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New Balance UX20v7 Training SKU: 9062849

New Balance UX20v7 Training SKU: 906284930 Jul. 2018
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Fitness is just a side

Fitness is just a side effect with the Minimus UX20v7 Training shoes from New Balance®.

Supportive nylon-infused yarn upper with mesh windows to increase ventilation.

Full lace-up closure.

Asymmetrical foam collar for a more natural fit.

Breathable fabric interior.

Cushioned textile insole.

REVlite midsole cushioning.

Vibram® rubber outsole for grip.



Weight: 7 oz

Product measurements were taken using size 10, width EE - Wide. Please note that measurements may vary by size.

Weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair.

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New Balance FUELCELL TC vs Saucony ENDOPRHIN SPEED "Training Partner" COMPARISON Review | FOD Runner

New Balance FUELCELL TC vs Saucony ENDOPRHIN SPEED "Training Partner" COMPARISON Review | FOD Runner4 Aug. 2020
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New Balance FUELCELL TC vs

New Balance FUELCELL TC vs Saucony ENDOPRHIN SPEED "Training Partner" Comparison Review - today I am putting the "training partners" side by side and providing a comparison between the new balance fuelcell tc and the saucony endorphin pro. For me, the 2020 highly anticipated training partner shoes have been released and its been rather novel to try out a couple of these in the form of the fuelcell tc and the endorphin speed, but which one do I prefer? which one has done the best job?

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried both of these shoes and which one you prefer?

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#fuelcelltc #endorphinpro #fodrunner

00:00 - Intro

01:25 - New Balance Fuelcell TC - Pro's & Con's

06:02 - Saucony Endorphin Speed - Pro's & Con's

09:05 - Overall Thoughts

Comments (25)
Claire Sweter-millar

I hope to get a pair of the Endorphin speed next week. If they don’t sell out again.?. A good comparison as always my main concern is price so speed all the way. I’m yet to try a fuelcell shoe but I definitely will as I like a softer midsole.

Ricardo reis

I Dont have either of these shoes but as far as I tried Fuel cell midsole in Propel I figure out Speed better option. Different from most of the reviews I like Fuel cell but I Dont love it. I prefer fresh foam X cause It is firmer and as confortable as Fuel cell. Thanks for your brilliant review Andy!

Thomas Szczepanski

Well said Andy. I like to do some of my long runs on a mix of road & some more technical trails this time of year, and the instability of the TC means I wouldn't risk taking it through any technical trail section, whereas I can with the Speed. I've found the TC more comfortable for me than the Speed, but it's early days as I've only done a couple of runs in it. I don't mind using the TC for slower speeds though unlike yourself.

Rhoade Runner Reviews

I do not have the TC but just love the Speed. That Nylon plate vs. the Carbon plate in my Carbon X is second to none. I have actually put in more miles in the speed than I have my NOVABLAST as of late but the NOVABLAST is still by far the most fun running shoe I own. I hope Asics puts a Nylon or Carbon plate in the NOVABLAST and make a racer out of that foam next year.

Timothy Brammer

Great summary. I’m loving the Speeds. I wore them for the second time Sunday for a club time trial and took a minute off my 10k PB. ?. I’d recommend them for any distance and enjoyable to run in. ?

Sandeep Mestry

Thank you for this video, its comfirmed i made the right choice of buying Speed :-)
Btw, could you elaborate on the lace lock as i found my left foot wasn't as snug as right one.. Thank you.


grinding these videos out Andy, nice

Dan Runs

I like the 'training partner' comparison approach. Another well put together comparison vid Andy

Eoin Casey

Would the Speed be plenty of shoe for somone running Marathons around the 3hr30 mark? Thinking the Pro might be overkill for someone like me?

Will Bates

Hoping to see a comparison between the Hyperion Tempo and the Turbo 2!

Bach Pham

Honestly just want the color way between Speed and Pro to be a little more distinct from one another so I can tell which one is which during youtube reviews lol

Jack R

Great comparison, what distance would you race the Speed up to?

Peter Rosario

Great comparison Andy. Just a little surprised that you did not mention or notice the weight difference. I definitely felt the TC was bottom heavy and unstable.

Adrian Reed

Great comparison. I've got the TC and have to agree i find the issue is it can be a bit unstable and find that it can cause a bit of pain in my ankle. But when your up to speed on a long run in it, its just so fun. Now, how do I get the speed without my wife seeing how much I'm spending on all these shoes....

Allen Carney

Great comparison and I couldn't agree more. I have almost given up on the TC but will try it as you suggest. I tried it on a couple tempo runs with lots of 90deg turns and it has jacked up my achilles... You definitely feel the instability turning corners, much worse than even the Next%. Otherwise its a solid shoe.

Owen Lindley

The Speed is excellent, good review

Pierre Boulay

great honest review and agree considering I have both models. Looking forward to try the RC when they come out.

Matthew DiMonte

I have 160km on my TC’s and have set PR’s in 5km/10km/21.1km in them, but have relied on my orthotic insert to keep the stability under control. Pair of speeds arrived today!! Looking forward to trying them out this week, hoping I can use them without the orthotic insert to keep the weight down on race day. Only walked around the house in the speeds but they feel very similar to how the Novablast felt when I tried them in the shop (particularly the way the shoe pushes you onto your toes). Definitely feel the speed roll just walking around compared to the TC. Can’t wait to try them out on the road!!


Do you think the mild medial “post” NB put in the Prism would be the answer to the TC’s instability problems?


The Asics Dynablast is dropping on 8/28. Flight Foam Blast with a lighter upper than the Novablast, it's a shoe you have to review before you crown your king of shoes.

Geoff Whitman

Thanks for this one...I got the Speeds a week ago and think they are brilliant for pace work. Felt a bit 'ordinary' when warming up but once up to speed they just kept giving! Noticeable lack of fatigue after my hard 10 mile progression run. Worth the money so far. I was so tempted by the TC, I have the Prism and the Propel, but the instability is something a lot of reviewers have talked about and it put me off. Hopefully like you say they can address this in the 2nd version.

Sharon Harrison

Now we know the severn bridge 10km is going ahead, which is going to be your trainer of choice on the day??

Paul Cain

Hi Andy, good comparison. I really liked the T.C. Until I bought the SPEED. Agree, the FuelCell is very comfortable but never felt like a racer to me. It is good for long runs. The SPEED puts you on your toes and makes you feel faster. The more you put in, the more it gives back. Great shoe. However, used the Next% (I don’t train much in mine) this morning in the rain and have to say it felt so smooth and the best of the three. But the SPEED for me is top shoe of 2020 (so far...). Thanks for the video.

Moneil Patel

Hey mate, what sort of distance do you reckon the Speed will give before needing to change them?

Tim Grose

Yeah that is a good summary from personal experience of the same shoes in exact same size. I wore my TC again on Sunday for 12 miles and said to my friend who was running with that feel bit tired but we ended up doing bits of the run faster than ever before. It is one I like to reach for longish runs when want to go a bit quicker but still want some nice sponge under my feet. I had to pull in the tongues so almost touching but that now gives tight mid foot and although huge amount of bunching up top, a nice space for my toes where generally like a bit more room. Similar to the Turbo 2 in that regard. Speed is also a great shoe but maybe it is so similar to the Pro that will you really get any real race day lift moving to Pro. My shoeoff with Pro and Speed gave it by a small margin to the Pro for performance but definitely marginal gains. Think need to work on my lacing a bit more on the Speed as still felt a little sloppy although have been doing some easy runs in it and perhaps not the most ideal for that. Novablast might be bit better for maximum cushioned ride. Know what you mean about corners but realistically I think that is a “problem” that is often overstated as how often do you really spend cornering at high speed in anything and if you do perhaps a moment’s “rest” can actually help a bit.

New Balance Boston: The Origin (Episode One)

New Balance Boston: The Origin (Episode One)19 Jan. 2016
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New Balance Boston: The

New Balance Boston: The Origin -- http://bit.ly/1Poez6M

Former Dartmouth coach and U.S. Olympian Mark Coogan heads the New Balance Boston training group, comprised of some of the most promising female distance runners in the country. Among them are 7x NCAA champion and 2015 World Championship 5k qualifier Abbey D'Agostino, 2013 World Championship 1500 qualifier Cory McGee, 2015 USA 10k finalist Liz Costello, and former Dartmouth 800m All-American Megan Krumpoch.

Comments (2)
Anthony Bell

They look very fit. Did anyone else get horny?

Anthony Bell

They look very fit. Did anyone else get horny?