Glycolytic system

Glycolytic System

Glycolytic System27 Aug. 2020
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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

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really helpful

Glycolysis Explained (Aerobic vs. Anaerobic, Pyruvate, Gluconeogenesis)

Glycolysis Explained (Aerobic vs. Anaerobic, Pyruvate, Gluconeogenesis)19 Jan. 2020
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Glycolysis Explained

Glycolysis Explained (Aerobic vs. Anaerobic, Pyruvate, Gluconeogenesis)

Glycolysis is the first step in the bioenergetic process. It occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell and leads to either Lactate production (anaerobic) or to the Krebs Cycle in the mitochondria!

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00:16 Digestion and Blood Glucose

01:01 Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Glycolysis

01:42 Anaerobic Glycolysis and Lactate

03:32 Lactate Clearance & The Cori Cycle

03:46 Gluconeogenesis

04:13 Aerobic Glycolysis

05:11 ATP Consumption and Production

05:45 Enzymes & Phosphofructokinase (PFK)

06:00 Introduction of Cellular Respiration

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Clarity Burns

Really good! I'm going to crush my exam!

Christian Hughey

Just for clarify: Would the body start in aerobic glycolysis and then convert to anaerobic glycolysis as we deplete O2 levels?

Yo Lo

thank u so much its because of you I'm not going to fail my biology test


Finally after searching from video to video somebody actually can tell me clearly, THANKYOU SO MUCH

Nadia Uliana

thank you for your video...I am stuck on the ATP production... Glucose is a 6 carbon molecule and ATP is N/phospate molecule...how do we get ATP from glucose (I understand that energy is released when the bonds are broken)but ...where does the Phosphate and N appear? They seem to appear out of nowhere thank you

Abbi Lynn



It's such a bloody perfect explanation you saved my neck thank you

Martin Kagure

Well Explained. I wanted such a tutor, kudos.

The beautiful nature ##

Outside of mitochondria  aerobic glycolysis and anaerobic glycolysis happens , if the oxygen present it will go to the mitochondria ,kerbs cycle and do the oxidative phosphorylation and make 38 Atp and this the difference between aerobic glycolysis and oxidative system or anything else plz help me out .

Daman Sial

Mentorship ?

Mr. Universe

How do Keto cells break down in to and how does the liver or brain or cells use them ?

Javier Rodriguez

Can u explain NADH to NAD+ process?

Asha Lakra

Please explain in detailed view

ganesh Dalvi’s fitness

A erobic glycolysis happens In mitochondria or in glycolysis?

Gustavo Bellene

Finally someone giving a good insight about lactate purpose! Well explained!

Mohamed Abdul Yusuf Karim

Thank you

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Caleb Pitman

I'm with everyone else, great video!

Ruqayah Alrubaie

go ahead ,thanks matt??‍♀️


Dude this videos was awesome! I'm subscribing to this!!


Lmao bro why did I not find these videos during my undergrad. Studying for cscs exam thanks for the videos

Ajay Nangalia

The best explanation ever!! Thank you!!

Ryan Hultman

Great video! Reading my textbook and supplementing with your videos is really helpful!