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MICHAEL "VENOM" PAGE - AFTERMATH OF DOUGLAS LIMA: Overcoming The Loss | London Real21 Nov. 2019
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Michael ‘Venom’ Page is the British professional MMA fighter, entrepreneur, and flagship star of Bellator.

He is known for an array of highlight-reel knockouts his unorthodox ‘hands down’ fighting style, due to his background as a karate “point fighter”.

Inside the cage, Michael Page is a natural showman, known for taunting opponents, walk-away knockouts, in-fight selfies, and post-fight Pokemon ball-rolls.

He recently defeated Richard Kiley by flying knee knockout and is next scheduled to fight Giovanni Melillo at Wembley Arena here in London.

Michael "Venom" Page:

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Comments (91)
Brandon Granger

This dude is a piece of shit, if you don't believe me then you should watch what he did to Cyborg. He ended cyborgs career and then disrespected him.

Jamie Rennie

Excuses , excuses. You got knocked out cold by a better fighter. End of story.

Demián Thorne

Michael Do the Rousey

funny man

Great way of taking that loss and learning his mistakes. I want to see him fight more elite competition- but you can't blame the man for taking a tune-up fight after getting stopped for the first time.

bruce wayne

Lmao one giant excuse , so u lost because u knew what he was gunna do and did the thing anyway ? Stop the bullshit , ur punch put him off balance, u got cocky like u normally do and he is a better fighter than ur ops as u admitted and he smoked u. You lost because of ur lack of skill, ur fighting style is a lack of skill. If anyone fights u will
Realize some guys are cowards and like to be the big fish. What happened after this fight ?he fought a plumber with 3 fights under his belt ???

Joshua Allen

I don't know which one is better; seeing MVP's head bounce off the mat or getting to see Emperor Trump impeached.

Dj Magik Mike

Venom needs to fight in the ufc

Da Suaveologist

Stop playing so fucking much and take every opponent as a threat. Dance after you win not during the fight.

Inspectah deck

Dude boxes part time fighters that are nobodies.. Pretty much all his fights are nobodies

David Sanchez

Hes a show boating bitch let khabib straighten his hotdoggin ass out pure showboating bitch and glad to see him get knocked out that quick lima would whoop his ass. Again


I think Lima would win the rematch. Sowwy ?‍♂️

Corey Isaac

ufc is the only way to find out how good he really is they should do a bellator vs ufc that would be very interesting

hud johns

Nah son .. you got caught fair and square ... looked like a ragdoll

Jose Garcia

The separation of an elite fighter. An elite fighter doesn’t make mistakes like that. Lima is an elite fighter with experienced and skills. MVP is good , but when he faced an elite fighter such Lima , he was short. Lima made him take that mistake and he was KO. For him to say that he lost because he made a mistake is stupid. Lima caused his stupid mistake and that’s what an elite fighter does, feeds of common vulnerabilities in fighters who are cocky and think that they are invincible!

DJ C Combat

4:14 that cost him the fight, he could have actually won and had a win over a legit opponent rather than proving people’s point


Canderson Silva

Marquel Samuels

Stop being flashy put your hands up and get your head in the game

Carlos Esquivel

Maybe you should try covering up and better your defense instead of having your torso open

3rd Eye Explosion

Venom loss to himself, rematch will go completely different. Still a champ ?

Fat Makk

This guy is very good at what he does I watch the fight he lost b4 i cane here n i was sayin the exact same thing very entertaining very fun to watch very different i fw him MVP U DA MVP

v youtube


Brave Hearts Never Die In Fear

Yeah when you lose because they're just that much better than you is one thing. But when you lose because of your arrogance is a totally different monster. I've been there and it hunts you until you redeem yourself. But the climb back is one nightmares are made of.


Regardless of how his loss happened, what is blatantly obvious is Page CANNOT take a hit to the chin. Some fighters can take these hits, not Michael Page. Up to this point page has not lost because he kept his opponents away from his chin.

Albert Alberto

I think he deserved that! He was too cocky

sn kiani


Geno Batchelor

Love mvp. However live Lima more. The first time i ever stepped into a gym Lima coached me. A great guy!!!!!

ferf 2557

Whoever say Lima is lucky dont know their ass from their elbow. Page said he made a mistake. His hubris got him knocked out.


Has he a chance against adesanya?

Peter Cruz

Caving in bums heads pays the bills

Corey Isaac

i hope they do a bellator vs ufc cross over ufc will crush them exspecially the welter weights and light weights

Antione Demps

MVP is a bum man. Let’s be honest


This dude is a joke

Mike Parton

Run it back 3 rounds looser goes to UFC

Jerms H

Stfu and give the man his credit

Aliff Azhar

This guy wont admit defeat.

Alan Turner

Smart guy, still think he’d make another stupid mistake somewhere in the rematch
Lima’s a sniper for mistakes

Volg Sivorsky

That's what happens when you finally fight a pro like Lima

ya boy coconut head

Micheal "Canderson Silva" Page

Lucky Charm

Not skillful enough that’s why he lost. He’s so full of himself.

Roerta Raia

Mr Brian really like your channel

Jayy V

His loss was so bad that they had to make a interview?

Lmao the ultimate “ you got knocked the fuck out” moment!

Interviewer’s flash cards:

•walk us through the moment you got ktfo.
•How has life been like after you got ktfo? ?.


Lima gave him what we all wanted to see... maybe now he will stop acting a cocky prick and do his actual job and fight.. no need for all the bullshit, mvp has skills he should be more humble and put them to use. ?

Arturs Smiths

Page I believe in you

prajwal karate dojo

We love your techniques


Your human

Daniel Bonner

First time he fights a real fighter he gets starched. Simple.

Also, that fight didn't last long enough for either fighter to be called 'dominant'. What a moron. How many times have we seen the better fighter start slow because he's taking his time figuring out the other guy. To say you were the dominant fighter in a match where you got knocked out in less than a minute that is so ridiculous LOL.

LatinGlo TV

I believe he can beat Lima

Moe7 Watson

I love this guy! Keep up the great job and positivity MVP! I’m a huge fan.

Terrence Tysor

Some people don't like him but the man's stand up is crazy good.


Dude will never be able to last with legit fighters and even he knows that. His whole style relies on his reflexes and reach. He doesn't even try to stand up when he gets taken down; instead of actually doing something, he opts to let time run out. Dude's a clown. Can't wait to catch him get knocked the fuck out again lol

Alex Sandro

Respect??? Douglas Lima?????

Jair Bolivar

Waiting for the re-match, this guy has to stay disciplined, continue with the same fun and enjoyment in the fights but stay disciplined, this will not happen again.

the one above all

This is not making no excuse for his loss and people in the comments still hating

Rio Layadi

this guy should sign for UFC

Manny Reyes

He needs to have the rematch.

JT staffordshire

I really thought UFC would try everything to get him but its true that except Dailey and Lima he never really faced any kind of big adversity... Now i doubt he will ever get there...but we never know, I still think he would be a big draw under the UFC lights.

Patrick Bateman

Michael "Fights Guys With No Wikipedia" Page


Keep it up MVP. Next time bring the real show!


Ah. So the other fighter gets no credit for knocking you the fuck out. It was all you. You knocked yourself the fuck out. Got it.

Luis Tovar

Lima wasn’t even staggered his leg got caught with venoms leg and he stumbled go look back

kevin trey5

Too much confidence will beat you

Em Kay

Just admit you got yo butt wooped!!

Jadielson Firmino dos Santos Santos

Michael Page ?
Douglas Lima?

Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

Hopefully we can soon watch again with joy as Lima relocates his jaw five inches to the left very soon.

Jack's DIY

He looks like either bulbasaur pr squirtle

Adam Ross

Since his win over Cyborg, who hasnhe fought besides Lima?? Daley?? Thats all.

2020 Trading

That’s the right attitude there. I watched the fight and it was impressive how MVP completely neutralised Lima’s offence despite being on his back

Cory Ayers

When you use a hands down, in and out style like he does, it's a just a matter before someone catches your chin.


This guy making excuses Lima timed that kicked
You dropped and he lined that punch up nicely

Ashley Briem

he moves like he is playing basketball the way he moves too bad it didnt work with lima

Sports BodywoRx

Good way to look at it. You don't lose you learn!


He's overcoming the Lima loss by going back to his can crushing ways. What a great fighter.

Dustin Michael

Bu bu bu bullshit...

Anthony Sylvia

Your still my hero bro study up and demand a rematch!!!


I said it right away... that fight was a fluke run it back!


Lesson learned! Don't act like a fool inside the cage because you have another killer who has a bad intent too! Against Lima, you were fool to act like you are invisible. Smh.

Marcus Campbell

I wasn’t sure he was winning, but I went back and watched it again and it does look like he was. I typically cheer for him, but it’s hard watching him even disrespect guys who show him love. May be why I was slightly biased against what he was doing that night.

jade hornby

He got caught with his pants down

Iron Will

Page had an interview to save that last drop of his ego.

Arnold Agrees

Michael "the dance like a clown, go down like a clown" page

Swansea Life

Great to hear a fighter break the moment down.

amadi Mario

Mvp vs khabib

Trex K

Because you have no respect for your opponent. What a clown!

Agung Sugiarto

I don't like this figther

Jordy has Me

Guy got destroyed

Blue eyes

Love this gentleman in and out of the ring!
Wish him nothing but health, happiness and success❣

Island Breeze

Got knocked tha fuk out ????

The Heroic Journey

Karate stance is ALWAYS playing with fire...you HAVE to be switched on 120% of the time to utilize that in and out, flick, flash, bang style efficiently. One slip up, against an elite fighter, and your getting your computer switched off! Simple.
Look how he got starched, big Muay thai leg kick, right hand, sweet dreams!

J MOVE N Silence

Page took an L. But his style of fighting is what makes him a Legend. We still love you Brother

Baba buyie Kaban

Beautiful knock out by Lima! Page got too cocky and got caught.

J Svalina

I really want to see him fight Wonderboy.

Joe Rogan on MVP vs. Douglas Lima

Joe Rogan on MVP vs. Douglas Lima26 Apr. 2019
285 085
JRE ClipsSubscribe 438 721

Taken from MMA Show #64

Taken from MMA Show #64 w/Khalil Rountree:


Comments (100)



Wish MVP was in UFC. That guys is so good!

Shekel Man

I like how all these nobodies who've never even seen a ring in person call MVP "garbage" but all the people I've seen who actually know wtf they're talking about compliment him.

Kim Chi

MVP crushed cans his career, fought an over the hill Paul Daley, and Cyborg, then Lima set him straight.

Steven Anderson

He trains at ATT in Lawrenceville, Ga.


Damn MVP got dropped

Noise Soul Cinema

but in hindsight, douglas lima has a vengativa that MVP's skinny legs stood no chance against.

Ricardo Ferreira

I came from the future to say that mvp got humble and lima kick the shit outta him

Cole Williams


og shotime

Hell yaaa MVP goes down I love it ???????

Sunny Kay

RIP MVP. Got destroyed easily.


Douglas Lima has value up to -500. MVP has no ground game he is done

Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan

Lima keeps running and ducking Page rematch.

Darrell Powers

Mvp got knocked the fuck out!

david alves

Douglas Lima Sad " I am a Joker for you "?


Who's here because the coronavirus.. #hahahaha #fuckit


Lima to win by ko

John Mahelona-De Leon

WE NEED LIMA MASVIDAL IN THE UFC I want mvp,Lima,and pitbull to all go to the ufc no shade to belator but they’re wasting their prime fighting there they need to make their legacy in the ufc Lima would be a threat in the ww divison in the ufc and would spice things up bc after this burns usman fight if usman wins again the divison is going to be stale since masvidal doesn’t want to fight Colby it’s going to start to get boring I would also love to see mvp and wonderboy go at it too


To all the people watching this and wants to know the answer, Lima trains at American Top Team in Atlanta. Had to research it myself.

Edmundo L

So Lima training in Thailand for Page. Fucking badass


Wow this could be a prefight interview lol

Sammy C

Why doesn’t Lima fight in UFC? I would love to seen him fight in a main event..

OG Irish Wolfpack

Mvp don't play games when fighting lad hard luck.

Steven Campbell

Was great watching mvp get put to sleep

Daniel Curtin

Lima is a killer

Kanela Master



Why is everyone saying Lima is so good when he got beat by Askren?

Randys Ruiz

Lets go!! ima keep watching who can beat page (mvp )ok... You racist WHITES.!!!! yall aint shit .. LETS GO !!

MrEanthori9012 Undizputedundadog

Paul daley hasnt won a fight in centuries

Brian Kinary

Lima has been slept on for too long. I think we are going to end up seeing how he does vs an undefeated Gracie. If he pulls that off (or beats Rory), think he will FINALLY get some respect?

Dana Geyer

What is wrong with joe he looks fucked up n hes talkin reao slow too

Stephen Headden

Idk where he trains now but he used to train in atl my dad was an owner of the gym he used to train in it was called LA boxing then velocity then knuckle up I miss those days good times with good people so happy to see douglas where he is today

Robert Jones

Rogan podcast after that cronic

ya boi

I rewatch this fight all the time cause it’s perfect. It is a textbook example on how to defeat that style.

Kevin Velasquez

@joerogan your thoughts on the after math Lima vs mvp

Killa BAngBAng

Im late af but MVP looked like slender man when he got ko'd



Hassan Hasan

Who dreams for mvp vs Adesanya

Tales From The Creeps

That knock out wouldn’t happen again, Lima got lucky


MVP's stance is horrible for Lima's style. Lima is just a superior fighter overall but MVP should of used his range in that fight and fought point system style to win. As soon as he tried going toe to toe with lima, it was done.

Steven Willhoite

I don't watch joe as much as i used since its not live don't know if cause i don't like it but i am not getting new in my home feed my feed is full i stuff i never watched i understand some are recommended but almost are recommended shit

NthanF.L -_-

Algum Brasileiro?


My favorite thing in the world is when showboating backfires...

Lu_ Zito

The minute he started doing a imaginary basketball crossover...i lost total respect for that clown!

Matt Brooks

Anyone else think that the “ko” punch didn’t even land?

A fighters Dream to being Great

American top team of gwinnett


Lima train in the fevelas

S Pryce

MVP beat himself... he’ll bounce back...great win by Lima though

zoren mataro

No cash ? cow ? now for Bellator, time to sign in BJ Penn

GT Thomas

This just in........Lima KO's MVP in the 2nd round


Damn when anybody talks about Bellator the views speak for themselves


Boyka shit

12 thetruth

Here after that knockout

Benn Ray Czar

MVP just got ko'd joe

Memo Sanvi

Rogan called it.


Mvp should train with wonderboy and use his structured style theyre almost similair

Dr. Zahalka

Lima is a savage.

Mike Parton

There’s always a chance all it takes us one knee,left or right hook that isn’t seen and it’s lights out but MVP s movement is the wild card

Ron Tate

Never heard of MVP except the wwe guy.
Thx for the reference

Any one can be beaten on any given day ...

Jose Perez

MVP could be an Anderson Silva but he get too cocky u can’t slack for 1 second in MMA

Djordje Terzic

Mvp got to much confidence,he got carryed away

hassan Waleed

Talked shit, got banged


MVP got knocked out and then got hit by 2 Super necessary punches

Kevin Pardini

I get that everyone hates mvp. But if lima didn't get that kick as mvp moves forward. Mvp might of won that fight. Lima was struggling.

Kim Chi

Michael "The Recycling Center" Page. Crushing cans and saving the planet.

operation nightshade Brian frumps

Listen It nvr pays to showboat...ever

Its Too Late Satan

Thats why you need to train your legs #no?Legs

mr. ram

It's over

hshd vsgsg

Sleep sleep mvp

David Nolan

I’ve no doubt in my mind Lima is on P.e.d’s

Jake Killian

MVP just got his chin barely tapped, he gave Lima that knockout lol he was winning the fight

Fleezus Christ



Page think his shit don't stink???

Rick Pick

Wanna be video game character lmaooo

Kevin Corso

not sure why all the detractors for mvp after that fight. against a savage like lima, he out landed him in the first before demonstrating a great guard that totally neutralized lima & then almost ko'd the dude before making that mistake. imo his stock only goes up more from that L than some of the Ws he's had and i expect he learned a valuable lesson that'll carry over well into the future.

Nathan smale

I wouldn't write mvp off , he's a points karate guy and has okay ju jitsu .

Pure Life

MVP hot dropped like sticky man lol. Wow one of the best KO's. The leg kick+ the vicious upper cut. ??

Rick Pick



MVP vs Jon Jones would be a sick fight


Never expected Khalil Rountree to have a slight "valley girl" component to his accent ;)


Lima KO'd Venom. Bellator fights > UFC fights


mvp's chicken legs gave out

The Accent Podcast

Here is Douglas Lima’s manager speaking about him: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oismLU7DcpM&list=PLlzuEc1BUbzLRDD8MYduKd80JWQ8u3E4c&index=9&t=8s

Jason Sevier

He (LIMA) trains at ATT Gwinnett in Georgia.


MVP back to fighting tin cans

jason day

He got Ko'd Fucking happy

Justin Swartz

Lima snapped Venoms Chicken leg


All these haters in the comments, truly pathetic. He actually hurt Lima for a second, that guy MVP can definitely crack. Hate him all you want, he is a dangerous man

Rich Franklin

Never question Joe rogans judgment when it comes to mma

Driven Latino

Douglas Lima learn a lot from his lost to Ben Askren in Belator 64!

Macc Watts

This show is the fukkn best ever


Whos here after mvp finally got put to sleep?????


2nd rnd ko! Mvps hype train is finitoooo


hey Khalil what's you're favorite whiskey?
answer: johnny walker

John Smith

For those of you who think MVP is cocky he is not that is the way he fights. Look up point fighting on you tube and you will see that a majority of the fighters there fight with their hands down like MVP. Educate yourselves people.


MVP was trashing Lima fairly easily just made one mistake and lost. I’ll take MVP in a rematch.


Yeah he beat old cans, and there goes Joe....forgetting that ridiculous stances get destroyed by veterans, whether is boxing, kickboxing, etc. Act like an idiot, and you're gonna get put to sleep by a pro. Lima literally just killed his entire bebop/rap bullshit with one leg kick.

Chris T

MVP vs Adesanya !!


MPV is overrated! There you go, it has to be said.

Celio Santos

Tendi nada rsrsrs

Full Fight | Douglas Lima vs Michael Page - Bellator 221

Full Fight | Douglas Lima vs Michael Page - Bellator 22115 May. 2019
9 353 339
BellatorMMASubscribe 438 721

Douglas Lima advances to

Douglas Lima advances to the next round of the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix final last Saturday night after defeating Michael Page by way of knockout!

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Comments (100)
TheOutspoken One

Him being such a can crusher is so crazy that people can watch him fight a monster like Lima and have a decent fight, then loses in a way that if it was someone people liked they would say "he just got caught" and people jump on it like he just got ran through lol. I expected him to lose much worse, even though I never thought he had a chance, I gotta say if people are hanging their hat on a leg kick sweeping someone off of their feet, they would be losing alot of money betting

Albert Alberto


Joxef Dasaint

Philippi chapter 4 verse 13...Yeah everything is possible through Christ.


Kkkkk very funny, page loser


Lesson from this video : We should respect others, or people will celebrate your failure

Daniel Castillo

The second most satisfying KO in MMA the first one is Daniel Cormier.

Hamid Cherradi

Waw . . !!! Super K.O !!!

Eldon Hunter

Watched this several times. I don't think Page hurt him, he got hung up on Page's right leg and tripped. Paid the price when he moved in.

Ricardo Freitas

not a sport but entertainment like wwe with fixed fights and the people fall for it !

Dark Souls


Thomas Magno

Douglas Lima e foda veio?✌️???

Юлдашев Нуриддин



8:40 "Tá de brinca rapaz, Oxe" ??????

John Mahelona-De Leon

MVP has that classic korean tkd stance lmao he looks like he’s constantly setting up a spinning back wheel kick

Azizbek Arabov

Вот уровень рубероя.

Juan Herrera

8:38 is that Bjorn Rebney in the stands?

Noli Cruz

Hahahahaha.. good for him.. bravo!!!

pop scratcie

This knockout never gets old

Phuong dinh Nguyen


Sergiño sergiño

Davids vs goiliat

Yo myman

Thanks Lima for the doing the world a favor

Nino Santos

O Page tem sido tirado por muitos como fraco, mas ele tem muitos pontos positivos. E o Douglas conseguiu ter um QI de luta muito bom. Aguardar fechadinho a movimentação do oponente, esperar o momento oportuno de quedar ou nocautear, sem afobação. Parabéns ao Douglas Lima!!


Will anyone comment on the magnificent beard that judge rocks in the background

Bob Franklin

Ide love to see Rory vs MVP

laylauser baby

I've waited for the defeat of that fucking boastful Michael sleeping ugly Venom Page!!!???

Uso Lino




Praze Faamoe

Limas shinz are destructive bruhh fr sweeeeept him right into the knockout

Hero Alexiio

LOL Nassem Hamed wannabe got what he deserves ? ?

Jimmy McConnie

And if any of you were wondering...

Those last 2 hits were super necessary ?


Вот пример горцам какую широкую душу надо иметь даже при проигрыше, а не толпой прыгать в клетку



Сергий Радонежский

Даун против бойца

Vishal Gupta

50 Cent was gutted! ?

Everton Antonio

Sempre que estou triste assisto esse vídeo. Pra poder Rir da cara do Page. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Everyone's talking about that amazing knock out while I'm blown away by that refs insane beard!!

Super N0iS3

despite the KO , michael page's closed guard defense was very impressive . His wrist control was excellent, really shut down all GNP from LIma.I know he wasnt very offensive but to survive gnp in closed guard is very hard. DIdnt expect that from a striker . His bjj , at least for mma, seems to be very solid.




Douglas Lima should have put on the Infinity Gauntlet after the knockout

Dean Gay

one guy fighting, one guy break dancing and dribbling bballs

The Rai

But still Page is most dangerous fighter in bellator

Tom Stansfield

MAMA MIA!!!!!!

Hi I'm Frazer

The second punch when he was down felt a bit unnecessary

Oscar Montes

Douglas lima ????


so glad he got ko'd...what a douche

JC Constantine

This was the fight that I watched the most in my life. And look, I've been following MMA since the time of pride. ???

Nho Nhoi Nhoi

I like like 9:37

hm Silva

Lima is a brave heart


Good mvp KO ngakak ????? indonesia hadir 11022021

Vince Valsquez

Fukkkkk 50 cent

Jackiee michaels


Rondy Santos

Não entrou na onda de Michael Page, conseguiu o triunfo. Parabéns Douglas Lima! ????

Ashley Hockenberry

Like a boss !!


Why the follow up strikes?

Because he's a bum.

bloodcorpse gamer

what is the announcers of stupid he wasn't seeing what these other guy was doing then he knocks the f*** out of him

Tiago Tavares

Me respeita rapaz oxi kkkkkkkk mito


One of my favorite fights

Ecivaldo bodoco Damascena

Kkkkk essa foi Boa lindo Localty kkkk

Azizbek Arabov

Лима боец пейж туалет.

bodo amat

jenggot wasitnya dong.. hahaha

Peace Maker

And that's why you don't get up all willy nilly. Should have rolled to his back. Folks in the comment section say he's not that good but he had their respect to where they ran here to voice their opinion.

Vadim Afonin



Лима красавчик, настоящий ВОИН.

Tim Apple

Page needed this

Gladson Mendes

Should have hit 4 more after the two shots..

Thanh Do

Het kieu ngao chua con, sap mat lon ,

JC Constantine

Essa foi a luta que mais assisti na minha vida!! ?


This mvp feels was some cocktail shit. Well deserved ko.

Hugo Nongbri

2:58 when u want to play basketball during an MMA fight

pop scratcie

I don't know whether Lima timed that kick well or it was just lucky, not that it matters it's still satisfying to watch MVP get knocked out

Azz Seu

MVP is cocky af but he’s still good fighter, we are all commenting while he’s in the cage putting in work

B. O

I loved watching this fool get knocked out. Anyways i still respect his fighting skills him against adesanya would be sick

Joseph Velasco

The should have just allowed the guy to give that msn a beating first before coming in. All showboating .

Hector AS

En una revancha Page lo masacra !!!


Those invisible dribbling technique will never help you in mma guys.

Guess Who

The Mustard is off the hotdog

fjordag dagsland

50cent lost his Soul that day?


Yoyo shucking and jiving and cheapening the sport got what he deserved.

Zarp Sterr

Michael "New Glass Jaw" Page....and now everybody knows.

Jairo Silva

Se não tivesse o juiz ele só acordava em outro mundo,ou não kkkkkkk


Mvp bikin ketawa

Dangerous Dave

A part of me; a large part of me wished Page never got up. I hate bullies more than anything. Also this is sport. One should have sportsmanship and the spirit and not the thug / no-class behavior like how Page showboats. I wish everyone learn the only thing Page is banking on which is kickboxing. And given an year or two everyone will hopefully learn its techniques and knockout this mosquito in the first minute of every game.

Filipe s

Humildade: win
Arrogância: loser

Macaco Primitivo

nada melhor do que ver um BR fazer o Page cair que nem bosta no chão. kkkkkkkkkkkk

Oscar Montes

Douglas ?????

Jason Voorhees


Gökhan AYGÜN

Page, I hope you woke up from the dream now ..

Albert Alberto

Lima just took him out of this world with that leg kick


9.3 million people watched this guy get his chin stole ??

patih kurawa

banyak gaya gtu tuh blagu haha kaki nya lemah kuda kuda tai tolol micheal penom tai

tom bob

Hahahahahahah big truck = lil nuts!!!!!



D Boucher

Can’t think of a more satisfying ko, maybe rousey. And it was beautiful.


Every time the commentor said how good page is controlling, lima did something that made him change the course of his comments


acting cooocckyyyy gone wrongggg ? 8:16

Daniel Menezes

Pegar essa kkk esse moreno é amostrado mereceu

Bernardo Deguchi

Michael “ elastic man “ page

John Smith

Mvp saying he thought it would go his way if he was slower. Thats slow yo...ko. pretend it was all your fault. Props to the strong fist

wilson rawlin

GLORIOUS!! Love seeing a jackass get KO'd!!

Juan Diego Martinez

Gracias dios mío por dejarme ver esta pelea ?