Is a personal trainer worth it



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Is a personal trainer financially worth it?

Is a personal trainer financially worth it?30 Jan. 2019
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How to land a gym

How to land a gym membership that doesn't take weight off your wallet! Personal financial expert Bruce Sellery is here to give us tips on how to pay less for health and fitness.

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mrssimonsays __

This definitely helped me

D Ferris

A extremely helpful way to make a decision that will work best for to reach some of my personal goals - thank you!


This is why I love this show! It's like you read my mind! exactly what I was wondering... - a fan from America ❤

Blue Yonder Video

Fitness marshal is hysterical

Dee gruba

This helped me too., thank you.
There are a lot of free exercise apps..


Great convo,, we cannot put a price on our health but have to make sure our cash flow is in order!

Top 10 Reasons PERSONAL TRAINERS SUCK!! Are Personal Trainers Worth It? Personal Training is a SCAM!

Top 10 Reasons PERSONAL TRAINERS SUCK!! Are Personal Trainers Worth It? Personal Training is a SCAM!14 Nov. 2020

Thinking of hiring a

Thinking of hiring a personal trainer? WATCH THIS FIRST!!! Holistic Health Coach, Stephen Daniele, gives you the top 10 reasons personal trainers suck, the non existent requirements on how to become a personal trainer, and shares are personal trainers worth it?


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0:45 1. Most Personal Trainers Don't Know What They're Talking About

1:46 2. Most Personal Trainers Are Not Worth the Money

3:02 3. Most Personal Trainers Don't Properly Assess You

5:34 4. Most Personal Trainers Overpromise and Underdeliver

8:58 5. Most Personal Trainers Give Generic Programs

10:55 6. Most Personal Trainers Give Generic Meal Plans

12:29 7. Most Personal Trainers Push the Same 6 Supplements

14:08 8. Most Personal Trainers Are Late

14:43 9. Most Personal Trainers Quit Within the First Month

15:54 10. Most Personal Trainers Don't Focus On You

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Jennifer Forrest

? you nailed it! My old trainer was guilty of 8/10 of these. He was always on time and he was a trainer at my gym for a long time.


Man you have great content with a lot of hard work behind it but no views whatsoever lol! Wtf!!! Why?????