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The Best Drill Ever For Bench Press Leg Drive and Hip Tension

The Best Drill Ever For Bench Press Leg Drive and Hip Tension8 Jul. 2019
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Comments (6)

was at the end of my bench doing hip thrusts last week with a band around my knees and felt it could carry over to the bench setup like this too! get that bw weight onto the traps!

Kwaka Moto

Hi please can you show us how to program for intermediate lifters

Patrick Stroup

You deserve way more subscribers, thank you for all the great content.

Joe Lampshire


Giant-killer Beast

Great video coach Ben. Loved how you explained everything.

Ankit Srivastava

Hey coach ben you are the one who has given qualitative information which is the real effective one to increase my bench press......nothing has helpede to get stronger in to my weakest lift untill i came upto your videos.
Lots of love and respect to ya sir...keep it up...??????

AmStaff Fitness TS009 Premium Multi-FID Bench review

AmStaff Fitness TS009 Premium Multi-FID Bench review17 Mar. 2020
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CarlSubscribe 438 721

out of the box review

out of the box review

Comments (9)
Gary Rodrigues

Thanks for the review. I just ordered that bench online today, along with the leg extension/curl attachment too. It will take about 3 weeks waiting time, before it is delivered to my place. When using the leg extension attachment, is there any wobbling when using heavy weight beyond 100lbs?


Ta quelle machine/power rack?

Jaimie Joseph

Hi, do you know what the weight capacity is and also do you know the width of the back pad? Thanks

Contact Me

Excellent review, I'm glad someone made a review for this one. Can you tell me how long the back rest is? It looks quite long but I would like to know the actual length because I'm quite tall and most benches don't fit me.

John Nhan

Hi Carl, what's the height of the seat at flat position? Does the U-shaped base get in the way of your feet when you plant your feet during a flat or incline bench press?

Jovan Jovicic

It’s now $340...typical lol

Fundy Productions

Don't buy the leg press its really bad everything else works great. The leg press is really stiff and doesn't line up with the rollers properly. Its supposed to roll on 4 but as soon as you put weight on it, it tilts to be on only 2. It works still but ya its so stiff that you will want a normal leg press.

William Chau

Hey man great video, what degrees can the bench angle at?

Stanislaus Family Channel

Thanks for posting. Was looking for a good review on this.

How To: Use leg drive during the Bench Press

How To: Use leg drive during the Bench Press26 Mar. 2015
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Alan ThrallSubscribe 438 721

Instructional video about

Instructional video about how to use leg drive to your advantage when bench pressing

Comments (100)
Andy Lin

Hehehe that arrows at 3:11 answered a question that I had for the past whole year, I was always doing a squeeze glutes+ hamstring curl


I benched 10 more lbs than my max with leg drive today


This advice was top notch.


Great video ?

19 years ago

0:49 I didn't know North America has mosquitos

S Zubair Hussain

I have seen almost all of your videos and they are just awesome. U have correctly told to move the free weights up and down in a straight vertical line but I have noticed bench press is an exception to this, why so? Please share some thoughts on shrugs and reverse shrugs.

Tonto P

what song?

Luke Zeus

Damn, the thumbnail got me thinking if this is a game theory episode or one of Allan's vids for a second.

thanks for tha cheese

Lmao this fucking way of benching is a joke.

Dylan Hale

5 years later and this is the vid that finally made it click for me lol. Feet as far back as possible was what I needed for my long legs. And the talk of getting your glutes engaged before helped so much too. It makes sense, if you're glutes are thrusted up and engaged at 100% before you press, it's impossible for your butt to come off the bench

WeaponX 5691

People dont do this shit. If all these "powerlifters" had a flat back, and actually put both legs in the air and crossed them, and did a full rep down to chest and up, they couldnt do half the weight they do. This guy looks like shit... who would want to look like him when you could look like Arnold or Lou with proper form, lighter weight and getting the blood into the pecs, not hammer joints and tendons... that's why you see no "powerlifters" past age 45-50

97 4

is is usefull if i'm looking for hypertrophy only ?
(ps: isn't it dangerous for the back ? )

fname lname

The only decent explanation of leg drive and the bench press that I’ve seen.

Iron Man

besides the arch, IM gonna try this tomorrow. good comparison to the push up, and good way to explain about sliding the bench across the floor.



Hunter Ginkins

holy shit. tried this in my workout today, shit worked like magic lmao

Johnney F

shout out to Albany Ny, Il recognize that gym anywhere


great channel

Joey Klunder

I started doing this and arching my back more and my bench went up from 200 to 210 because of it


I try this but I am currently doing starting strength, bench is after squats and I get the worst cramps, any advice?

Ahmad Alansari

Ur the best

Matt Klinger

This vid helped a lot made my bench feel easier

Casa Cambio

Can you bench press without legs


"You are not actually pushing the ground away from you. You are pushing your self away from the ground"

Chuck Norris has entered the chat

Perry Liim

Why my leg cramp doing this

Wat Techno Tambor

How much is it possible to improve your bench only with leg drive?

Aris Lodin

Thank you for showing what leg drive should do without weight. I have been qorking on leg drive and just kind of figurwd that out but having the cobfirmation is awesome


Good God! This video is absolute perfection. The practical approach os this channel is amazing

bruce dickinson 12

why do they use shit music to intro these videos

Qayl Arceus

Best tutorial bench ever! it help me a lot

Jayden Clarke

the like to dislike ratio of these videos are unreal

Thomas C

Came for the how-to, stayed for the extra tip... xo


00:45 Legend has it that mosquito could bench 225 from then on

Fran Parpal

I finally got it, after saw many videos this is the best bro!


This helped me a lot, I never knew how to use leg drive.

Steven Sevillano

Sub Spañol ??


I listened to your advice and pushed myself away from the bar... the bar stayed in the same position and the bench broke and turned into dust under me. at this point, my back was on the floor and my feet left a dent on the ground. the gym manager was not impressed.


So the bar does not go straight up and down but more towards the feet on the decent and the eyes at the top?

Σπαρτιάτης Σπαρτιάτης

From the time I started to watch videos about the Leg Drive, I lift less weight!!!

It's just messing with my technique.
Instead of thinking about other staff: Speed, Arch, Elbows close, Shoulder blades trying to "touch" each other, tight back etc, I'm trying to improve my Leg Drive and everything goes wrong.

I'm very disappointed with my lifts.


good vid

Michael Scott

4:11 chuck norris pushes the earth down though


Are my calves supposed to be sore after this??lol

Sphere Lin

Is using leg drive counterproductive if I'm benching for bodybuilding purposes?

Free Weed

thanks bra

Albus Huskey

Why can’t there be more helpful and simple videos like this one on YouTube???


yes, yes yes.

Empire Films

Thanks for the tips!


That was beautiful


Good advice

Kenneth de Koeijer

Jesus himself explaining the bench press

Alex Peterov

is it recommended on incline?


A paraplegic power lifter will show you a perfect bench technique.

Flexbullet Fit Plus

Great advice, going to give this a try for sure

Kaij Mayer

Thank you!

Gerald Friend

Best vid on this subject out there.Very clear and concise.It helped me a lot having a 60lb dumbell in one hand and nothing in the other..leg drive and lateral bracing or fall over.

Patricia Heath

Poor lateral stability? How do you fix that?

Yasir Haque

Alan, I love you bro. But please trim that mustache. Food can get on it and I'm sure your partner would prefer it trimmed while kissing. Thanks for your content. It's like the best to understand!


leg drive i slide up the Bench, Unless your gym is equipped with Professional equipment not Just Heavy Duty Equipment,Dont follow advice in Worthless gyms, like LA Fitness and Gold etc

Steve D

After researching for hours for fun on different youtube stars about workout advice such as Alan Thrall hes the best and cuts the bullshit and gets straight to damn good points. There are a few others like Omar Isuf and Athlean-X but they just talk way too much beginning, in the middle and the end.

hollow hype

I went from 80kg for 5 reps for 3 reps of 100kg within like a month I’ve been really focusing on chest and specific exercises to improve it and it’s working

Mauricio Melian

Tarrako sos vos ?

John Smith

Helped massively. Thank you.


Huh, this sure /seems/ like cheating but I will defer to your beardwisdom


4:28 ?

AandL Rentals


Rahul Khamamkar

All that extreme lumbar lordosis will come to haunt you.
Don't think of just the disk and herniation forward.
Think of arthritis in joint.
I know you people are full pumped on artificial steroid.
But don't advise bad form.

Siddhant 07

Legit and straightforward videos. Subscribed!

Dan 104

I'm 14 and 160lbs I arched my back, and used a wider grip, was eye level to the bar and I was so suprised that my bench went to 150 to 185

Pentax67 God

Actually using toes is not prohibited in powerlifting. Kirill Sarychev is using this technique and did world record. Thank you so much for tips, so helpful

Sparta Chris

Is this method only good for when the weight is relatively heavy so the bench doesn't ACTUALLY move? Im only repping around 135-140 right now, just started my SStrength program a few weeks ago. Trying to keep everything in perspective.

Sean Kelly

Instantly added 10 pounds to my max.

Chris K

is it enough to learn with your videos or should i take a coach for this?


Going to test this tomorrow; been having as lot of trouble with my bench.

Sway Station

Since making this vid, you have gone from 95K views on your "How to bench pres" vid... You're now on over 487K views! Nice!
Just thought i would share.

Elisena Gaël


Arturo Torres


Scott -

Excellent coaching!??

Archie Dunn

Do you have to keep your feet on the ground in the ipf?

David Flanigan

Great video man. Hitting a push day tomorrow, can't wait to incorporate this with my bench!


Great tips! I knew I had to leg drive, but couldn't quit grasp the concept. I'll be trying this on my session tonight.

Eli Lane

I’m a 14 year old, 120 pound, 5’5 freshman. Two weeks ago I got 175 on bench press, but my butt came off the bench. I will use the tips. Hopefully I can keep my butt down and keep the same max.


When I first started lifting in the mid 80’s this was called cheating.
All the older guys(aspiring bodybuilders and power lifters)used to police us young guys and yell at us if we lifted are asses off the bench or bounced the bar off our chests or swung and rocked our bodies when doing standing barbell curls etc.
Because of them it still bugs me when I see guys using too much weight and bouncing it off there chest with there asses in the air in order to impress a bunch of other guys.

triantafillos antoniadis

Thank's for all the great vids Alan

Yelyzaveta Zhuravel

That was an amazing edvices !! Thanks a lot !!

Matthew Hendrickson

"You're not trying to push the ground away from yourself. You're trying to push yourself away from the ground." Unless you're Chuck Norris.


Nice one! Thx?


the best video for this kind of thing that i've found


Have to rewatch this in 2019 cause my legdrive still suck.
Under heavy weight trying to leg drive cause me to kind of brake my back, a super arch, like my butt is going to touch my shoulders.
So bracing and squeezing the glutes is vital, and the belt helps a lot.


Great content! Can you give a video on incline bench? Do you recommend it? How to save the shoulder, as it kinda hurts my shoulder. Form, info etc...

Alex Romanov

i wish i'd found this channel earlier.

Loco Los

Really informative video. Thanks for the knowledge!!


I did this 230 pounds ended up with me sliding with the bench 2 meters i reped 3 times

Abraham Blackmore

I got shit for doing this a few weeks ago at my local gym. I just felt like the combination of these tips felt natural and really helped me to control my weight as opposed to just " ME LIFT HEAVY THING. ME LIFT UP AND THEN PUT DOWN" as some people tend to do. I fucking knew i was right.

Vesna Rajic

???? mosquito

Joseph Santoro

plott twist: Alan Thrall didn't build his quads squatting, he did it benching.


This is the most incredible tutorial ??

Neel Indap

Thank you so much. Great video, amazing results!

Jasleen S

love your vids!

Abdeljalil Takhim

Hey @alan, i miss the mobility needed in my hips to use leg drive and it's killing me, what's the solution?

onur ekici

Best video regarding leg drive. I watched this video 2 years ago when I was doing 100kg(225) and now im up to 140kg(315). Leg drive is a small detail that has an amazing impact. Perfecting the skill takes time tho.