How to do the splits men

Split Stretches for the Inflexible (Front Splits)

Split Stretches for the Inflexible (Front Splits)27 May. 2020
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Achieving the front split

Achieving the front split is closer than you think! This video shows you how to go about unlocking your splits as a beginner. Inflexible people are welcome. This is a split stretching routine that can help any levels.

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This video is great for all levels - front splits for beginners and all! Use this front split training not only for flexibility but for increasing your strength and developing strong hamstrings & hip flexors! Learn how to do the front split with these three exercises and increase knee flexibility too! Use lunges to your advantage for hamstring stretches. Do these three exercises anywhere! Don't underestimate the importance of flexibility for your strength exercises!

Comments (61)

this is my only goal, when i have achieved it, i'll be back to comment. Just here to learn so i can kick higher and be more flexible

Meghan Christensen

Omg the first stretch is pain!!!!! I love it


Is this possible if starting in your mid 30's? i.e me ?

James Hutto

Kung fu shoes?


Great video!
One quick question for anyone; will becoming this flexible make you less explosive. Cause I got taught explosiveness comes from muscle tension?

Timothy De Vita

I am a 40 year old breaker. I have done many different martial arts, but I never consistently tried to do splits. So, I have been working at it lately and seeing improvement. Thanks for the video.


INTENSE shake in my front leg hamstring stretch. Feels awesome

Jay Rolin

for the “why,” i’m a short climber and more flexibility in my legs could definitely help me get up tougher climbs

Harish Prashanth CM

I am training front splits for High Kick in martial arts next I should learn middle splits

Vishal Agarwal

Loved the video. As far as my 'why' is concerned, just look how friggin' cool a front split is!

prem nath


Magamed Aminov

How good u r bro! Appreciate ur work!!
Just need to concider studying Islam a little at least, n u r a true superman!!

James Hutto

Take a year to get to the splits if you cant now

Ali Rahman

I’m training because I want to achieve v sit and be able to move locomotion more fluidly :)

Miss O.P.

these seem more like shaolin style front split then gymnastic style.

Mahdi Rostami

i can't even touch the floor when i'm standing. How can i improve my flexibility?


Josh? You gettin younger everytime

Barres and Bells

Thanks very much. Always inspirational and simple . We want our channel to look like yours one day. Best!

Tiberius Drex

I’m here to get better kicks in taekwondo. This was helpful.

Jayden Flora

Who tf is this what did you do with the legend himself

Trisha The Unicorn

I am doing this for the wap?

Greg O

Josh if this guy has you locked in the basement try to get a message out!
We will come for you ..


For me cycling but, it also an important strength and mobility exercise I'd like to maintain in my old age for life longevity.


Josh what happened to you broo.. You've changed ?

Big G

Gotta be Josh's bro


I need to smoke with this dude

Taylor Gaston

Who is this guy?

Hussien Basher

Do Vid about side split

Thomas Hemming Larsen

Very good video! When I go into the deep lunge, my right leg feels super tight from the hip flexor down through the quads (only on the right side). It's borderline pain. Is it just a matter of continuing with the exercise and build up more strength?

Mark Dangerfield

Oh you know it is going to be that way because I can do it

Pedro Sáenz

This guy is so fucking nice!!!

dude dude

Fk no no way

Rosgi Smunda

You guys are freaking awesome. Ciaoooooo from italy! :)

Michael P Tinker

Why am I striving for front splits? (Forest Gump voice) “I just felt like stretching”

Willy D2404

i enjoy the fact his outfit suggests its potentially cold outside, like he's wearing crazy socks that somehow flow into his pants, and a tuque, but than he's like, naaaa, lets take the shirt off.
priorities i guess. gotta have that sex appeal for those clicks i guess.


Theres two reasons why I'm motivated to do these !
JVD ..blood sport
Yujiro hanma

K kooloo

Some strangers just hijaked joshes YouTube channel.This dude doesn't even introduce himself

Kieran O'Loughlin

"The front splits - The second most vulnerable position known to man".......................... a thought provoking opening line if there was ever one.

chyeahbruh ski

What can I do to decrease pain in my left groin or inner thigh area? It’s been bugging me ever since I started doing heavy calisthenics training? I’ve been neglecting vilify but not sure where to start to get this pain to go away.


This is what I've been waiting for!

Stanley Roofner

Flexibility for Martial Arts.


learning to do the front splits so I can scissor my girlfriend better. #ThiqqLyfe

Neil Cole

What you done with Josh.........let him go!


I'm here because I watch every video you guys put out. What do you guys know about plantar fasciitis? My ankles/heels and calves are a wreck.

Robert Rothschedl

Is this you Josh?



chyeahbruh ski

Also, don’t surprise with your friends without introducing us!

Thanh Mai

Terrific stretching here! This can make such a big difference for a workout or physical training ??

Marko Preusser

what kind of shoes are u wearing? :)

Someday SuperSaiyan

I signed up for a karate tournament and now I need mad flexibility to pull off some kicks.


For a sport called tricking

Russell Thompson

thank you for helping my tight ass, great video!

Is S

And remember to "BREATHE" every time you're stretching to allow for more oxygen intake. That's the key to flexibility is to properly breathe in and out of your stretches.




Great video. Side splits please.

Betsy Wyatt

Awesome video!! Have a whale of a time. Absolutely adorable and well said!! ♡♡♡

Tati L

This can’t be Josh can it? He looks so different here ? Love the channel btw.

Mark Dangerfield

I know that I do that too and it helps me too


Exactly what I've been looking for. Been training for the front splits for the past few weeks. Can feel in in the hip flexors and hamstrings already. Any tips for lower back and glute medius and minimus stretching?

Marcus Nicholas

Doing this for wrestling

nord kristal


How to do the Splits - Sean Vigue

How to do the Splits - Sean Vigue23 Mar. 2016
52 636

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Comments (100)
User Ben

Such good energy, subbed

Francisco Javier Rivera

Thanks for taking me there man!


I do this video almost everyday. I can do the splits now! Sean's videos are the best!

Kaiheng Chen


Zoraya Nuthar

Time cop [email protected] ????

moody shokry


The Fit Cosplayer

I'm not there yet, but all of your splits videos help greatly.


Our 'splits' were painful and pretty hilarious but we'll keep trying.

Mspcakes Gilliam

Yes finally I been wanting to b able to do a split forever 1st day an I'm hype

Camelia Carrick

I was ALMOST there!!! Great video!!!

Hawraa Hussain

I know how to do a front and back limber top that


loving it! I'm gonna do this and then the "Best Hip Stretches" video and then the "Best Deep Hip Stretches" and maybe even "Best Damn Stretching Video in The Universe"!

Ali kureshi

Sean plzzz. I am doing strecthing everyday. but cramps are not going too much pain after exercise and progress is very slow. now I am found your video. going to try this. let's see how's it gonna work. plz give some more idea. do I need any oil massage etc after strecthing. or any other tip

Christiam Rivas

Awesome !!!! Sean you are an outstanding Yoga/Pilates Instructor. Just " GREAT"

Hawraa Hussain

Think that they can do gymnastics

Neuf Art

Hey I am doing this workout from Germany, my name is Tom I am 33 years old and I started Thai Boxing 6 weeks ago, if course I need hip flexibility and mobility, so I looked if you have something like it, I found it here. I am doing one of your morning yoga routines every morning and this one I tried out yesterday for the first time and OMG this feels so good after, I never felt so relaxed and open in my hips. Can't do the full splits of course but I'm gonna do this until I get it, thanks for this wonderful hip stretch routine or whatever! It's amazing man you rock

Gabriel Hope

this stretch routine really helped! both of my legs touch the floor, only a few cm left for a full split. the whole time i was following this i was like 'jesus!' bc it really stretched out my legs. i was following a baby stretch routine which did work but this one did the trick

Darion Eason

I been watching a lot of how to do the splits and honestly now I can do it I am looking for an over split video and this video helped me alone thank u Sean


Best routine ever!!!
Immediate results!!!
I had tried a couple of times in the past without any success but after just one trial with these stretches I made it on the right side!!! I am a bit less flexible on the left side but I feel that there is still hope.
Thank you do much!!!

Chad Burge

what is that lying down stretch you do suppose to stretch? I can never really feel it, been trying for a couple days now.

Jesse Livnflow

awesome! helped so much. i should probably do this 3x a day lol

Dunsparce Del Toro


Chris Bullzini

good work, always good to have another reason to spend 20 mins on my splits!

Joanne Lee

I have many years of teaching under my belt and when I need a little motivating and some tweeks for poses..I turn to you! Love your style and humour but you also know what you're doing! Thanks Sean!!


It’s a bit of a dream of mine to be able to do the splits. This was a very inspiring video and i enjoyed following your directions. The only thing stopping me succeeding is lack of patience, wish me luck.

Derek Watt

you do a good warm up first sean

Gabrielle DeCosta

I've been trying to get my splits for a week now using someone else's video, and I found that I was stuck at the same place and not making any progress. then I found this video, and your hip opening ones, and I was able to get my splits on my right side in 2 days! now I just gotta work on my left ones more. I like your videos because they're fast paced and you talk through them, so it's more difficult for me to concentrate on any discomfort I may be experiencing. keep up the great videos!

Christy Oneworld

Ok question for the Master, i always hear to my body wants me to do while i try to follow you too lol. When i work out (usually 3-4 times per week) I do plank for 3.40 min , then a butt exersice for 3 sets of 20 and then one time yoga, next the same plank-butt and stretching exersices, next time the same with stretching, and then the same with pilates. Ok this is my training programme for myseolf. BuT I FEEL VERY VERY TIGHT..should i do more stretching to relief my muscles?

Paris Grace

Great workout! Should I do this everyday to achieve the splits or is once a week good?

Hanais In

You really help me improve my posture and flexibility, i cant still react completely the split but im working on it. I stopped doing workouts for nearly 1 month since i had hamstring injury by doing splits without warming up. Definitely lost a lot of flexibility but im working on it...

Cassie Shoemaker

I DID IT!!!!!!!!

Kenny Zamecnik

I'm no where close to doing the splits but I'll get there! Thank you for the great video! I never did much stretching in the past so this has been a great guide.

Helene Masour

I am not obsessed with splits. I don't know if I will ever get there. My best result is the one on this video with your tighter hip. I also noticed that after this video I feel so fresh!

mila 75

thank you now I can do the splits. You are the best!!?

Hawraa Hussain



My first time trying. My hamstrings are so tight and hard. I could not get much lower than the pyramid position but will keep trying. Thanks Sean.

Alesia W

Sean..this was GREAT!! LOVED it!! I like how you worked towards the splits instead of jumping right into them..I still have a lot of tightness in my hamstrings but I'm actually almost touching the floor!..Can't wait to do them effortlessly

Sun Club2018

How old are you can we build muscles get stronger and bigger after the age of 40 as well

Evaristo Medrano

Thank you so much.. The splits are not much of a goal. This session kicked my ass. I'm jiu jitsu guy so this is important to my life style. oss

John Adams

Great split instructions! I have been doing karate for 6 years and the split has always been hard for me. Of course, I am 51 now but hoping if I do these consistently I will be able to match your split Sean.

Mariah Francois

This makes me miss my dad these are pretty easy for me because of my dad

Kathleen Fisher

This is amazing. I haven't done splits since I was a child (I am 60). I do yoga often and poorly, though. 2 times through the routine and I an approximately 5 inches from landing on one side and 3 on the other.  No recovery stress.

andrew brown

Hi Sean. I can honestly say I've never sat and watched a 20 minute video of some guy doing the splits and enjoyed it so much. I'm actually a power lifter and stumbled onto this video by accident. I was that impressed I immediately went on amazon and bought Power Yoga for athletes (I just love things with the word power in them it would seem)

I've set my goal,to do the splits by the end of this year. Cheers. Can't wait for the book to come.

sam pierce

I can’t tell you how pumped I am I found this

Nicholas Rocha Kanner Rios

i did it


In the last two weeks from watching your videos i've gone from the most inflexible man alive to a little bit flexible and it's an incredible change. Thanks for the videos Sean! I've just bought SVF 365 on Kindle! Keep up the great work!

Kaylia Johnson

When I saw the thumbnail he looked like Jordan Matter

Chad Burge

Also, what is a good amount of time to stretch a day? I have been doing a couple of your videos a day and don't want to over do it. Thanks so much for the great content! God Bless

elisme edoux

I did it

Wanda Anderson

didn't work

Izzy Olivo

You did the left splits wrong your back leg wasn't straight and your always supposed to keep your toes pointed

Delencia Penilton

I would like to learn to get deeper in my over splits

moody shokry

fois man


At age 51 it has been about 30 years.... I came closer than I have in a long time, even with TKD training. Thanks!

Marquis sparks

Amazing improvement

Declan Donoghue

Slow but will get there will c how a week of it goes ?

Malena Skaale

My first time trying out one of your videos and I loved it! So much fun and a relaxing apporach. I havent done yoga for 4 months due to forzen sholder, but decided I can work on splits and other stuff that dont include shoulderwork.... And doing your 20 min practis got me there! Wow! I am finding my way out of this haze I have been in for the last few months :) Thanks! I wish you a great day! :)


Im not very flexible even though i am still young,its one thing ive been self concious about but im determind to learn

Maria Costa

Did your foam rolling videos and this splits routine this evening after a long day that included a tough spin class and wearing high heels so I needed the release! Thank you for this!

J. S

i will sub

Elia henley

Awesome stuff

Ibraheem Rizvi

Really helped me out thanks xd

Demitrios Parsons Woodson

still have a lot to work to do before I can make it, but I've definitely made farther than I thought I could.

Kelly Hendricks

Hi Sean,
Thanks for putting this comprehensive stretching video out there for those would want to achieve the splits! I've been actively trying to achieve these splits with stretching routines like yours for 6 months now, and honestly I feel very little progress, which is frustrating. I try to do a thorough stretch routine like yours 3-4 times a week, I guess I'll have to up my game. I believe it's my hip flexors that are too tight... is everybody really able to achieve the splits?
Thanks for the stretching videos all the same!

Ganbare Shotokan

I enjoyed your video, Sean. The neighborhood was filled with the sounds of my painful weeping.

Sarah Alsawafi

I didn't do it

Fatboss 03

okayyy I think I got it SHIT CRAMP CRAMP CRAMP


Johnny Cage

Jimmy Gonzalez

I'm getting better on my splits


gettin dem splits close, still some work to do! great stuff sean!


Great video, just what I need at the moment! Thanks! Love your dog! :)


I didn't get into my splits :( once in a while I can do the splits (in a very hurtful way) but most of the time no..I stretch very regularly and focus on my breath and all but I feel like I'm making progress veeery slowly.. ( 1 step forwards them again 3 steps backwards and so on) I stretch for about 3-4 years now, sometimes gave it up for a few weeks or even months though.. I think when it comes to flexibity I didn't have much genetic luck..

colm kennedy

Sean I love the way that you motivate and push us all into poses that we might not try on other channels.

Alex Mammoth

Doing this routine on a regular basis and I am gonna get to those splits by graduation. Expect a picture of a guy holding an MSACN doing the splits in an MST3K shirt in May. Thanks, man. I love your videos and they've helped me out a lot with more than just yoga.


I was always so constipated before I found this video. now it's like Niagara Falls every time I put cheeks to porcelain. Thank you so much for this.

Jimmy Gonzalez

but now my legs hurt lol from strengthening


Hi Sean, the reverse hurdler stretch puts a lot of pressure on my knees or the front sides of my feet press into the floor and cause joint pain.

Jae Ville

I LOVE Your Videos!!!!

Flex Thomas

first time doing the splits and i only had 2 inches left


just 2 inches more !!! Thanks Man! You have a gifted thing inside you :)

Hawraa Hussain

Boys these days


This is the channel for me. Gonna start doing these for MMA.

M Champ


Three days since my weekly jog and I'm still sore. This stretch should help. How close am I to the splits? Far far away :)

Brydie Blacket

Sorry Sean, I won't be buying your book because you're far too engaging for a book and I wouldn't pass these videos up for anything else! Lots of love from Australia.


I feel like I’m going to break something ???

Jimmy Gonzalez


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"Coach Vigue"

Caleb Reed

Thank you so much for these videos! You're awesome!

Joanne Lee

Hi Sean,
I teach yoga, Pilates, weight training, aerobics and a fast Tai Chi! Have asked my son to follow you as he's a busy University student and doesn’t have a lot of free time. Thx for your reply!

Mara Brand

Hi Sean! I stumbled upon your videos about a month ago, and I am so glad that I did! I just wanted to comment and tell you that as a professional dancer, even though I have had my splits down for a fair amount of time now, I LOVE this little workout! I am always looking for ways to enhance my flexibility and keep myself limber, and there were a couple of exercises hidden in here that woke my body up in completely new and innovative ways! I really appreciate it, and will continue to keep this one in my pocket :) Thanks so much for being so awesome!

Taj Madison

Man wtf I love this guy. His energy is fucking great?????


very good

Mugaerah Shareef

Man!!..your workouts are everything??

Ali Mohammed

I was the stiffest person on this planet ? now I can do the split 190 degree the teachers ?‍? 27 years ago was so stupid they believed what they saw Van Damme doing so they pressed us down to split and they lose many students because they got injured ? the right way to do it is when it doesn’t hurt ? all my kids can do the splits because I taught them how to do, make sure it doesn’t hurt and you can get down to the split and the age doesn’t matter, I know there is a huge commercial that you can’t do the split after a certain age but that’s bullshit you might not have the time when you get older but it’s not bigger than this problem it’s easer when you get older if you have the time that’s my opinion good luck fellas

Josiah Grant

First day doing this and I hope to do this about every day or so???


Thank you, Sean! I'll try to do this everyday. For now i am so far away from those splits...


Hi Sean, finally gave this one a crack. I loved it and would like to repeat this workout until I become more supple. At the moment, my tendons felt like they wanted to snap. They were as taut as whipcord! I almost got down and did the splits but I figured I would get lower to the mat the more I practice. It was a great stretching workout for the end of the week and ready for the jog tomorrow!

Congrats on your top 1%!! I'm turning 33 this year and it's something I would like to aspire to also. Thanks for the inspiration! Would you mind sharing your menu for the predominant plant based diet one day? I'd like to know what how that would all work out :)

Thanks again and thanks for the awesome videos! I'm a lifelong fan.

Emmanuel Gutierrez

Thank you so much I finally found something that work you just gained a sub

Ola Lawal

hehehe he is siiilly

Jess M

I didn't improve at all, does it take some time?

WEEK 01 How to do the splits, for beginners

WEEK 01 How to do the splits, for beginners26 Jul. 2014
2 217 302
FitnessNickSubscribe 438 721

At first i used a small

At first i used a small dolly for the feet to roll on, then i ended up padded sliders, The magnet extension stick i put on a flatter surface and used that as my measuring stick, yea its funny, but once i touch it then i know exactly how low i went and then i lower it lower and keep pushing myself to touch it again. here is what i used

Small 3 wheel Dolly http://amzn.to/2jVcZBr

Furniture Sliders like this http://amzn.to/2ixw0xG

Magnet Extension tool http://amzn.to/2ixvAHw

If you have a carpet you can put your feet on a magazine, if you have hard floor you can put your feet on a folded up towel and slide your feet.

15 min a day splits stretching and techniques to do side splits. Do this 5-7 days a week, do proper warm up and stretching before pushing to the max. There is no easy way, only pain and dedication, at my age im not exactly a little gymnastics girl, Im a beginner, i have always wanted to do side splits. Im 33 years old, married and work all sorts of different hours at work, from morning to nights, 55-60 hours a week. If i can find 10-15 mins to do this every day, so can you.

Here is the simple workout routine:

- 5 min warm up

- 5 min stretching

- 5 min splits

break down of the 5 min splits:

Set 1

- push out and hold 30 sec

- squeeze in and hold 30 sec

- push out and hold 30 sec

- shake it off and relax

Set 2

- push out and hold 30 sec

- squeeze in and hold 30 sec

- push out and hold 30 sec (try to go down lower from set 1)

- shake it off and relax

Set 3

- push out and hold 30 sec

- squeeze in and hold 30 sec

- push out and hold 30 sec (try to go down lower than set 2)

- shake it off and relax

Please remember, this is something i came up with myself, you can modify it how you like, im just going to stick with this combination to see how it will work for me. Before you start stretching you need to warm up. I basically do this stuff till i start breaking a sweat, then i start stretching.

I decided to get these little dollies on amazon for $5 search 3 wheel dolly and you will find a bunch of different ones, its a bit unstable as you can see in the video, but i feel like it helps me to go out to the sides just a bit wider, but also give me more pain because i can push it harder.

If you have carpet you can also use some sort of plastic or paper plate to put your feet on it to slide out, if you have hardwood, put your feet on a tower, dont go out running to buy the dolly just yet.

Measuring how far you go down up to you, you can find things around your house to stack under yourself to see what you can touch, i happened to have my kids buckets and a ball haha, ya i know, ill try to think of something better. You can try using books for spacers, and maybe a water bottle on the books, then once you make contact you can measure how tall it is and record it for your progress. You dont have to measure everyday, you can simply measure in the beginning of the week and at the end of the week to see if you have improved... i like to put something bellow me to touch everyday, that way i see if im going far enough and if i need to force myself to go down lower.

You will be sore, there will be pain, if you need to take a couple days off, do so to avoid injury. Its all bout how bad you want it !!

Comments (100)
Almita Castillo

Puedes hacer el split o todavía no

Migz 22

i learned it in only a week

ortwin raabe

Geile Musik.

Setti Rachid

I am 44 years old .. and i can do the full split ?


its hard for the people who have 20+ years old :/

Paul Moon

plz help. what is push out and squeeze in. I can't understand . . I am foriegner. . I hope someone would help me

- 123

I learned my first split when I was about 4/5 years old by myself ( I got it in 1 week my mom said) I was very active and now I can’t do it properly.i can’t go all the way sadly

darin darin


Cha Romie

just use socks or ankle guards. anyways dollies looks good too.

Tz taekwondo news

Taekwondo Tanzania

yaya hamz

Good continued??


wtf do knee raises,butt kicks,and starjumps have to do with ability to do splits

erick rocha


ad study channel

Really help me more thanks a lot

MD Mynul Hossain

that beginner program also

Altamash Sheik

Hamko bhi bana na he

Аbdul Rehman


audry marleny perez

way, is so dificult


If you ain’t got the rollers 2 banana peels work just aswell

Nusrat Jahan

Can anyone tell me about the music?

Severinett Salliothu

La faute d orthographes

Subhash Tiwari


Sanu Kumar

I am Indian bro

audry marleny perez

way, is so dificult



Samaira Shroff

cool and fun

Surabhi Chavan

Do we do this everyday of the week? Or like more than once a day?

Max mateo Freire ramos

Da risa...jajajaja


wife walks in when their child’s sand castle buckets are centimeters away from his ass hole

أفكار وتصاميم 84


javier tavani

hola amigo . yo hago lo mismo q vos . soy taekwondista , muy bueno tu video . abrazo de argentina

ცՆค८қ Բɿς੮

The best thing to use when you doing a full split on a rug two plastic bags.

Jesse gerardo

Thanks for sharing this video, gonna try it too.


2:52 New Hot wheels collection

Ty Solís

Is this effective? Someone let me know please! I appreciate it.??

Jaemie Hemmings

Fast ,1 second way to immediately learn to split.



Wew, dude works up a sweat standing in place and then fails to do the splits. This truly b the Kali yuga ig, do fucking yoga people.




So in conclusion you can't do splits but realease a video titled "How to do the splits". Without questionmark mind you. Interesting how that works...



Say It how it is!

Here after watching the legend van dam volvo advert...i could do splits as a kid a long time ago..howevrr, i wanna rediscover the ability.....hopefully it is still possible!!

Ziron PH

Poor balls

Abd. T Juliano

Mini dolly fucked my left knee up i had too stop for couple of months


2:42 why are your hands look like black and your legds and feet are white

Temaipi Toko

Awesome thanks for the beginner guide to the splits love this really ideal

Bill Shinas

I’m 44 and stretch religiously for the splits. Also as a Taekwando student I struggle with head kicks, just can’t get there, YET.

برهان السحبانى

I do a split in kempo mma but it's not perfect

Ajay Kumar

Pet ko tight karne trick

Vineet upadhyay

Gjb bhai..

Dolor Rowe

Thanks bro

shiva krish

Thanks for this tip


Super ra

Richard Wu

Can do this at middle age


How to squeeze in?

Kimberly ann Tugagao

im doing martial art and i got injured on my legs thats why its to hard to do split but im still practicing even its hurt thanks for your video


Thanks i can split

Fiona May

3:00 is where I will blow my ass out and my legs will break off my body and I will be in the hospital trying to explain why I thought this was a good idea.

Chera mamu

can i do dis exercise between 9-11am instead of mrnggg???

Dudley DooRight

Absolutely silly to use the wheels. Just slide the feet out and in.

Nafisa Nawrin Labonno

To those wanting to save on those $10, you can use socks, you know?

Almita Castillo

Vamos eso es muy fácil yo solo me abro y ya, me duele algo cuando llegó hasta el suelo

jef SA

Week 2??

limbo neutral

2m views?? Gtfo

János Gál



stupid ...risk of injury is maximized ....

arnel borabo

nice...because of you my kick is high in brown belt taekwondo...Thank you very much


He has weak hip flexers if u see ppl bending their knees inwards when they sort of squat.

Say It how it is!

Where are you with ur split progression??

Joey Hi

i am having pain while spreading legs [his last exercise]
i can stretch but while coming back man that pain ?


What if you forced to split?

audry marleny perez

I don't know when I can do it

Shiva Polley

that's great

panayiota chrysanthopoulou

the music in the backround is just...great

Sanjaykumar Bijakal

i am 24yrs old, was doing it when i was yrs old, can i get it again


thanks YouTube

ცՆค८қ Բɿς੮

Plastic grocery bags on carpet works better. I'm 64 years old with a hip replacement I do my splits in the morning and in the evening without even warming up 60 seconds and I'm down in a full split and I'm only getting better at it the more I do it the better and easier it becomes.

Tahmeed Muhtasim

Or just wear socks on tiles

Frosty Phoenix

my middle splits are about as shown in the thumbnail. I am progressing really slowly, it's super painful. I am consistent though, I hope I can achieve the splits anytime before I die :D


That dildo in Set 3 was ambitious O_O

legend never die.

That is a great tachnice i am Teakwondo player and it is a new workout for childern thank you.

Altair Assunção

Onde comprar esse aparelho

Gabriel Bravo

How many times a day do I have to do this??


Your all videos super and we shared with our friends. Very simple and best videos.

Tel Chalone

Pressing down stops the splits as there is tension.
Stand and stretch with a partner with leg on their shoulder,then this takes the pressure away.
Try lying down wall splits as well.
I've just started this again and I'm 40+ years old)

rambo khan

Oh my my legs are open thaaaaàaaaaaaaaaank u ???????????????????

ortwin raabe

Weiß jemand den Titel der Musik.


that is not real that is fake

Commie Pesticide

I can drop maybe 3-4 inches from the ground average with my best being full splits to 1 inch but I’m still trying to hit that full split on a normal basis you know.
Great vid btw


Bro, Can i kick higher if i do this daily?

Muniganti Pavan

Bro i love the music can you just tell me the name of this music.

Miz Raven

Ugh I can’t do any of the cardio in the beginning because of my severe acute asthma ?. Fml

Sanu Kumar

I live in Patna

Sol Rice

Great video

joe laubriel

Crazy attempt but bold

usman gondal

How many days perform in week


some items here are unnecessary, the ultimate aim is to side split, so only those that stretches the needed area should be applied

The Full Energy Channel

I'm a dancer and I've been splitting for 30 odd yrs and this is not good preparation for doing the splits no dancer or gymnast use this technique the split as to be worked naturally you don't need mechanical objects to do it, but I'm not going to explain it here I'm just shocked at what I've just seen, you can discover how to do the splits on my channel all three left and right and the middle box splits