My fat loss diet & Full Day of Eating

My fat loss diet & Full Day of Eating8 Jul. 2019
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Guys. Thank You so much

Guys. Thank You so much for watching my entire series. I really hope you all enjoyed it and learned a few things as well. I made this series as a 101 course for anyone starting on their fitness journey. And I tried to do my best here. Do share with your friends to help them out!

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Comments (100)

Which whey concentrate is best plzz suggest me guys

Perfect Motivation

Kerala climate❤✨❤

Dark Na1R

what's ur weight bro?

Koushik Roy

Bhaiya plz apna no do

Rohan Dsouza

eating 4 egg yolks is safe ? just curious

Vivek Agarwal


Aarsh Jha 1407

Ranchi ❤️❤️

Aviral Aggarwal

Aise track karne ke liye you need lots of experience I guess

shivanand vadatille

I'm also from Bangalore ?, have you learned kannada?

Pratik Majumdar Fitness

210 gm chicken me 80 to 90 grms protein bro?

Nikhil Pilane

You make it look easy ☺️

Bhavik Khatri

Is there an app where we can get the calories burnt on exercises done in Gym with reps done based with different weights? For instance, one arm Preacher curls 60reps @ 14kg. What is calories burnt?


Inko kya hi pata chalega

Ćhoudhary Ánil

you from jaipur?)

Deepak Swarna barath

Bro do u live in south india ?

divyesh shankar

U r not supposed to eat idli with spoon...only South Indians will understand dis...

Shashwat Vishnu Rawat


Chanchal Kumar

I want it make it 77 kg


If some Cc in English, it will be great.


Creatine se kidney stone hoti h na bro

Jis The Ctgian

Tea With Sugar or without sugar? Love from Bangladesh ❤️

Dominator Game Play

me over weight hu muje konsa supplement lena chahiye portin

Ten Pen

The ready heaven assembly bubble because net culturally file across a neat name. absurd, finicky salary


Pune has the second best weather.. no challenging weather at all but Barish me aap Pune Aaiyyoo.. bhoola denge aapko Bangalore.

Suraj Choudhary

Bhaiya lekin Aapne Bahut thoda kahaya

Adarsh David

One state many world KARNATAKA...?

sahid mallick

Bro, what's the name of that Protein Powder ?

Shubham Rathour

6:54... meetup kar lo bhai kabhi mai aajaung ?, I guess you live in hsr layout

Sachin Rawat

Lol 2 protein shakes a day and restaurant food. Where is there freaking diet here. Put more efforts mate

Shreyansh Dhakad

Bhopal ♥

Sahil Shreshtha

Mai bhi bangalore me Ramaiah se engineering kr rha.. 102 kg se 80 kiya tha 10 mahine me but abhi corona k karan 7 mahine se ghar pe hu and 88 kgs ho gya hu... Ab fir se start kr rha sab... Maine usi time pakad liya ki aap banglore se ho jab aapne 2 idli and ek rava idli english me manga??

Rushikesh karate

Aao kabhi Nashik

prateek sharma

Bro plz make a video of veg diet with same amount of calories and protien

Prayag Sharma

Genius way of calculating macros. ?

Rohit Majhi

Itna diet toh mein 8 saal mein kaata tha . Abhi ese diet khaunga toh alge din mein mar jaunga ????

Aishwary Jaiswal

I had been watching a lot of videos... But after seeing your two three videos... Finally I made my diet plan today... Thanks buddy ☺️...

Big No

What company creatine you are using?

Mohd Abdullah

R u crazy bro. Eating Bahar ka Food and Naming it fatloss diet.?? Bhai everything is not about calories what type of food is that also matters ab jaise tune Raat ko Chicken salad kha liya aur baad me ice cream khayi. Teri glucose affinity turant satisfy ho jayegi from sugar of ice cream to teri body uss chicken ke 80-90 gm protein ko surplus ki trah hi treat kregi. Samjha.
Primary metabolite is carbohydrate.
Ab mai challenge kr rha hu sbko iski diet krlo follow 10% bhi result nhi ayega.
Try intermittent fasting along with calorie deficit its the best option.

ShivamKrishn Agrawal

Idli ki 70 calories kaise ki calculate bro? Ab sari chize myfitnesspal pe nahi hoti

Rachit Thakur

Pune ka bhi mast hai msusam

Manisha Verma

pune is best!!

Sarthak Sharma

Hy Brother I want to contact You Where can I? Need Some Help ?

Devendra Dhaigude

Pune is the no 1 city for climate in india ... 2 ND is haidrabad


Very wrong diet. It will give you fats, which you are not counting

Rahul Purohit

Guys leon grill is very awesome food outlet but their food is very chilly. crazy chilly

its awesome

Bhot aache bhai

Siddhesh Pareek

I am also from Rajasthan

Yadav Online

Bigfan sir

Rohan Kotwal

Too good bro!! Keep inspiring!!

Divya Kanth

English subtitles plz

UFO । unidentified flYing object

???? motivation

chiranjeev singh

Khane pine ke or mausam ke mamle me indore ake dekho ek bar

UFO । unidentified flYing object

Bro can i take carbs anytime in fat los diet. Is there any issue about insulin up down up down fat loss.insulin up nd fat loss stop for some time.nd then after some time it goes down nd again fat loss start



parag Shinde


Arjun Jangid

2:13 Same jbl headphones I am having.

Saurabh Choudhary

Arent 4 whole eggs a day bad because of the cholestrol?

kaushal PUROHIT

Keep it up bro ...feel bad ...after seeing your subscribers ... great work ...

Aparna Singh

Hosur ka mausam is more awsome

D Ramani

Protein tastes disgusting after a week no matter what type you eat ?

Jaskiran Kaur

unhealthy diet !! stop misguiding people

Subhash Anand Singh

Nasik and pune ?

20PH052 Ishraj kumar


samar Singh


Aa Bb

Me bhi jaipur se hu.....jaipur me kha se ho aap...

vishal vishwakarma

Hyderabad is the better than Bangalore in any given day....

Harshit Saraf

Love from Indore ♥️!
Thanks for creating such quality content.

Bhargav Thakkar

Whey protein pe video banado!

Manas Nag

Only IITian can calculate this way...great job bro

Manthan Mishra

bhaiya apne bataya tha ki Weight Naap ke Maintance calories nikal ke din bhr Calories ke hisaab se khana prr mujhe ye nhi smjh arha h ki Roj wieght alag alag rheta hai toh kya roj roj Calories badal badal ke khay????

Kanji Rabari

Need vegitarian diet please

Vansh Rathod

You have made the fitness journey easier....

Divya SahiL

Best place to live in is Bangalore only traffic is the problem

Arnab Borah

Ever heard of North East India

Sidd Wayal

Best full day of eating till now , even I follow the same method for tracking ,
To follow a particular diet plan is bullshit. Just find your goals and try to achieve them everyday


Lot many important spoken/ visual messages and informations.. Thanks.. Few of them are not spoken but can be conveyed like Bhai please use Helmet while riding..

Maulik Rathod

8:25 he started flexing after realising he is shooting video??

sushant mehta

Been 1 month that I have been seriously hitting the gym. Been constant to the gym but diet, not really. You made it all look so easy. Definitely gonna hit my requirements now :)
Thanks. In Bangalore too, hoping to meet you once I get that great body as well :)

Akash Shaw

Bhai Kon Sa Protein Shk Piye

Niketan Newale

Hi Sid.. How many calories we should intake daily after getting in the best shape or just to maintain our best shape?

Aayush Srivastava

Dhoni OP?......great video bro

akash deshmukh

Only Nashik

Balraj Jaspal

Are you bulking?,pehle se mote lag rage ho bro

kartik puri

Wtf was the name of the 3 rd idli...
Did i read that wrong or something?

Pramod Mundepi

Empty stomach Tea pina i guess digestive juices k liye shi nhi hota
Btw love yu brothers

Xmate gaming

Bhaiya aap kis cheez ki padhai kar rahe ho

Pranay Bhardwaj


Chetan Misal

Bhai food calories chart per video banao

Abhishek Malakar

You should also tell about how much calories you burned and how because fatloss needs calorie deficit

Vasundhara sharma

Heya I’m also from jaipur ✌️✌️

Dhruv Bhatt

Bangalore is the best!

Om Vishwakarma


divyank soni

Hunger pangs ka kya krte ho bhai ?

Arbaz Ahmed

Bro which whey protein shake is best for cutting plz reply

Arjunsingh Rathore

bhai bina protein shake k kese protein ko barabar karr

Lokesh Agarwal

Bhai saare videos repeat main dekh le, jaldi se naye video banaoo, I am in love with you

Chanchal Kumar

Brother... My weight is 99 kg, height is 5.9

Yash Kandara

Udaipur ao bhai kabhi ?

Naresh Kumawat

Na bhai Bangalore ke mosum ka koi muqabla nahi h

Digvijay Deore -Thakur

Bhai jab workout aur cardio krte ho tab bhi 1900 calories hi lete ho kya? Please reply

How to BURN BELLY FAT in 3 Steps (100% Works)

How to BURN BELLY FAT in 3 Steps (100% Works)21 Dec. 2020
301 475
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Burn Belly Fat and Love

Burn Belly Fat and Love Handles in 3 Steps. Guys, internet is full of best exercises to burn belly fat and what foods to eat to lose belly fat, but none of that works. In this video, we discuss the only 3 steps you need to follow to lose belly fat forever. I am keeping it real for you guys. I hope this video helps!

#losebellyfat #burnbellyfat #bellyfat #weightloss #loseweightfast #fatburner #weightlossdiet #fatloss #fatlossdiet #dietplan #loseweight #burnfat

Kaisa laga ye video? Comments mei baat karte hai!!



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Comments (100)
Avijit Bhowmick

Sale itna gyan chodne ka keya tha - karna keya hai / khana keya hai / exercise keya karna hai - woh kaun bataye ga, mera baap ..
Lewre ke TIPS .....

Abhishek Biswas

Chochle isliye bikti hai kyunki Sach hamesha kadwaa hota hai, sabko reality se door bhaagna hai ??


i agree with word to word explained. i lost 16 kg in 2 month without Gym or weight. i didnt see this video but this is exactly the correct way. Also if you not sure about deficit get a smart watch to see how many cal you burn and use an app to see what you eat this helped me a lot.

Manish Meena

Bro lakin callory dificient jayenghe to muscle size kaise gain hoga. Yeh batao aap

Sunil Sharma

fat loss FFA yani free fatty acids Fat cells me se release hone par hota hai

Tsewang Dorjay

Hinde ma bolna sir

Lokeshkumar Diwaker

Very use full information

Santosh Tech

Karna kya hai ye to bta do

Vishal Mane

Agar roj abs marenga to kya hoga

Aravind _Vikram

Pls do in English

Atul Rajput

Brother workout se phle daily pushups kr Skte h

jiyana lifestyle

Wow! Bro amazing?


Really yrr its very simple and helpful...so so thAnk u yrr

Abhijit Turai

Nice information boss

Hindustan Zindabaad

Bohat sahi bol rahe ho Muje gym me 20 din Ho Gaya kuch farak nahi hua ab diet pe dhyan dena padega thanks ????


Es vedio me aap kuch bhi nahe bole bhai aap ka pichle vedio dikhaneki koshish karre jo b kehena hi proses ap ek vedio me bata sakte na es k waje log confuse hojayeange magar use kuch bhi nahi hoga

Shubham Kalra

I don't know how I get here but I am glad I did


Very informative... good

Adarsh Gupta

Best video

Puneet Verma

Golden words.

Rameshwar Raikwar

..आप को हिन्दी मे बोलना चाहिए

Shahenshah Bajwa

Please mention for how long one has to remain patient with calorie deficit? Are cheat meals allowed. What are the relaxations? Moreover, how to maintain diet after achieving main target? Please answer all these queries on by one. Thanks



Pulkit Rajput

Dude..how much calories a person burns normally?

Yogesh Thakur

I feel really sad about wasting my so much of time and energy over the past 2 years watching other crap shit fitness channels and videos but now I am glad that I found you :)) Thank you :) you hit trillions subscribers :))

Jan Faraz

Push up tik rahega only..

Amit Agarwal

brilliant video bro.very helpful thnx

Rajiv Tripathi

Guy explains well n scientifically......

sachin sugandhi

Thank you so much for such a scientific explanation ?

vinit patel

Really love ❤️ your content ???

saleem khan

Time is money...01:48

Qaisar Rajpoot

Yr ma pakistani how main ap say rta rana ha main apna weight loss rana jhta hw


bhai aapne jo baat boli na spot reduction wali main bhi wahi sochta tha but mujhe aaj tak koi video nahi milli aisi jisme aisa bola ho...thnx 2 u


I need your contact number for a great business deal.
Kindly contact me sir. Kindly msg me or whats app 9389857819

Noor Ashrafi

Wah Wah?❤
Faad Dale Bhai!!???

361 Degree Services

Thanks pro.

Miirz Mir

Hello sir plz tell me diet plan i am new here


Awesome Brother .Good going and keep it up

Kiran Kurwade

Wow ! you are a genuine person. I salute your competence and honesty. Keep inspiring :)


Perfect explanations

gaurav kamboj

Beautifully explained bro... Keep it up.. ??

Dr Sandeep Tiwari


Kalyan Pramanick

What is the name of the machine you have used fast??


Correct information

Gulam Mohammed Nabi pasha

Sir ur great your perfect youtuber?

Monu Yadav

This video is full of calorie deficet

ashish khiriya

What if I do calisthenics and running instead of jym??

Rohan Patra

That's how an educated person talks . compound movements are the key.

Anas Shaikh

Forever to nhi hota Bhai

Akshay Yadav

Thanks brother

Rashad Khan

Well done brother
U are doing a great job..
I think now I m Gng To change MY Phy

IndianRailways Lover

Bro I had Belly fat and I ran for 1 hour every day for 30 days and I noticed my belly fat reduced to half...should I continue with the same routine as I have again gained belly fat?

KKK Goud

Mind opening information. Thanks bro.

Anas Zafar

Can u share ur diet plan?

Love India

Bhai sahab protein may aisa kya khana chahiye jisse weight lose ho that to be in veg

sourabh raj

After every 2 sentence ... Promote his earlier video that's kind of irritating who's watching for 1st time.

Armaan Awadhi

In this vdo u r looking and ur voice also as it is SONU NIGAM singer


?maat dekhna ek saal baad chest fat reduce wala video?

Shri Raut

Bhai agar tere jaisa banda har field mein mil jaye na toh no one will be an underachiever... Mujhe bhi aadat hai har topic ko WHY se jaaneki not with WHAT and I finally found your channel who did justice to WHY for fitness. "Keep up the good work man" god bless, this fake world needs people like you to make it a better place.

kumar Shivam

can i get any supplyment for proteins?

Sachet Singh

But my problem is mere pura body lean hai but belly prr hi fat hai toh kya kre

Parv kothari

Bhai body recomposition nam ki bhi cheez hoti hai

Tanish Jain

Tysm sir

Inevitable Ghost

Thankyou very much. I really mean it.

subodh shrivastava

Very nice video ?

Mohammad Kaif

Sir we need diet plan what to eat because 90 PERCENT people dont know how much calories they r eating BTW sir i never had seen this type of physics doctor like u?❤️?

Prateek Soni

Ty bro


Very informative....good

Sagar Chinchapur

Are bhai koi sidhi basha me samjhao mujhe pls

Bibin Antony

Good, well researched and straight to the point..?

Rahul Shettigar

Are bhai mudde ka bolo advertisement chalana hai islsiye bina matlab video lamba maat karo

Vijendra Pal

I salute you ???

Aryan Saxena

BC itne protein me kidney bol jayegi

Kaustuva Ratnam Thakur

Running ka banao fyda kya hai kya nahi

Mukul Tanwar

Finally i found genuine information of body fat. Thxx Hypertroph?

Noor Ali

Bro fat loss k bad Cal kaise badae jisse fat wapas na bade ?

Sn Moin

Bhai belly fat kam karene ke kiya kya khaya Zasktahai
1 fruit
2 drink
3 food

vikas pal

Thanks for confusing ??

Ganesh Shetye

Very true knowledge given which I can believe.
Accepted, Thanks

ankur S

To the point .

Garvit Ramchandran

Its the best channel for free......
You need more views and Subscriber❤️

Yawar Quasmi

Mind is equal to blown ?.. pls make a video on nice diet plan

Inside Story

R8 ?

aashish sahni

You are the best person I have come across Youtube who is giving information and passing knowledge genuinely! I really wish you all the best in you journey. Many thanks for all the informative video!! I hope your channel grows and people do understand what real helpful stuff regarding weight loss is.

Also, if possible, could you please let me know the following:

Can if we can achieve fat loss without exercise as well? I mean with judiciously following Calorie Deficit over a long period of time with patience.

I am allergic to whey protein, so can I still lose weight with just caloric deficit and without gymming? I mean with caloric deficit and with a normal lifestyle with basic daily activities and walk. I know myself, I really do not want to work out in gym and definitely not for long, but I am definitely quite dedicated and have already made a decision 2 months back and in caloric deficit (your videos made me really focus on my goal and now I have even more clarity and a great mentor :) ) Many thanks in advance :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
From Germany

Brijmohan Mahulkar

My gym trainer advise me to take Cardarine for boosting metabolism and my weight is 116

umesha. k.v.

In how many months we can achieve this goal to burn belly fat as per ur suggestions. And is it useful doing IM fasting? Pls reply.

Pradeep Kandare


Cool Boy

Good content, best wishes from Pakistan


YT recommended this gem
You explained very well hats off ?

Brijmohan Mahulkar


Miirz Mir

Purpose of gym for cricket and hiking

Ocean Ramsay

11:25 what you explained it certainly holds Truth, as I am experiencing the same I have been doing the exercise for 1.5 Month but my leg and shoulders have started to shrunken down, waiting for the day, when my belly ll be affected. Thanks Sir for such informative content.

sunny singh

Bhai well done bahut aacha video

Md Imran music

super bro

Nagesh Karale

Really good and true information, completely agree

Hary Jatt

So helpful for me bro

The Physique Gym Rohru gym

Meaning full and useful information

Akbar Khan

The best video till date for losing fat.

Anubhav Upadhyay

love you bhaiya you are amazing and thankyou for teaching thankyou soo much :)

Calculate CALORIES and MACROS for FAT LOSS- Step by Step Guide

Calculate CALORIES and MACROS for FAT LOSS- Step by Step Guide24 Oct. 2020
163 897
HypertrophSubscribe 438 721

In this video, I share

In this video, I share how to calculate calories and macros to set up your Fat-Loss diet. If you follow the easy steps explained in this video, you can successfully design your Fat Loss diet! Thanks for watching my guys!❤️

#weightloss #dietplan #weightlossdiet #fatloss #fatlossdiet #diet #loseweight #burnfat

Kaisa laga ye video? Comments mei baat karte hai!!




2:07- How to calculate Maintenance Calories

5:55- How much Calorie Deficit to keep for FAT LOSS.

11:00- Setting up Protein

13:48- Setting up Fat

16:30- Setting up Carbs

18:02- Keto Diet Superior for Fat Loss?

16:50- Who will benefit from a High Fat Diet

20:00- Takeaways

22:15- Healthy vs Unhealthy foods (MYTH)

23:02- What are WHOLE FOODS?


My Fitness Coaching Plans - http://bit.ly/2PEJvL8

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Comments (100)
Amruth Thukaram maney

Very well explained. Thank u

Learn Biology

Just a question that why you did multiply total calories with 75% . You told that an obese person can deficit calories in 30-35%
Please reply

Khushal gaming

What food to eat kindly share or give options if possible


Tum to yaar bade hi heavy driver ho ??? best you tube channel recommended by youtube ? .

Creative Blood

I found your videos today.... Seriously this is what i was searching for whole 4months... Thanks alot❤ please keep making videos thanks again alot....

ajit adkar

First time ever i watched such long video. Best and honest.


Totally Understood...
One the best explanation of YouTube faternity...❤️

Rudrapratap Sahu

Explained very well.. Thank you.. Aj sham m pahli bar is channel ka video dekha or Abhi tak 4 videos dekh chuka.. ?

Samirkhan Pathan

Very informative video thanks bhai

Sagar Chinchapur

Can I get fat to fit without going to gym, instead doing walking, badminton, skipping and cycling and also keep tracking in Protein ??

Basically Im type 2 diabetec ,so I stoped eating sugar and related foods completely

Ahtisham Siddiqui

Sir, my body weight is 112kgs
I am moderately active, I went to gym 6 days a week and according to your formula my maintenance calories is around 3000 and I know that I am consuming less than my maintenance calories but I am still not losing weight

Debayudh Bhattacharyya


Nitin Pant

Mja aaagya yar ..genius????

dinesh patro

Epic. great work

Sidney Mangers

Grt job bro you did lot of hard work ? thanx for the ultimate knowledge that u have shared with the people

Harsh Pandey

How to weight protien ,fat and carbs?

In Between Life

Good explanation

Shubham Rakesh

Now do a reverse??

Bharat Sehgal

Dear hypertroph iam a guy who wants to loose weight please can tell me dite plan please i want loose weight iam not going to gym thays why i want to loose weight

Bronze status

Can you explain why we are multiply our ILB waight with 13or14or15r16
why particular this digit why not others what is specific reason with this digit. Pls answer I have cleared all doubts but i can't understand this ste

Explorer Sumana

Apka yeah video bahoot accha laga

Dhaval Patel

Can you please please please share pure veg diet plan for gym and weight loss... please ?

abdul ghaffar

but tell me one thing that is apne jo 2640 multiple kiya 0.75 se ye kiya hain samjh nhi aya

RZ Dihan

Man you are awesome... Love from Bangladesh...

Azeem Salmani

Sir u r great..ap bhhhhht bhhht achchi vedio bnate ho..thanku sir...

Manoj Rajput

Thnk you?

amanjyot singh

One of best videos for fat loss

abdul ghaffar

love this guy because he has explained very well among the other coaches

Vikram Shrivastava

A doubt ,can fat loss and muscle building be done simultaneously

Roopeshwar S Naik

Your videos are Very amazing nd useful . Really informative nd close to reality nothing is over . I want to ask why u multipied the maintenance calories with .75 for moderate deficit nd what about lean and obes person . By what value i have to multiply


Protein intake kaise Krna he sare din me apni requirement ke hisab se. Divide kaise Krna protein intake ko

Raj rj

I go to gym 6 tym a week
And walking 10-14k steps daily
How much should I multiply my weight with 185 pounds ×15-16-17?????

rock 5432

Bhai tera pass itni knowledge hai tera subscriber toh millons ma hona chaiye

Nilesh Natekar

Most imformative video ever on u tube .thanks sir i have written every points ...very helpful..❤

Sourav Pal

Very Comprehensive...Thanks...!

supriya awati

I like the way you have explained everything... It's very clear and simple to understand...?? Keep it up

Manoj Gupta

Please make a video suggesting adequate protien diet for vegan.

Soumalya Mukherjee

Mera weight 106 kilo he or me gym nhi jata hu so me 15 ke badle kitne se multiple karu

Ashish Shrivastava

Well Done....Good information..Real Life No Gimmicks..Cheers Bro

Satish Kumar

Result kitna dino baad dikhai dega sir

Dashing Golden Diaries Old is Gold


Ankush Bhardwaj

A true and honest knowledge ❤️

koushal kumar

Are these steps are of one day?
Please help me.
I run daily 2-2.5 kms but i dont think i burn so much of calorie.
What should i do more. Please help me.

And also how do i know how much i measure calorie i am.burning?

Yogesh Thakur

God blesses you brother :) I have watched thousand millions of videos on YouTube, but never got full information and were always left with doubts. You video is blessing for me , thank you thank you thank you so much :)

TYBCOM B 179 shiva bahadur prajapati

Agar mujhe fat kaam karna hai toh woh jo uss din mai maine khaya hai usme se pehle use hoga uske baad body k fat mai se? Na

Gold Gym

Sir apne. .75 hi kyo multipelai q kya

CrazyAmeya Vlogs

What is your opinion on (JADU DIET)
Made by Dr.Bimal chhajer


bro its simple, but you are making it too complicated, like rocket science

Shivam Rana

Why didn't you take height as a concern along with the weight to calculate the calories?

Shaily Modi

Hey...loved ur superb mathematical IITian approach towards the fat loss mechanism. Understood so much from this. Gng to watch ur all videos. Thnx bro. U r awesome.

AmAn jOshI

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