Justin bieber bench press

Bieber Benches 2

Bieber Benches 21 May. 2011
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Bieber Benches 6

Bieber Benches 61 May. 2011
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Return to Jersey Shore | 315 Bench for Reps

Return to Jersey Shore | 315 Bench for Reps3 Jun. 2017
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Justin Bieber - I'll Show You (INSTRUMENTAL)

Afrojack & Steve Aoki - No Beef

Hi Five & Xonic x Drake - No Pain (Original Mix)

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Allen CS

David is the type of guy to do a drone montage after being dead

A random guy

How is david laid on roids ??

Viktor Forsman

Too much bounce and you your butt should stay on the bench


0:53 isn't you ass suppose to stay on the bench?

Matthew Chapman

Hey when u do the handstand flex ur glutes, ur core and try to straighten ur whole body

Alix Nguyen

The summer feels tho

michael boccino

Can't Wait for This Summer at the Jersey Shore ' Sandy hook Nude


This dude is so overrated.


Drone footage

Aakash Puri 9623

Dave runs like a bitch boi


12:43 dave hopefully thats just a mature hairline

Julio Dorantes

5:58 liked him. seemed like a nice cashier.

Marcus 1

David laid the type of guy to change the word 'dont' to 'dronent'

Music Around the world

I want to see you and deek in same video


This dude is like my #1 inspiration to build my body, it's been two months strong every other day :)


Reading the coments of David vids its starting to be my mantra before bed, such an amazing community, thank you for the laughts hahahahahahahahaha

Jess G

so who got laid that night


this guy looks like a fucking super hero. best body type ive ever seen


Quiero subtitulos en españo.. Me gustan tus BLOG

Braden Tims

David the type of guy to say “right” after every sentence

Tâm Ngô

Name camera ?

Jacob Beal

You guys only clicked for the ass

Erick Faith abs

Wow bro ?‍♂️???????

chris mackie

best vlog yet david. chris from the UK

Ollie Facer

Never have I heard someone say they have candy for “glycogen purposes”?

Tom Peckett

"I got so baked it's ridiculous" I was so confused lmao


I remember 2 years ago this was the first ever video i watched. Crazy looking back on that

Zoltan Simon



Do you pay to use licensed music?

Łukasz Stanek

Someone know what's that effect on drone from first seconds of film?

kinh huynh


Luis Moreno

nice huh... 9:31


When you bench are you supposed to arch your back

Epic : Owned

David the type of guy to lick his sweat to stay hydrated


Dear David:
You are nice because you keep your shirt on when you morally should, your friend on the other hand is a shameless ugly douchebag who never wears a shirt!

Zachary Gilbert

10:15 yall welcome

Roman Kozlovskiy

Dave has the droopy pec syndrome will never even get close to as aesthetic as Zyzz


fak off seagulls

Джек Воробей

this is the only video where David hangs out with the girls)?

Sia Winkelmolen

Does anyone know the program he is talking about?

Stan Aesthetic

Someone know what is the effect zooming of drone film from first seconds?

Carter Hill

What shorts are you wearing brother

conor lynch

Pale girl is actually fire

Jeppe Flatau Hansen

Why is your ass consistantly off the bench when pressing?


who is this blonde girl?o_O

Rawjer 0311

“Two packs of gummy bears for quick glycogen purposes.” ✍️ Write That Down!


what is this city?

giorgi gogaladze

David laid:
Chest workout_ posing abs
Delts workout_posing abs
Legs workout_posing abs??

Will Russell

Dave the type of guy to pour two scoops of ESP into his drone so it doesn’t feel left out

Muhammad Rama

Thaat guy just casually walk in the store without shirt :0

Terry Bagley

I hit both of them

Robert Rodriguez

Do the flat bench he adds hight so he does not have to go low it's like half a rep really smart and he only cheats himself

Chetan Verma

Is there 3 days off in your workout program?


Should I be doing this form for bench to work chest muscles?

Rabea Btata

did David Laid got laid ?

teenage dreams

David the type of guy to blink both eyes together just to prevent muscle unbalance

Win-J-Bon C Ballera

Can we just appreciate the beauty of David Laid?????

Hamish Brodie

Your form for bench is shit

Naru Ki

Who are these two crazy women?

Claudiu Clau

13:56 i think 4 ??

John Harding


Hashirama Senju

"David is the type of guy" everyone's comment starts with "David is the type of guy" stfu already

Nesim Durmus

what beach is this? i live in nj

Mason Martenson

Hey guys would appreciate it if you checked out my crazy 1 year transformation

seth bauman


SteamPunk 77

Dave the type of guy to do 3 sets of 2 minute tanning on his front and back for optimal coverage

Kevin Corrigan

what's with the bench press form, is that something different? I thought ur feet should be planted and ass shouldn't come off the bench

Rainer Sebastian

Why is everyone looking down on the thumbnail? Is it fashionable?

Wayne Pooley

What type of program is he using this video?

green screen

Ur blogs are the shiiiiiiiit


why the hell is he arching his back during the bench press

K Fergus


Ethan Bell

I always come back to this video because it’s just too relatable when Dave talks about that car window lighting/angle look that just gives you the illusion you are twice as big when you are not hahahaha.


How come he looks a little smaller?

Rawjer 0311

So! Yoga ?‍♀️ Mat on the bench press is the BiG secret to BiG PumPs!...Write that Down ?


Where in Jersey do you live

Tammy Maymon

you are the best in the world

Mr Smeri

What I love about you David is you go your hardest when you hit the gym

michael figliola

He obviously can't talk game to chicks judging by the uggos he was with.


Dave the type of guy to fucking die coz he doesn’t wear a seatbelt


that is some real ass jiggles

Marko Markovic

bro girls haunt u ?


Hey guys It's David right? We are gonna do a vlog right? Let's go right?

John Harding

Breaking News Gym Shark athlete David Laid gets eaten by a SHARK

Disclosure mule

David is the type of guy to workout

Kloee Vanmeter

whos the boy in the black addidas hat?

Luis GS

David the type of dude to retract his scapula while having sex


Lol the talent part

William H

He looks like Jai Weatford or what ever that Astralian singer name

Indian Morgz

yes bala

Crazy dopeo

keep uploading❤️❤️❤️

Thomas Dunn

David Laid ALWAYS gets laid

do ta

Is that camera on..
fuck zero :)


These are the videos we dream of

João Eduardo

best video ofyoutube

Pedo Bear

wow his bench form is atrocious


9:31 thank me later


13:06 he totally took a piss right there :D


how sexy are David and Jonah, I mean F**** amazing.

Brandon Yac

Yo that song tho no beef fire asf