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The Single Most Effective Pull-Up Workout for Back and Biceps

The Single Most Effective Pull-Up Workout for Back and Biceps3 Feb. 2020
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You can stop looking for

You can stop looking for more calisthenics workouts effective to grow your back and biceps muscles. I have the best pull-up routine right in this video that helps develop serious back and biceps muscles. And as of now, you are going to implement it into your weekly training plan.

So what I've got in this video is one simple pull-up routine I focused a lot more than any other.

You will have to do it at least once a week, if not more, depending on whether you also do other pull-up routines based on different approaches or not.

Begin the workout after warming up your body real good. Then start with Wide Pull-Ups. Add four sets with a broader rep range, between 6 and 10.

In case you can't do more than 4-5 reps, then consider rolling up a rubber band.

If that's out of the possibility too, then use low reps, higher sets, and add more tempo. That can increase the time under tension matching the one caused by higher rep ranges.

Pull as fast and powerful as possible on the concentric movement, lock on top, chin over the bar for 1-2 seconds, then slowly descend through the eccentric part. You can rest after your first repetition if the exercise is extremely demanding for you. Please do it for about 10 seconds and quickly attempt the second rep. Or don't pause at all and see if you can do 3-4 repetitions using a similar tempo.

Respect form! Once your muscles start to grow, it's essential to have them built correctly. It may affect your body posture in the future - all these aspects are crucial to retaining for your additional exercises too.

When you rest, don't extend the time longer than necessary. Your purpose is to pump and fatigue to muscles. You can't get that burnt in the muscles unless you increase the intensity of your training, and you do it by shortening the pause between sets.

A break time of 60-90 seconds is more than enough to trigger hypertrophy.

The only moment when you extend recovery is when muscles are too pumped, hurt too much, and it feels like you need one more minute to complete another set.

Moving to the second, third, and fourth set should be a struggle to maintain the rep range and the same execution throughout the whole reps. I very often apply a technique named broken-set! If my target is ten reps, but I can only do 6 or 7, then I rest briefly and complete the set.

Squizz the biceps hard and focus on mind-muscle connection all the time. Focus on repping out, form, and grow a passion out of hitting muscle failure.

Your only thoughts should be on performance, and not on how biceps grow. It is the moment to tear apart muscle fibers.

Rest 2-3 minutes because you just completed the first exercise and move to the second one, the Close-Grip Chinups! Many prefer assisting themselves only at the end of their routine in the last sets. I can't tell you exactly when it's the perfect moment.

Beginners can utilize regular chinups! They are more accessible and still create proper tension in the biceps.

Do four sets with a rep range between 7 and 10. Time recovery from a set to another stays the same, 60 to 90 seconds.

The third exercise on the list is regular pull-ups! I don't need to explain everything all over again, but the same fundamental principles apply here as well. Do another four sets of 6-10 reps. That being said, you accumulated 120 reps so far.

Your form and execution will suffer a lot at this point. Don't worry, it is normal. I struggle the same. If you watch an entire uncut workout of mine, then you can see my grind too as I accrue reps and sets. I linked a video to such a workout in the right corner.

At this point is totally fine to cheat a little bit on form, range, and execution. You should care about contractions, squeezing, and getting more workload done.

This is a classic, sets and reps bodybuilding workout. It's progressive because it continues to increase in difficulty through the nature of how you exercise, rather than how much tension the variations generate. Volume is what gives this feeling of an intense workout. And I still utilize this routine even after years of mastering bodyweight training.

Of course, I also do other methods, and yet, still based on the same classic, essential exercises.

The last exercise would be Body Rows or Australian Pull-Ups if your strength dropped drastically at this point. By body rows, I mean to horizontal pull-ups.

I like how it pumps the biceps and lats!

If you do body rows, then bring another four sets of 7-10 repetitions. Extend the reps to over 12 if you do Australian Pull-Ups. At this point, what matters is to burn the biceps entirely.

I often rest for 30 seconds between sets if I do Australian Pull-Ups and boost as much as 15-20 reps. Find the sweet spot between these two!

Calisthenics Program for Intermediates:


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You are the best example to prove that it is possible to gain muscle by just body weight exercises. You are unbelievable. Thank you.

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amazing advices.
I love how you are one of the few in the game to train with such high volume.
It builds so much mass, strength, endurance and mental thoughness at the same time.. Please keep it up with the videos man. You are so helpful and motivating

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How To Start Calisthenics from 0: Exercises, Execution, Progression Steps & Workout Plan

How To Start Calisthenics from 0: Exercises, Execution, Progression Steps & Workout Plan14 Aug. 2020
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Beginners Calisthenics

Beginners Calisthenics Program:


I assume you just started calisthenics and need help on how to do it from scratch, what exercises to choose, how to set your goals better, and how to build a monthly workout plan with promises of progress in terms of performance, execution, strength, and muscles too perhaps, then hear me out until the end. This step-by-step video tutorial I've made for beginners in calisthenics will answer all these questions. You will know how to organize your basic exercises in a suitable monthly plan to get you stronger and learn calisthenics rapidly.

First and foremost, I bet that the ultimate goal is to build a great body that is also strong and athletic. However, muscles don't grow easy and as expected, and they're actually a consequence of your performance and execution over time, done only with basic and compound exercises. So yes, you need quite a simple-structured weekly routine around simple [but not necessarily easy] bodyweight exercises.

Hence, your fundamental and priority goals should be to master these basics: form, range of motion, and endurance so that you can build up reps and adaptability with time. Your body transformation comes as a consequence, very gradually, depending on your fitness and sports background but more so on how much you commit to a routine.

Now, as a general principle, I never recommend a routine to any beginner around skills and calisthenics elements such as levers, muscle-ups, or flags. This especially because many of the beginners don't quite master the basics. It's like placing the cart before the horses. Plus, doing too much skill and element training isn't the best approach towards a safe, injury-free training and to achieve also a balanced muscular physique, head to toe.

Therefore, fundamental bodyweight training is what you should generally plan on doing for the first year. Depending on your current fitness level and how fast you adapt and progress, you may need from 6 months to 2 years to really master the basics of calisthenics and do a high range of sets and reps.

Mastering the basics means repping out flawlessly, without breaking down on form, shape, nor shrinking the range of motion.

By basic moves, I refer to compound exercises where multiple muscle groups work together in a system to provide the required strength and stabilization, plus coordination so you can rep out flawlessly, but not necessarily effortless.

Now let me categorize the big moves and show you the essential exercises because these are the ones you have to write down into your training log because they will compose your monthly training structure.

But before that, as a beginner, you need a training journal or notebook, but nothing electronic. The brain makes better connections when you actually write and not when you type on the keyboard.

I fancied old school methods more and wrote down all the exercises and the weekly training log.

You won't need much aside from a dip station and a pull-up bar in terms of equipment. In the absence of all that, get your hands on a pair of gymnastic rings and search a steady and solid place to anchor them. Either way, they all do the job just right so don't debate which is better between rings or bars.

More equipment than that is just a square empty floor, and what the nearby environment provides. It can be stairs, a short but steep hill. Perhaps, a box on which you can jump on, or pushup handles, but it's not a must-have, rather a preference if you fancy diversifying.

Therefore, you'll need to get creative. Otherwise, attend the gym and do your calisthenics training indoors where you have easy access to all the required tools and equipment.

As a beginner, another piece of equipment that might be of great use sometimes is the rubber elastic bands. You may need them to assist and make a difficult exercise slightly easier, plus it works the other way around too. So get a pair of bands of different intensities and resistances if you think you're going to use them. Beginners usually acquire them for assistance at pull-ups or make the pushups a bit harder.

Moving forward and finally, to the list of essential exercises, you have a few major pushing and pulling moves, some extensions, and some variants.

My High Volume Calisthenics Program:


Shredding Program:






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JAC Morales

Amazing tutorial Coach!!!! I have been following your program with great results. The thing that I love the most about your approach is that you go back to BASICS and Simplicity, not sophisticating and nothing glamorous. Thank you.

Stefano Ortiz

Great content as usual! Thank you so much all the way from the Philippines. Your videos have been inspirational and informational for me as I start my calisthenics journey. Been implementing concepts from your videos into my training and have been seeing great progress. Keep putting up great work ????

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00:32 - Part 1: Training Principles
03:13 - Part 2: The Required Exercises
09:38 - Part 3: Executiom and Form
12:37 - Part 4: Physical Tests
14:59 - Part 5: Design The Workout Plan
17:00 - Part 6: The weekly Log


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