Jlo ab workout

At Home JENNIFER LOPEZ Workout ( 10 Min )

At Home JENNIFER LOPEZ Workout ( 10 Min )5 Oct. 2020

Today at home we try

Today at home we try Jennifer Lopez workout by celebrity Trainer David Kirsch ! Simple , yet tough , Jennifer Lopez workout will & strengthen your core. Follow along with me for 10 min at home workout !

Jennifer Lopez ABS workout routine gets a lot of Buzz , but TRUTH is that it's her CORE that's the star.

* To advance, grab a free weight thats light to medium in weight for resistance and Gliders that increases intensity.

* Note we not do #2 exercise 'Jack Knife sit up ' from Pop Sugar Fitness Core series 3. For time purposes we add a Lat Pull over with David's sit up exercise. An exercise Jennifer Lopez also does with her Trainer you can find on IG .



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BURPEEyoga uncle

i remember her when she was just a dancer on a tv show..my my..great work ethics! great workout here! nice work

Food with Anjum

Hello dear your videos so good fantastic I really enjoyed watching your videos I joined you stay connected forever please joined me new subs dear

Treine onde Estiver! Barros

Hello, how nice that I found your channel, very good your content congratulations, I already signed up to accompany you, I also produce content if you can give me a helping hand there I will be grateful ?

BendnStretch with Sue

Love it! This is really my jam :-) Thank you Victoria!

Home Workout Health Hub

Awesome exercise for the obliques!

Peaches Skin Care

???Lisa Peaches Skin Care


How did it go ?

Knockout Fitness

Its a very good workout ??

Daniel Tustin

I thought you made a really good thumbnail for this video!! Keep it up. Got me to click for sure!

Khadija Talbi

Courage victoria im laila ??

Betty Sarem

Hallo sis


Great workout! Just subbed btw. See ya around!?

Mtravel Vlog

I checking your channel I thought you are not my friend..but I already subscribe you..stay healthy my friend

Marie Coladonato

Loved this!!?

Get Jacked! with Jacko Attacko

Those gliders are brutal! What kind of mat do you use? I need one of those cuz I have carpet floors like you

Military Fitness

Hi, great video and well explained. I am another small YouTuber and like to show support so have dropped a sub. Keep up the great work.

jackie [Nerd-Lifting_?]

hug from livestream ?

Cook With BanglaSisters

Amazing video dear. Love you title.I have added you to my friend list. Hope you will add me as well.

PJ Mac Fadden

damn j-lo sure sure does love to work on her obliques lol

Get Fit With Neha

thats really great workout and jlo is best to stay fit.

mimi mil

i like workout...new friend sist


I really like ????

Chef Elena

You have an interesting channel, I am your new friend. I would be grateful to you if we were friends

Emma Prestage

Awesome! love the glide pike exercise ?

kamili Fit

Great 10 min workout , I love it ???

Taha Madani

Good luck laila ??

Exercício do Corpo & ao Espírito

Owesome workout thanks for to sharing. Keeping bringing more!

jimmy is lonewolf

That looks hard

Healthy Lifestyle By Kathy

This home workout 10 mins burn very good.

Zineb Zaidi

Good luck im laila

Mark Willmore Fitness

Hard and effective workout! Nice video ???

Tom Chou Chou Keto Mukbang

YASSS ★Subbed ? From Annie's Fam
Here to support an awesome workout! ??

Kirsten Quick Fit

Awesome workout! Some of my faves!! Those glides on your mat with your socks wow! I felt the burn here!! Well done!

I am Lana

Trying this one today... Hopefully I will get JLOs abs! Lets wish for the best !

sens music

Hello, my dear friend, I am an Egyptian pharaoh. Music is very cool. The video. I am in your house from today, and you also come home. I am waiting to see you Like 28 ???????

Adrian and Nico

Good job coach

Relax for a Moment

Wonderful...very helpful ....

Craft T Crafts

Yes! Let's all look like Jennifer Lopez! Thanks for sharing this workout. ???

Tanwa Stanley

Mmmmmmmm never tried the side v-ups......Going for that move soon

Sweet Dreams - Relaxing Music

Thank for sharing my friend ????

Cross Crazee Fitness

Love ? Love the title you are Awesome
Way to go ??‍♂️?

Food Agent


Paru Yoga Nepal

amazing routine !i will definitely wanna try thanks for sharing !

Kazabella12 Mind Body Spirit

Hey ??♥️??is amazing to be here thank you for shearing this video ?✅?


Great workout!! I'm happy you found my channel! Excited to make a new friend and you definitely have my support! Brad

Dan Voss

Awesome video! I just came across your channel and subscribed. Looking forward to more videos from you!

Ruthie's vlog World

I have to get started already ??‍♀️ .. good job love ?

Laila fitness ليلى فتنيس

Very good continue i like this entrainement

Istanbul_travels.vs. recipes

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Stay blessed stay connected?

Chams Mhamad

Good job laila ?

Mr. Pink & Mrs. Blue - Healthy Lifestyle

So amaziiiiiiing! I love Jennifer Lopez, and your workout surely has her vibe! Will surely watch out for more of this, so excited!

Aim Dhotcom

Thanks sharing video

Connie Murphy

HI VICTORIA thanks for your videos. I found you thru "PEACHES SKIN CARE" today. I use her products.I'v been working on my arms now again for a month and because I always see results quickly I stay encouraged to keep it up. my only problem is the crapeiness of the inner arms.I guess that needs surgery LOL I danced regularly most of my life untill 5 yrs ago so my legs feel a little betrayed LOL but all in all I'm still 118 lbs 5'4' and grateful for that ."OVER70 STILLGLAMOROUS " :) hug connie

Sangeeta's kitchen Corner

nice work out, nice sharing, my new friend, subbed u.

Nandkishor Sharma

You are beautiful and have a sweet voice i wish i can meet with you once..... Where do u live ? i want to make a fitness video with you

Subliminal Radio

full watch

Jennifer Lopez Mix | 14 Minute Power Walk Workout | At Home and Indoor Friendly

Jennifer Lopez Mix | 14 Minute Power Walk Workout | At Home and Indoor Friendly19 Feb. 2020
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This at-home POWER WALK

This at-home POWER WALK to the QUEEN of Latina pop music, JLO! Torch those calories with this fun, energising, one-mile walk in your own home (or wherever there is internet!) This workout is great to do on it's own for a speedy, fat blasting, workout, or along with any of my other workouts and cool downs. 15 minutes will FLY by as you move through this super fun, energising routine - I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Jessica Lindner

Such a fun way to get away from my desk and get moving for a bit. Love all the arm moves!

Vlasta Vorálková

Thank you soo much for another awesome walk! :-) I had a lot of fun, sweating and was like a flamenco diva :-D Oleee


What music remix is this?

Lisa Rogers

Wow that was such a great workout! Really enjoyed this.

Kimberly Fried

How many steps is this video? I’m doing two of your videos a day & I’m keeping close track of the steps from each video then I total both videos up to combine the total steps

Cooking with Jess Rene

Loved it Gina!!!! Thank you xoxo

Atra Williams

Fun way to burn calories ??

Susan Peters

Super fun. Thank you!!!

Sharon Whiting

This was a great quick workout and I'm really sweating now - no AC and so hot in NZ at the moment :) <3

Lorie Gonta

I am bouncing in my chair right now...will be starting on Thursday morning or even tomorrow afternoon...can't wait..

danielle canavari


Ann Wilson


Irma McGaughey

Love your workout videos. Great way to start the day!


Love this workout! Will there be one featuring Shakira songs?

Lori Hernandez

I think you should make daily ones! So fun

priyanka shukla

Hi Gina, you are simply amazing. Found your channel last week, have been doing it every morning. Just want to say love your moves and you doing a great job.

Jocelyn Ferguson

I can only find one (1) Warm-Up video...How many have you recorded and where are they located???

Maria Fabian

Love your videos. Thank you for helping with my motivation to exercise. Love it!

lynn lim

Been following for nearly 2 years... ❤️❤️❤️ From Malaysia

mizz tanya

the thumbnail says its for 18 minutes though the video is only 13 minutes. thought i'd let you know in case you missed that! looooove your channel, you have saved my life with those progression walk videos. thank you so much.

Maria Kramer

That was tough...for my brain! Little coordination challenge. ?

Deb Malone

I absolutely love your dance type workouts! Thank you so much for doing this! Keep dancing!!

N Patricia Castillo

YAY!!! I was actually going to request a JLo and Shakira workout. Great minds think alike, I guess! ? What a fun workout - thanks!

Dana Latyschow

Super fun workout! I paired it with your 2000 Steps Latin Beats workout (one of my favorites) to get a 30 minute workout. Thanks, Gina!

Anne Jackson

LOVE THIS ONE TOO!!! The absolute best workouts on youtube! Thank you soooo much! :)

giggle box

love your channel; keep the videos coming

Tracy Boraski

can't wait to do this workout tomorrow. Looks FUN!! I like to watch the video before I do workout to see what it entails. I did walk and tone in 30 today...I liked it and it was kicking my butt the last 10 minutes but I made it!! Love your videos Gina!

Bronwyn Pretorius

Loving your walking workouts to keep my steps in check after sitting at my desk for a while. Would love more 5 minute or one/two song power walks to get a few hundred steps without taking a long break. Some good 80s music! ??


I'm not good at exercising, I can't tell you how many times I've tried to do "easy beginner" workouts on other channels and given up in the middle cause they're too hard. But I never give up in the middle of your videos cause they're actually fun. Now I can do two of these longer videos in a row without quitting and it's not much but I'm proud of myself for sticking to daily exercise for over 6 months thanks to you. I hope you keep making your videos ?

Amy Rowlands

I love this one I do it everyday ??

Tammy Cook

Not only a heart riser but what a great dance class! Thank you for teaching me those steps!

Dj Hillbloom

No it's cute when you sing

Sandi Wetzel

Love this girl. Thank you for the great workouts

Ariel Rice

I like it because it stays you fit

Bethany Stanko

Loved this workout and your energy keeps my energy high too!

Maria Juhl Hansen

Another awesome workout from the work-out queen herself. She keeps you motivated and actually looking forward to doing your work-outs by making them fun

Carla T

Gina from the block! What a great way to start a Monday! Thank you for this - appreciate you!


Did this workout make anyone else realise just how uncoordinated they are?! Though loved the flamenco influence. Could do with some more of that!

Julie O

Thank you for your work outs, they are so much fun! I do 2 workouts a day and one of the workouts my 13 yr old does with me after dinner. He enjoys it and says you are so nice and fun! I’m trying to get back in shape and these workouts are perfect for me!

Lory Di Nardo

Love this one. Please more JLo dance workouts. Thank you dear Gina B. You are great?

Shelli Jackson

I love all your workout moves I do them every you're the best thing thank you so much


I love your workouts! you are so motivational and have such a positive energy about you! thank you for these great fun workouts.

Nancy Jones

That was fun! It felt really natural. (The other day I knew I was getting old when I kept thinking you'd be perfect for my son. Yeah, I know you're married, but still . . .) Looking great!


Love this! Great way to start my morning!

Gigi Nunez

Sweat sweat sweat. ? it!!!! Thank you.


Fun work out! Thanks. Warmed me up on a cold morning here in Maine, USA.

Marylyn U

Wow! This wasn’t a walk in the park. Lol. Loved your energy girl. You rock

Sarah Shaver

Love this one like all of your workouts. Fun, sweaty and uplifting. Bit I was not a fan of the Superbowl performance. Found it vulgar and degrading for women, children and families.


I love your 10-15 minutes walking workouts!!!! It’s a nice break after sitting for so long at my work from home job! Keep it up!

toytoya Blessed

Yes about to power walk right now

Lisa Madsen

Thank you. I love yours program. Im looking from Denmark ????

Lauren Manning

Thanks for a great workout!i did the ABBA one first and then this one and now I feel so good. Definitely worked and sweaty, but not like I’m going to fall over. ?

Gigi Tangarorang

Thank you so much for your short but intense workouts.... Exactly what i'm looking for...


Never stop singing! They are one of your signatures and make us all smile and enjoy your videos

Tacy Huffman

Thanks! Loved it!

Lucky Cutie

Hi Gina B, you are now my Best friend, my favorite. I'm glad I came across to one of your video

Maria Powers

Really loved this ❤️

Follower Of Duck

i love how fun this routine is

nurul aini pustikasari

Wow, i have been waiting this workout, it's almost the same as dance that walk, ??

Inja Roßburg

This was sooooo powerful ??? I Loved this Workout. ??☺️ I Like J.Lo Songs and this Workout was great. Thank you Gina,for this burning Workout. ??

Phelicea Foster

I liked this video, I exercised to one of your video and it was so lively, welcoming ,and your energy was great, loved the colour of your background ligting above the mirror , I had to give your vid a like and a like for this one as well , how do you get your videos to have that professional ,cinema look?

Pawel Liberda

Thank you very much for the workouts. I was struggling to do any workout after my night hospital shifts. Yours are perfect, fun, helping to rid of the stress and make me sleep like a baby after:)


Sooo fun! I am puffed too! Where did you find the last track for Jenny From the Block?

Kathleen Delaney

Went by in a flash. ? it

San Dra

Loved it, great sunday!

sacha green

Love this workout


Enjoy your workouts, not so much JLO :)

Sumeka Johnson

Great workout for a rainy Thursday morning. It put a smile on my face and a pep in my step. I am new to your channel (3 days) and I love it!! Keep up the great work


wouldn't really consider myself a jlo fan but loved this because i know all the songs and it's a fun routine

Savannah Barrett

I absolutely love your videos. You make it so much fun! You should do a britney spears and janet Jackson one.


I loved this walk. Great fun and great way to start the day.

Theresa Clarkson

O yeah ??

Diana Flores

GinaB from da block!! Loved this!! U R A DIVA GIRLFRIEND!! laughed so hard during your little diva move!! ...but kept going...warmed up with your disco walk and i am sweating but smiling at the end!!! Only you do this and god bless u for it!! Big love from Texas!!! Luv ya girl!!!

Emily Hill

Sweating buckets!!!!

renee szyszka

Just wasn't feeling it...
In my opinion the videos are getting to choreographed in dancing..which I understand is her strength....but, from someone who has done these videos for awhile and all the videos...I'm a bit disappointed. Starting to be like the rest on YouTube.
Again just me....nothing personal...still love gina b as a person....beautiful soul...but its come to an end for me....
Makes me sad....

Just A Murmur

What a huge smile this put on my face! Nothing better than seeing a new video from you, Gina! Love you...and thank you! ♥ Hugs!

Marie-Eve Bujold

I love the moves in that one. It's a bit more complex. We love your energy!!!!

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Comments (75)
Julie A

Why are there no cues?! That's crazy to me.


love her!!


I got a waist for the first time in my life

Angela McMullen

Good workout. I like that she has some very unique moves that hit your muscles from different angles and it's challenging. I don't like that she doesn't say anything because it's a little hard to know what to do if you're not familiar with her moves and also if your head is down. I wish her online studio membership wasn't so costly. I'd totally join if it wasn't so ridiculously priced.

Wings Physio

Her skin is wow ?

Ang _

this workout is amazing!

Zazie Patch

workout starts at 8:37

fadila bensadi

You are the best tracy ????????

emma m


Aida Woodard

Tracy you look amazing. You are more beautiful than you were twenty years ago. You are so tiny!!! What’s your secret? Seriously you have the body to die for! I love your method. I only wish that you had put out more DVDs.

Guided by Breath

“It helps you circulate.” Circulate what? ?

Imelda lucia Espinosa orea

Como le hago para subtítulos en español?

Pam Clarke

Thank you so much for sharing!! Love your style or workout!

Lit Voyage

I tried a couple of her videos and did not notice any results. No soreness the next day, no difference in weight, strength, shape.

Maomao Zhang

Lol @ wypipo


I tried this workout for the first time. I enjoyed doing this with the music. The workout was hard, but I did it! This sense of accomplishment turns to my energy! Thank you for sharing this! from Japan


I love TA and have been following her for about 10 years. I started w her OG Mat, PT, PDS, Bootcamp, META/Continuity and then joined Streaming. Tracy is very innovative and knows how to create balance where there's imbalance ? Just follow her lead, stay consistent and believe me, you will reap AMAZING benefits!!!!! ?


Can i try this with my mom? Or this workout is just for adults?

B Javan

Why this music tracy???but love the work out?I wonder how you use to look like before ? I wish to see your pictures before and after?

Connie B.

Tracy is the truth. It’s important to understand her methodology to really do amazing with this program. She changed by body in 4 months. I’ve been streaming for 18 months. I also use @cobefit belts during my workout for leaning out my core

Tenesha Anderson



I love her so much! She's incredible. Her method is like dancing and working out in one. I love it.

Rina van den Berg

Tracy is my lockdown workout friend ??


Thank you!

Emily Knight

Been doing the method 5x/week for 6 years. As a former athlete this is the best workout for mind and body. It’s hard as hell but it’s a triumph. Daily.

Heather Gustafson

People’s personal life is their own. She is a professional and very good at what she does! All of you on social media need to stop watching all the stuff that spreads through it. Really get a life and see how that really feels!

Ćurguz Ivana

I love everthing about this, everthing,❤️?

Mira mar

I am really Love Tracy

Natalia Lokchina

Thank you Tracy, that is amazing!!!


I love Tracy's method but also her philosophy. She advocates for persistency and for mind body connection.

The Sleep Addict

This is the most ridiculous workout routine I’ve ever seen. Tracy was born looking this way, her philosophy doesn’t make sense at all. Weights make one bulky? Lol. Get over it women, they don’t. At 42 I lift fkn heavy and I look amazing. These movements are not even biomechanically sound; try doing this workout if you’ve joint issues, shoulder issues and see how you feel. Women are so easily manipulated and fooled, I wish I had taken a bullshit approach to my business so I could’ve profited off of insecure women, but nah, no thanks. Plus I don’t think the body of a 12 year old boy is attractive at all. And no ladies, I’m no hater....I love the way my body looks

Kathy Hanna

Thank you for sharing! Tracy your workout is the best!!!!

Svetlana Vukolic

How can you get peace of mind with such noise??!! I won't even call it music.

Preethi Prakash

is it possible to lose weight with these workouts for the age group of the late 40s?

Daniela R Weiss - The Clean Body Company

After almost two years of doing TA 5 to 6 x a week, I tried another workout for 3 weeks and suddenly my thighs were getting bigger and I started getting a butt I didn't want. Back to TA - with thanks!

Rebecca Burn

Mat work starts at 18:24 ?


this workout kicked my butt, BUT I loved it. Thank you TA!?

Stephanie B.

I have to know who sings this song starting at 30:59!! Thanks!!

Beach Town Reseller

She’s amazing. Don’t listen to the crap said about her. Do the workout. Feel it. You’ll be hooked.


i still get back to this video on the reg. thanks for sharing!!

Лора Колчина


Rocio Tejero Hidalgo


Guy Incognito

Terrible form.

Nicole T

awsome a new full workout. cant wait to try it.

Carin Lopez Benítez

Hola guapa donde puedo conseguir rutinas diarias soy principiante en ejercicios y me gustaría rutinas diarias claro si se puede que tengas bonito dia

Natalya Laskis

Thank you so much for sharing your technique I heard you from Busbee style You are the hardest workout which, means it is the best.

Monika Z.

Thank you

Tasha Green

I loved this!


Oh yes!!! Thank you!

Kelly Hohne

Thank you for this workout!

Anne Williams

this is crazy, but the workout being associated with gwyneth paltry really kind of ruins it for me.


Definitely fantastic to work out like this, and it quite obviously works for her and her followers. Surely I can't be the only so rhythmically challenged, though, that its impossible to follow the first few times through. Some moves are a 4 count, some are an 8-count, then just when you think you've got it she'll throw in a 16-count on the right, but then only 14 on the left. One of the only negatives I have to say about this style exercise, if there could be some form of cueing by way of beeps or dings. Sure uses muscles that haven't been awoken in a long time though. Oh and the cost.. need a hefty Hollywood salary to afford her privately.


OMG that music is horrid. Great she doesn’t give directions so I could mute. Not conducive for mind/body work which is about awakening. Depressing


Poor choice of background lighting. Overexposes everything. Very Amatuer. To see a well made workout video check out Madfit.


8:40 when the workout begin??

Heather Johnson

In only two weeks working out with TA online changed my life and my body. I have less pain and am so much stronger and leaner. My husband keeps asking if I have lost weight and while I don't need to I do look leaner and my clothes fit better. In only two week I saw this change!

Bella Barbee

I was totally skeptical to do this because I just didn’t feel like it would be affected for me. But after doing the first workout yesterday watching this video, today I am the sorest I think I’ve been in a while and I do HIIT it everyday! thank you TA!


I could have done without the cheesy music.

Emily Marker

I was skeptical but I absolutely loved it!


Tracy is amazing, unique and motivating ! Love her

Nimi T

She looks good. She has to be doing something right with her workouts. I remember doing her mat workouts a few years back, now watching this I want to get back into her method of working out.

Kristen Peña

What kind of sneakers is she wearing

Bad Mom

“Celebrated position”......u sound like an entitled as$hole.

carlotta godini

To be in Vogue there are many Dangerous Mistakes in the choices of movements with weights...luckily she said to use minimum weights. But still is gaining a wrong pattern of muscular chains that can cause permanent damages long term. I like the idea of choreography and speech but there are some movements that are totally WRONG for the shoulders any International Sports Science Association trainer would agree saying that there are DANGEROUS mistakes in the choices of movements even for the trainer Anderson herself...it is not necessary to have famous clients to know the basic of human biomechanics and apply it correctly.

Fortis Cuore

Love home workouts!


Thank you Tracy- looking good and feeling great!

Afifa Rouane

A bee or a bird??

Tenille Johnson

Loved the workout by 29:52 I was yelling out loud "Got Damnit Tracy! How much more!" LOL

Maria Gaudette

Wow that s messed up. Angry music. Not good.

Maria Theresa

Am i just watching this? How do you do an instructional workout video without telling us what to do? This is awkward like watching a school performance and I’m stuck watching the whole thing until my kid comes up for her Coello performance ?

Sarah Thompson

This was an awesome workout, no verbal commands but easy to follow. My butt was actually sore the next day after doing it! Most butt exercises just work my legs but I really felt this one. Music was great.

Tera & Sean Robison

Thank you Vogue and Tracy! ❤️ I feel empowered!

Happy Munchkin


Joe Aucoin

Excellence in creating balance in the body! Being patient and kind to myself while learning this method has really paid off in incredible outcomes (no back/hip pain, slimmer, toned beautiful balanced lines). Thanks Tracy!!!!

Rubina Shaikh

Thank you Tracy, will start doing it from tomorrow onwards, hopefully it will help me to tuck away those cellulites, I've lost much weight by all sort of exercises available online but have unable to sculpt my body, now coming near to 50 I feel more anxious to do it ASAP. Hoping for better. At least that's what I feel after going through comments