especially after getting through the first three exercises. Plus there’s a lot more to cover your cardio than just running. You could do walking, you could play basketball, or my personal favorite, Jump Rope.

Personally my training is inspired by the One Punch Man anime. But I’ve tweaked it in a way that’s been suggested by Calisthenic Movement (a great YouTube fitness channel by the way).

My training consists of:
100 deficit push-ups (10 sets of 10 reps)
100 inverted rows (10 sets of 10 reps)
100 weighted squats (10 sets of 10 reps)
10 rounds of jump rope (1 min = 1 round)

This is performed three times a week with two recovery run days in between. This plan got me some pretty considerable results but after six weeks, taking a week off before restarting the training cycle is recommended. I also believe in trying other variations of the same exercises every now and then.

I’m not saying you should follow this training plan of mine (unless you really want to) but this is just one of many examples how the One Punch Man training routine could be approached in a more practical manner.


Good job


Good job dude

Jacob Fredrickson

Good work Joe!

Anime Alphy

underrated man you deserve more

Make It Happen

Nice job bro.... Respect




One thing that you have to keep in mind, muscle weighs more than fat (you're leaner yet weigh more than you did at day 60, should be a good example) alternate your pushups, move your arms out a little more for the chest area. Running outside works much better than on a treadmill, which I think you noticed already, also better for your joints, run on sand if you're near a beach, it'll increase the intensity by quite a bit. Man, you are impressive, I gotta say your motivation and determination is quite inspiring. I stopped working out along time ago, you have inspired me to pick it up again, I'm subscribing to follow your progress!

Man Kepisangan

what's up utube its already 3 years and ive already finished 10 rounds of earth


You look cute

Colton P

holy moly nice, keep it up!!

Good Girl

This is super dope and inspiring, keep it up! Rooting for you :) ❣️❗️❗️❗️❗️?

Djordje Tutorovic

Im starting to do these chalenge for 100 days so i Can be faster

Jordan Beck

Bro this is awesome i hope you are still going!!!

Nihar jadhav

keep doing it All the best!!

wretch gomez

Plus ultra

Adiel Chisim sangma

Anyone ??? 2035 january 23


How long are you supposed to do this for? I cant find it anywhere? 3 years?

Ijekster The Fake Account

oh my god bro yours arms are crazy.

I don't know where you're at now but I bet you could compete in body building competitions in few years

Praveen Wijesooriya

Add pulling movements. Like pull ups. Don't do only pushups

RamxKing Edwa

I rate you 1000 percent keep it up if your still at it


Good bruhh


You deserve all the subs


Let's go Jhon Candy!

Super, Human Heroes (One Punch Man & Mob Psycho 100)

Super, Human Heroes (One Punch Man & Mob Psycho 100)27 Oct. 2018
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How One uses Saitama and

How One uses Saitama and Mob's Superhuman strength to highlight their very human weakness.

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Hazim Kamen

Dimple role is so complex, starting from an enemy to a companion to an antagonist and finally his friend

iwa chan

6:40 BUT(T)

Cthulhlu Ftagn

One punch is more a parody the a satire, the difference bieng parody comes from a place of love, satire comes from hate.

virendra bunty

I have one like


Who is gonna win??
Mosquito or reigen

bugman bugman

am I the only one that thinks that saitama is kind of a dick? I mean, it sucks to not feel challenged and all, but hey, the world is safe because of him, I'd think he'd be a little happy about that.

Jocose Sonata

I don't know how, but please talk about Captain Musashi and the rest of the Body Improvement Club in Mob Psycho 100. Especially his fight against Shibata.

Amit Shukoor

I am watching it in year 2020 spoiler not a good year

Alex Churchfield

I love one, but his art is terrible. He even talks about this at one point in one of his manga(though I can't remember which)

Tommy Keane

Mob Psycho Vs One Punch Man.


Abraham Zayed


Tim Hilton-Brown

3:08 Uh, i think you forgot about One Punch Mans most epic fight: Saitama vs Mosquito.

Caro Serufuli

One punch man is all about the fun and Mob psycho 100 is all about the feels.

Bowen Tao

saitama appears several times in the mob psycho anime


I have a theory, that ‘mosquitoes’ wasn’t a mosquito but rather god in the form of a mosquito spying on Saitama. Possibly because he has realized that Saitama has broken his limit and could become a potential threat. Because of realization, he decided to spy on Saitama in the form of a mosquito as they were very common in the area at that time. What do you think? I think this is the only way Saitama didn’t kill it.

Erwin Lii

I always wondered how ONE the manga author/artist is able to work on two
webcomics at the same time... Then I took a look on his two works and
realized that his drawing style is actually very simple, sketchy, lazy
and amateurish - Correct me, if I am wrong! Which means he can create
easier, faster and maybe a little more laid back his rough comic
versions while his work is being remade and adapted by others with more
perfect details and professionalism. I have to say it is quite admirable
and enviable considering he can execute his story ideas commercially
without meeting the high standards of a superb manga style.

Joseph Morin

4:00 Genos looking like the cancer from cells at work


Do you remember that butt faced kid in episode 1 of OPM??? He just grew up in mob psycho 100 episode 1

jack beswick

The fact that two gag anime are my favourite is funny to me


Ah the one year anniversary of this episode. Cool. Ahhhh epic

BlazeTrail 1269

Anybody Here Search Up If Its Canon?


one punch man and mob psycho 100 is different director man but same style funny enough same style different director

Christopher Rivera

Alex Kierkegaard: 861. The only reason the Christian's God is "omnipotent" is because the Christian himself is impotent.

626. From a videogame review: "Every mystery in the setting is explained in detail before the end, and the world ends up feeling like a tiny, wretched sort of place." — A hint for those who feel that "complete knowledge" is an actually desirable goal for mankind to achieve, and that life on earth would be a lot more enjoyable if we had it.

613. God as "omniscient" and "omnipotent" is merely a subhuman invention: they foist on him (which is to say on me) all the qualities that they would have liked to possess themselves. It's merely a case of projection and glorification of their own ideal. They hate exertion and hard-won knowledge, since they suck so terribly at both, so their ideal being already knows everything without having to do anything, and without the slightest margin of error (and hence the negative consequences from those errors...), and he can make anything happen without, again, having to do anything. But an action that can be effected without any action IS A CONTRADICTIO IN ADJECTO, my dear subhumans, just as much as knowledge without action (see Heisenberg), since knowledge is itself a form of action, and God, who is God precisely because he loves action (loves it more than anyone else in the entire universe, otherwise he wouldn't be the best in the universe at it), would not under any circumstances desire to accomplish anything without, not merely exertion, but the HARDEST exertion that the resistance of the rest of the universe can provide — which includes the subhumans' own reaction to it, part of which is precisely the invention of an "omniscient" and "omnipotent" God.

116. It's not that God doesn't exist. It's that he doesn't care for the subhumans (or nowhere near as much, at any rate, as he cares for the humans). That's why he leaves their prayers unanswered. For humans and subhumans have always wanted exactly opposite things: We want war, death and destruction recurring eternally; they want "peace", "holidays", and a lot of sleep. We ask for no quarter, and give none; they are constantly begging for handouts and their "equal rights". Even if God wanted to grant everyone's wishes, he simply couldn't, and given that he has to pick a side, it's only natural that he would choose ours over the plebeians'; for as Sabatini points out somewhere, "the gods themselves are all aristocrats".

56. Linguistic optics: the time for it has come. The idea is basically that no one (and nothing) is "wrong"; they can't be wrong because they are part of the universe, and whatever is in their brains — in the brains of even the stupidest person — is as "correct" as what's in my mind or Nietzsche's or Baudrillard's. What we need then is an art of interpretation so subtle and powerful that it can bring out the "truth" that's hiding inside even the dumbest person's brains.
For example, when a Christian says "God created the universe and he loves me", he is not wrong. It's just that the concepts he designates with the words "God", "universe" and "love" are different from the concepts someone smart and educated, like me for instance, designates. For me the word "God", going by the Christian's definition of omnipotence, omniscience, perfect goodness, etc., is an empty word, a non-concept, since the predicates the Christian attaches to it are incommensurate with each other. But when the Christian says "God", he doesn't really mean an "omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly good being" (since he's so dumb he can't even grasp what these concepts mean, and hence uses them in ape-like and parrot-like fashion); he simply means "a very powerful being". Similarly, when he says "universe" he doesn't mean what I mean by "universe" (i.e. "everything"), he simply means "the earth" — or at most, if he's had a whiff of astronomy, perhaps "the solar system". And finally, when he says "love" he doesn't mean what I mean by "love" (i.e. a desire for possession, in order to shape the thing possessed), but the exact opposite, i.e. "help me" (= shape me).
So basically, when the Christian says "God created the universe and he loves me", what he's really saying, translated in our language, is "A very powerful being created the earth (or the solar system), and he wants to help me" — which could very well be true!
All of this stems from Nietzsche's positive theory of language, which basically says that a word means WHAT THE SPEAKER WANTS IT TO MEAN, and has no necessary connection to any pre-existing convention between speaker and listener. Ultimately, each person gives his own meaning to every word, which is only natural since this meaning is to be found inside each person's brain, and all brains are different.

Death to Racism 2021

4:42 a “what” basic existence???? Lol im jp


I think what I like best about both Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man is their shared message that being the best does not automatically make you happy. Both Mob and Saitama are acknowledged in their respective worlds as "the best like no one ever was," but that fact doesn't make either of them happy. It doesn't allow them to reach their true goals. It's only through working on the things they're NOT the best at that they are able to find what they really want out of life.

As someone who was in the Gifted & Talented program all throughout my school years, that message really resonates with me. If you only ever do things you're already good at, you don't grow as a person. It's only by pushing myself outside my comfort zone and working through the frustration of learning something new that I have found true purpose and fulfillment. Growing and changing are tough to do, but it makes life feel a lot more satisfying and meaningful.


Who knew Dj Khaled's suffering from success was about saitama


I am both Saitama and Mob. I have no motivation to do shit and supress my emotions. I have a good friend network, but I don't feel like I desire them so I push the away because don't think I'm a good person I feel like I can never change that, no matter how much I try.

I just got depressing, I'm sorry.

Rahul Varghese

Imagine having both Saitama's and Mob's powers

04- Lâm Đặng Bảo Châu

to be fair mosquitoes benefit from a power full hit since they use the air pressure generated when you hit them to fly away. that's why most things that can defeat a mosquito usually looks like a net with tons of tiny holes
Anyways, great video about ONE's works!

Htet Mg Mg

Dont forget these animes have a deep meanings of life lessons.

Just some guy with hair

hello mister this is one sensei first web comic one punch man when he started or in young age to entertain and one punch man is my no 1 anime of all time it is funny,sad,overpowered u think one punch hasnt have problem in manga u can see young saitama having problem teacher dont trust him

Nebu Zyrox

Saitama stomps...

Andrea Habana

I love how it's so..

T r u


The answer is simple. It's the Superman Syndrome. Saitama is unable to defeat the mosquito because he perceived a chance of failure. Where-as the humanoid monster mosquito hydrid is just another monster that he has frequently defeated. In fact, the entirety of his being was changed upon his evolution into a hero; showing him the ONLY thing he can do, as far as he is concerned. His fight against the crab transcended his mind, allowing his body to transcend with minimal effort.

Z. B. Oakley

It's a lot easier to punch a guy in the face than to swat a mosquito for most people.

Son Ryu

Any children have thought of super like human conditions, ONE was the only guy to manage off this kind of thing. Tbh ONE has a brain that exceeds the human imagination, his creativity is just...
I cant even explain it in words, somewhat out of this world?? Mob psycho 100 and One Punch Man 2 of the greatest anime we get to have.

bloop bloop

I heard that Persona 5 background music and a big smile went to my face.
Two cool fandoms together? Now that's a catch!


bruh , one punch man is like mob psycho's best friend
and they would make the best team


the breakdowns of these shows given here are excellent

Miomir Miomir


Mr. Jostur

I always described depression as: "Like everything was just sapped of it's color or energy. As if someone put some sort of color vacuum on everything. The frustrations of the world weren't frustrating, the tragedies weren't tragic, and the joyous things weren't joyful. They weren't anything. They were just 'things'."
When you think to yourself "I need to motivate myself to be motivated", then give up on it because there isn't a damn point it's hard to do anything.
This isn't exactly unique information, but still.

Isabelline Art

while watching this video, i came up with a fix to a major plot hole in a story im working on so thanks


Yes Saitama is depressed but like I think what makes the show great it the comedy and the feels since they don't focus on all the other stuff also who would win Saitama or Mob obi it would be Saitama

İsmail Koçyiğit

Since his hits are so strong and fast wind pushes the mosquito away


That was the best ted talk ever


2:36 He punched, why no kill

Shotgun barrage

And nobody has ever seen what the number on telepathic looks like.

Benas Civilka

Great video


The REALLY sad thing about one of the running themes of Mob Psycho 100 is that, if few were born to be gifted espers in real life (hypothetically speaking of course), they would turn out to resemble Mob’s antagonists more so than Mob. Evident by the existence of people who believe themselves to be more superior due to things such as intelligence, outward looks, financial status. Heck even something as simple as a person who reads manga always seem to think that they are somehow inherently better than ppl who only follow anime. Even fans of Mob Psycho would probably be douchbags if the were born with supernatural abilities. One put a real message in Mob Psycho, that I think will fly right over the heads of many because all they want to see is Mob flatten somebody with his powers.

Hi Lol

They are opposites

i am CLARK.

Saitamaa and mob are basically gods right?

Shotgun barrage

When ur young full of fun and playing. When ur older ur tired and working any fun can go numb and change ur perspectives in life.

The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

It's surprising how creative you get holded in your Mother's Basement.

It's not Zura, it's Katsura!

Both of them in my top 5 of all time so that's something


The maqistoe is blast

Shotgun barrage

Second mob has black hair one punch man has black hair. Cut mobs hair u have exact same face.

Shotgun barrage

I dont think so I think he has sort of memory loss. I think mob is the younger version of one punch man who has memory loss of his real abilities. Ontop of the the number one super hero is missing who is the strongest telepathic in the world. Ontop of that they were talking about how him and one punch man sound exactly alike. Mob always said he wanted to be a hero who could be his enemies with one punch.

Dio Brando

Honestly, why is Mob Psycho 100 better in my opinion? Well, I'm a middle schooler, the same age as little Shigeo Kageyama here, and I'm having exactly the same problem as Mob, finding out who I am in life. Granted, I do have an amazing talent for art, especially for my age (much like Mob's telekinetic talent), but realizing that drawing manga won't get me everywhere in life, I kinda feel... pointless. I do feel empty and confused inside, and I tend to feel like I'm not good enough for other people.

I began watching/reading Mob Psycho 100 because, not gonna lie, I was caught by the amazing art styles and was totally not gonna steal the style and claim it as my own. But as I got further and further into the story, I began to think "Wow. Mob is just like me". A boring, bland, normal teenager with a talent that doesn't help with anything, stuck in the endless phase of growing up. But we have family, and aren't necessarily lonely, but secluded. There were people who were jealous of his powers, like how people can be jealous of my art. There were people full of themselves until they met him, just like me. Shigeo became such a big impact on my life. Showing me that though what you have can be great, there's more to growing up and being a person than just natural talent. It's about who you really were, and what you want to be. "Your life is your own". I became interested and engaged with friends again, involved myself in more social activities, stopped bottling myself up from the world.

This is a surprisingly big influence in my life, and gives me a feeling that I can do anything if I try, and I hope that the story of Saitama and One Punch Man along with Mob Psycho 100 has effected many adults and teens alike as Shigeo has me.

Though I still have some trouble socialising and actually caring about people sometimes, I do care a little more about myself and who I want to be. If you read all the way through here, thanks for listening to me and sorry for wasting your time ?

Floof Bone

They have the same author and this author can make the best overpowered characters and can make this 0:10

Basement Gamer

Saitma is strong as a hero, not a man. Fighting a mosquito, he has a normal skill set, fighting a mosquito women, he is a god. Genos is the answer to this.


If anything the stylized visuals of ONE's series lend themselves well to not distracting the viewer from all the amazing development that is mixed within. In addition when animated the simple look is awesome when it's contrasted with the amazing visual effects during important fight scenes. Also the bland look of his characters is good visual comedy in many cases.


you can say anything you want about J.C staff but at least they actually animated the thing, could've pulled a studio deen and said "sorry the animation quality is in a different castle!"

Zapcross World

all the video essays Iv watched are pointless bla bla bla. whats the frckng point. example: title: naruto is fucking tash piece of shit. First thing in the video: "I just want to get this out of the way, but I actually like naruto" im tired of video essays

catboy makoto

okay this is unnecessary but i would want reigen to stomp on me because that's how much i love him :'))


Can someone tell me what chapter of the manga at 6:30


yeah i just finished mob season 2 and honestly my heart is so full like, im still shocked by how much it affected me


I find it interesting how while the relationship between Saitama and Mob's power and emotional state are inversed, the end result is the same, or at least very similar. Mob's power comes from his emotions, and so to not hurt those around him chooses an emotionally stunted life. Saitama on the other hand gained power removed from any source, or at least from an ever ambiguous source, and due to his power cannot feel anticipation, nervousness, or fear, and the subsequent payoff; relief, joy or exhilaration. I love getting to see an idea that ONE is obviously interested in toyed with and explored from his perspective through story.

Frederik Greve

Saitama: suffering from succes

Aiden Marie

Also, I love how One never sexualizes the middle school girls. Like, even Tsubomi is cute to Mob but not physically overdeveloped and we as the audience don't see in her what Mob sees. The kids are treated like kids. Sometimes they are put into dangerous situations, but that is despite the best efforts of responsible adults most of the time. It's really refreshing

Just Some Guy with Blue Flames

Saitama broke his limiter by training too much and mob break his by overthinking too much?

Dirk Strider

One Punch Man: Dealing with Depression.
Mob psycho 100: Dealing with Autism.

cà khịa

Saitama x fubuki => Mob?

William Storm


Jim Pemberton

I'm not a huge anime or manga fan, but my kids turned me on to ONE and Studio Ghibli, both having some great writing behind their works. So I'm a fan of both of these enterprises.

Studio Ghibli seems to be more story-driven, and they write fabulous NEW stories. So many stories you see today are simply old ones re-branded, re-charactered, re-contextualized, re-packaged, but ultimately still the same stories we've seen over and over for years if not centuries. Studio Ghibli, however, writes new stories that are as compelling and rich as the ancient tales from Russia, Scandinavia, Persia, China... The do character development well, but only insofar as it serves their stories.

ONE, on the other hand, I would argue, is primarily a master of character development. His stories serve his character development. So his stories are a little bit piecemeal. He necessarily borrows short story lines for the sake of trivializing, satirizing, and flattening contrasting characters for the development of the key main characters. So you remember the little stories along the way, but follow the character development through those stories for the primary continuity.


Mob's routine:
100 Maths questions
100 Riddles
100 Critical thinking questions
10 Minute meditation sessions

Ash Kittenn

Can we have a mob and Saitama cross over? Maybe like an ova or something lol

Tired Bitch

Saitama: God gave me depression because otherwise I would have bested Him in hand to hand combat by the age of 13
(And now I can still do that, but what’s the fucking point)

Mob 100:

Villain: tries to attack mob
Mob: Wait, you can’t do that
Villain: What! Why?
Mob: I baby
Villain: avances
Reigen: Wait, wait, you can’t just do that
Villain: Why?
Reigen: He baby

Luis Ortiz

Mumen rider>any other hero

- Spyhy

many shitty writers: OP Hero that just kills everyone except the main villain
Girls are either weak or thots for the hero to save and so they fall in love with eachother

Stupid decisions by the hero
The hero adapts to the world (not always a bad trope tho)

One writing: Hero is nobody but the strongest
Girls are not for the hero to save but they are simply saved becaus ethe hero was there but the hero wants nothing to do with them
no decisions by the hero cause he doesnt care and wants to live a normal life (thats why I think Kira from JoJo was good)
The world adapts to the hero

Shotgun barrage

And hes missing


"Immature d*ck"


Shotgun barrage

By the way personalities change

Christopher Moss

He can't hit the mosquito because it's too light. The speed he moves his hands at causes pressure to increase locally and pushes the mosquito out of the way.


Subbed because i just watched the vid you made about how cringy is the netflix adaptation of MOB

Erwin Lii

I always wondered how ONE the manga author/artist is able to work on two
webcomics at the same time... Then I took a look on his two works and
realized that his drawing style is actually very simple, sketchy, lazy
and amateurish - Correct me, if I am wrong! Which means he can create
easier, faster and maybe a little more laid back his rough comic
versions while his work is being remade and adapted by others with more
perfect details and professionalism. I have to say it is quite admirable
and enviable considering he can execute his story ideas commercially
without meeting the high standards of a superb manga style.


6:40 credits to your editor


"Oh a MB video about OPM and MP100, let's watch[...]
(At the end of the OPM part:)Damn, One Punch Man was even closer in quality to Mob Psycho than I remembered[...]
(At the end of the MP100 part:) feels intensify "

Shotgun barrage

So if maybe mob had decided to train his brain maybe he train so hard at one point it got stuck and fractured his mind and making him feel as though he had to get a job and had no prospects in the world. Kind of strange that he was strong enough from the get go to pull a lobster apart the way he did. But if his mind was fractured as mob, infinite strength being caused by his telepathic abilities could play a role. So when he started working out to become stronger infinitely made his body even more indestructible.

Soren Siris

My mind: I should probably say something really deep and profound here.
My mouth: Is that Persona 5 music playing inn the background?


Great Video!


when you go down the comments to find jokes but find....

A bunch of letters that I don't understand

Joker of The Wild Card Arcana

0:00 'Life Will Go On' Persona 5 OST

Alicia Osorio

If anybody ever watched saiki k then they know it’s possible to get girls good grades and popular

Jesse Vincent

He didn’t have a job


Saitama must be extremely depressed since nothing can kill him

mona lisa

shit i still feel bad for teruki's head?


"ONE gets life better than almost any writer nowadays, and he certainly knows his audience better than most manga writers. His writing shows an understanding of real life issues as well as the way to overcome them that transcends the normal tropes in this media."



Wow its been 1 year already, Oct 27, 2019

PkmnTrainer Roel

Saitama is just a guy that leveld up to much and then sweeps through every boss battle


I have a story idea but I can't draw good

Top 10 Saitama Punches One Punch Man

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Halil Acat

The strongest man of the anime universe.

Aidil Adit

Saitama level 10000

Yt yasin

Its cool but where is numer one

Jandrizz Cagas

Transition from 2 to 1 is pretty amazing



freaking lol


One punch man free fire gelmis

Raman mehra


Johnson Loke

He is weak before and her wish is granted by the stronger tabian XD


saitama the strongest

Rain Eludo

The strongest cloths u ever seen

Germán Marín

The real reason why saitama isn't in S rank is because in supermarkets they would recognize him and give him everything free, but he doesn't want it because he would have won the only battle he could have enjoyed: to be given discounts xd

Sorry, my English is bad


Free fire öne punch men ⚡

Jayvee Evangelista

the number 10 is just a dream


does anyoen here want to stand infront of saitama's serious punch?

The Stranger

What’s really funny is that even though saitama has all the power in the world he’s the most humble person on the show

DARK DC Hitesh

Who is from free fire


I know you want this 3:05


3:51-5:25)) me being class d in one punch man reborn yet being so god damn power full

me: One punch man ((but literally I actually one punch))
:my friends who are lvl 9913 yet still so weak too me: Citizens
:Me helping. People I don’t know against an rker: deep sea man

Anshu tripathi

No physics were harmed in this video ??

Aman FF

Free fire me aya hai one punch man events

Tri Wahyuningsih

Super saitama

jackilyn sia

What episode was the top 5



Eyad Aboali

Who came from free fire

t&m funbook

3:06 - 3:19 !!!!!!!!

wow punch

Just a Pedophet Without a Mustache

6:30 David Wood's (Acts17Apologetic) favorite scene.


When i hack clash of clans and have unlimited resources so it is not fun anymore

Natascha Klein

8:37 ?

Ondřej Svatoň

Where Is number one idiot


Mark my words
One day mumen rider will break his limiter and give saitama the fight he is carving for

Juneissa Durnab



im koreamam

Music And games

I like how the lion just slashed through some poor guys house, they’re probably like what the fuck just happened


Saitama act like nothing and just go get lunch


The earth : Getting Destoryed
Saitama : Just Vibing


saitama's dress is stronger than him

ƏLİ Qapaqov

Fire fire one puch mannn

Eren Yeager

2:15 - 2:20 - 3:19 - 8:29

Funniest lines from saitama

Brismo TheHunt

How to make the biggest war in the world

Saitama can beat Goku

sleek master

I kinda hoped that the lion would become saitama's friend

Stanley Humphris

Imagine having that power, that ability to destroy. So many fights you could win even with your weak punch, simply just... MESMIRISING

Yusuf Emir Öztürk

İs he caillou i think he is

GoGo Anime TV.

The last punch is incredible ???

Shankar Baruah

Who see this after mythpat

Felix's Thomas

Bentuk langit nya terbukti perbedaan kekuatan boros dan Saitama ?

David Baheswar

Nes to nhi bolta tha


I'm imagining a threat comes along that's some high level SCP conceptual entity. Saitama destroys the concept with a punch.


Free fire

Ajoi ann

I'm I the only one who just wish all the S heroes die?I mean seriously,Saitama who did all the fighting.He the one who should get the credits.And they just dumb enough to didn't notice that.Tornado didn't even do that much damage.Frick all the heroes,Saitama should be a hero higher than the S tier

Dicky Indraw

Suara ml bahasa jepang wkw

Rajvir Singh

what do u all think
the serious punch made by saitama in season 2 ep - 24 should be on second or 1st
but he hasnt included it only


Sale in Supermarket Saitama:One punch oh sale in supermarket

oyun kandır

3:49 :))))


Seeing in 2021?

Quii Ne

saitama face : ?️_?️

Biraz Huzur

Free fire den gelen var mı?


The Strongest Monster : i will destroy the whole world
Saitama : Oh shit, today is the bargain day at the supermarket i have to get fast
(Demolishes him in one punch)


just ONE f*cking PUNCH

꧁Apple Zyu꧂


Martin 777


Boa KW

fun fact: his face gets detailed for stronger punch

Mind_ Flayer99

I think i fell in love with saitama's bald head

Chase Tham

i like how every monster he meets is polite and waits for him to prepare


i just noticed, in the last punch, Saitama didn't even touch Boros to kill him

Goorie Animation

0:45 Purple Piccolo with Frieza's voice


He's a king of punch dude


Free Fire sponsor shshhshsss

Lord Voldemort

What if Genos had Nanotech

Savija Amarasingha

Strong and Simple That's Saitama

Boriy Gamer

Voy opoqisi!


Don't know who this is, but he's awesome.

Emre Gkcen

Son Goku ??

Hamsa Hamsa

3:07 is So comedy ??????

Dedek Aja

One hit dek?

Martin 777


Yandi Gimeng

i really want to know if Saitama punch himself


Free fire❤️? Cristiano❌❌❌ one punch man✔️✔️✔️

syed bilal

I wud like to see goku punch like that

Fan Shub

Before punch
Villans:oh no

Dhruv Saini

He is basically misxture of 99999 hulks and 99999 flashs???


just the existens of this List makes it even funnier

Kim Taehyung

I hate more than failing in maths when people give Saitama's credit to that damn Tornado

Hanni fransiska Zaldy


Crazy SparkzZ 气࿐

From free fire

I’m useless.


Unnecessary Comment

It's not much fun when you're the best, is it now?...


Everything has a limit,what is saitama's?

Ethanis boo

I like one punch man because thye don't talk for 10 minutes


Freefire x one punch man

cem oğuz

so where is no 1?

Conor Green

Is anyone gonna notice that this kid has a weed shirt

Danny Danielson

5:05 he bitch slapped him so hard that all of the clouds in that area just disappeared, and nobody notices...

A dog That’s silly


James HO

Number 10 it's saitama Dream stupiddd!!

Carl Bautista

1:30 me when i get grounded


Free fire?

leroy wakumile

sitama approching me
commits suicide

Zanvure Godfucker

Shouldn't Consecutive Normal Punches be called Continuous Normal Punches?

Shorty Drew

KoreanSavage when he plays call of duty

Miles Appleby

Why does that kid have a pot shirt