Is it okay to eat

Is it Okay to Eat Expired Eggs?

Is it Okay to Eat Expired Eggs?31 Dec. 2013
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Is it okay to eat expired

Is it okay to eat expired eggs?

That depends on whether it had an expiration date or a sell by date. Food is usually good a few days after a sell-by date, as well as a few days after a best by date.

I've heard you can eat them for weeks thereafter, because they don't go bad for up to a month.

Theoretically, eggs can be sold up to a month after the sell by date, but that depends on proper storage and knowing when it was really made.

What happens if I cook them?

In a way, the clock starts over. The hard-boiled eggs will last one to two weeks if kept cold and in the shell.

Whereas they'll go bad in a few hours left on the counter.

So will raw eggs.

So will mayonnaise if you leave out at room temperature for a few hours. If I'm not sure if they are good, should I use the float test?

In theory, bad eggs will float while bad ones will sink. However, eggs are relatively cheap, so you really ought to buy new eggs instead of trying to eat bad ones.

You're worried about food poisoning.

Two dollars for a dozen eggs plus the trip to the store versus 48 hours of misery and at least that much money in tummy medicine.

Organic eggs cost a lot more.

Organic eggs aren't more nutritious or better for you, though they are better for the farmers.

Free range chickens are happier.

Free range chickens that are truly on the range get eaten by coyotes, wolves, hawks and everything else. Free range chickens in a farm just get more space to wander around.

Happy chickens make more eggs.

If you're going to be so caught up in animal welfare, you might as well get vegetarian egg substitutes.

Those don't bind as well in my recipes.

Then just buy half a dozen at a time so that you are less likely to have old ones you can't stand to part with.

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Andrei Dragutanu

And that, my friends, is how robots hook up

Bling Bling

I've been eating bad eggs for years, does the body good????

Renee & Vic

0:50 "Bad eggs will sink while bad eggs will float" is just as bad as telling someone that "During a paint ball match use your knife to conserve ammo".?


0:48 seriously? bad ones wil float and bad ones will sink? nice information

Angela Warner

I've had free range chickens. They are definitely happier; they definitely lay more eggs (ie they laid all through a very cold winter - avg temp of 15° F); and they did NOT get eaten by predators! They are very good at getting up to high spots in trees to sleep at night to stay safe. There are other ways to keep predators away. Most people who have free range chickens ensure their chickens are protected. Don't spread incorrect information!!


Well I needa know now or not. I already made a stale egg omelette n wanna eat it


Bad eggs will float but good eggs will sink...... To clarify


Siri and siri man


I accidentally ate some bad eggs I feel sick ;-;

tech boy XD

Go animate

H o l y f r i c c

The only good way to use GoAnimate besides the stupid "grounded" bullshit these 12-year-olds make these days.

Diana Ayllon

2 for a dozen, Jessica. Just buy new ones

okay, but ~how~ do you eat intuitively? ??

okay, but ~how~ do you eat intuitively? ??18 May. 2020
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more information on

more information on intuitive eating :

Abbey Sharp, RD. Intuitive Eating : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf7JbfqiLic&list=PLVstyvOTT8A9jm9YNYJftJSi-EgHlkcK0

Abbey Sharp, RD. HAES : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r9Rmj9PTgU and also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svgKUMf0BCo

Rachel Resnick : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgRErd-IDig&list=PLcBGq8sbCCdlqZyB-Y6VdSl3Oll5qgQ5r and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCteGjAlYrw

Stephanie Buttermore : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gDYbCEIb69uvFmCX5Lyuw

Christy Harrison : https://christyharrison.com/


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Bisoup !

Hey:) do you have any tips on how to intuitively eat when your family has fixed meals like lunch and dinner that are planned ahead? I don't want my parents to think that I don't like their cooking or don't appreciate it. I love you and your videos, they brighten my day and always make me feel better <3

Zero Waste Curls

you are so pretty! Small youtuber support

Laura Schiepers

This was such a good video charley!

The Inbetweeniest

I didn't realize I needed this video until you posted it. ❤️❤️❤️


Hi! Thanks for this video :) I struggle with knowing what I actually want, because I never 'crave' something. I don't know what my body wants because of this you know? Do you know how I still eat intuitively in this situation?

Beatrice Gemma

Thank you so much. This really helped.?


Ok this is probably the most helpful and best explained video about intuitive eating I've ever watched, thank you for putting in so much effort ?


you're giving off fairy/cottage vibes in this video and I love it??

Dreamspell Publishing

We have the same phone and case haha :))

Victoria Vanin

You’re amazing Charley! You def deserve more subs. Thank you for helping me to love myself more, treat my body better and finally stop bingeing. Love from Russia❤️

Emilia Meyer

Thanks for existing❤️

Void Essence

Could you touch on the topic of overeating after a year and a half of recovery? And also eating when not hungry? I come from anorexia and orthorexia. I've pretty much overcome all my fear foods and I feel much better around food, I just find myself eating sooooo much and very often, even when I am not hungry. When I want to eat and I don't feel hungry and I tell myself I shouldn't eat, I feel restrictive and I get scared of a relapse.... Sorry you're not a professional or anything so I have no idea how you could know what I have to do haha but maybe you experienced something similar?

it's Mads

I have been looking for a video like this! Especially with the exercise. I've been intuitively eating for a while and I feel good with it. I also been feeling better about exercise but these past few weeks I've been so stressed and not feeling like exercising. I never really felt like that was okay?

Danica Gyryluk R

literal angel blessing us with her knowledge while looking like a garden fairy. i want to see the baby deer tho?

kaylah honey

You read my mind girl! I've been looking into intuitive eating lately, so I love to here your thoughts on it! I have the same feelings for exercising but thankfully I found a channel here on youtube called Madfit. She does really fun dance workouts and some other simple short ones. I also love yoga with adriene.


You make intuitive eating videos and you have a cottage core aesthetic ? goals

Gina Marie

This is a great video! ❤ They're coming out with a new edition of the Intuitive Eating book soon and they've changed some of the principles. I'm excited to see what's different. For meal plans I think it's important for people to talk to their provider if they feel hungry for MORE than their meal plan calls for. A lot of providers will tell people to stick to their meal plan and not eat more, but why wouldn't we eat more when we're hungry especially when recovering from an eating disorder? The only thing is if you're at risk for refeeding syndrome, then it wouldn't be a good idea to eat more than your doctor is saying until it's safe to.


I’m currently recovering from binge eating disorder and orthorexia and this is seriously exactly what I needed right now. Thank sm Charley you’re amazing ily ?

Pattiya Cara

Your videos have helped me so much, I've struggled with restrictive eating, and with this quarantine and living alone it has gotten really hard. Today was my second day eating intuitively and so far so good. Thank you for this video it was reassurance that I am on the right path.

Kate Crake

your little drawings/stop motion parts are so cute Charley omg

Its always Tegan

I am going through the refeeding process right now and I’m in sooo much pain ): it’s so hard to eat what I need to for getting my weight restored but I’m really looking forward to one day being able to eat what my body wants and needs! Thank you so much for this video, Charley! I’m now feeling better (-: you’re so beautiful! Have a wonderful day/night!


I have a hard time with eating too much or too big of portions, I was over 200 pounds when I was 18 and I’m 24 now and with this whole lock down thing being at home really hurt me in the sense that all I wanted to do was eat and not workout and it’s always been hard for me to workout. I know I could be happy at the weight that I’m at but I’m not and I need to lose some to feel better. And idk I get so sad because I gained weight during this lock down and I felt like I was just being lazy, I couldn’t bring myself to workout everyday and I end up putting myself down because I’ve struggled with my weight and eating too much all my life and it’s really hard for me to get out of old habits and make new healthier ones..

natalia chloé

I think it's really important that you cleared up that intuitive eating may not work for everyone at any moment. When I first started to recover from my ED I couldn't eat intuitively because my iron and potasium levels were critically low, and at that point I needed to eat even when I wasn't hungry. I needed the nutrients from food. And being so deep into my ED, I honestly didn't know what my intuition really was...Now, many years into my recovery, I eat intuitively because I don't have to worry about my nutrition: I can fully listen to my body and balance my meals. It takes time for some people :)

Stephanie Philo

im on a meal plan right now, im looking forward to the point in my recovery where i can eat intuitively! im not there yet but ONE DAY

femke hauser

omg i loved the illustrations !! great way to jazz it up a bit. :)

elliot ross

This video was SO well done. I love all the little food sticker thingies you made! I appreciate all the hard work and effort u put into this ? Sending love!

Laura Ramos Delgado

Loved this video, really down to earth, respectful and addresses Intuitive Eating pretty well at least from my knowledge, experience and having read the book. Keep up the good content.

Annie Meyer

ah love this. when I first really started to eat intuitively I was so surprised by all the foods I had cut out for no reason !! and also how out of touch I was w listening to my body but I have come so far ??

Immi Rees-dyer

So helpful!✨✨


After so many years of a restrictive ED, intuitive eating came as a BLESSING. It is still super hard at times not to go back to bad habits (I am just coming out of a relapse) but food freedom is SO worth it!

Btw, Charley, you are awesome! ?

Pretty_Flower Gurl_Sass

Thank you for this video ♥️ Only now did I realise that what I’ve been doing is intuitive eating

Emily Roberts

This couldn’t of come at a better time. I’m feeling a bit anxious and sad today with eating and my body (I’m in recovery) and this made me feel so much better with extreme hunger and eating more than my family. Also I wanted to thank you for all your videos as they make feel better about everything ?☀️?

hadj _bae

As cheesy as this sounds but Your videos are like a balm to the soul and they help me do much . Thank you , you're a beautiful person in every single way ?


hearing this makes me feel good, thank you


I will personally write a letter to the United States Government to have ur illustration of intuitive eating included in every health ed in America, girl! That was amazing ✨?? so pedagogically valuable ???Love it.

Spencer Daniel

I look up to you so much for how I should take care of myself, you make me feel ok and safe, thank you

Leticia C

The mini illustration talkthrough is so lovely!


I love thinking about intuitive eating as self care. It is eating and moving whenever/whatever you want from a place of self love and self compassion.

Abby Heimbecher

Great video! Totally appreciate the visuals, and how much time you put into this video! Thanks Charlie!


Glad you cleared up how you eat at any time of the day because I had lunch and like 50 minutes later I had an ice cream my brother bought and I was like AHH? but that's good to know?

Hayley Orr

omg you are adorable

Sara Balaberda

Honestly this video is something that I needed. I’ve watched countless videos about intuitive eating but they never really explained how to actually intuitively eat and listen to your body.

Erin Burns

You are so well spoken. I really appreciate the way that you approach all of these topics. I always leave your videos feeling so calm and peaceful. I hope you're doing well ?

Katie Weigl

When I was teaching myself to eat intuitively after living with a binge eating disorder for over a decade, I realized that more often than not, when I thought I wanted a burger and fries, what I was really craving was KETCHUP ?

Galina Salorian

Your videos make me so happy

Roos J

I had the worst day, depression and anxiety were veryyyy in the picture.. your videos really help me to calm down, be positive and kind to myself. <3


Thank you so much. ily. You help(ed) me so much in my recovery, you can‘t even imagine! You helped me see my worth ❤️


love this video! can you please do a video on listening to hunger and fullness? I often get full but find it hard to stop

Rachel Moats

I adore how much time and effort you put into this video. You're the cutest

Phé Seren

This is so cute AND interesting at the same time ! You are such a beautiful person. I hope you can see it !

(Always worried about the fact i can make mistakes in the way i write... College years and English lessons seem so far right now XD)

This is Me

You obviously put so much effort into this video and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much


The doodles are so cute ?

Giselle V.R.

Can we appreciate how she drew all those little foods for the sake of this video? Also, I love her cottage core aesthetic that she has going.


thank u so so much for making this video, it’s so interesting and helpful!! ✨☁️☀️

Charlotte ellen

“just eat it”is also an incred book that talks abt how to eat intuitively. it’s mad and talks abt stats and how to start doing it. the author is a doctor and it’s so good if any of you need it xx


this was so educational and calming! i constantly get stressed over the fact that i don’t always have access to my true cravings/my parents like to regular how much of a certain type of food my family “should” eat (??‍♀️) but there Are ways to help satisfy my cravings!!! and i don’t!!! need!!! to stress!!! you bring so much light and kindness to all your videos :))

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Monica Sobhani

Thank u so much Dr.Nandita, for changes our lives. This video I am going to share with my kids, and grandkids. I hope they r all going to change their life style. Wanted yo share with u , my younger son has become Vegan since 1 month. I am so happy for that, always share ur teaching when in groups , so that they can benefit. I learnt all these above in senior age, but I am very lucky and thankful to my daughter, who worked hard , and made us to meet u. God sends Angel's in our lives, through someone.. God bless u, for bringing happiness in our lives and wish everyone understand the power and sacrifices of daughters . ???Felt like sharing my feelings.