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Top 10 Teen TV Couples of All Time

Top 10 Teen TV Couples of All Time10 Jan. 2020
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Even years after

Even years after graduation, these teen TV couples haven’t aged. We’re looking at our favorite teen couples from both comedies and dramas. Teen romance always seems like the most passionate. MsMojo ranks the best teen TV couples. Which teen TV couple is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Comments (100)
ariellin ph

I only came here to see if Nathan and Haley are #1

Chiranjita Das Adhikari

Where is Delena.. This list is confusing bcoz in other videos they were considered the best relationship


I see TV couples and I instantly think of Naley. They better be number 1.

Beatriz Sales

I stopped being able to shipp Jughead and Betty after I found out Jughead was supposed to be assexual and aromantic but the writers erased that representation just to add more drama and shitty romance


Blair and Chuck is the reason that i could stand Gossip Girl for 6 seasons.And you didn’t even put them in top 3..

Kelsie Claunch

Watched this to see where they ranked Nathan and Haley, and Chuck and Blair. I was not disappointed

Anukriti Nigam

I love Stiles but Stiles & Lydia were barely a couple, more like a result of fan service in last season in most random manner

Morena Paola Ligas

Kurt and Blaine ?❤️?

Natalie Crispino

how are chuck and blair not in the top three at least they are ICONIC

Janhavi Kulkarni

I whole heartedly agree with the top 2! Naley is my OTP and Pacey and Joey are the best! Team Pacey all the way!


Im pissed, heres my list no order:
Delena, stelena, bughead, barchie, clexa, scalia, scallison, stydia, Hayleyijah, klamille, klaroline, handon, sterek, olicity, barris, finlarke


What about Luke and Lorelei?❤️

Aly C.

You all need to watch One Tree Hill literally for Nathan and Haley you will fall IN LOVE with them


how does one put chuck and blair higher than buffy and angel!??

Chocolate Quente

Missed Brittany and Santana

alex thelizardking

Willow & Tara - Buffy
Liz & Max - "Roswell"
Cleo & Lewis - "H2O just add water"
Mike and El - "stranger things"



Liz Dragon

James and Alyssa deserves so much more attention, its sad tbh

Allfred Bardhaj

I... I actually ship clexa none of these... WELL I SHIP BETTY AND JUGHEAD .



ella dunham

Brittany and Santana over Kurt and Blaine !!!

Aly C.


Cody Fairless-Lee

Only came here for BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

Clara Garcia

Joey and Pacey!!!!!


Why did they not mention that Cory and Topanga got married and had children??!

Alessandra Cardenas

Kurt and Blaine
Stiles and Lydia
Blair and Chuck
Jackie and Hyde
Also Freddie and Sam! (And Quinn and Logan) (Can't believe i forgot about them!)

Eloise Bonita

Tbh I just came here to see if Stiles and Lydia were on the list. ?

Lisa Sunshine


Aayushi Karandikar

damon and elena???!!!

Ashley Senra

Where are Damon and Elena???


Okay here’s my list
1.) Betty & Jughead
2.) Cory & Topanga
3.) Nathan & Haley
4.) Lucas & Peyton
5.) Cheryll & Toni
6.) Stefan & Caroline
7.) Damon & Elena
8.) Archie & Veronica
9.) Pacey & Joey
10.) Rory & Jess

Carmen Raquel Rosario Armas Montalvo

where is angel and buffy?

OTH Naleytooke

Stefan/Elena (tvd)
Stefan/Caroline (tvd)
Hope/Rafael (legacies)
Seth/Summer (the oc)
Lucas/Peyton (oth)
Nathan/Haley (oth)
Francis/Mary (Reign)
Rory/Tristan (gilmore girls)
Serena/Nate (gossip girl)
Bellamy/Clarke (the 100)
Sarah/John B (obx)
Kiara/JJ (obx)
Jessica/Justin (13 reasons why)


why is everyone so obsessed with betty and jughead? i still rooting for betty and archie?

Brandon Mccarthy

Jim and Pam?

Yomna Islam

WHY THE HELL IS BUGHEAD NUMBER 10??????????????? They're supposed to be number 5!
also: where is Damon and Elena, Klaus and CAaroline, Mike and Eleven, Chandler and Monica??

Aashi Bhatia

According to me :
1. Chuck & blair ( Gossip girl ) - one of the bestThere is no like them who belong togather . They grow togather to became better . They fight for each other and never give up. Great love all consuming
2. Stiles and lydia (teen wolf)
3. Klaus and caroline (TVD)
4. Archie and betty (Riverdale)want to see


Who are your favorite teen couples of all time? Comment your picks below!

Ainsley Johnson

Cole just announced that Lili and him aren’t dating anymore and I don’t know what to do with this information. :’(

Dan Crews

Corey and Topanga should be #1!

Diya Mopur

can somebody explain to me why Damon and Elena are not on this list?

Zara Scott


Tamar Abrahams

Joey and Pacey will always be my Number 1! ❤️

Namatama taba

Can't wait for juke to join this list

Zoe Mull

Naley is definitely #1


Ya'll know damn well Bughead (Betty + Jughead) are literally in the TOP ships, they're superior and ADORABLE. <3

Albie Emery

Best Tv Couples = Brittana
Brittana > Klaine

rosie helsby


Tilo momoemausu

YASSSS lydia and stiles were on here also who else lovess and i mean LOVESS teen wolf


Cory and Topanga, Jess and Rory, Pacey and Joey ???



Morgana Libera Rizzo

Well deserved first place but DELENA. C'mon. Should have made the list.

sofia r

seth and summer deserved to be top 5 (at least)

Lucy Pagano

bughead ew

Aly C.

Nathan and Haley as number 1 yes!!!! One of the ONLY couples EVER to be together throughout the ENTIRE series (9 seasons!) and were NEVER toxic and literally always put each other first and changed each other for the better and made it work despite getting married in high school?!? They’re ELITE I love them ugh

Destineelole Simi

lowkey confused as to why jake peralta and amy santiago-peralta isn't on this list but ya know... iss ok

Heather Ryan

Naley 4ever!!!! Brenda&Dylan deserved more than an honorable mention. They would be in my top 5. I hate that they didn't end up together just like I hate that Brandon&Kelly didn't end up together.

Belle Walden

Ok I smiled so much when Kurt and Blaine came on !

Dilyn Jacobson

How are chuck and blair only number 4

Ella Shortt

Why isn't Anne and Gilbert on this! Raging


Okay but how did Corey and Topanga only make number three


No shut up Lydia should have ended up with Parrish


what about santana and brittany from glee?

Angel D365

I love bughead! Awww these couples are too cute!I love stiles and Lydia too!awww and Cory and Topanga Are the cutest!awww yup I'm so team Sam and Freddie!

Matthew Noble

Ezra and Aria???


tf how is betty and archie not there everyone wanted it for years

Joshua Lilleker

How the fuck is delena not top 3 mind about not on the list at all ? their chemistry, character development and love story won awards for on screen chemistry, best kiss and best couple every year until nina left like back to back to back ? not tryna sound butthurt but I’m butthurt their one of the most iconic couples of the decade and have probably the biggest fandom and trophy case of the lot ?

Ana&Ana A&G

I just needed that last push to re watch Teen Wolf

Diego Dreossi

I hope Bughead be endgame in the future !

theatre pringle

Dean is so awful



[ E l l e ]

I Have No Idea Why , Buh I Dont Ship Betty And Jughead ??.
I Ship Veronica And Jug.
Y'all Can Call Me Mad , Go Ahead ?

Lamees Alnajmi

My list would probably be: ( Lizzie and Sebastian) legacies,( chuck and Blair ) gossip girl, ( Damon and Elena) tvd , ( hope and Rafael ) legacies,( Bonnie and Enzo) tvd , ( Nathan and Hayley ) one tree hill,( Brooke and Julian ) one tree Hill , ( Rafael and Josie ) legacies (these are not in order??

gaya karam 2



Although I'm Team Piz for the VM world I can't believe LoVe are only honourable mention! How does jughead and Betty make this list!?

Remilekun Oluleye

Y'all are very stupid for picking rory and jess instead of rory and logan you must be mad honestly

Stqrry Svnflowers

Delena and stydia

Fanro Cm

My favorite voice and face in this channel is Phoebe

Korey Robinson

Lucas and Peyton hello?!?!

gaya karam 2


Kacey Kent

I see Jughead and clicked.

Jaymie Eveland

Unpopular opinion but some of Logan and Rorys relationships before he made her go bad was superior to dean and Jess

gaya karam 2

daniel and jenny(carol's second act)

Diego Dreossi

Hannah & Caleb are great too!


mine would be
1. stydia
2. derena (dan+serena)
3. leyton (lucas+peyton)
4. choni
5. rory and jess
6. spoby (spencer+toby)
7. haleb
8. naley
9. chair
10. barchie


I liked Joey and Pacey together, but I always secretly hoped that he would end up with Andie. I just felt in some ways she was better suited for him. I knew that Naley would get number 1 before I even watched the video. No one else even comes close to the two of them. They were literally the TV couple of the decade.

Aly C.

You don’t understand how happy I am to see NALEY as number one omg ?

Abby Garcia

Nathan and Haley #1 as they should be!!

Heather Ryan

Where's Delena??

Alex Behlert


Oriane Moulin

Chuck and Blair deserve better !!!!! #1 COUPLE GOAL

Natasa Mpakara



I’m glad there is Klaine.

Eloise Bonita


Katelyn Pratt

Someone loves Riverdale cuz it’s getting way to much cred.

Duolingo User


•Madisøn Kitty•

Bughead is The Most Romantic, Amazing Relationship Ever ?

Tamirez Natividade

Hey just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it and He died for our sins so that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life in Him <3

Daijanise Ortiz Malpica

I really don’t like Jess. Is the dude that promise to change but he never does. Also, Stiles and Lydia should had moreeeee

Lily Hope Wilson

Betty and jughead should be number #1

Top 10 Villainous Movie Couples

Top 10 Villainous Movie Couples18 Aug. 2019
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Aww, they’re so cute. Wait. No, they’re not. These movies couples are seriously villainous. We're looking at our favorite movie couples who are not so cute and cuddly – they’re actually quite evil and sadistic. We’ll only be including romantic relationships, so mutual and platonic partnerships will be excluded. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Most Villainous Couples In Movies.

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Comments (100)
My Name Is Not That Hard To Spell

You know what you did when you put Heathers in the thumbnail

E. S.

Attila and Regina from Bernardo Bertolucci's Novecento should have been on this list, at least as a dishonorable mention


I saw Heathers so I click

Antonia Stoyanova

If I ever see Harry Potter (i know, i know) it would be only for Lucius. Too hot.

Nathan Caldwell

The evil racist family from Get Out would make even Jigsaw frown in disgust.

Crystal Champion

Winona Ryder is a theif


Got a suggested couple Huntley and Carr, lol

Abby T

Sweeney Todd should be here with that woman. It was a relationship of sorts. And Harley Quinn and Joker.


Plus why is heathers always In 3rd place?

luke ketchum

Love. It comes in all different shapes and sizes.?❤?????????????❣

Hannah Shribman Brown

I knew number 2 immediately I saw the title - and I've only seen Natural Born Killers once. I still found them kind of cute in a twisted way.
So why DIDN'T Juliet and Pauline make the list? Is it because they're real, and maybe they weren't actually in a relationship and everyone was overreacting plus there would be nothing wrong if there was. That's why they committed murder - because their parents thought they were too close and wanted them apart.

Crystal Champion

Regina and Floyd Beethoven 2nd

Musical Geek

Who else clicked because they saw Veronica and J.D. in the tumbnail

Angela Bromley

The couple in a perfect getaway

[email protected]

This video needs updating to included Joker & Harley Quinn; Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Black.

Helen Dou

What about Sweeny Todd?

Lmao • 111 years ago •

Roses are red?
Violets are blue?️
I came for the thumbnail
I bet you did too


Surprised Chris and Billy from Carrie weren't on the list, even as an honorable mention

Ng Ziu

I saw Veronica & J.D so I clicked ?

Spere NOx

I saw Veronica and Jd and I clicked...

Trinity Michaels

Narcissa wasn't that evil. She could've let Harry die

Eleazar Rosales

What about Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenburg from Blades of Glory and Jacobim Mugatu and Alexza from Zoolander 2.

Narnia Latifah

I've always personally loved Lex Luthor and Kitty Kowalski in Superman Returns

Princess T

I was surprised Harley Quinn and Joker werent there

Womblast X

I see Heathers, I click

Emily Patricia Garcia Canals

I’m a simple girl, I see Veronica and JD I instantly click

Jalia Harris

J.D's "Greetings and salutations" always gets me.

Michelle Lopez

im a simple girl i see heathere i click


Veronica and JD♡
I love them soooo much♡

priyamvada singh

Omg I really hate chuky

Sophie Furlong

How about the Countess and James Patrick March? They were married so technically a couple.

Stephen Hertz

You forgot this couple...Larry Rayder and Mary Coombs: Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.


When JD makes the list ?

Stephy The Bride

Mr and Mrs Tweedy from Chicken Run should've been on this list.Granted,Mrs Tweedy was the smarter,and much more ruthless and greedier of the two,while Mr Tweedy is too dumb and focused on trying to warn her that the chickens are organized,but even that can't stop them from being threatening,because they are cruel to their chickens,even buying a machine that turns them into pies,for human's sake!

Gioia Antonaci

I clicked for Veronica and JD but then when I saw Chucky in the beginning I freaked out

Steven Cohen

Number 1: Minnie and Roman Castevet from Rosemary’s Baby.

Goodnight Nat

Hey Draco was scared into that life so ha!

Cheshire Cat 5732

Why are villainous couples usually portrayed as healthier and more believable than the hero couples? Seriously, I can believe the romance between two psychopathic possessed dolls than I can the romance between a vampire and a human.


looking for mr. j and harley?

Joshane Joseph

I was hoping to see harley quinn and the joker

Isa M

Priss and Roy Batty shouldn't be there. They are the victims and heroes in that movie: if there's a villain, it's whoever who hires Deckard, and then Deckard himself.

Movie Maniac

I'm surprised that Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan from "Carrie" weren't mentioned in this video.

Emily Andrews

While it can be fair to say that these villainous couples' methods and crimes are atrocious, even anyone reading this comment can agree that it's swell to have couples working together, regardless of the hardships.

Arrow The Band Kid

I only came here for Veronica and JD

Habiba Helal

I know its unrelated buut
10:54 Aaaaah its robert dj

Enchanted Tails

Saw JD and Veronica and I clicked the vid

Ariane Rainsinger

hey, Narzissa is not evil!!! Selfish, cowardly and perhaps uncaring towords everyone who is not her family, but not evil. She is never showen engaging in things like murderer and torture, , if she is presented with it she shows clears signs of discomfort while most around her get a thrill from it. I will not argue she is a good person, she never but once stood up against the wrongdoings of the deatheaters, but beeing a bystander who does not intervien is a different thing than someone enjoying the wrongdoings as a evil person would. She is a deeply gray character able of empathy although she most often desides to smother it, she is never showen to thrive on causing pain or misery in stark contrast to many presumed "heros". She also never is showen to kill, but the undoubtedly "good" Molly is!!!

Benny Boi

I always felt bad for Draco.

Jason Rodriguez

While I love the HP franchise, the Malfoys are huge cowards. I don’t feel like they should be on this list.

Csenge Török

OMG Veronica and JD is soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee??????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angie Maniaci

Chris Hargenson and Billy Nolan (Carrie, 1976)

Little Miss Bliss



I came expecting Joker and Harley

Johan Vajse

Number 8: I love you for this!!!!!!
such a great movie

Namuun Bat-Erdene

There are not cute
There are beautifull

Maddy Mincey

Im a simple gal. I see Veronica and J.D., I click.

Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

#1 Villainous Couple: The Kardashian & Jenner Sisters ?

I kid! I kid! ?

Katie Lewis

Harley and Joker???

Jackson Mapes

8:13 it's pinhead

Bruce Garcia

Why Missy and Dean Armitage isn't here

Joshua Lee

I’m 18 years old and I’m still afraid ? of Chucky and Tiffany XD

Jet Lee WJ

Why do I feel like Bonnie Parker look like Emilie De Ravin

Lillian Lyons

I clicked because I saw Veronica and JD.

Sha 612

How about Patricia Ann and Johnny from the frighteners. Love that movie but it freaked me out as a kid

Peanut Butter


0:44 #10
1:54 #9
2:54 #8
4:15 #7
5:24 #6
6:27 #5
7:37 #4
8:48 #3
10:17 #2
11:38 Dishonorable Mentions
12:50 #1


“Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs darling”

“Our Love is God”

“We can start and finish wars”

Melody Altamirano

Yess sis

Emily Andrews

Ms. Mojo, do a video about the greatest heroic movie couples of all time.


Pls do this with animated charecters

LoneStarWolf Entertainment

I’m surprised Ramsey Snow and that bitch from Game Of Thrones aren’t on here

lil qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

i see winona ryder, i click

Stephy The Bride

If X-Men:First Class were a romantic movie,and Charles Xavier/Professor X had chosen to become a villain instead of parting ways with his frenemy Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto over ideological differences,they'd be on this list in the most deviously sweet way possible..

Mr. Magistral Malik

They’d be villain protagonists.

Lavinia-Alexandra Pașparugă

am i the only one who doesnt really think of Narcissa as a villain? All shes ever done was protect her son and what we have seen so far is her doing relatively good things. So yeah... her husband is a major villain at some point in the series, but I dont think she should really be considered a villain

Guinevere Dommeck

Where were Harley Quinn and the Joker?

Monika Tamelyte

I thought Joker and Harley Quinn would be number one. They’re not even on the list

FrakkinToaster Luvva

Are Roy and Pris really villains or "evil"? Was Spartacus evil? He and the other rebel slaves also killed a lot of slaveowners. Isn't that the same thing the replicants were? I would argue you only seen them as evil because the movie is from the point of view of humans exploiting them.

Keith HakYu

Number 6 is my favorite movie. "The Crow".

Katherine Earnshaw

I TOTALLY DISAGREE Clarence and Alabama were not villains. opportunists who defended themselves.

ferid bathory

How is Narcissa and Lucius malfoy a villainous movie Couple

Emma Equine

Their love is God

Winona Coleman

how about Perdita Durango?

bora s

I love the Malfoys

Jeremy Stubbs

"Sin City" Dwight and Gail

Gloomy Senpai

I’m a simple girl I see jd I click

Almost all my favorite characters are on the list

Millions of Marks

I like to add another couple to the list, Vaako and Dame Vaako (The Chronicles of Riddick). One is strong, the other smart and both are hot, beautiful, ambitious and evil. And they work well together as one. The perfect villainous couple. My relationship goal ?

Parker is trying her best

The video said Heathers was released in 1988, but wasn't it 1989?

Tejas Kumar

Joker and harley


J.D is Gary Oldman, Sid Vicious, Jack Nicholson on a single body.

Madelyn Homan

I came her because Veronica and JD were on the thumbnail.

Jalen Ikezeue

O yes Bonnie and Clyde get my vote this couple is Notorious for pulling Biggest crime rate in America the two are legendary


Me: scrolling through youtube
Me: sees JD and Veronica
Me: casually clicks

Aichi Toshiki

Pulp fiction. Girl looks like Devin from Ladylike


Y'all really telling me y'all ain't got Harley Quinn and the Joker on here at all??

shawtys like a melody

I kinda though Count Olaf aNd Esme Squalor could been mentioned ?‍♀️

swimming in the stars

me: i’m not gonna watch anymore top 10 videos...
also me: clicks because of heathers

Agnes Håkansson

I find psycho guys attractive?

Jutta Nummela

The couple from perfect getaway


I'm a simple girl. I see JD and/or Veronica, I click

Hanna Tolander

I kept hoping for Scarlet and Herb Overkill. Almost no other villainous couples are dominated by the woman, which is pretty annoying.

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Top 10 Greatest TV Couples of the Decade6 Dec. 2019
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The best TV couples of the decade made us believe in true love. We’re looking at on-screen couples who got together between 2010 and 2019, even if the shows they’re on started before the decade changed. As the decade comes to a close, we’re looking at our favorite small screen relationships. MsMojo ranks the best TV couples of the decade. Which TV couple is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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#ThisIsUs #Riverdale #BrooklynNineNine

Comments (100)

I feel like Eleanor and Chidi should be on that list

nevie brooks

No WAY Damon and Elena rank higher than Nick and Jess. Their relationship is HELLA problematic while Nick and Jess are perfect and goals.

Glamour Glitter Sparkles YT

Klaus and Caroline deserved at least an honorable mention!

Tarun Mudaliar

Jim and Pam?

irnm 19

WHAT?! No Jim and Pam? are you guys kidding me?!!

La patita coja de Oswald


Not even an honorable mention

Simsim ME

Malec deserves to be much higher, like first tbh

Lucy Felton

Killian & Emma?(capitanswan?⚓️)?

Taitai Barry

Here's the list
#10. Jane and Rafael
#9. Alec and Magnus
#8. Nick & Jess
#7. Bughead ?(Betty & Jughead)
#6. Ben & Leslie
#5. Killian & Emma
#4. Delena? (Damon & Elena)
#3. Amy & Jake
#2. Claire & Jamie
#1. Jack & Rebecca?
Honorable mentioneds
Hannah & Caleb
Oliver & Connor
Stydia? Stiles & Lydia
Glenn & Maggie
Eleanor & Chidi
But like Stydia an honorable mentioneds is just not right?? that's one of the best ships ever like a slow burn genuine strong connection??

Lana Missios

Ok so they showed Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey first, so why aren’t they on the list? And also another great couple from Downton Abbey: Sybil and Tom! Maybe it’s because the show is British, but they deserve to be on here


Kurt and Blaine from glee did not absolutely consume every fandom side of social media for five years just to be ignored like this

Fire eater 9107

Heads up. Lesbian kiss at 0:33. Geez, Ms. Mojo. Less than a minute, that took you.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Gay couple at 1:56-3:03, which is full of dudes kissing each other. 

I really wish there were other top ten people to give these Mojo people some competition, but it seems most of them have the same poor opinions.

Eduardo Bado

What happened to Jim and Pam?! They're at least top 3. This is just sad.

Ananya Dutta

JIM AND PAM!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine pierce

I'm gonna not gonna lie... I come to see if damon and elena is in the list and i'm happy to know that they're in the list ❤️❤️

rama alzahrani

No Meredith and Derek? Or Lexie and Mark? Seriously?!

Hailey N Walton

Seriously? What about Emori and Murphy? They are such a great couple. We don't need Bellarke with those two.

indoor plants lover

Damon and elena are on different level.
I love them

bollywood filmz

Yes! We love TVD!

Yomna Islam


nayem rajvi

Michael and sara Prison Break is the best

mayra nohelia

Claire and Jaime, GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ?❤️??

Kelsie Hart

the best couple will ALWAYS be nathan and haley

Elena Grigorios

I watched the whole video thinking Blair and Chuck would be no.1.... I’m left disappointed

Aubrey C

Team Michael.

Table leg Z

I love Francis and Mary from reign ?

Kaela J.

Where's Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl and Havey and Donna from Suits?!

Ramisa Khandaker

Man I hated the lgbtq community but Alec n Magnus changed me...they just changed me top to bottom.. Their love was so pure.... Omg ???

Ami A

The fuck Jane and Rafael?
They must of forgot the superior pairing Jane and Micheal

C&B Gaming

How RIVERDALE make the list and not Julie Baker and Bryce louski

Annisa Andriansyah

Claire and Jamie...

Katelyn Perry

In my opinion Claire and Jamie should of been number one they loved eachother from the moment they met and they literally gone threw alot and still loved eachother they were apart for 20 years and still found there way back to eachother in the end to me they are a really strong couple and would do anything just to be with eachother just in my opinion they are the strongest tv show couple out there after everything they went threw and after the trauma they both expierinced they always were there for eachother and when Claire was kidnapped at the end of season 5 he went threw alot to get her back because he loves Claire and when Jamie wanted to die she was the person who brought him back from that dark place In my eyes there's nothing they wouldn't do for eachother and they are the best tv show couple

Some quotes Jamie said about or to Claire

ye are blood of my blood and bone of my bone I give ye my body that we two might be one I give ye my spirit till our life shall be done.

You are safe you have my name my clan and if necessary the protection of my body.

Lord ye gave me a rare women and God I loved her well.

God shield my beloved my white dove and the child that she may one day bear preserve her from violence and from harm in this place and every place on this night and every night.

We lost our child but by the grace of God we may be given another.

Schimercles Blob

How dare you not put Barry and Iris at the top of this list!!!!!!! They’re literally “the world’s most perfect couple”???

Anusha Kundu

You forgot Meredith and Derekkkk


April and Andy deserve to be in the Leslie and Ben spot

יסמין מייזל

Stydia should have totally been in 1st place!!!!

Maggia Williams

delena !!!??


Charming and Snow from OUAT should have been on here. Another couple should be Chuck and Sara from Chuck. Also Catherine and Vincent from Beauty & the Beast should have been on here as well.

da boi Andre

I swear to god if jim and Pam are not on here

OTH Naleytooke

I came here thinking that Regina/Robin would be on here ?

Eva i Nikola Jovanovski

What about Zoe and Wade?

Atef Zaki

Jamie and Claire are Epic couples and true love (you can see love in eye contact ),and their love story is good example for triangle love story , on contrary of Damon and Elena love story ,cause Elena was already in love with Stefan (Damon`s brother) , if there was not brotherhood in that formula it was gonna be great.

Ana Paula

Where are Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill?

Zara M98

I agree with most couples, except Damon and Elena. They’re quite toxic and she kept juggling him and his brother ?

maryyam khan

Malec definitely deserved a higher spot ....

a can of beans

harvey and donna from suits should of at least been on the honourable mentions

Jorge Alvarado

Tracy and Ted, from HIMYM please...

Edward A.

I'm surprised you didn't do Jim and Pam

You cant handle my name!

most underrated couple in television history is chuck and sarah from chuck. i have been on a romance binge for the last few weeks and thus far they are by far the best couple i have seen.

Emilie De Virgilio

I think Maggie and Glenn should have made the cut instead of riverdale tbh but I loved the rest.

Diya Joshi

Bughead ?❤️

Tv 101

Loved seeing Emma and Killian and Jamie and Claire on the list. My two favorite TV couples. Also would have loved to see Sheldon and Amy on here



Lara Valjak

Where the fuck are Mickey and Ian?????


My favourite couple right now is grizz and Sam from The Society


These are the BEST couples of the DECADE?? lmao


Jane and lisbon❤️❤️

Bhanu 95

I think magnus and alec should be number 1

cj maq

I have never seen a couple with more chemistry than Claire and Jamie on Outlander. I am sure since Outlander is on Starz the series and the couple are not as well known. But if you get a chance tune in. The series is now on Netflix! Their Chemistry is off the charts!

David Williams

How about the Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who and Amy and Rory

Janine Leffler

I think it is a huge oversight that Glee couples are not on here.
Blaine & Kurt, Finn & Rachel, Brittany & Santana, Will and Emma.

Sophia V


Lauren Valencia

I’m just happy Amy and Jake made it on this list.

Afroditi Peris

uhhhh why didn't kevin and captain holt even make it to honorable mentions? and also where are lily and marshal? come on people

Aaron Rosario

So no one is gonna talk about JIM AND PAM

Gav Flores

I really have no idea how scattered this comment section is

sujit kumar

Claire and Jamie is my favourite couple of all time ??

Kartik sharma

Delena forever life ❤ ♥ ?

Rach Marie

Where are Booth and Brennan from bones?! ??

Phoebe - WatchMojo

Which of these couples is your favourite?! Did we miss anyone?!

Dillon Smith

Glenn and maggie only as an honorable mention? Da fuck

Maria Eduarda Carvalho Dos Santos

delena is my number one

natalie Perry

Finn and Rachel are the best ever ???????????????????


How does Malec get 9th!??!?!?!?
They deserve at least a top 3?
And why is delena in 5th place? They should be in the top 3 too...

Like if you agree



Karolina Koppova

chuck&blair >>>

Tanya Ahuja


James Barton

Ted and Tracy penny and lenoard Lois and Clark

mayra nohelia

Perfect top ❤️

gabin fenuki

yes but what about caskett or varchie

Darmastuti darmastuti

Seriously, Jane and lisbon,, rigsby and vanpelt from the Mentalist not in the list?..

Sydney Slevin

Why is no one talking how Jack and Rebecca is first? I love them so much and I think that spot is so well deserved!

Cassidy Rose

i made an INHUMAN noise when i saw nick and jess omg
(also, i love killian and emma so much and they don't get any appreciation so i loved seeing them too<3)

Lucy Felton

Killian & Emma?(capitanswan?⚓️)?

Blk mnn

I dont watch TV


I love Delena!!

Meow Meow

Where is klaroline???

Ivette Gonzalez

Just so you know, OTH ended in 2012

Sayanti Kanjilal

1. Jamie and Claire
2. Damon and Elena
3. Jake and Amy
4. Hervy and Donna



Tangier Barrett

Every couple is going to get married and have kids.

Diya Joshi

Bughead ❤️??

Reem Chehab

I really appreciate jack and rebecca being the winner couple but where derek and meredith


Why are Nathan and Haley not on the list?

Faten Nevzi

Harvey and donna are the best

Debraj Rudra

Rebecca and Jack can smoke the others amy day

Love Once Upon A Time

Emma and Hook♥️♥️❤️???

Ramsha Ali Khan

I have not started watching, but if Jim and Pam are not Number One, what even is the point of this?

Maria Eduarda Carvalho Dos Santos

chuck and blair stans and damon and elena stans we deserve to share number one but at least we got mentioned delen a is top 5 thats good

Santlesh Chauhan

Damon and elena ❤️ they should be no. 1