Lebron james balls

LeBron James destroys D'Angelo Russell's balls.....literally

LeBron James destroys D'Angelo Russell's balls.....literally11 Feb. 2016
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Los Angeles Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers - 02.10.2016

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Comments (100)
Limitless vGoon

Snitches get stitches



tony g

@ 0:30, at the far left middle corner you can see lebron laughing and smiling

Pure X Saucy

The same thing happened to me?‍♂️

kento N


cheeze man

Passes the ball to Diangelos balls then just walks away

Justin Mohan

Still funny hahahah

Ashille Barigye

Right on th spot

Nate McPhaull

There goes his children

Rodney Eskew

It's fucked up that the fans are laughing at him while hes down hurt at 0:19 lmfao ???


Will he make children Russell Jr? Guess not after that game..

Ina Raymundo

lebron a devil


Not gonna lie, I laughed so hard at this. Plus the title of this video, the fans laughing and then the guy on commentary saying "that hurts", haha. And, of course, the comments for this video. Oh man.

Devonne Buskey

How is that not. A foul is it was lebum it would have been smh

Rodrigo Oliva

Lebron should’ve got 2 score points for that

Diether Santos

0:20 that's not funny

Vegeta turning super Saiyan yea

Oh man he hit his balls ?


Lol I stg I got a d Russell ad on this vid ?


Who clicked this because he’s a warrior now?


three seasons later, he gave lechoke the finger after trying to recruit him. lol

Tru Shino

Imagine getting hit in the balls by LeBron ???

Minnie The Moocher


PrIzE PrOz

I word



That D'angelo Russell haters laughing when they saw that.

my reagan



Ha balls of fury

Diether Santos

More Like He Hit His Balls Doe... Doe!!!


These comments are comedy


you can tell its all guys in da audience that did the ooohhhhh sound lol


R.I.P. Balls

Lil Top


Arike Joja

That hit him in the leg


Lebron pulled off a Super Android 13 move.

LBJ: Weakness Identified... Throws ball at Russell nuts.



TTG Lito

The Crowd Reaction gets me everytime???

Dell Belphine

LeBron sucks!

Lil Cupcake

No more children

Bryan NBA

LeBron James sucks

Pablo Morataya

What LeBron would of done to Pat Bev if the clippers didn’t choked


I hate how everytime in the nba a player gets hurt they got to go on the ground


Snitch’s get stitches right in the balls

Wellington Kwaku

Holy shit!

Luke Hobbs

ice in my balls


This ones for Nick Young!


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TJ -

Cavs fans were laughing at him hut if he did it to lebron they would be upset. Cavs fans are so pathetoc and bandwagons. Cant wait till lebron leaves and their city will be mediocre

Animus TG

You gotta always protect the McNuggets lmfao

Tyler Cochran

No lil snitches for D-Russ

Real Matic

You gotta always protect the McNuggets

Very Rare Adrian

Did it on purpose hahah salty


Couldn’t Lebron Say Sorry


I laughed at the title?


Deez nutzz


And hes going to the lakers cause why????

Flopper 2.0

There goes his kids

King Zel


trevon j

The title spunds gay


fuck lebum


He can't have kids no more

Basha Buljukbaš

Rip Dangelo balls

Pablo Morataya

From getting his nuts destroy by the king, to possibly being teammates with the King in the All Star game. Russell has become a star in the game

Ethan Brown

i just got kicked to the groin today no joke

Diether Santos

0:26 I Think The Large Ball's Fault!

Holy Nas

I know everybody had to read the title and say no homo


No more babies...



Pizza man Joe

Well, that’s deflating

Arike Joja

He's faking

Rudi Miguel Baylon

And now lebron gets eliminated by D Angelo from the playoffs?

Just Some Random Guy

He ain't even stretch doe

Laura Ha

Literally every woman that wants to be pregnant will break up with d angelo

Youtube Channel

i guess that was a pretty BALLSY pass



Kevin Ford

Don't snitch

Arike Joja

He did not get hit in the balls

Just Some Random Guy

The greatest steal in NBA History


No shit Sherlock. Fuck yeah that hurts! How many years of journalism did you have to take to figure that one out.


Them asshole cavs fans in the front though, smiling at him

Enzo The Meme

0:21 Now who tf is that asshole giggling on the sideline?

This video has been deleted

Now he should be called Angelo Russell


Should've won efensive player of the year. Sacrificed his d for the team.



Yvette Cabral

No butts no glory one cock to story

Eric Lampasso

man this hurts just watching


That's Draymond's job


Why ya mans laughing in the background

Simón Sarmiento Mora

Ooooh shit ??????

Kevin Durant

Am I the only person that grabbed his junk and cringed at the painful replay?

Angelica Armadillo

Oh l thought he ment he blacked his basket ball from dunking it


Now that’s playing D-fense

Edouard Tremblay

Losing by 22 and a nut shot... toff day


Snitches get stitches

Constance Johnson

He hit his balls

Noah Faciol

Ice in my balls

Jimousklous S3

I can't watch this ????

Christian Bebee

Grow THOSE back.


Sorta think DLo's going, "REVENGE" on Friday, after knocking off both the Lakers and LeBron from playoff contention

enriko_18 18

That herts lebron hit russel in the di*k

she squirted

Rip balls

Wolfgang Icarus

Power move right there

Kevin Hart Grills Skip Bayless on Lebron James | Cold As Balls: Cold Cuts

Kevin Hart Grills Skip Bayless on Lebron James | Cold As Balls: Cold Cuts6 Sep. 2018
259 247
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Kevin Hart grills Skip

Kevin Hart grills Skip Bayless on EXACTLY why he hates Lebron and Skip...gives an answer.

For the hottest parts of #ColdAsBalls stay tuned here for #ColdCuts launching every week after the new episode!







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Comments (100)
kenny price

Kevin Hart isn’t funny


Leave skip alone. I rode the bench in baseball and coach had it out for me. I can say I only had about 20 at bats but had a homerun in those 20 at bats. Also hit ball on the warning track and another off the top of the fence. I probably would've been cut or had 5 or less at bats if the assistant coach wasn't pulling for me.

fckoff 76hansolo

Bro skip bay less is ripped, wtf

Bing Chen

Skip ALWAYS speaking the TRUTH about the GOAT, MJ and about LeBITCH. ???

Patrick McGee

Skip said he tells the truth ?

Maserati Holly

waiting on the day kevin get ALL THE WAY IN !!!!!! Lmao

Skurai Ver.1


Basim Marshall


Tenzin Havok

Couldn't they call it cold as ti*s?

Zjohdell Hudson

Been hating for 7 years now ???

Cole Jazz

Kevin kills me

Puffing On Clouds

I Don't understand why this video is blocked for Canada. Can somebody tell me why?


Nostalgia is why Jordan will always be better. Rings argument is dumb when there's soooo many people who have more rings than Jordan

Darrien Light

spurs OU and cowboy fans like him as well I'm team skip because he's blunt and I'm a spurs and now kawhi fan but if he starts hating on kawhi like LeBron my opinion will change and how spurs are looking now with Murray I won't be surprise if he turns his back on the spurs ?


skip on that jordan payroll

Shadi Hussein

2:40 who walks around remembering the "defensive win shares" stat. Proves that not only is Skip a Lebron hater but he's also obsessed with him. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE, SKIP!!!


Skip actually looks great

Muhammad Fikri Sanitama

cold as balls with joel mchale

Prince Mwamboma

Skip is pathetic

morris hawkins

lol skip got cold af towards the end

Benjamin Aarts

now one with shannon

Curse of the Moon

Skip needs to keep his shirt on

danilo tuazon

When skip is talking about Lebron and other players: "Just look at the STATS"

When Skip is talking about averagibg 1.2 ppg : "STATS do not tell the whole story" Then proceeds to makibg up bullshit excuses.


Skip is Green Goblin

Jimmy Quach

I wanna look like skip when I'm old

Johnny Johnny

Are you in a clinic? what are you sick?

Tong Zou

Skip, in win shares Lebron ranks in the top 3 and in VORP Lebron ranks #1



Curtis Smith

How did Skip Bayless get MVP averaging 1.4?

Andrew Mann

Damn, skip is shredded for a 60 something yrs old

Vicenté Velez

Skips right. Lebron James doesn't really play defense anymore

richardo valvel

man skiiiuuuupp is ripped as hell

Gigi H

Skip has an unusual belly button

sr dargo

This is the most entertaining Skip has ever been. I hope this is an ongoing thing. Awesome!!

The Last Burrito

This was funny ??

Chris Y. Kim

No Hart...?❤️ scared to dip all the way in...⏸⏸⏸


Michael Jordan is 85! Hahaha

Mountain Man

I would pay to see skip vs Hart. I feel skip would win lol

Ezekiel Gorham

Stephen A. Hates LeBron

Jacqueline Schlesselman

Why do pepopl dislike theses vidos theyr funny

Malachi Fuimaono

True tho LeBron don’t play D
Kobe’s top 3

Spencer Allbritton

Skip lowkey jacked lol.


Skip is the type of people that will bring everything they can just to prove themselves to be right. I mean he forget about all the pros that Lebron have and only mention his weakness. Such a jerk.

JP Schlecht

His face hahaha

Lowkey T LIVE

Can’t get any Cornier than this

Joey Fradella

Kobe a top 5 player of all time


Skip Is just like us Oklahomans we love michael jordan

Miles Davis

man skips 66 and ripped

S Nelson

"SKEEEEEEEUP!!!!, What you doing in that tub skiup? You know you need to get back to this desk so I can school you on who the real GOAT IS!! THAT BOY FROM OHIO....look here skiup...you need to get out that tub before I go up side your head skiup....


I’ve noticed over the years most of the time when people don’t make it to nba it’s cuz skill some but most of the time it’s the opportunity some get like a good coach maybe not an injury or bad decision he’ll iverson almost didn’t make it to the league

New Ish

...Water Pistol Pete


Skip turned into a Frank's Red Hot in front of our eyes

Chippy Dippy5

Lebron plays no defence?!

paul patane

Skip sporting the worse hair piece ever. So bad

That’s What I said

I thought that was Danny Bonaduce!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlo Grill

"I have good body, but not enough people realise" Kevin's thought process for the show

The Rapper Ash

I want skip body when im his age

Jeffrey Richards

Thanks "white hand" ????????


Yo he said top10, Kevin hart and I did the same reaction bro ?


Kevin Hart is pure cringe. Skip my dude tho

Cam P

Aint even watched da video yet and rolling ?????

Jesus Caught Fire

Kevin hart tries too hard

A. Flabbergast

I know its a sketch but - Did you play basketball? Has got to be the dumbest way of trying to discredit someones basketball related point. People love to throw that at Skip each time. Welp, MJ played it and he is GOAT yet he can't spot / draft a solid player if his life depended on it. Literally proves nothing. Phil Jackson played it.. sort of. No one really cares cause he wasn't even a star, yet greatest coach ever. Did Gregg Popovich play it? How bout Pat Riley's averages? lol Being a HOF caliber player almost never translates into HOF coaching or knowledge of the game post career. Skip usually on point. Also, Kevin Hart, you have Will Farrell comedy gene. Depressing.

Leandro Jesus

No one is gonna talk about the guy that is crouched behind them the entire time?


C’mon SKI-yup

Kodak Juvi

Did skip pass out after the set ???


Skip for an oldish man is more ripped then most people my age (22)

Patrick Houck

This made me like skip a little

Boo Boo

Kevin Hart isn't even funny

Endomorph Fitness

Lebron is a trash defender facts! But overall damn!


Maybe if Lebron had Skip he'd beat the warriors but not win finals mvp.

bigg wavy

Idk why but This made me like skip

Infinity Mixtapes

Hold up, Skip in that gym ??

Artie Obenaer

Dirk would defeat Jordan and Kevin is a spoiled brat he was not in the rough part of Philly and his mom did everything for him

Echo TV

Honestly Skip bayless has a point about Lebron he didn't hate him he just want him to be more better


"Thank you white hand."

Keo MacFarlane

Worst thing I've ever watched.

Kartik _

I'm here after LeBron shut giannis and the clippers back to back
"7 & 9/03/2020" ...lmao

G- Mainey

Magic wasn’t better than Kobe I’m sorry Skip...




I didn't think skip will be able to get in an ice tub

mac88white - All stories on my channel

Serious question, what drugs is Kevin Hart on?

McIvan Namboya

Loool Skip looks like he's going into Hypothermic shock ?

Austin Williams

Ohhh the hostility! Lol

Sir Luka Doncic

LeBron fan over here, Skip is right. I watch LeBron, he yells at his teammates but it’s his fault and doesn’t have the killer mentality. After 2011 finals it was over. MJ would never choke ? King why?

Dr Phot

Who else here just to see by chance if LeShannon Sharpe comments tho?


Play him 1v1

Jacob Smith

Leswept is a drama queen overhyped choke artist who ain't even a top 10 player in NBA history

John's S2K

Stop it Skiiiiip!

TK Rex

Skip forgot to mention that he was stuck in Junior varsity

Taste like china had a baby and named it America

maury maury maury


Skip is paid to be a lebron james hater. SIMPLE

Disco Donn

Dang skip doesn’t look as old as I thought

No homo though




1.4 that is all :)

Leonard Carr

Hilarious!.. they need they own movie!!

Skip 2 My Lou

I think the 60s, 70s, 80s was a much weaker game filled with weaker players. This is my list of modern players.
1. MJ
2. Lebron
3. Kobe
4. Shaq
5. Hakeem
6. KD
7. Duncan
8. Wade
9. Curry
10. K. Malone
11. Barkley
12. Garnett
13. Kidd
14. Dirk
15. Iverson
16. Stockton
17. Drexler
18. Nash
19. Allen
20. Chris Paul

Ocean Water

I actually love skip Bayless

Porfirio Diaz

You know that white man one it to drown Kevin Hart The way he talked and walked out at the end you know he a kkk


Kevin Hart is a little a--hole. He did Patrice O'neal kind of wrong not showing him the same love Patrice showed him. Could be cause he was funnier Im guessing, not sure. He could of gave him a couple of opportunities along the way. Nothing big, but just allowing him to eat as his table. Money doesn't change people, just spotlights your motives and who you are.

LeBron James has Shaqtin' moment with airball free throw ? Lakers vs Mavericks

LeBron James has Shaqtin' moment with airball free throw ? Lakers vs Mavericks26 Dec. 2020
219 934
MLG HighlightsSubscribe 438 721

#nba #LeBronJames

#nba #LeBronJames #LakersvsMavericks

Comments (100)

Another one to add to his ft airball compilation.

NBA 2k Gamers

I wish YouTube have "haha" react

Sogoba Mamba

Ooh mince???

Evan Tabucuran

Mike close eyes kobe left hand never air ball free throws!

Aurél Let

It's for the next space jam. When he loose his skill ^^

Justin Quintos

No, LeBron just trying to pull a "Hey Mutumbo this one's for you baby" and failed.

Branislav Lukic

Skip didn't mention this, and this wasn't on shaqtin a fool. Skip is just talking dumb things that has nothing to do with basketball.Lebron is so media protected, and it showed again with this.



Aidan Ramsay

This is your goat?


Giannis airball free throw : WOOOOO 123456$ MILLION DOLLA PLAYER, OVERRATED!!!!
LeBron airball free throw : just happens.

Der Misanthrop

Did Jordan ever shot so badly on a freethrow line?

naruto jam francisco

Goat ....hahahha ...air king flop

Michael Ontiveros



This your king? ?


Now do him same as you all did Giannis, thanks


How does this even happen after all these years? Isn’t he like a 75+ free throw shooter?

Ken Lim

Is this your ‘GOAT’? ? ?

Kuba Świtoń

Every great player has his weakness:
Jordan: Gambling
LeBron: Free Throws

hun ter

LePass Blames
LeQueen Fames
LeBrick Lames

Take your pick

Lucas michaels

Why isn’t Bleacher Report tweeting about this? They literally have Lebron content 24/7

Riho Tiivel

...and there is your GOAT youngsters? MJ never airballed a FT!



Zsolt Láng

The Space Jam 2 is still in process and that scene was missed so they shoot is during this match

marko paquetty

LeWrong james ...

Muhammad Ammar Mustaqim bin Zulkefli

Is that ur goat?


Then Kevin love comes out of no where
Football pass to James , James step back
It’s good

Vonvon PhayEl

?????????? the ??

Lebron West 'Biological Son of Delonte West'

fraud goat


Kuz trying so hard not to laugh lmao

Aswin Oktavian


Nahimasayko Laroda

How can you be the GOAT when you can't even shoot free throws?


Lebron air balls free throw

Kobe fans rush to the internet to post the same video

Tommy Chan


Romeo Millang

Shaq is laugphing?


Happens to the best of us???

Sam Leyton

The man is hilarious,you got yo give him that!the worse thing it could ever happened to the nba.he and the 3 point madness.its painful to watch but LeBrik made it worth it????

Jam Tayo


Jayson Wilson

It happens


Salam əla qəşkdi bəydim ve abune oldum sizde menim kanalma abune olrsiz imza ƏDƏB TV

Aris Cristobal

the GOAT - greatest of airb[all] time

asdfgh qwerty

He is so old for free throw ?

Lil Tipods

How can you airball ans right after swish it



El Mica

Shaqtin is waiving ??


Hahahahahahahahah the GOAT?????


Where was the foul tho? ?



PedroB Puente

LeG.R.O.A.T. (greatest recruiter of all time)


“ not even with my left hand “ Kobe.

sublime 3stan



Welcome to YouTube comment section where everyone thinks they are a comedian !


kuzmas eyes wide open from the shock :D

Emīls Laksis

G.O.A.T :)

Ming Zhu

why tf has this been on home page for 3 wks alr???

Zeko F

First free throw was literally nothing but net ?


kingjames who

ikor roki

Wait, is Smelt Olimpia playing in NBA?


I mean, whats the big deal? He does this everytime. Come on people its lebron james the worst freethrow shooter of all time


Worse than Giannis. But it's okay, in the end it's a W for the Lakers. ?

Dick Sheckleton

Covid season was shaqtin

Tyrone John

Mans was just holding back the tears ?

joemar batang

the goat??

LetzdrawStuff 0401

Thats my GOAT right there

Lebron James

Something got in my eye, my bad y'all

Eren İnce

bruh this nigga out here tryna get the goat title and he out here airballing fts smh

Duc Phan

Not really surprising ?




goat hahahah

ken smith

I saw this in realtime and Bron played it off so good ... I thought he made it.

Arnaud Bomaye

Greatest of all time....


Lebron is trash

Joshua Castro

Jordan never airballed a freethrow

chow bala

thats the part i dont understand, with such god give talent and physical, how can u airball? did u work hard enough on your shooting skills? and u want to put him in the GOAT conversation?

L Cutz The Producer

We can’t act like nobody else ever missed a free throw


Technically it wasn't an airball because it skimmed the net.

Marvic Noguerraza


LoneLevi WhiteWolf

pg pass to the ref is better

Grammar Police -

I don't think Lebron was sober.

Love Jesus

?And, LeBron James, I believe he just air ball the free throw."

bryan pereira

Dallas green jersey so suck


LeAirBall at it again

Justin Walton

Skip about to have fun

Terry Teages

? still my man though! But sheesh!


Wat a goat ???



Mahmud Ali Dème

I think he should use his legs when he shoots FT. He is just using his arms.
Legs help a lot

la al

Come out haters. Haha. Whatever the persons do.. good or bad. Great game or bad game. Y’all always hate. I wish y’all a perfect human being.. godbless

Gerry Clarito

Lebron will not take this seriously since MVP will be won by Giannis

Lil Jesus

The one and last time i go with lebrob over 24.5 he does that ??


Jordan makes free throw with eyes closed. Lebron air balls free throw with eyes open. Enough said.

drake ramorey

wtf free throw is efing fundamental


is he trippin lmao ?

Killing Machine

A one philosopher said " It's not an easy situation as Lebron James I believe just air ball the free throw ".

Chris Turner

MJ with his eyes closed and Kobe with a torn Achilles can shoot better free throws than Bron???

Donald Lacro

Their GoaT? ???


Letrash and they called him "The Goat" haha
wich team of all stars he should go next because he cant get a team to the playoffs without all stars


Find me a clip where Jordan did that. GOAT my arse.

Gerald Wilson

Is this ya king?? Lmfao lebron fucking trash af bro


This is the best player in the world? No, maybe the best player of all time? Not even close

Dual Dual

Damn, is this the King? Still airballs freethrow after 18yrs in the league? LeAirball