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Brayden Meyer wins 2019 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS World Championship - Highlights Package

Brayden Meyer wins 2019 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS World Championship - Highlights Package4 Nov. 2019
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Donning the green and

Donning the green and gold guernsey, the 24-year-old from Broadford powered through six saw, axe and chainsaw disciplines, accumulating 75 points to triumph over fierce competition from 12 competing countries, including Germany, Canada, USA and Australia’s biggest rivals, New Zealand.

Meyer had a near-perfect day, placing first and taking maximum points in the Underhand Chop, Stocksaw, Standing Block Chop and Springboard disciplines, and placing second even in his least favourite discipline, the Single Buck.

As Meyer entered the stage for the final heat of the night in the Hotsaw, he was tied for first place with Cassidy Sheer from the USA, but knew three complete cookies on the ground would be enough to claim a minimum of six points and the world title.

The winning moment was a sight for saw eyes for the Australian fans who travelled to the Czech Republic to support Meyer when, following his Hotsaw cutting out on the first cookie, Meyer stayed calm under pressure and re-started his saw successfully to complete his cuts within the allowed 60 seconds.

This is Meyer’s first Individual World Championship win, after taking home the bronze when he was just 20-years-old in 2015, and follows his Chopperoos teammate Laurence O’Toole’s win at last year’s World Championships.

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Champion Brayden Meyer said: “It’s an unbelievable feeling, to win the World Championship for the first time is my life goal.”

“I knew I only needed to make a safe cut in the Hotsaw, but that’s not something we usually train for or the saws are built to do - they like going fast! I managed to stay calm when it cut out, get it going again and thankfully managed to come away with the win,” Meyer continued.

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Craig Mandall

I'm laughing that he did the entire event with filler added to the video to pad it out in 3 mins and 15 seconds. Whereas i wouldn't be able to get through the first bit of timber in that time

Misbachul Ma'ruf

Marge the Lumberjill brings me here!!


Australians normally chop hardwood, so to give the rest of the world a chance they use softwood, Brayden would beat the pants of them anyway, way to go Brayden from Tasmania, home of David Forster.

DamenSpike Games HQ

This is just too manly bro

Rubicon Outdoors

What axe is that. Is it an Autine ?

Gandis KOBAR channel



Stihl saw runs great... he's lucky they didn't run that event first! Hahaha ???‍♂️???

Ricardo Milos

Fortnite niggas in war


If the guy from Australia had a mustache he would like the Australian Ron Swanson


I watch this sport in french channel L'Equipe, and i like very much ... Congrats Brayden ! What an emotional stressful chainsaw ...

Ethan Benton

Paul Bunyan who? ???

Arthur Fleck

Jarrah builds champions lol.


Yes, I too want to stand a couple of meters high with a bigg ass axe in my hand whilst I chop wood on a fucking unstable wobbly plank... Epic shit this

Adrian Vang

how did I end up here?

tim boussardon

Jesus Can change your life bro ♥️

Andy Rizo

1:12 that must be some strong ass wood thick boy didn’t snap it in half


Since all the other sports are canceled I gotta get into something!!

Julian Alderson

powerfull and accurate" shit hes fast" im kiwi rekon we be back before to long" hate it but cheers to the aussies.

Pol Thomas KEELEY

The raw power, stamina, and resilience built into this man is frightening. Plus the fact that he is just so attuned to his craft, and doesn't get ruffled on race day. All the other competitors are obviously world class, but they knew they'd come up against #beastmode #thisonegoesuptoeleven ?
What a future this guy has!

Zach H


david vickers

wow, amazing. what an allstar. from nz.

kunyu bunana

Is this the woodsman olympics?


Do you think they trained before?

Max Riley

Feeling weirdly patriotic right now

Kenol YT

1:45 so bad

2019 Women’s Division Championship | STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®

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Sam Rahmati

Witkowski is monster ?❤️

doreen bertram

The oval camp suddenly depend because swamp scientifically mix like a deadpan library. tiresome, wrong level

Griffin D

this is stupid

Kat Barrientos

I just discovered timber sports and I’m in love

Павел Попов

Такой девушке не изменишь никогда! Попросту некогда будет. Домашними делами занят будешь!?

rob alley

bring this to floirda please!

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® 2018 US Men's Championship

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® 2018 US Men's Championship9 Nov. 2018
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Watch as America’s top

Watch as America’s top lumberjack sports athletes compete for glory, and vie for the 2018 U.S. Championship in Milwaukee in July 2018.

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David Willard

These Guys Look like there Wearing ! There Best ! Sunday House Shoes ! Have they ! GOT ! Any !! TOES !! LEFT !? ( Imagine ! Rolling Logs ! In the Lake !? )

Walter Mulvihill

66 points and won his 6th championship.


Две минуты, Турецкий

That video smell testosterone

iIiiIiiIiiIIIiI I

I cut one 20ft tree down in my back yard now I’m watching US timber sports and speed carving at 3 am


What kind of axe do they use? Want one so damn bad

Blue Collar Boys

Who’s the Matthew Cogar of basketball?

nath6062 nath6062

I would rather have the gator than the motorcycle

Anthony Milinkovic

It annoys me how they mispronounce Stihl every time ffs

Nathan Mason

Any normal dad: shows off guns to duaghters boyfriend One of these guys: shows off axes to duaghters boyfriend

Richie’ S

Didn’t even know there’s was a Tom Brady to wood cutting.

mavi boran

Why they dont use safety shoes

nath6062 nath6062

Why are there so many Matt’s in this ?

Scotts Tots

Idk how I got here but I like it


Wasn't there a juggler who juggled 3 chainsaws? Can't they do that rather than all this wood stuff.
And what about nude chainsawing too?


I legit love this stuff but I hate how they americanize hype the crap out of it. Its already amazing, shut up with the buckets of bull and just comment on about whats actually happening.


Has anyone ever chop their foot off in the underhand axe ? ?

CTE- Power

I want to see how the Anglo-Saxons would cut Siberian larch - two days


Springboard is the best!!!!!


Where can I get one of those axes


The chopping is impressive but who cares about the chainsaw shit?

Johnny Dept

It still makes me cringe watching the hack away at them logs without wearing protective shoes...

Zvonimir Ivancic

the first round is so f*kin dangerous for their feets !!!??


Because of quarantine this may be my favorite sport ?


Hookay. One cut is good, one cut is better


nobody cares LBS and Inches. Use international Meters and Kilogramms.

Edy findra Sitorus

Lomba motong kayu ada juga wkwkwkw

Lord Ot

I watched this and a beard exploded from my face and i had beer in my hand.

Hatchi Dehatch

This sport should be called "who's got the better tool?"

Wyatt Camacho


Thanks Aanderton

hey, definitely put the names over where the chopping is happening in that first event

Meir Leibovich

What type of shoes they are wearing ?

Андрей З

Жаль перевода нет, о чем суровые мужики базарят

John Doe

It's my favoriter one too man. :-)


"I've 30K$ of gear, but what you need is time, sweat and acuity to perform". Am I the only one with strggleling to understand that statement ?

Jonas Brown

i’m genuinely surprised they’re wearing like skate shoes n not wearing boots

Jai Sab.

Matt cogar is a legend

Harry Mcough

Man I would not trust myself to cut wood that close to my toes

Parker Raines

god this could make me switch teams


Man i'm surprised they don't wear safety glasses or even get a chunk of wood in the teeth.

Fishing the Philippines

Can you put a turbo on the hot saw?

David Willard

Where's Buckin ! Billy - Ray - Smith !? His ! Tree Comments ! Would be Like ! The Professional Wrestlers !! Of the W.W F !!!He'd Smoke !! The Lot !!!


Смотрю, негры у вас руками работать не особо любят... Одни белые и в зоне и в зале!

Thomas C

Wc lvls?


no steeltoes?

Blake Ok

Fine YouTube I clicked it

Eyrm Jernberg

Good job putting the names of the competitors over the logs so we can see nothing... XD


Won his 6th year in a row with 66 points lmao

Mr egg

So now we are wasting wood for no reason..good?


Please dont show this to any trees. It would devastate them?

Majestic Raccoon

I wanted someone to say "The wood was good".

נועם ויינשטיין

The fact that the winner takes an harley davidson 2nd a john deere and 3rd a racing access says it all...


Bar that small I’d use the 461 saw, tonnes of grunt for the 661 but why waste energy using such a heavy saw, put a real bar on it

Vex Mythoclast

I’m 10 videos deep into this lumberjack rabbit hole YouTube has taken me.

amir rozenshpir

epic dad competition

Keith Krone

5:50 say goodbye to my toes.

Carlos Caceres

Why does the host remind me of Emma Stone? ? lol

Adam Milan

I would have taken the gator over the Harley ? less repair costs

Richard Smith

5 time US champion, why wasn't he in the 2017 world championship???

nunyu buz

Those axes make me moist...

Chase Forestello

I notice all these guys are wearing regular shoes. No work boots? No chainsaw safety boots?

Will TheSuperW

came here from the simpsons episode: "marge the lumberjill"

Einfach Flo

Thanks YouTube, now I really want to buy a 3m Woodsaw from Stiehl.

Paul What

Something about Germans swinging axes...

Loïc _

Cuz thats what a man does

Сергей Солдатов

Залупа. а не дерево, берёзаньку сырую попробуйте!!!

Mark Warren

Jason ?

Ihsan Fajari

Sad. This competition just wasting trees, affecting global warming.


Nice Shoes tho.. :D


I'd love to know more about the axes

Greg Swinney

There is yet more beyond this! Frisbee Golf!


is this a joke why is everyone wearing sketchers in the first event

Biggie Cheese

I love when YouTube recommends stuff like this

Baron R. Junior

hey ur not the only one here ✊?

Rome Brew

In America you use ax but in Russia you use Russian ?

Jacob Hathaway

Big bad Jon..


what Axe is this!!! @6:14

Munchy Muffins

Mmmm I will enjoy the view. They're all my type some way or the other. Coger... He could definitely look in my general direction and I'd swoon

Josh W.

what did i just find


where am i, im 34 mins in its 10:32


I love that one guys spirit "I know i cant beat the best, but I can be with the best" love it.


can i please get the music. this is amazing

Mark B

Don't miss,, or you'll be long John silver


Нахер я смотрю это в 2 часа ночи

Thành Trịnh

Why do I feel good watching people splitting wood?

JOhn Lau

i got the green card and become an american just by watching this video

Jeff Hargrove

Hoping I'll grow some chest hair after watching this

Leotrim Bytyçi

Cut the covid-19 please

Adolf Hitler

Two steps from hell music nice

Jeffrey Hutt

Fuck red bull will sponsor anything lol

Matthew T

Two Steps From Hell!!!!!

Solomon Parker

40:35 Looks like steroids to me.

Angger Trilaksono

Orang indo ada yang nonton?

garry stromness

Best part IMO starts at 28:00 mins. Springboard event

Vincente Saldaña

For being lumberjacks and loggers and choppers, I’d expect to see some bearded men not smooth faces


какой же хуйней они страдают,лютая дичь!

Shannon McStormy

As a novice fan I have 2 questions. First, when it comes to the axe events, can you on the last hit, use the flat/hammer side of the axe to knock the piece free? Second, are there rules concerning how powerful your chainsaw is (or other parameters with it) on the last event?

That said, I should mention that those are the biggest, most hot-rod, least practical chain saws I have ever seen in my life......


Валентин Сухов


Rico Cilliers

This is bad ass.

Kurse Kustoms

That man cut that log in half with an axe in 13 seconds. Jesus Christ.


Get some real wood, what’s this crap usining spongy softest you’re can get, can’t call it wood it’s too soft