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Supersocks Review: Super or Not?

Supersocks Review: Super or Not?17 Nov. 2019
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Edit: There has been some

Edit: There has been some confusion, this is NOT a review of FYFs (FreeYourFeet). This is a review of the fantastical claims of a knockoff company called "Supersocks" (hence the title). That company has since gone through many different names, and I have had TONs of reports of people having their money taken from this knockoff company. That being said, don't judge the originals (FYFs) by the knockoffs, this video is only about the knockoffs.


I love the concepts of these socks, but are they super or not? If you don't want to come along for the full ride, skip to 5:40 or 7:45 for the wrap ups.

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Jeremy Tschudy

Have you come across Kevlar socks that are any good? Considering making my own to see if it’s just poor manufacturing or a bunk product.

Sukumar Bandi

Kevlar socks are those even real

Scarlet Dream Delirium

I'm really happy you made this video! Thank you

Kyle Raimo

Since you are misleading people and straw manning the company, here is a quote directly on their main page:
"FYFs are abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant - not proof.
FYFs are NOT puncture resistant. Needle-like objects like sea urchins can penetrate, be cautious about such dangers. Write us anytime with more questions about its capabilities via the red support button below."
All you have to do is take 30 seconds and read.

LeeOne 2000

I thought this was gonna be a: Oh thIS iS sO GooD, almost like they paid you to say that. But this seem like a pretty honest and good review.

Jd Malave

Great review. Saved me from the purchase.

Cristian AKA Megatux

If not this, do you know a better alternative socks? thx!

John Moriarty

It would have been nice if you actually wore them for a while. You "imagine" that the part under your heel would wear out pretty quickly... but this is a review. What you imagine is not really useful =/ Same with the comment about the stitching. The only information I got from this review is that it doesn't protect your foot much more than a regular sock... but that would be fine with me as long as it actually lasts and I could just wear them everywhere.

Sam Stow

I have some, and yeah I agree that protection wise they're not better than barefoot although I think they can keep your feet warmer and also possibly protect you from infection since they are supposed to be puncture proof. But I think for me as a barefoot runner one possible use is to try running further than my skin will allow me to in order to get my feet used to more barefoot miles without the skin fatigue issue.

Dan Purdey

Two months and these have not arrived. No response from the company to my many emails. No notification from them since the purchase was confirmed. Dodgy dodgy. Avoid this. Great review video here! Thanks

Susan Jenkins

Thank you soooo much for this review! Decided not to purchase. ?

Mack Jenkins

Man I like the socks that look awesome. I wonder if they would fit my foot. I have big very very wide feet sz15 6 EEEEEE wide with very fat wide toe that are equally straight across making my foot very very extremely wide. With my foot being 6 1/2 inches wide from my big toe to my lil toe they do not make a shoe , sock , or boot that is wide enough for my foot. I am 95% barefooted ? because of this all year long in rain , sleet , or snow. Put these look like some cool socks though. I've got used to doing things barefooted ? since my foot outgrow shoes 33 years ago. It really do sucks having extremely wide foot in the winter time when it's 20 and 30 degrees outside and you have to be barefooted ? because they do not make a closed toe shoe that will fit my foot.


May you please add a link to your site that would be great for I have a friend who is interested in barefoot living thanks


sounds like a classical marketing piece of crap

kevin sperry

I ordered thins suck and never got it hahaha

Tim Knockwood

Just so you can know, the point to the socks isn't to protect your seet from projectiles but they're designed to last because as we know socks today are shit and very often go in the trash

LeeOne 2000

I have looked at this and the reviews are so bad that say that it gets ruined so fast and it’s overrated and it’s not strong almost like a normal sock.


Jesus loves you

Jason Welburn

Thanks for the review. Standard Chinese quality (poor). Such a shame. Glad I avoided these.


One thing I look for before buying a product is of Wish sells it. Wish sells these, which tells me it's shit quality.

Swiss FYF Sock Review.

Swiss FYF Sock Review.27 Oct. 2016
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AbombonationSubscribe 438 721

Swiss Barefoot Company

Swiss Barefoot Company product.

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Jossef Gutierrez

Great review man. I`m sorry you sound disapointed with the product. I think they are meant for barefooters that love to walk with no shoes butl not getting injured. They say that if we walk barefoot our feet will develop better as using shoes tend to get your feet isolated. Too bad you are not L because I would buy them from you.


How long did they take to ship?

James D

Jeez, this review is the ABOMBONATION! thanks for including the envelope it was delivered in... that was useful.


Nice.... what size do you usually wear to order an XL in these?


How did it go walking on the rocks with them?

Oscar Pantaleon

What was your reason for buying these socks? Were they bought with an intended purpose?

Anya Mayes

How and where did you buy these?

Happy Camper

can you send me a link to where to buy these

Andy Keller

So many dislikes. Don't mind them, they act as if they had payed you to do the review. You've already seen enough constructive AND destructive criticism, so let me just say, thanks for the nice video :)


Definitely a Scam. Bought them on supersockcompany.com
They are not Swiss but Chinese.
Terrible customer care, don't buy because that have "satisfaction guaranteed". They won't answer and won't give money back. They are not durable or tough.. just normal uncomfortable socks.

Luis Moreno

You think these would be good for kayaking and stepping in rivers with rocks? Or should I get toe shoes lol


Your pet ant came out of your sock at 6:40 .

R. M.

Great review! How is the traction say on hardwood floors? I usually use the vibram fivefingers and they suck on traction on hardwood floors. Was wondering if these are any better.

Jerome Bechaz

Nice review dude! Next time I'd just go straight to wearing them and showing what they are like. Just as a heads up ??but good honest review, I was thinking about it but you made it pretty clear not too. Legend!

My One and Only Product Review

These socks only lasted a couple of weeks for me and I never even wore them outside. Luckily the company did the right thing and gave me a refund. They inspired me to make my first product review for youtube to help others learn from my experience.


Wow, $85! For that price (well actually a little more), if you want protection, buy a pair of Vibram five fingers. Or make your own solution.
The ad says they contain kevlar and protect you from cuts ("never get cut again"). I guess it only works for walking on sharp rocks. Glass, I guess not?

SB miles

Thanks......you saved me some money!


REVIEW: My straight to the point opinion for people who want to buy but is scared of the 85$ price tag

1. works well on sand, water, grass, and asphalt.
2. works with weight lifting.
3. makes you run on balls.
4. able to work on toe strength.

1. dos not work on wood chips at playgrounds or gravel.
2. not worth the 85$ price tag, more like 50-60$
3. dyneema can wear down.
4. thin thin layer of dyneema coat.
5. very weak protection to anything sticking up.
6. for 85$ dyneema isnt coated all the way to the back of the heel, only covers 3/4 of heel when purchasing right size.

Anthony Gittens

where did you purchase these? i can't find them online.


I was looking for something to protect against sharp obtrusive objects. Also I can't imagine this is comfortable to run with on rocks and asphalt... Thanks for the review.


made in europe ?

that's sorta vague ... so either greenland or turkey or maybe finland or spain ...


you and that baggy...


Thanks for the review. I haven't used mine yet :) Is it easy to clean especially when it's stepped on a mud?

Raza Mir

So when you bang your foot into a rock this is going to protect you ? I doubt it


cheers for the review man. a lot of promo images show people doing water sports and bring them wet. How do they dry? Are they quick drying?

Also, if I were to step on something like glass will they stop me from being cut?


nice calves bro

Yew Duh Syde

Terrible socks I wish I never got them. They have sent me the wrong size and practically refused to replace them for a few weeks and then finally they said they would send me a replacement pair but that it would take 6 weeks. Then they changed it to 12 weeks. They are a terrible company and the product does not work very well I've used them for rock climbing and I was jogging on a sidewalk that had little Pebbles on it and it hurt a lot! Not what they're cracked up to be and definitely not worth $80 I would pay $40 for these and probably not advertise them for all that they say they can do because they cannot! Don't forget they are socks not shoots!


Damn! I thought they were stronger then steal! I guess throns are 100x stronger then steal. Lol. I bought like water shoes with steel bottom toes. I felt like those are 10x better then these and theyre only 30.


So nice

Jacob Jacobucci

Anyone see the bug on the floor? Lol.

Luke Wernette

are you kidding me with all your extra talking. so much unnecessary material.

Victor Hernandez

I bought myself a pair of Free Your Feet socks a couple days ago. I just hope they fit me and are comfortable.

Joel Crosby

Mine only lasted 20k of trail and some asphalt running then I got a bunch of wear out holes. Disappointed.

sandeep nallapaneni

how is the durability i mean to ask if we run 150 km a month how many years they last

Len Brown

Do your feet get wet when steping,in water

John Sumner

Can a Stingray's barb penetrate these socks?

moods etc

Ik y'all saw that bug


Thanks for the review dude

Luis Garza

Idk why but seeing people wiggle their toes cracks me the fuck up.


They are practically socks, of course there is not going to be much cushion. If someone wanted it cushioned they would go buy the toe shoes or just plain sneakers. The point is for your feet to be in more contact with the ground without being harmed by things suck as thorns, splinters, cut, abrasions, and etc.

sonly drew

skip to 3:50 for what most of you wanna know

FYF Best Flip Flops around! With removable footbed!

FYF Best Flip Flops around! With removable footbed!20 Jun. 2017
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Comments (1)
Beth Griffin

Have my FYF's on Dr now! Nothing better..so comfortable.