Foldable bike amazon

I bought the CHEAPEST Electric Bicycle on Amazon!

I bought the CHEAPEST Electric Bicycle on Amazon!9 Jul. 2020
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Cameron JeffersSubscribe 438 721

Who knew you could buy an

Who knew you could buy an e-bike for this price?! But the question is... Are they any good?!

Link to bike: https://amzn.to/32s4gAl

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Comments (100)
Godofredo A. Cabungcag Jr.

How much kg., when lifted?

Phu Nguyen

Not for your talk donkey size lol
Good blog review

Joseph Mcgann

6.30 bike handlebars full of drips of rain but yet he states he's never been out on it I smell BULLSHIT then says put the back mudguard on because it's raining pathetic clickbait


Wtf are those clipless trashy shoes


my friend has one that looks like that. its just an electric scooter whit pedals for when it dies xD

janet daltrey

excellent full review. Thanks


kids bike

Dany Van Dudeson

So funny this video! xD

papo torres


Joseph Mcgann

Wtf is a CRANT next level of dumb this kid rear defender and crant anything else you want to get wrong????????

Corey Tims

YoU can't get it in the us?

Pedro Fernandez

Sold out , however this appears to be the Jetson Bolt Pro, sold by Costco for $300 online.

Jingyu Wang

Hi Cameron,
Really nice video, thanks. I'm thinking of buying one for my wife. May I ask how tall are you? Sorry if I miss this piece of information if you already give it in the video.

Michael Sprinzeles

Interesting electric bike-like product. Seems adequate to get to and from the nearest public transportation.

Rob Ormiston

Make it go faster. I just bought the Jetson Bolt, which is almost exactly the same but with no pedals. It would be funner if it was faster.


It's actually illegal to ride a bike without atleast reflectors..

Mark Rogers

What is the weight of this bike, all up?


Nice little bike. With the peddles, it's harder to support yourself when going over bumps. The pegs, work better, which are on other models. If you get a spring support for your seat post, (the simple u shaped spring works great), the ride will be much better, and comfortable over bumps.


This bike would be amazing for around town and even little cycling out into the country if it had even just 3 gears low/mid/high.

But honestly if you you work and need to get around a major city that bike is perfect, if only the seat could go abit higher.

george floyd

My recommendation is that you remove the pedals and replace them with pegs for your feet to rest on, with enough modifications that thing could go to maybe 70-80 km/h
Why should you believe me? They got bamned in Singapore for that

Scott rocks

Considering it only cost my £300 to build my ebike.
For everything including batteries & charger.
58V 1000w mortar + KT display & pedal assist.
I only paid £150 for the bike 3-years ago.
Still in very good condition.
It is a Cboardman comp aluminium frame & 27.5-inch wheel & hydraulics brakes & air pump suckers front suspension.
Everything stands me £450.

What I got for my money is 20 times better & lot faster.
If I didn't buy the LCD display it would have been


I got an electric bike ad before the vid..

Antony Reid

Very compact would be good for campervan or barge. Longer seat post perhaps for a better ride and change chain ring but without compulsory pedal assistance it's as illegal as a electric scooter. Unless you hire one lol.

michael nyman

Scooter would be better I reckon


Where can you get this in America??

Unknown Content

It’s very similar to the Jetson bolt pro

Luma nation


NP music

Wish I had this I could see my girlfriend everyday

Christian Williams

Hilariously not awful

Martin Leicht


ABassGlobe IV

So do you still have the bike and does it still work fine? I'm interested in one of these so let me know pls

Tommy Shlug

That bike would be good for a nip to the shop but that would be it

Contessa Adella

It only has peddles at all because of the imposed European Union legislation. In the US, the peddle crank is swapped for foot pegs. The UK version has a better LCD readout. In UK it must have a top speed of just 15.5 mph, plus the motor of no more than 250W must only engage while you peddle. Pathetic! Of course you can ride an illegal machine, but if you have an accident the bike spec will be looked at with resulting legal complications. Great fun informative video?

Colt Rushton


Tv B

how tall are you?

Hebrew26commandments power!

I highly recommend you buy the Lectric XP bike bro ! It's $899 .... Its way better than that bike lol ...bigger, stronger, and way more comfortable...

pitifully obvious

Politicians are too lazy to introduce sensible laws for e-bikes.
E-bikes need a speed limit of about 40 to 45 MPH so they are able to
keep in the flow of normal motorised traffic flow. ESPECIALLY ON
HILLS where an e-biker limited power to 15 MPH, is going to be
reduced to 5 MPH up hills leading to a potentially DANGEROUS
situation given the impatient, inconsiderate average motorist.
Motorist are too stupid, too lazy or too fat to use e-bikes for local
journeys. Politicians and most car drivers are too stupid to realise
that the e-bikes WILL solve traffic congestion, obesity AND traffic pollution.

Imagine our cities where 90% of us are commuting across town by e-bike or
e-biking to and from the train station. Trains can be easily adapted
as necessary. Pollution levels and the gorgeous whether would return
to the levels we all enjoyed during the Coronavirus lock down.
Pitifully Obvious - unless you are a dumb politician. E-BIKE REGULATIONS NEED TO BE UPDATED.
ie your mum and dad ) TOXINS from ever increasing motor vehicle use
are poisoning us and our children. All of us are wasting thousands
hours of valuable time in unproductive traffic congestion. The e-bike
- tandem e-bikes - e bike trailers for the kids and shopping is our
likely salvation !

E-bikes need regulations if they are to become the most popular form of
commuter vehicle. Unfortunately Registration plates insurance and
construction regulations for safety, similar to mop-heads will have
to be adapted. Hub motors are too unstable at speeds above 30 MPH -
Mid drive compulsory - Rim brakes wear out rapidly on faster e-bikes and are therefore dangerous
- disc brakes should be compulsory for e-bikes - Compulsory -e-bike battery
detachable to prevent theft and for recharging at work
or destination with employers require by law to facilitate. Lockable
anti-theft tracker system - compulsory.
Speed limited by law to 45 MPH but with enough power to maintain that
speed up most hills. Motorway lanes adapted and progressively widened to provide 45 MPH e-bike and
e-recumbent bikes/trikes lanes where riders are three or four abreast
from initially using only the emergency vehicle access lane. Truck
lane 55 mph and car lanes 70 MPH.

In Life the sensible are handicapped by the imbeciles. The most common
accidents on motor bikes occurs when folks pull out in front of an
approaching motor bike because the driver didn't see the motor bike
which of course is bigger than an e-bike. I would strongly suggest
fitting a LED head light which can be set higher in daylight
preferably with a yellow cover to help the drivers see you
approaching the junction. Bear in mind older drivers have poorer
eyesight and much slower reactions. It's not much help being in the
right if your dead. At night remove the coloured lens cover and lower
the beam. We all need to scream at our idiot leaders in all countries
to adjust legislation to make e-bikes more popular. The Laws in the
UK are ridiculous. Most reasonably fit riders can easily exceed the
15 MPH limit without power assist but the same rider travelling above
15 MPH on a e-bike fitted with power assist EVEN if the power assist
is not being engaged WILL BE BREAKING THE LAW. Failing to registrar
the bike as a motor vehicle - no registration plate - no insurance -
no motor vehicle lighting regulations - not wearing a full motor bike
helmet etc................... Please copy and paste everywhere !

Hobo Dan

I bought my Lectric XP in January 2020 to get rid of excess weight. I ended up losing 77 pounds, and my legs are like tree trunks. I have 2 batteries and have travelled 65 miles round trip. I currently have 2400 miles on my ebike. Life is great... or, was great. Last week, at 2400 miles, the bike broke down electronically. Left me stranded, twice. Had to walk home several miles. Lectric company says it’s still under warranty, but will take a long time to get the part needed to fix. Coming from China and from I got from the tech, this prob is happening to thousands of Lectric bikes. So, I stop riding for how long? A month, maybe2 or 3.... I don’t think so. I am going to buy another bike from another brand cuz this one is no longer reliable. It’s just taking up space in my bike barn. The unfortunate part is I just finished building my solar bike barn so my bike is propelled by sun and keto... I hope Lectric realizes that my warranty is on pause until it is fixed. They can’t take a month or several months and expect the warranty to keep running. So, if u want this bike, I totally recommend it. Just have secondary transportation and Uber on stand by. P.s. no public transportation where I live. ur on ur own here


Looks like a babies toy.....

Jenny Barter

How long does it tAke to charge

fendi gucci

Ngl that horn is a bit cheeky


I thought I was watching Dj vlad

Richard Vaux Sig

Of you wasn’t blasting the horn every 5 seconds then you probably would of got the 50k!


Like the Tai Woffinden hat.


Well mate it’s design was meant to be used as an inter urban bicycle, not a long distance bike ride, you have realized majority of office workers in an Asian metropolitan countries, lives a few miles or takes a train to work, the design of the bike is very well suited for a commuter office workers who rides on public transportation on an everyday basis.


Are they ok to ride in the rain


How tall are you?

Maya, Rochelle and Family

Love it small and compact design. It's the best ebike for the city.

tony roberts

Great cool bike for the money, just waiting for the non pedal version to arrive from Amazon even cheaper, will have to keep an eye on range as dont want to push it home !! honest video thanks for the upload



Justin Rothberg

I’ll buy it from you for 50$.

Anmol Shah Music

How to buy in india

Hey Hombre

Envy you for having house sparrows at your house. None at all here.

Godofredo A. Cabungcag Jr.

Please pray for me. I wish to have one. Watching from the Philippines ??

Chris Reid-Wentworth

Yoyo I gotta cool idea man like I can cycle and use flowchucks like nunchucks lol ! Get some smoke grenades and tie em to the back of the back when your cycling off would be awesome ! Set up a few targets bring a baseball bat and weaponage and smash the targets lol then you can do a mini baseball bat or weapon R3view ?!??✌️?


There’s literally an ebike for £270 on amazon and the cheapest one with peddles is £320

Lockback 77

What bike helmet are you wearing ? It looks a good fitting type

Rowan Whiteford

75£ e bike on my channel

Vic Figuroa

I can't find the one with pedals like yours


I guess not cheapest anymore.. we got cheaper at Costco

Sea Winds

that was a great review

Warner Hd

How tall are you so I can gauge where I would be positioned

Acecy Xyooj

You're awesome. Keep up the great video. Thanks for the bike review. ?


Can you get this in America?


Add a 1500 W front hub motor wheel with a second voltage controller and battery. Best to get the brakes first.


Was the 50km test on eco mode? And how heavy are you? Kuz I'm a 136lbs skinny boi

James Kerins

I bought a full size E trekking bike (road / mountain cross). 28 inch wheels, 21 inch frame. 24 gears. €1000. Battery sits on top of the rear wheel under the rear carrier frame so it looks like a normal bike. Also can be ridden as a normal bike. Good bargains are out there. I ride about 80Km between charges. Not bad considering I'm a big fat guy and need to up and down hills where ever I go. Down side it weighs 27 Kg Battery weighs 3 Kg. I know it is not legal to have a non peddling E bike in Germany. Is the UK different?


You should pull it apart an build a friction drive.

Kareem H.

Need to factor in weight to range

Yusuf Ansari l يوسف الانصاري

did you only use throttle until the last bar to get the 48 Km or did you assist it most of the way?


Build an aerodynamic recumbent shell, and put the power train in it. Better range, no back problems.

Ben Broomfield

I know someone who has one of these, but replaced the drivetrain with some pegs just to put his feet on. He only uses it for short journeys so no need to pedal. And keep the seat low so looks pretty G.

Randall May

Questioned I have the same bike I'm trying to replace back wheel tire is there a special way to take back tire off?

Oliver Polden

I’m actually very impressed and I’m very critical. I have an electric Brompton and a cheapish Chinese folding electric bike but still few myself tempted to get this. Great for quick trips to the off license or bar.

Richneil Bulanhagui

Yeah those are the bikes I’ve been seeing ppl on outside.


Ok but not for me i think. Sorry but i ride my MTB manual/ analog bike 50km/h ( calculated by GPS and Car - Flat terrain) for a few minutes and it is not a sport bike and i'm not profesional. It is a 4cross DMR Trailstar. I beat U guy :) But i ride with bigger wheels. 21'

JustMe Dan

yo i came across this wanna say that you could actually mod this to go over 100kmh but its dangerous AHHA just telling you over here in my country ppl mod that and it can go over 70kmh and still roam around rn its ban ofc which is in singapore!


Also I can tell how much you love that horn! The cheeky grin on your face after using the horn ???

Charlene Ferrer

Is it ok to use it when it's raining?

elias yacob

Is this only available on Amazon in the UK

B Miller

EVERYONE ATTENTION: Anytime you BUILD A BIKE YOURSELF: Add LOCTITE BLUE to the pedals before assembling them. It is a SIGNIFICANT SAFETY RISK to have pedals that can COME LOOSE, and most people at home have NO IDEA how much to tension them, nor a torque wrench to do so properly. Blue loctite (are a competitor product such as from Harbor Freight) could literally save your life or prevent serious injury.


Seem a bit too tall for it


I have the bike without the pedals and I ride that thing every day pretty comfortably so I don’t know what you’re talking about

Firey Flower

Thats a childs tricycle, utterly ridiculous!

Better off with an ordinary ADULT bike


I thought whoever opened the box took your peddles and i was thinking man thats cruel for a kids bike!!

Daniel Lehmann

To be fair for what it is it actually looks pretty sick, if you wanna cruise down a beach promenade one afternoon then it’s spot on

ka-nowledge boi

You can get a jetson bolt pro for like $300

Rowan Whiteford

You don’t have a floor in your house ?.


It’s expensive for USA as the same bike cost only $300 at Costco

peter ryan

Excellent review, and very surprising results,You obviously live on the edge of the countryside as I do in Newark thanks again.

Colt Rushton

It has a horn

Rowan Whiteford

E bike can be very cheap like the bike on my channel for 75 £

O U Ter Living

Its supposed to hit max speed without peddling


13 miles per hour?

Domain Group CX Knowledge

Just what I need to chase the kids around the bike track when I don't feel like pedalling. That horn is epic. Sadly in Aus this thing is over 2000gbp

Adan M

I've got the costco version of it and it isn't all that awful but I wouldn't go to far it either nor will it allow you to get to far... Not too bad for $300 at Costco tho.

Rafael Tavares

Buying one to destroy it and use the pieces on my regular size bike ???

(Good ideia for a vídeo actually ?)


Him: The name of the bike is ** starts saying every country on the map **

Me: ???

kane Kesterton

Road wanka

Mie Kobayashi


New Bike Day! Cyrusher XF590 Folding Electric Bike (Review)

New Bike Day! Cyrusher XF590 Folding Electric Bike (Review)14 Feb. 2021
13 346
Two Wheel CruiseSubscribe 438 721

Today I am test riding

Today I am test riding the Cyrusher XF590, which is an electric folding bike. It is a full suspension bike capable of 750 watts, with 5 power assist modes, and 7 gears.

Cyrusher English - https://www.cyrusher.com/en/c/Electric-Folding-City-Bikes

Cyrusher Japan - https://www.cyrusher.co.jp/products/cyrusher-xf590

日本語字幕付きの動画 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lYcOx27XNI

I am still new to folding bikes and e-bikes, so I do not have much to compare this to, but overall I really enjoyed test riding this bike. It was a lot of fun to ride around the roads in Japan, and riding uphill was incredibly easy.

In Japan, electric bikes that have non-assist mode must be registered as a scooter and have a registered license plate. The bike came with all of the necessary materials already installed, so I was able to get on the road quickly. In other countries, this may or may not be necessary depending on your country's laws regarding ebikes.


0:00 - Bike introduction Cyrusher XF590

6:05 - How to fold

8:15 - Test ride start

15:28 - Max speed test

17:30 - Final impressions

Disclaimer: This bike was sent over to us by Cyrusher for us to test and review.

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#cycling #foldingbike #ebike #japan

Comments (73)
Dede Suparman

some mamachari has pedal assist with electric source, so does it need to be registered and get the license plate? or only e-bicycle that has throtle that need license plate?


Cool scooter but for a registered vehicle it's a pity the top speed isn't higher to offset being at the mercy of commuter gridlock -- unless you're planning on some Ghost Rider style weaving through traffic ?

Andrew Somethin'

LA and Vegas should have these, not those annoying lift scooters.


You seem to be sitting very low on the bike. Was it done on purpose or it has a very short seat post?

Seannifer Colman

The circus called. The guy who gets shot out of the canon, would like his helmet back. Nice bike and video.

Oskar Skarpa

In Japan pedal-assist is still a bike, an electric bike with a throttle is an electric scooter, hence the registration. It would be nice to see how far can you go on a single charge on the Bridgestone TB1e. It has a front hub motor that reclaims power when not pedaling and supposed to go almost 100km on a single charge. At least that’s what they claim.

Chris Bautista

How much is the battery replacement cost? What is the expected battery lifespan? Those are the things you need to think about ebike maintenance costs.

When you’re doing an ebike conversion. The most expensive part of the build is always the batteries. The rest of the parts ex: motor, controllers and bits are relatively inexpensive.

Din Mokhtar

Fantastic...I have been wanting to get a folding electric bike to go to the local 7Evleven instead of using the car. In Malaysia you don't need a license as long at it goes below 35km/h speed (but you know little tweek you can get 50km/h right...hint hint). How much does it cost? How long does the battery last. Need to order one. This is cool....thanks for sharing. When I cycle I use my Garmin Radar...so that I know what is coming behind me.

chai lee

25kg's though, good luck folding that up and carrying it somewhere.

Ashrak Ahmed

So stick it in the "Charging Mouth" to re-energize!
Oh Japan, never change!

Rene Acevedo

Cruise what a nice video! Did you happen to mention how long the battery lasts and how long to charge? I may have missed that part. Also we heard there was an aftershock in Japan yesterday I hope you’re both ok!

Kelala Music

Hey, Cruise. back again. I meant to ask. Does it have a Bafang motor?


thats a huge cemetery.

leash dog

Doctor: your too fat. Ride a bike.
Patients: I have a bike.
Doctor: not an "E" bike stupid. That's WHY your FAT...


At about 7:00 you said it's too heavy for a train? Why not? Why not ride it to the train, fold it up and put it on? Then unfold it and ride away? Also, is it possible to supply the power while pushing it? Like in a train station? Or do you actually have to be ON the bide to power it?


with all the light controls it seems more like a scooter than a pedelec ebike - nice

Angry Penguin

I see this bike as an interesting alternative to commute to work. My commute is about 65Km/day, I don't actually commute by bike but with a bike like that I would seriously consider it.


I am curious charging of the battery. - 1. how long does it take to have it fully charged; 2. The outlet looks tiny. 3. Do they have standard plugs for this type of battery everywhere in Japan or is it hard to find when you are on the road.
Also, do you think that bike lock give you the comfort of security or would you get a more secure lock if you own this thing.

Kevin Klemm

How long does it take to fully charge from a completely empty battery? Having a license plate can it still be ridden on a trail like your past mountain bike videos in the mountains? Looks like fun!


Energy Bar... well I also consume energy bar while riding haha

Karen Queen

how much $$$ do they want for it in general w/or w/o accessories? And how many other colors are there available?

onang ferdinand

Nice Folding E bike, next maybe try Mtb E bike, and it is a cheat pedalling✌️?

Betsy Payne

Thanks for showing us this electric bike. We live in the USA so we won't need a special license to ride it here but I think the bike is different for the US market. Do you know if this company has a good reputation for making a quality bike? My husband and are looking to buy a couple for ourselves. It ships to the US from Belgium (free shipping). PS is there any way you can get a commission for selling us the bike?

peter L

Really not sold on the look,brompton for me!

manikantan r

25 to 30 kgs due to both the Battery+Hub motor :-P Could you pls try it out without the battery and with the battery in a backpack or put behind the rack :-D I wonder how the weight distribution will affect your pedalling :-D

Utuli car foot mat



Are try spokes stronger? Not necessarily?

archerymark 75

I think the word you are looking for is"weeeee"


The wobble starting at 17', would it be scary on wet/icy pavement?

Andy Thousand

Excellent video Cruise. Will you be keeping this bike?

ryan webb

Two Wheel MotoCruise is the name of the new channel

Danny Gayler

Had a look at the Australian website , Wow , I'm stoked , if I decide this will be bike number 3 and it looks like the missing cycling link in my life !


I don't get this new trend, is it just lower emission mopeds? Until they make electric mopeds worth big companies time?

Ruel Padernal

Nice & cute electric bike, amazing technology

Dan Valenzuela

Nice...for city cruising

Nick Cheng

Does it have regenerative braking? Looks pretty good as a potential grocery getter with the electric assist.

leash dog


Roel Yumul

It is a nice electric bike. How much is the
e-bike? Thanks. Ride safe.


Once you go electric then going back will be a hard thing. Next time when you approach a hill climb you'll feel it


I got a very similar one from taobao around usd400, named under lankeleisi... The look /spec is so similar I think it's prob just different labeling

Geass Sogeki

Chris you have to take into account that as you gradually discharge the bike the lower the to speed would be. In a road cyclist and also am EV lover

Chris Bates

I have a level 1 pedal assist(no throttle and max assist at 20mph). I love it. I know that I get a workout I like getting high cadence and going fast. The difference to me is that I can go twice as far and twice or three times as fast. You feel like Superman. My bike goes 60miles in full assist. 120 miles in eco mode. I would be careful shifting that bike doesn’t sound like it has shift detection and you can shred that detailer. Do you need a scooter license for an electric assist mama chari

Sir William Deardon

Another video. Another Bike adventure. Love this eBike..


Well, one of the main reasons I bicycle is exercise but I got to say you make it look like a lot of fun!

Seven ML



wonderful bike


Hey man! I am totally anti-anything not powered by your legs.... but cool review!

Enrique Villasenor

Finally! Thank you! Yes, they are fun. I have test ridden several models. I understand the need for a foldable model. However, my long-time bike mechanic has told me to stay away from foldable anything. He said he sees too many issues with folding components. Now that you are a speed demon, please let us know when you get that Two Wheel Crusie Tattoo to match your helmet. That will really impress those middle schoolers. Lol!

manikantan r

Also due to the regulations the Hub motor + dc-inverter are probably limited to 250W or some 15A or something ... There are "ways" to "lift" the restrictions so that the motor will hit 850W to 2000W !!! and add extra battery capacity and more powerful DC-inverter to match motor current draw :-D I dont think you would ever want to try that :-D


That nice Honda 660 at 13:13. Lol that middle schooler stuff!

Jeffrey Galeski

I saw a lot of graveyards, interesting, thanks

james pineda

Wow Another new bike?!. Now i want a new bike ?

Attila Répási

It's a bit odd that you need a registration for such a slow ebike.

Frank Yu

Too funny on two of the commercials were Ford and V.W. Cars for your eco friendly “bike” video. Have a happy Lunar New Year to all.

Danny Gayler

There's been something missing in my riding life and I think this could be it ?
I'll let U know .


Are the breaks struggling to stop 30 kg worth of bike + rider downhill? Felt like the breaking distance to full stop was quite long.


it has plate number??


The saddle looks too low lol. Well the rear suspension isn't suppose to be there since that's not a common seat tube folding bike designed. In case you want to replace with the longer seat post just make sure the it sink deeply to the seat tube so you don't break the seat tube.

New arc of Two Wheel MotoCruise XD

Devin Ngadi

it's look cool but it lose it purpose of folding bike since it heavy, the same kind(or maybe not) of folding e-bike that i know is brompton and it fold like normal brompton. and for normal folding bike maybe you could consider tern, it have some good lineup and it popular in japan too. anyway like you say if i own that kind of bike i will never fold it unless im going somewhere by car and need to bring it.

Peter Harris

same old question still waiting for inter-changable battery...

Choa Yeon

No one:
Cruise: This is the moment I’ve waited my whole life! Passing middle schoolers

Two Wheel Cruise

What do you think of our new bike?
日本語字幕付きの動画 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lYcOx27XNI

yen yi

Looks like a fun little bike


Thing looks stupid.


Interesting Bike, but for Japan at least, for the sake of 5 km/h I would prefer to keep it as an electric bike without all the scooter requirements.


@17:00 The fun part starts now ?
That section was hilarious ???

dani sagala

Bruh just buy brompton or dahon or fhnon, wtf is that shit, fuck ebike for real

Can See

Why do Americans refer to riding bikes - as driving

Erwin Ralph

Passing middle schooler up a hill

Traffic light chan: stop right there



do you know if you would still have to register it as a scooter if it didn`t have a full assist mode?
or if the rules vary from prefecture to prefecture?
if you would have to register an emtb?


It doesn't make any difference what PAS 1-5 setting you put when using the throttle. That applies to only during paddling (Paddle Assistance not Power Assistance).

Chris Till

It weighs about the same as my full size touring e-bike :) I think on a bike like that I would just use the throttle and never fold it. That way you never have to deal with the cheap Tourney components or lift it. But for sure if we get some people swapping their SUVs for something like this, we’ll all be a lot better off.

And the exercise on e-bikes thing is ridiculous really. Even last night I went out for a ride when it was quiet and I didn’t realise it would be so windy. If I had been on my regular bike I would have been struggling and barely crawling along in the headwind, but on the e-bike I was in Eco mode and was still pushing really hard, but I was able to keep going at a respectable speed through it rather than struggling or even having to stop.

Diane Cliff

Nice little bike, ideal for commuting ??

compact lightweight folding bicycle : Vilano Urbana

compact lightweight folding bicycle : Vilano Urbana28 Apr. 2018
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In preparation for my

In preparation for my camping trip to the Overland Expo this year, I wanted to use a bicycle to get from the camp grounds to the expo which is about a 1/4 mile in the forest.

I did some research on line for budget bikes since I already have 2 bikes (26" MTB & 24" BMX) but they are not folders.

A couple companies caught my eye but Vilano had the best looking one for $199. Vilano sent me a sample for testing and review while at the Overland Expo! So here is the unboxing video.

Stay tuned for my full review after the expo.

Here is a link to Amazon.com if you want to buy this bike.



Here is the video of my review of the fat tire bike.



The gear I use.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver with the LCD screen.


EVO GP Pro 3 axis gimbal.


I use Sandisk micro SD cards in 32GB capacity.


I use the LUMIX FZ1000 that shoots in 4k.


Tamrac backpack that holds a 15" MacBook Pro laptop


Tactical fleece jacket.


KEEN boots.



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Buraot Gainz

Whats the gear ratio?

James Livingston

Thank you sir again!

alfred yu

Awesome idea for the Expo!! N good for the cardio!!! Have a good time , hopefully we'll see some footage!! Hang Loose!!!?


I've been intrested in Giants Expressway folding bike but its $660. I'm sure the quality is nice but I only want this bike to take on a plane for vacations to get around or have in my car as a emergency plan or... take a ride whenever I'm waiting etc.

Dan Holdcroft

nice quality bike for the money, thanks for sharing

Andy Thousand

Thanks for the video. You did a great review. I talk a lot about folding bikes in my blog also. Andythousand.com

Chris Lakes

"Currently unavailable" on Amazon ;(


Might have to get one to stick in the back of the airplane....

Infinite Justice

I have it for two years and going strong. However, I had to change the seat post and saddle, and also change the tires.

Eminence FrontX5

This is great. Would make an awesome pit bike at track too or take with on a road trip! Sweet. Thank you Sir.


Sweet idea! Never thought of a folder for a camp or beach bike - really like the idea of not having a bike rack hanging off my Jeep! I’ll definitely keep this company in mind for when we need folders!

snaz pizaz

Hi - can this bike be wheeled folded, using the seat or handle bar post extended ?

Captain Sam Wilson

Good Boat Bike, or camping /camper bike...


I can just picture you moding out that bike to full tactical beast mode for a SHTF ready pedal pusher

Travis L. Desmadreson

Keep up the good work.

Steven Aguayo

I just bought the bike and I love it

T Bone

Thanks for the review. Well done. I have been looking for a paddock bike for track days that I can fit in the back of my BMW M2 and this will be perfect. I will order through your link when I get home in a couple of weeks.


I would like to own this bike but I am 6’1 and I weight 225lbs. Would that be a problem?


At that price the bike is a steal.

Web Tech Desk

very cute that baby... please make a video on that baby only at 2:32

Hello Hello

If I take off the seat pole of a foldable bike, can I use it as a pedal scooter?


Looks cool and a decent option for OE West. Not sure if it would hold my fat ass but I suppose at that price it could be worth a try.

Jinyo Lay

Does anyone know what the plastic caps are for?


Thank you for the review! Is it possible to install a rear rack?


is this bike for kids? i would really like that

Stiles Humphrey

All it needs is an AR15 Mount on the front of the handlebars and I will be riding on the streets of Cali. Nice looking bike!


5:26 but I didn't see any brake

Jack Daniel

have u rode this bike in the bush yet? could ride off road?

Lauren H

Awesome review. Very comprehensive. Thanks for putting this together.

Roy H. S. Productions

Hi Mixflip. Super nice bike and vid! I am currently in Colombia, South America and I´m planning to get someone to ship the bike to me from the states and I need the exact original box shipping dimensions. Are you still holding on to that original box by any chance? (I know this was a year and a hafl ago). I will realy appreciate it if you have the info. Thanks!

Alenka D

this is a great entry-level bike and i would recommend✡️>share4.photo/pgBike?Ы    it to someone looking for a simple commuter or an everyday beater that they want to upgrade.


Euromini.bike for the same price you would get brakes, 7 speeds and a better build. Picked up one a couple of months ago and it’s superb.


It doesn’t comes with any brakes?


Simple but effective. I own a Brompton and love it for touring with camping gear and taking trains in Europe.
VILANO looks like fun. Nice design. Bikes come in handy in so many situations.


The bike is crap..


Nice review. Simple and to the point. Especially like the skid demo!

liam Lobillo

I ordered this bike and I love BUT for some reason it's very very difficult to fold and unfold....what can I do to swing it open and close like yours??

Vilano Bikes

Great video! The Vilano Urbana is one of my favorite bikes here.


This bike is sold out across the country. I've tried to buy one online for 2 days. Do they still make it?

Jack Daniel

bought a folding bike from AMZN, the brakes were poorly assemble , should've checked 1st, when I went on a ride the brakes rubbed & broke on the front tire, so if u buy a cheap bike, the savings comes from the lack of labor assembling the bike so double check all the assembly when buyin a budget bike

Manny Explores

I received the Vilano Urbano bike, I'm loving it, really light and convenient to carry it anywhere.

Markas Rowman

folding bike paddle is most often left out even close up view, CZ the old model I have is quite difficult to, without any dam sign arrown directon, how to fold up n down.

Vinayak Rao Habeeb

where is the beark

C- Note

Thanks for letting us know they sent it to you for review, I love the transparency.


Cool review, brother...that's a great idea to bring a bike to the expo to cover ground more efficiently. I'm soooo looking forward to the expo next month to check out the rigs and products and meet like-minded overlanding folks!

Questions: How far is the campsite from the expo venue? Will those tires be sufficient for the terrain? How muddy could it be between the campsites and the venue?


Nice bike. Where are you going to mount the shotgun scabbard?