Kovalev weight

Kovalev and Pascal Weigh-In

Kovalev and Pascal Weigh-In13 Mar. 2015
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Sergey Kovalev and Jean

Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal made weight ahead of Saturday's fight, live from the Bell Centre in Montreal beginning at 9:45 PM ET/PT.

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kovalev by ko in 5 rounds or less:)

Heinrich Himmler

Kovalev fucked him up in the 8th



قناة المؤلفة قلوبهم

People from Ukraine or Russia stronger than black people


This going to be Ivan Drago killing Apollo Creed all over again!

Anthony Hernandez

Kov by ko


rip pascal

Mad Schultz

No face of?

Chargers Stan Account

WTF is the weight limit


Pascal in an "upset" over the Russian Rocky


This is gonna be an interesting fight... Everyone is saying Kovalev by knock out but first we have to see what game plan Pascal and Roy Jones got for Kovalev... Then we can say who's getting knocked out if you know what I mean! jelly bean! 

Move In-Silence

Pascal looks like his on PEDs


Great fight

Fearless Mateusz

This guy Kovalev should be on HBO PPV !!!


i hope Jean catch Boris with a nice overhand right. Put this fool to sleep. Pascal does best VS aggressive forthcoming fighters. Hope he ring this overrated guys bell. 


Pascal looks like he’s been spending more time in the weight room than in the boxing gym 


This will be interesting. Kovalev when he's angry is as dangerous as anyone, on top of how scary he usually is. I want to see if Pascal can start well and keep a good pace. 

An Iron fisted Warrior

Kov gonna put that boy to sleep

beardog100 god is 1 truth is 3

The stoppage was bullshit!! the start of the 8th round kovalev slips and nearly does the splits! then the ref starts rubbing his feet moonwalking over the same area and then directs the fighters to fight over to the side of the ring!! kovalev throws about 8 punches but lands about 3 pascal is trying to land big hook misses and momentum spins him and kovalev lands pascal is skimming along the ropes to the corner falling backwards against post kovalev comes in get blasted by a huge hook and drops to canvas the ref is looking at kathy duva who is right in front of him waving her arms and shouting no no!! the ref waves the knockdown off!!! meanwhile pascals left foot is slipping as the corner man is mopping up something on floor pascal staggers to the other corner kovalev lands acouple shots the ref stops the fight!! WTF!!!! I watched the whole round 8 in slow motion I suggest you do the same! 


lets go Kovalev

Street Lords

Hope pascal gets put to sleep

Mario Muñoz

no face off at weigh in WTF


Boxing is the best ever In history , Boxing is my favourite ever in history , Boxing is my one and only love ever in history , Boxing is my life .

choudry muhammed

Pascal on the heredia juice for sure

Sergey Kovalev MAKES WEIGHT (2ND WEIGH IN) vs. Canelo Alvarez | DAZN Boxing

Sergey Kovalev MAKES WEIGHT (2ND WEIGH IN) vs. Canelo Alvarez | DAZN Boxing1 Nov. 2019
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Sergey Kovalev MAKES WEIGHT (2ND WEIGH IN) vs. Canelo Alvarez | DAZN Boxing

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Comments (18)

Canelo will knockout Kovalev!!!


She couldnt help but look. @0:13


El chepo se le fue la ?


Rigged scales!


probably just took a shit hahaha

Christian Ramirez

Fights rigged!!

Fernando Rosillo

Cabrones. Le descalibraron la balanza al Krusier. Pendejos. Esa pelea está amañada. No será una pelea limpia. El rey de Mexico siempre será Julio César Chávez.

Mr. KhAn

You will fight Canelo+Judges....


Cathy divas face loolll

Drs.D. De Bruijn

Does she say" please make the weight" ???

Leo Garcia

Dazn already told kovalev if he lose to canelo he will get to more fights with them money on The table for him to loose


They both have to be under 185 tomorrow morning for a weigh in....


What would happen if he didn’t reach the weight class? Because he was very close, just wondering


El chepo lol

Kennedy Linder

Same day weigh ins, this is ridiculous..

javier de larraechea

Ya se nota que esta arreglada para que canelita gane ??‍♂️??‍♂️.....kovalev nunca había tenido problemas de peso....ojalá el crusher gane por ko


TBH, it’s a DRAW from me.

AdvanceAuto Parts

RIP Canela "Tamal de Rajas" Alvares 1991-2019

WEIGH-IN | Canelo vs. Sergey Kovalev (Official Stream)

WEIGH-IN | Canelo vs. Sergey Kovalev (Official Stream)1 Nov. 2019
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Comments (85)
Luis Duarte

Ufc 244 BMF Diaz vs Masvidal

George Power

Fixed fight

Edgar Munoz

KSI taking notes!

Gus Jr.

1:13:50 look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.... recognize that hair??


kovalev got ko'd on the 11th

Andy Man

Canelo to steal a draw


Canelo comes up at 1:18:00

Paco Miguel

Fights taking too long to start

Ж 111



i don’t understand how boxers make so much money. there’s barely anyone watching

Luis Martínez

Ojalá madreen al pinche costal de papas del canelo

Cookie hernandz

Canelo is gone win

Jason Stat

Where is Anthony Joshua?!



Ж 111

Затролил Головкина

Mr Right


Rumo Llc

Mind Games, SMH I'd Tripple Check EVERYTHING, I dont Trust Canelo /Goldenboy since GGG vs Canelo 2!

Мурад Хозяин.

Альварес его убьёт однозначно с 7 по 9 раунд

Ronald Perez

Canelo vs chris mannix he's a canelo hater

Light Life

I won’t be surprised if either of them lose by K.O. Canelo has improved at lot since he learned from Mayweather, I like Kovalev to win expect for his body vulnerability, no to difficult to correct tho. Kovalev by late K.O.

Tony Moreno

Blair the flare the prince of boxing. Give it to me, Baby!

Israel Lopez



So after all this there is a REHYDRATION CLAUSE in place. This is getting ridiculous. Let's weight HANDICAPP a guy that's already over the hill and just fought a month ago. Kolev cant weigh more than 185 the mourning of the fight. Look it up yourselves on boxing 247

Love_ Angel0483

If this fight will go on score cards,canelo will gonna win!he has 3points ahead already from the judges score cards.

Ricardo Ramirez

Can't stand Sergio as a commentator.. Too centered around himself

Micheal Murphy

Cenelo don't look that big

rolando halili

it looks like hopkins wanted to fight the winner of canelo vs kovalev..??

Mtvr tvr

Another Oscar Don la king production, to bad they couldn't pay triple G to take a dive too?


Senisa is to beautiful too fight I don’t want her to mess up her face like her opponents is lol ??

Armando Gonzalez

Kovalev will be speaking Spanish after these fight

PunchFor Pound

When Canelo weighed in, they only had him stand on the scale for a second, and quickly approved him making weight. With Kovalev, they made him stand for like 20 seconds, and they didn't just say he was over if the weight bar hit the metal, they said he was over if the weight bar was swaying at all, which happens naturally when you flinch on the scale. Totally corrupt in my opinion as far as I could see.

J Francisker


rodriguez Jonathan

?dunnos wieght said 175lbs Shah cmon dazn

Bernardo Flores

Solo 4 i selodigo a mis compatriotas mexicanos

Armando GRM

Cuando pelean?

Rob Esp

So disappointing Canelo is not willing to fight Triple G! Canelo lost the first fight, potentially won the second. Now he is too scared to fight the deciding fight. Just goes to show the type of boxer he is or is not. A true boxer would have made it clear who the better boxer is, it appears Triple G is the best boxer at this point!

ocramh Sainz

Me intere más la de dunno vs garcia, know that I know DAZN offered kovalev to loose

Guy Williams

Canelo gon lose tonight!

Omar lpz Lopez

100%canelo.pero ese chamaquito cagon.. nel

tony p

this will be end of canelo

Janessa Sanchez

What time does it start?

ulfa lailatus Sholihah bayu mus tofa

Is the best kovalev

Lolkingbeast Jk

hey guys pls sub to my channel

Дима Герасимов


rolando chacon

put the video of floyd jajajajajajajja his dady

151 siempre

Fixed kovalev great ACTOR

**CalimotoRider **

Kovalev will easily be 190 or more when he steps in the ring.....then he gonna eat him like a lil churro...only the paid off judges will be able to save Canelo.

N Solano

I’m surprised it’s happening so soon... I thought it was a month away wow.

Mr X


Женя Лунегов

Серега уложился в вес,или нет,не пойму!?

scot Ex scarrier

wonder if canelo would be so keen to jump in the ring with beterbiev,,,i doubt it


Canelo's interpreter needs to get fired.

Дима Герасимов


tadesse hailu

Who is going win? (From previous experience) If K doesn't knockout C,. K may not get a fair decision from the judges.

hiithere meee

Sorry but don't like canelo for the simple fact he is a cheat !!!! Not a honest man .. he took PEDs in order to beat triple g and will not face him again because he knows he's got his number ?? canelo will win because they are paid off ..

Rose Tec

Y wont they use a digital scale

สดใส ร่าเริง


Valentine Villanueva

ErikMorales said it best , Canelo fights when these guys are at the end of their careers!!!

Alert Scorpion

First and LESS GO CANELO!!!



TrueGolden BoyChamp

Vodkalev miss weight

Jarred Fitzgerald

He loose the belt on the scale. canelo wins nothing ironic. cherry picking goes wrong.

Sesiom Morals

He get retired with some broken ribs

a cllz

Canelo 175 1/4 is not bad the more weight k k loss is no problem

Felix X

Canelo wins round 6

Mario Felix

Canelo is winning for sure

Kryptosimponite Legend

No one is gonna watch this Fight everyone will be watching Masvidal vs Diaz. Live stream of canelo peaked at 22k viewers live stream of Masvidal vs Diaz peaked at 102k viewers. Canelo picked the wrong night to fight.

Thomas Neville

This fight is a hard one to call. Kovalev best days are well behind him. Canello is really stepping up in size. A natural light heavy weight with kovalev. Canello looked real small in comparison. He has to punch up with both hands. See how it goes for him.


Canelo finna knockout niko bellic

CineFutbol MX

First people to comment in be on canelos sack GGG fan girls crying lol??

Ron Guindulman

duno by ktfo

Ricardo Ramirez

The best translator I have seen in years

janse fernández

Vamos Fortea, España está contigo¡¡

Wayde Owen

Canelo hand picked Kovalev because he's near the end of his career. Against Yarde, Krusher showed that he learnt from the Ward fights. So funny but Canelo said he's only fighting Kovalev because he's No 1 at light heavyweight. Lol. Everyone knows Beterbiev is No 1 at light heavy and holds the major titles at light heavy. If Canelo happens to beat Kovalev he must fight Beterbiev to say he made History. My prediction is Canelo moves down immediately after this fight. But will he fight Charlo at middleweight? Charlo is one name nobody is calling out!!!

Bernardo Flores

Aita para todos los que disen maricanela que más quieren acepten

Mario Portilla

Canelo vs Bivol

Sgt. Hollow Point

My mans Eddy @ 55:19 puts his lips on that pedialyte and decides to take a swig?

THE Kat Haus

You know no one is watchings thus fight tomorrow. UFC 244 is going to be way better overall

Joseph Valentine

Canelo has an obsession with Mayweather style ,

Antonio Sarmiento

Viva Canelo y chinge su madre el Trump !!!

Sesiom Morals

Canelo big balls he will go down in history no matter what haters said

Natty Duck

Canelo wins by stoppage in later rounds. Body punches.

We Do Not Sow

whats the name of that mexican song?

Owen Davis

Is it just me or does Kovalev look in bad shape? At his age he needed more time to recover and train after the Yarde fight. I like Canelo a lot but it seems like it is all being set up for him to win...

Johnny Florence

Krusher has to lose a Royal with Cheese.