Is 50 pounds heavy to lift

Heavy Lift 50lbs 22.7kg 685mm X8 Multi Rotor

Heavy Lift 50lbs 22.7kg 685mm X8 Multi Rotor30 Jun. 2012
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Specs for

Specs for battery/motor/prop all at the end of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDHXVROPGEk

See 30lb controlled lift


This was for a contest to lift the most weight. The props were moved in to allow us to enter a smaller diameter category. Yes, we won! no one else was even close. To all those that think this was somehow faked HAHA right, have your friends see this and show you it is not faked. Look at my other videos I made on this

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Made in Russia

Wow, we're shook! Do you think Russian drones can do this? https://youtu.be/tqpUfkGyXBE

Geo Grish

Crazy. Awesome. Great.


Put a small child on it, could prob survive falling off a building


Can you fly

MMSamil Gülbaran

Can i have a part list sir?


cool! which motor and esc did you use?

Yadav Saab

I want to make my project
solar quad copter

Paul Kendall



Which motor you use in this rotar

Ryan S

seriously why did you waste our times with posting this video when you were obviously warned if you take the camera off the payload it will be questioned, the measuring sequence could have been done after the lift

Alex Grin

молодец чувак

Mehul Parmar

which motor use motor specifications


fake you obviously changed the load while u measured the quad


3:00 for the impatient

Allan Rhodes

You might be able to increase that further with inducted fans rather than standard props

Paul Kendall


Hi Hai

Your video is really useful.

Carlo Jay Tejero

please watch this epic drone crash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djfKQ4dEYic


Sounds like angry bees heading towards you


inertia pull. . . .

Andrew Fallon

action starts at 3:00


what are specs of motors u used ? and even the company?

Sketchy Comment

what are the engins used in this drone ?

Tin Htoo

can i have contacts?We are really interested in your work.

Burchan AYDIN

the lift took only 5 seconds though.

Phoenix AF

You should get up to 80 lbs of payload with 12KW of power

Rohit Kumar

what is battery name of your drone?

Will Dominguez

Was this built completely from scratch?

Jared Bourgeois

that thing would shoot up like a rocket if that line were to break.


Please make video on How to make this type of copter

Gillian McLean

Nice but learn to edit. Video drags. Lost interest quick

R . Logesh


Moises Garcia Durand

Amigo como ensamblastes los motores invertidos y el frame que material es, podrias facilitar el diseño o esquema de la electrónica para mi proyecto personal. A la espera de tu pronta respuesta tengo muy buenas referencias tuyas.

Random Stuff

wow , how about using ducted propellers?

Dj Bharat

How to get this drone in India how much price of this item


What is the name of the motor?


What's those Battery?

m thomas

rather than having a line connecting the weight i would have it static, well, as much as possible.

prashant gohil

hello sir
which motor is drone

1903 feda


Federico Sagun

The old kk2

Jason Gooden

amazon drone


That's all it can do, lift 22.7KG for 3 seconds? It's a waste of money lol.

kam hagh

Take that amazon!


So no Amazon furniture yet.

Munkhjargal Nymsuren

how much is the cost of drone?

David Ficko

Which battery and motord did you use?

Luis Soris


Althu electronics althu althaf

wery naise your warking metheed
sooper your brain is wery naise
am happty to waching this viodeo

Marshall McFarlin

Australia, Dubai and Japan lead. In Dubai they adapted them for fire fighting and rescue.

uppalapadu abhiram

how to make

DeathShot DS Gaming


Gabriel Alencar


Frank Red

Bombs away!!!!

Apachurrale Produccion

so 6 of those moters to lift 300 lbs

Surya Ponsel

What the c batteries?

Vivek Dubey

Superb powerful drone ??????????

Tim Lazenby

Thousands sepnt on the copter only to have shit sound. By a decent muffled mike guys!

Gorilla FPV

how much does that drone weigh flying by itself

Mick Carson

Yes, it's a Multirotor, not a fucking drone, like these ignorant illiterate Yankees call them.


Wonderful wonderful a great compliment a drone like for you if you like really good passes from my channel through a very nice video hello

Jack P.

wha kind of drone is that? what the heck did you do it?

One Ocean

Cool. They just need vertical hot air or cool air ballons that can fit in a parking space to reduce the weight and save battery power.

Yaszer Barboza

Es increíble

Ram sai Reddy's

I need a full video of this...
How to make it...
Plz.... Send me link...
R full video...


Almost all of us Americans in STEM fields use the metric system everyday. Hell it is way easier in every way. The reason we don't switch is 50% because it would be a pain in the ass for 2-3 years & 50% because as a huge tech/fabrication leader, a sovereign system helps protect our trade goods (as well as part supply economies). personally, i wish we would switch

Shubham Vernekar

cool !

Rushi S

What configuration of batteries have to be used to get 60 mins of flight time and can lift 10 kg of weight. Please help and reply.

Chris Katko

3... 2... 1.. ISIS.

Lapa Jing

Super super super

Dixie DOG

ok that's impressive

Madhu Yadla


Taner Media

Very impressive, great work! ?


Its real.
It was for an international contest out of HK. So we were to use the metric system.
Look for the 33kg lift in my videos.
We built this.
6S5000mAh batteries
60 size equivalent motors

Mihail Rasskazov

Он бы и меня в детстве покатал:)

Rc- Family-Fun


Red Scorpion



Hi???Uhm How high in the sky you fly with this thing? Could you do a test to bring it up to 1100 meters? And with 5 kilo load!!! Im very curieus If this thing can do that. Reply me back please!!


Kilo grams??? Centimeters?  Quit acting like a couple of Euro puke a$$holes.  If you're really Americans it's pounds and inches!!!


Nice video

Swiper Soixante

Wow, the first time i see a fat guy lifting 22.7 kg " called multi rotor",,, wow again !!!!! and he can hide behind a tape mesure too ,,,,,, well done you have more than a million views

Harry Bolsak

Fuck ISIS would love this

ShaunO ZS1RA

Wow I'm impressed! What are the specs on the props.

Ilya Levi

Looks like a fake vid


what are the parts you used to make that drone bro list part and sent me with caculation

Ria Balli

How much did creating this cost?

joseph megna

QRX 800 fitted with night flying light for filming.                         https://youtu.be/Dzh3ffnWjug


that thing will lift up my newborn baby brother and take it to no mans land

Dawson Ho

oh, that's it ???


it can lift a child!

Carlo Jay Tejero

nice drone mate

Yadav Saab

sir can u tell me how can I made with the help of solar panel

David #

It can lift me then i am 25 kg

স্বরুপ নগর news

How to motors power
Model number?
Please Details sent me now

yousef saadeh

can you give me a link for the brush-less motor used in the video ?


This is not fake, but those batteries are going to turn into eggplants, or those motors are smoke by the sound of things.
It can lift it but not for long.

John M

How long can it do dat??
How far can it go ??

Stephanie Kent

it's a monster!

Johnny Athanasiadis

50 pounds american, really?

CRUSHING A 400 LB BAG LIFT CHALLENGE: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

CRUSHING A 400 LB BAG LIFT CHALLENGE: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History30 Aug. 2019
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In Wyoming, the guys pay

In Wyoming, the guys pay homage to William Bankier with a 400-pound bag lift in this clip from Season 1, "Strongmen Go West". #StrongestMan

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Gustav Ohlson

The guys who carried the bags in and out sittning there like :I

Alex Jackson

See, proof that Robert is both strong and pretty ;)


When you accidentally shart and try to make the bathroom before it hits your boxers. ?

donald smith

Eddie could have done it but didn’t want it bad enough

Colin Moran

Love nick

Jasper Silvis

Oberst is a funny dude. Well done to Nick as well. Looks like I need to watch the whole episode to see if Brian lifts it.

Rori Gillmore

2:05 ddin't eddie tear his bicep ? i heard in one of his yt videos


3:06 I got scared for the old guys life

Jeff Dematteis

Teacher: Can I get 4 strong boys to help me carry these desks?

The 4 strong boys when they grow up:


Me trying to lift my laundry clothes in a bag

Camilo Catano

When you realize your job is literally picking up heavy stuff...and challenging the body to new levels of athletism.



Bevis Thomas


SLA Production

Who will put those bags before the shooting??

Jason Huang



Lmaooo applauding the audio effects guy who added the crowd cheering noises from a stadium at 1:48

Richard Dominguez

Man, I always fear for these guys doing what they do. They're literally pushing what's humanly possible, and have injured themselves doing it.

Maverick 1957

These dudes are even stronger than Pampero Ferpo!!!

Kevin Mahaffey

I miss the gym ?

Ripudaman 442 T8

2:50 how i walk after taking out all the snacks from the fridge at 3:00 am

Steven David

They may be big and strong but they don't have beautiful body like Arnold Schwarzenegger

AJ lecours

Nick is a freaking beast !! Jesuss!


Awww i wanted to see brian lift it :(

Randy bobandy

Whose here after Arnold Santa Monica 2020 ?


Nick looked spring loaded

Jacob's Garage

I mean they basically carried a loaded refrigerator around a restaurant

Baron Emad

How was Eddie not able to do it

Rajiv review

I want to see them more and more

Al Mackay


Kenneth Butler

Old man red shirt just about had his arm ripped off with that high five! Haha


Mexican construction workers lift concrete sacks (plural) no problem

Sal A

Bryan could lift this with one arm if he wasn’t hurt

Steven David

Just do a arm wrestling contest and find out who's the strongest


If you can lift a 400lb sandbag you can lift a 400lb just about anything.

William Barnhart Blacksmith

475lbs is the same weight as my heaviest anvil.


Nick best is super underrated! So strong considering his age

Buster Cherry

3:07 Good thing Nick took it easy with that high five. Being as pumped as he was, he could of broken that old guys arm off.

Tim Drenovec

"I like my biceps where they are"... That didn't age very well.

Ton Palacios

OB, the definition of AMERICAN MUSCLE

Johnny G

These audience people are real americans?


Nick looked absolutely hilarious carrying that bag ?

help i need vänke

Does anyone think they made Eddie not lift the bag

Gábor Bélik

The old guy in the red shirt at 3:06 could’t decide if he broke all the bones in his hand after a high five with Nick

William Kelly

nick has gutsssss

Jesse Johnson

Eddie definitely didn't look too happy

Mellow NES Superstar

Freaking sucksssss that Brian hurt himself before all this. Must have killed him because it made me go sit in the corner rocking back and forth out of sadness. Sorry B.

Waleed Shah

3:07 that hurts ?


Nick almost popped the old mans shoulder out of its socket with the hight five.

Nash Williams

Did anyone else notice the horrifically edited sentence by Brian Shaw at 0:15?

Aurel Matthews

Nick at fifty picking up a 400lb bag and carrying it is pretty insane i mean i can hardly deadlift 400lbs that's 180kg


The slow mo shout of nick was just the cherry on the top (2:45)
P.S: he also sounded like Chewbecca.

Caleb Becker

I lift a 400 pound sack every time I go to pee

Erebus Khan


JJ Wang

That look on Eddie

Booker Harrap

What about shaw

Adam Maddox

I wish there was another season of this show.

Kathy Wrisley

That old dude who high fived him was actually his training partner 100 years ago

Jared Fernandez

After this, eddie is talking how he lift 500kg.

william calia

Great job Nick. I'm in my 50's and nice to see it still can be done. I love training and thank you for the videos and training tips. As for Robert that was awesome.

Red Beard's Racing

Why didn't we get to see Brian lift it?!

Michael Vonhaven

Why did they bring a heavier sack?


We didn't see brain lift but we all know that was just a warm up for him

Levi O'Rourke

I believe they only did one season last year. Eddie hall was my idol. He helped encourage my biggest lifts

Aniruddha Jadhav

Eddie is letting me down everytime, wtf dude hydrate yourself

Mighty D

Nick is a beast.

Wholesome Bat

Ed looks too embarrassed!

Ravi Gogoi

Eddie got real embarassed.

Raj Gusai

My future goal to be half as strong as nick when im 50 years old

Dalston Keller

I tried this at red lobster


2:07 aged like milk

Sam Dilworth

What about Shaw did he lift it?

Nam Hoang

Manliest twirl goes to R.O.

Connor Waters [Student]

Just me or anyone else wonder how they get the weight back to the start every time

Carlo Magno

i don't understand why eddie didn't even try to lift it, i mean if nick and oby menaged he could have done with one hand, aren't they paying him enough?


I love how they just automatically dismiss some of the really hard records as impossible so they lower the weight so they can do it. They did for this one and that cannon one. Sissy's.

Yousef Rawas

I love how they are all are kinda nervous because there is alot of people watching them even though they do the exact same thing at WSM every year


Look at all those chickens ...


Wonder how old nick is

Jason Hickmann

Its ok guys eddie is still literally one of the strongest men on the planet!

NSFL Network

2:57 bro the guy saying GOOD JOB EDDIE during Nick's lift...

Samuel Woods

them: carrying a 400 pound backpack is hard!
a school kid: am i a joke to you?

Josef Žoček

4:40 that eddies face


bro they got the whole population of Wyoming there

Fat Ass

If that bag was bigger we all know Eddie Hall would have carried it.

Jacob Sto Domingo


Viljo Vaan

Wow Nick is The beast

Kyle Quick

Imagine sitting down eating a nice meal and 4 400 pound sweaty guys come in with a bunch of sandbags and carry them around for no reason

The McCoy

I have so much respect for Eddie, Robert, Nick, and Brian cause they push themselves everyday and they are the reason that as a junior high school that I am able to make it through the hard times at football works and through all of the hard training I do after so THANK YOU

Joe C.

love this show, but it's disturbingly too white.

Max Hutchinson

Watching Nick Best come up to that challenge the way he did and kill it was very inspiring, what a great man.

victor guzman

The productive yam consquentially pat because station orly knot qua a wooden stove. hollow, chunky bite

Privat Jetski

At 3:07 He broke this man's hand ??

Don't panic

Thank God they found this, other than that they would maniacs who can't express themselves and possibly kill someone.

Faiz Hakim Mohamed Zain

In the past, a normal man (probably 180 pound guy with near 6 foot in height) will be able to lift and walk with a big 450 pounds sack wouldn't even be possible to do no matter how big or how trained they were...those numbers could be add up or measurements were different back then...

Tahsin Ahmed

Yooo that kinda crazy to think that bag couldve dropped on the crowds feet

10 I 30 Md. Abdul quadir Khan

Eddie hall has showmanship .....

Rashed Omar

Nick proved that age is just a number

Tyler 1

let's just say these guys got some power lol.


The look on Eddie's face when OB finished that was priceless lol


Sorry to say. But you where too close to the people. This could go very wrong.

How to lift 50lbs of animal feed

How to lift 50lbs of animal feed17 Apr. 2018
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Santa Fe CollegeSubscribe 438 721

This is the technique

This is the technique students in the Zoo Animal Technology program are trained and tested on. For more information: https://www.sfcollege.edu/programs/3106

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