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Sledge Your Way to Bigger Forearms, a Stronger Grip, and Less Elbow Pain

Sledge Your Way to Bigger Forearms, a Stronger Grip, and Less Elbow Pain1 Dec. 2017
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Here's an unconventional

Here's an unconventional way to build bigger and stronger forearms, and reduce elbow pain to boot! Most people only train wrist flexion and extension when trying to put some lead in their pipes, but there are many more hand motions that can be trained for more all-around development. Give this giant set a try!







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Gabriel Ralte

Great tool for Arm Wrestling


What pound sledge are you using here?

Mike Dunn

Good stuff. Doesn’t always have to be super expensive gear. Good old sledgehammer does the trick. Great vid


Great advice thanks ?


Thanks Coach Ryan. Any recommendation for sets and reps or do you just work to failure?


would have liked to see more using a sledgehammer but I'm glad I finally found one where no one is pounding a tire. Sick of that shit. There a many good exercises to do with a sledge that don't involve a tire and the others that stick to that for videos are just plain lazy at video production. I gave this video my first thumbs up of the day.

Chain 216

nice forearms

arman hossain

Finally a use for my sledgehammer, thanks man

PLATE PINCHING | Grip Training for FREAKY FOREARMS | BigJsExtremeFitness

PLATE PINCHING | Grip Training for FREAKY FOREARMS | BigJsExtremeFitness7 Mar. 2016
25 402


FREAKY FOREARMS - Hub Air Transfers - https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=NTX8A8QWtkU

FREAKY FOREARMS - Hex Head D/B's - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP9HEE55FU4

FREAKY FOREARMS - Manus Grips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m35j2TKUthI

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PLATE PINCHING | Grip Training for FREAKY FOREARMS | BigJsExtremeFitness

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Goooood fucking morning. God damn it.

Mo Muzzammil

Good tips

Generous G

Towel pull ups also excellent grip training

Derek M

Great video


Big J do you also recommend Fat gripz as a part of grip and forearm training?


imagine BigJ doing some Farmer's Walks or something with his grip strength.

James Kroll

I broke that 45 back in 2013. Haha. Sorry bout that Jay.

Blaka Rock

love it work out


I will do this today


Those airborne transfers aren't nothin' for me...

I don't have the hand-eye coordination for that

Per Krem

Been really trying to work my grips lately and following your tips along the way. Been using fatgripz and platepinches a lot. I have some old captain of crushes that i forgot about and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to program these 3 exercises into your week. I'm finding some grip fatigue days after i work my grip and thinking i might be overdoing it. Pretty new to all this straight forearm/grip training other than the occasional CoC back in the day.

Jhonny Ruizz

Will this make me get bigger forearms or just strength

gerardo segobia

Want to try the 45 together

Jorge Parra

Awesome video brother!!


Killer work J!
Congrats on the 7-5s pr too brother!


cool tshirt

HG Channel

how young are u big j?

Азамат Мустафин

Приветствую всех! Отлично!

Marcus Blackfellow

I really enjoyed your self-narration. "There's a thumb's up!"


Wich number of CoC gripper are you on now?

Blah Playhard

Does this help build forearm mass? I've got thin forearms and upper arms and want to start working them. 43.25" chest but only 11.5" forearms and 14.25" biceps on 6'0" 193lb frame. I've been a baseball player my whole life and feel like I have a strong grip and strong forearms they are just small as fuck.


How much can you deadlift double overhand? I imagine this training is very useful for deadlift grip strength.

p 90

these tip are great!


Thanks for following along, be sure to check the description box for the other episodes in this series!


my hands aren't even big enough to do 4 5's ?

Shantell Amend

Great to see that your skill... Try Unflexal workouts to be more flexal :)

Adrian Lemke

I’m tryna be on grip community ?

gerardo segobia

Great video! I can squeeze 4 10 pounds plates together

Phil Rixon

How often will you do grip training?


Big J my grip training is like this:

Tuesday - Hex DB (17.6 pounds) Holds, 3 sets of 30-15s hold

Saturday - Plates (Three 10 pounds) Pinch Grip Hold, 3 sets of 10-5s hold

Do you think is a good grip training? I can make gains with that?

baz hennessy

You seem like a cool dude well done

Jeff Nixon Comedy

just getting into grip strength training - happy I stumbled upon your channel! New sub here. Cheers pal! (my channel is all about knuckle push ups on concrete...feel free to check it out)


Which are more effective for devloping strong grip, these pinching plates or hand grip crushers?


i'd rather a pinch block

kenn due mortensen

great video big jay

Andrew Fury

BigJ is always making nice videos about training and life also. I wish him a great year 2016 :) Im not always commenting in here, but I have been following these since he started to make YT videos.


I didn't have any flat faced plates so I just sandwiched a plate between two small boards. Great exercise

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Notice the pinky fingers in the air..This is training so when you hold your martini glass your hand will be strong and allow your pinky fingers to look elegant and you can hold them in the air with pride..