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MMA Fit - Bag Combo Workout

MMA Fit - Bag Combo Workout13 Aug. 2018
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Another Monday and another

Another Monday and another MMA Fit workout by Coach Roddy, this time we focus on some bag work!

For this workout, we will be using the Tabata timing of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest, follow the video above to perfect the techniques and really give your upper body a fantastic workout!

As usual a huge thank you goes out to our partners Gymshark and RDX MMA.

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Joseph Reardon

I’m waiting for me response here owen

Stockton Muthafuc*a

Footwork when using heavybag would be great

bert bertson

It would be gratefully appreciated if you were to start setting up sbg gyms across Scotland

dean acer

Please train Conor!

jdot teambringit

Would 30 mins of this be good coach, or too much ?? And I do my MMA training (hitting the bag , rolling , flow sparring) after my weights workout, is this bad or is it okay?

donnie brosko

Fook ya Roddy can u do a video for weight loss .

ikano BG

Great video brother, keep em up

Joseph Reardon

Well done ? owen just put up a bag out me back garden and I do just lash into it so cheers. Can’t fooking wait for the real vlogs to start for the mad rat ? let’s see what his 160mill Russian do when the king ? breaks his whole face most of Russia hates the fooker. Do u do one on one workouts cheers


Thanks. More bag work ideas please ?


That’s great it’s just boxing, could you mix it with kicks and elbows with higher levels?
Great video thanks a lot!
Ps: #26-1

Liam Alex

Great workouts, keep it up coach - def a strong market for a 'MMA Body Coach'


There are videos with Khabib techniques on YouTube with english subtitles

Scott Bell

Roddy is the fucking man

Turk February

Rest with your hands up boys

Robert Taggart

This is favourite channel on the tube, helps me with my depression too, thanks Owen, love for up north ☘️

john condon

Stop doing these videos, khabib and his coaches will be watching, we dont need them improving

Michal Werner

Never punch the stitching of the bag. It should be facing the wall.

Pedro Christiano

Nice Video Owen! Good work!


Coach are you planning on bringing back the coach roddy vlogs for the khabib fight?

MMA Workout - Clinch Work On Heavy Bag

MMA Workout - Clinch Work On Heavy Bag7 May. 2019
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This MMA workout / drill

This MMA workout / drill is a fantastic way of improving your strength, stamina, striking and technique in the clinch. Pick up a standard heavy bag and clinch it up into a bodylock, move around and strike as best you can while not letting the punchbag touch the floor. Periodically spin the bag through either 180 or 360 degrees to put additional strain and fatigue through the arms and shoulders.

You can run this as 2 minute or 3 minute rounds and build up the amount of rounds that you complete, or you can run it Tabata style where you strike for 20 seconds and then spin the bag on the 10 second rest period.

Give this drill a try and let us know who you get on in the comments.

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Greatest Ever

Great content my brother ??

Random Bro

Good stuff. Keep it up. I love the training drills.

Alonzo Diablito

How much does this bag weight

Killer MMA Heavy Bag Workout

Killer MMA Heavy Bag Workout27 May. 2015
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Funk RobertsSubscribe 438 721

This is a heavy

This is a heavy bag-conditioning workout for MMA fighters from my boy Sean Fagan from Muay Thai Guy. Watch this workout and try it after your training session. It’s time to take your cardio and striking to the next level.

Get more heavy bag drills, workouts, combos and tips - http://www.funkmma.com/site/heavybagblueprint

Take your passion for Muay Thai to the next level --- https://www.NakMuayNation.com

For more Muay Thai and striking techniques, combos and drills- http://www.muay-thai-guy.com/muay-thai-techniques.html

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds one after the other until you reach 3 minutes. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 3 – 5 rounds.

1. Jab-Cross Sprawl

2. Power Boxing

3. Power Kicking

4. Elbows

5. Knees

6. Power Boxing



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ßrendan starr

his elbows are so weak

Salvatore Careri

Best channel ever. This is an amazing fight workout

jack smith

Looks brutal....

Sean Fagan

Thanks for having me on your channel @Funk Roberts, you're the man! I hope your audience enjoys the workout, it had me huffin and puffin at the end

Unbreakable Diamond

Awesome Awesome Awesome , gonna try that out

stefano mojtotopvip

Thailand camp style excellent workout thank you.
Thai its great sport hight tecnics for standing fight..

Tymon Liu


Roger Prado

I love this work out

irv gentry

Great exercise ??

Muhedad Sellid

Nice work!Like it??


That was awesome. Always looking for a good heavy bag workout.

Bobby Knuckles

That workout was retarded!! By the time I was done with the third set I had to throw up. It was a no brainer subscribing to your channel. Thank you brother for teaching Muay Thai and MMA to the masses. God Bless

Der Pate

Good workout bro

Dina Michael

Sean Fagan and Funk Roberts this is perfect! I take krav maga but my trainer was on vacation and when I went to the gym I just ended up standing by the heavy bag like a lost puppy. I'm definitely gonna try out this drill next time :)

-sian Evans

for a moment there i was like "why the fuck is that guy at the back copying him"


Thanks for this comprehensive workout. I will try these in my garage. I use to go 5 times a week to train, but after I had an oops baby I now go twice a week.On the days when I cant go to class I will wait until my wife comes home from work then she takes over baby duties and then I hit the hanging heavy bag in the garage going 8 rounds. I then hit the speed bag for 4 more rounds. Stretch then relax and play with my little one. I use my lap top with external speakers and I downloaded a free boxing timer. What timers do you suggest to get that has 30 sec intervals and easily programmable(not too expensive)? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.