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Increasing Strength EVERY WORKOUT?

Increasing Strength EVERY WORKOUT?15 Feb. 2021
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Increasing Strength EVERY

Increasing Strength EVERY WORKOUT?


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Comments (27)

Jason, you've been training 1,716 weeks.

At 5 lbs per week progression you should be benching at least 8,580 lbs.

Step it up, pal.


I just want to say that milo of crotona really did lift that bull. Everyone forgets that as the bull gets heavier, it also gets taller,so as a calf its like a zercher but by the time it was full grown, he just got under it and did a partial range of movement squat. The bull was not a modern pbr mass monster, it was probably about 900 lbs and it was a pet who was trained to cooperate with the stunt. Milo was known to have been a great wrestler and fighter so idk why people try to say it's not true that he hit a good lift just because he. Was natty and didnt really hit a plateau

Joe Wellfair

I got a shock the other day by mixing up the order in which I did the exercises. Went to failure for a few sets of weighted dips and then was WAY weaker than usual on pull ups which is usually my strongest lift. Its good to keep learning and realise your limitations. Loved the vid as always.

Gabriel Ascenso Tomas

What if I start my workouts with high intensity and finish it with volume will that be sufficient for building muscle or should I do the intensity and volume on separate days?


absolutely golden video! I'll save this video in my playlist to watch it again to remind myself of this, because this topic is exactly that i'm struggling with, getting too easily frustrated when i don't hit pr... Also you explained very well that powerlifting peaking style and how to lift heavy with leaving reps in the tank and then when that plateaus which it to different rep range. I just learned a lot from this video, thanks man!

julio reyes

Can't get enough of your videos Jason. Mountain ⛰

Phased Muscle

what about doing several like 3-4 mini workouts daily, but with very light weight, for the “pump” in between the days of your regular hard single workouts? ever try anything similar?

Daniel Netz

As always: Thx for your great content.

000 007

Why did you take out the ending of the video wen it’s saying gallant gallant ?

Space Dumps




Iron Addict

Great video brother

Frankie D

Thanks Mountain for making the vid and answering my question ?


Increase strength every workout using block periods of different rep ranges - Possible
Increase strength every workout forever using the same rep range - No

Taylor Thomas

Jason! Topic suggestion: types and quantities of foods eaten in the evening with relation to sleep.

In my experience, going to bed with the last meal being 2-3 hours before sleeping helps to give better sleep quality because, in theory, the less blood that's being used for digestion, then the more blood that can be used for brain repair.

I strictly use simple sugars (like fruit, milk, honey, etc) around bed or if waking in the middle of the night. Would like to hear your thoughts & experiences on the matter.

Definitely my favorite YouTube fitness channel, by the way. Great stuff, separate from the crowd.


Jane Doe

Mountain ?


I've been getting shoulder and elbow pain - getting old now. I'm trying a new strategy - using light weights and high reps for supporting muscles and full range of motion isolation exercises that I never used to do, while still going heavy on the compound lifts.

Donidarkolulz Donidarkowow

That was a very insightful tip Jason, however I want to ask, have u tried the Bulgarian training method?

Tommy Cox

I'm a hard gainer with a high metabolism. I guess I'll just walk around with 7% BF like it's nothing. Turn your weakness into strength ?


I've had a great run doing H.I.T. still hitting a Pr every workout for 12 weeks straight


niatnuoM ??️

gametube sub

So youre doing concurrent periodization?

Abu Sami

Agreed once again. Just realised you are a PNBA pro, me too hehe.


Thanxs for the video jason.I don t know if you have some tips for people who can t go to the gym for all this problem for the covid, but in the house has some weights , a chin up bar. Of course you are invulnerable to the virus because...MOUNTAIN!!!!


If strength progression happened EVERY single workout I think most of us would have to be registered as lethal weapons. We'd be yanking people's arms out of their sockets with simple handshakes.

Raw Primal PRO-Kid

That dancing ?

Samuel Denman

Greasin the Groove should be the name of your next song

Learn some Korean in the Gym *I'm also filming for TV*

Learn some Korean in the Gym *I'm also filming for TV*26 Mar. 2018
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Comments (100)

Omg Shadow by F(x) playing there ?????

Bane Carder

I had 2 stop my workout so I could watch ur gym video? u r quite the multi tasker holding ur camera while teaching korean n running on the treadmill and being filmed..? wow! I totally woulda fell off, haha. Good job??

Eman GH

how can i join the #DongDongSquad ?!

Anjali Unnie

This video is nice and easy to understand.

Julio Hernandez

I hear fx song bgm when unnie is running ..miss my girls

Nour Manai

the title is writen in french


Infinite destiny playing ????

Datay Twins

5:00 destiny by 인피니트 ❤️

i n s p i r i t s?! ㅋㅋㅋ


thank you so much for these amazingly helpful Korean videos! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into these videos! 감사합니다! ❤️

it's lee

i'm so sorry you had to stay up till 4 am editing this video. make sure to stay healthy unnie you are so appreciated ily <3

Kriza Angelique Santos

I really like the way you speak ???


Bless you XD you feel like your normal Korean untie self but with a slight. This is weird looking on your face sometime XD very funny editing.

ded since i discovered kpop

I was laughing at your la la la la ??

L. Y. P

Very nice and helpful!

bri bart

K-Unnie has her own film posse ! hahaha. have fun at the gym...hopefully they actually let u work out without filming u the whole time. :P


Korean unnie I search in the Kakao chat and I search dongdongsquad it appear and the minute I click join chat need that chat code, sad life... Korean unnie why??? It looks like she created it was an secert chat sad...

expres5iveating channel

omg the background elevator music does not let me hear the pronounciation fully sigh

Isabella 1339

Thank you for reading your viewers comments and etc. I hope maybe one day I can met you. Have a wonderful day. Good morning,evening,night and etc.???

Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman

to run is 뒤어요. iI always forget this word. From now I will never forget this ..thanks unnie my beautiful teacher...


안녕하세요 교수님, 아랍어 번역 및 센터를 한국 어디서나 배치하고 감사드립니다.

Christina Marie

6:35 i hear gfriend song summer rain


6:22 Anyone here Gfriend - Summer Rain!! ahhh

htet I love your teaching'way htet

I love teaching way
I'm Myanmar
미 얀 마 사 람 입 니 다

Stefany Marinho

Is the title really in Portuguese?? ?

t r a g i c

3:17 so if I were to say I am eating would it be “저는 먹고있어요”

bianca chaira

I really love your videos because I'm learning Korean word alot and it's not boring it's fun watching Unnie teaching us the Korean word and it's she sometimes funny that's why her videos are the best love you Unnie ❤❤❤

Rachel O

저는 센터을 좋아요, 하지만 안 가요. 그리고 재킷을 멋있어요!?

Kalistic Modiani

? Did you happen to explain why you're a 언니 and not a 누나 ?


joh eun!


Interesting video.

I have several questions. I learned the word 운동장 for gym. Also, what you called a “gym ball,” we used to call a “medicine ball,” - presumably because it improved your health. Keep in mind that I am over 60, so maybe the word has changed.

Completely different kind of question. Were we to meet, how would I address you? I am referring to your nickname, Korean Unnie. I cannot call you 언니, because I am older and male. I cannot call you 누나 also for the reason of age. Would it be 한국 여동생? Or just 문서현 씨?

Sabihah Sajohan 夢

I heard infinte-destiny and gfriend-summer rain???너무 좋아...by the way...your video is very good...funny when look the pd is also in this video..ㅎㅎㅎ..

Joker Ratata

I love youu

Josiana M.


Kashiraja MB

내가 생각하기에 한국언니는 진짜 hot 이애요! my Korean friend said that 한국사람 only like small-face girls. 미쳐쩌! 한국언니는 진짜 훌류헤요! I'm Italian and I lived in 수원시 for a while. 한국언니 사랑애!

Kpoptrasheu- NCT

I have a question : when you do your intro you say : 안녕하세요 한국언니 이에요. Isn’t that wrong? Or am I miss-understanding you? But wouldn’t it have to be : 안녕하세요 한국언니 예요? Because eonnie ends with an vocal and a consonant has to follow right ? Or am I wrong ;-; iam sorry for asking or bothering ~ can someone help me? If not iam just going to ask my Korean teacher ... thanks ❤️❤️

Isabella 1339

This video and all the others have helped me improve my Korean so maybe I can go to Korea without a ton of translation apps and books.???

김경선-كيم كيونغ سون

a cute unnie with a cute channel ??.

Nax Salas

You acted so normal while during this !!!! I would of died tbh????♥️❤️

Abdul Aziz

나는 미용실에 걸어서 가요

Precious Fox

Just what I needed! I was just wondering what the korean word for gym was! I learn so much from these videos, Kamsahabmida uri unnie!


Ordering food

susana lopez lara

Es queso

Aluminium xD

Hi, Nuna. Its an interesting thing. I didnt know Korean had this V + ing grammar construction because it doesnt exist even in some indo-european languages (like mine, Russian for instance)


Deabak! I love your your teaching strategy

Robi Lajara

This is my favorite Korean Unnie! I find it funny when people were curious on what you are doing. But this is the most memorable learning for me haha. You're really the best teacher here on Youtube.

Rajeev Surasinghe

Unnie doing big things in 2018. Keep it up!

WhatJane Does

Woooww you have a vlog like this! Im excited!~ thank you! I need this!

Yi Liang

looking forward to your TV show~~!

Yousef Ahmed

Your the best

Steve 22

Unnie is so famous everyone is filming u ...


10/10 shadow playing in the gym

omar smeet

So pround of u unnie kogo ahead we support u ????? live u

Emmanuel C. Jacot

Thank you for another video! I often practice counting reps with native Korean numbers when I'm at the gym. I will now start describing what I'm doing when I walk and run at the gym. I also love how this video ended with GFriend's song "Summer Rain!" GFriend is my favorite KPop group :). Great video, as always, Korean Unnie!

Jolie Aranda

What’s the name of the gym

Saumya Yadav

You are very beautiful. I love your sweet and cute face???????. Your videos is always best?????. Love from India.

Tenzin 꾼쌍

한국언니 wow it feels like you are getting popular in korea and it makes me feel happy and proud. you are my inspiration to learn korean language. I want to help you regarding buying mic wich you have mentioned in the video. let me know how?

J Safurah

My Korean unnie ??

Jeshua Ferro

#DONGDONGSQUADDDDD lol i hate treadmills but i have to use it lol

karma 444

Im white, can i get any other job except for teaching English


I like going to the gym ? it was amazing with korean unnie ... unnie you are the best ever ??

Katie Ener

annyeong unnie ^^ haven't watched your videos for long time miss you ^^ and i haven't been studying korean too becoz i've been busy i felt like i need to review again so watching your videos again are kind of refreshing~~


La la la la la ?
Reminds me of "We are having such a great conversation" ?


Omg you’re so cute filming yourself while running

william rei udarbe

러닝 마신


I'll call you.. nuna

Hyunae Park

i was so excited when i heard INFINITE'S Destiny while you're stretching. thanks for making the video. it's so fun and enjoying!


안녕하세요 한국언니! 수고했어요! If ever, can you give us some tips and exercises in the future to help with memory Retention in second Language"? It's been a challenge on my part to remember especially how to construct sentences and what words to use... thank you Unnie! 감사합니다!


unnie is thick


You're such a baby :)

Danijel D

...So fluently, considering everything happening (exercises, people that film,...)
체육관 - GYM => tʃæ ns for juː (all us) to make some muscles to kwɑːn t̬ə.faɪ
고 고 고 Korean Unnie!


니미럴 이딴것올여서 환심사서돈버냐
참찌질하다 한국여자성괴쁜없네

Alice Emedi

GFRIEND was on❤❤❤❤❤????#kpop


I'm still in love with Korean Unnie

Tasmiah Rahman

Unnie can you do a video on how to name countries in korean???
I am from Bangladesh???

Jonny Tyler Films

Excellent vid. You did well filming while being filmed. When I move to Gangnam, I might join a gym?or just buy gym equipment and squeeze it all into my apartment. ? The advantage being able to have some tea on the couch ?️straight after working out. Can't wait for the documentary ??. Hope it gets millions of viewers

Michel Bruns

The part with 있어요 was very good


07:09 INFINITE Destiny song ???????? 고마워용

Talal Huss

Are all Korean women so beautiful? Wow....

psei trends

https://youtu.be/mWkHk2raLts guys check. Out my bench press. Right. Now im. At 150 im planning.of benching 200 lbs

Game On

what song did they played before the outro song?

Willie Nelson

런닝 머신 is not konglish, it's a mispronounciation of english, or better yet, korean pronounciation of an english word.

sanmanita hazarika

Fake lalala??


Korean Unnie speaks the truth (1:12) frankly..that matters a lot viewers. Tnx ma'am. Soon unnie is going to be famous and people will identify her on the streets of Seoul. ????..


정말 감사합니다 ?좋아요??언니.

Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv


Yani 1110

unnie please, there is the romanization in your vlog youtube.. thank u unnie

Junecheonsa Sarah

You are doing good. love from Algiers


Please u have time i wanna korean tofik biginner

Jessie Madrigallo

you sow cute and your video i down load to my cell phone because i study korean language thank you

Lia Ferreira

한국 언니.... I know that I'm late but I read somewhere that the verb "run" is 달리다... Is that correct? Because in the video you said that "to run" is 뛰어요 and now I'm confused... Please help me ???

hi itzyara

Thanks for teaching us korean we can really use it!???

Kenny Arza

I didn't learn anything. Was too busy checking unnie working out ???

laur fromthegrove

Master multi-tasker! ? I would've fallen off the treadmill. ?

Mark Kostecki

You dont need to be sorry for any kind of quality haha. You could put out a 12 minute video of just black screen and i'd like it lol

Tony Starr Fitness

I am a personal trainer and am learning to speak Korean. Very helpful Korean Unnie thank you'!!!

Tyger Blue Eyes

I love my Zoom H1. I also just got a "Sennheiser ClipMic digital Mobile Recording Microphone for iOS Devices" for my iPhone 8 Plus. I'll you know how it works out.

Yoo whene

I like your oversized tops


how i can say "come on" in Korean????
everyone has a different pronunciation.. ???

Wilderman Niño

"He's actually filming me filming a Youtube video"
So many layers of complexity. This like Rick & Morty

Khyrzzxujhynne Fanega

Omo! Can't wait??

Hindi Language - Phrases to Know When Visiting a Gym

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