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SIX: Meet the Cast: Barry Sloane as Joe "Bear" Graves | History

SIX: Meet the Cast: Barry Sloane as Joe "Bear" Graves | History4 Jan. 2017
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Actor Barry Sloane

Actor Barry Sloane introduces his character Joe "Bear" Graves, a man grappling with the personal sacrifices he must make for his military service. #SIX

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Season 1

Episode 1

"SIX" follows the modern American heroes of Navy SEAL Team Six, whose covert mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan goes awry when they uncover a U.S. citizen working as a jihadist fighter with the terrorists.

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Comments (84)

Price: [chuckles] "… there he is, Simon Riley…" ?

Am I Qualified For This?

Captain price served as a seal?

JCE Qecsxus

bravo 6, going dark

Sander Christensen

Damm Daniel

Kristian Greene


Veliki Šef




Nicko Dandy

Who's this?
Prisoner 627.

Diligent One-Six

Before Captain Price joined the SAS...

N-Gin & TonicTM

I swear to God you could make a Modern Warfare film with this guy as Price.


Great work! Just found out about this trailer through Anderson Group PR.


Bravo Six, going to start the Australian fire.

Adrian Sandy

I didn't see Barry sloane as Joe graves, i see Barry sloane as captain price.

Liam EFC

didn't know price was a scouser lol?


Barry Sloane is a scouser!!

mohd ameeruddin


Shinku Kirito Ichika

Who's here because of Captain John Price?

So he's gone from Team Six to SAS.


If he had a hat and a longer beard he will look like captain price even more right??

Austin Szuda



When I saw the show „SIX“, I was like „huh this guy looks like Captain Price, I may as well call him Captain Price from now on instead of „Bear“
Later on I found out that he IS the captain price?

Beeyoth Gaming

Bravo Six, going dark.

THVL2018 -iwnl-

When Cpt.Price is also an American:


0:52 Bravo Six, going dark.

Ernar Jandos

“We get dirty and the world stays clean, thats the mission”

TheFatMarioBros Animations


Oh yeah yeah

This is why u choose a call of duty actor

Parsia Jafari

Yo captain price

You don't need To know my name

So I guess he IS bravo SIX

Daniel Ralph

Did the creators purposely animate the new price to look like this guy?


the rules, have changed....


Captain Price!!

João Pedro Barbosa Duarte Ferreira


dean lamarre

looks good// Just as long as its not a Lifetime girl story.


Lieutenant Price


Watching SIX again after playing COD MW now Bear will be Price now:)

Yuki Wolf


Some One

Hehehe there he is ...

Spunch Bob

Bravo six, going dark

Cosmin Fighter

I want his voice



Christian Rodeo

SEAL team 6, going dark.

Saad Sajidul

Cpt Price: Bravo 6 Going Dark


Captain Price!

Rainier Penner

Really wish they’d do a season 3 to properly finish the story and series

Abel Martinez Calderon Jr

unbeknownst to them this man would play a cod legend

Mat Kim

Where do I watch this?

Trickys TV

Bravo six, Going Dark!

Memphis Ashes

It's strange a foreigner plays one of our seals but I'm sure he does it justice, man I love or military, I love our country, I'm lucky to be born here

DNA Codm

Bravo six going dark

R WIJAYA⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

navi seal
Task force 141
3 special force in one man
This guy is a legend


What’s up captain Price.

Tuấn z800

He looks like Tom Hardy at some points.

Andy Poblador

6, more like Bravo 6


Ohh I found Call of duty night vision 1:20


No way they made a real captain price

Daniel Ralph


F9 Official


_ Loratar57

So he cooperated with the Six before with the USMC during Imran zakhaev incident


He look like capt. Price but no hat cod is my legend game

Stomperr69 Gaming

is it me or is this barry sloane guy act a bit like tom hardy ?

Mesterio '

John Price!


From SEALS to SAS?! How??!!


captain price


I thought the new COD Price looked a lot like this guy.


So Price was a Seal then move to SAS I guess?


Bravo six, going dark.

K. Duelist

1:01 Wifey got knocked up by Chad while he’s away lmao!


Does anyone notice that in the background it plays the theme to Transformers?

Umer Abdullah

He's Another Version Of Chris Hemsworth's Voice And Accent!

Kurt Martin G. Trajano

If captain price was a navy seal


Cant see him as anyonr other than captain price now

AugustoJM 18

I didn't know captain Price was in the SEAL 6 lol ?

Evan Roldan

I didn't Know Captain Price Was Half American

Muaz Azman

The man is playing Captain Price in Modern Warfare (2019)


Cpt price is here


We know why your here.


New voice of captain price!

diego alfonso gutierrez cabarcas

Bravo six moving in the second floor

Mark Chandar

Woah. It would be better if he was in the military service.

Angela P.

Barry is great in this role


appropriate bgm, Heart of Courage.

zanny droid

When u can't wait for modern warfare gameplay. ??

Jonnny Ren

"Going dark..."

John Webb

Capt price in real life!

'SEAL Team' Set Tour

'SEAL Team' Set Tour10 Jan. 2018
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Stars Jessica Paré and

Stars Jessica Paré and Toni Trucks give a guided tour of the set of “SEAL Team”. Tune in Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global!

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Comments (49)

Yes, let's keep glorifying and glamourising wars waged so as to protect imperialist oil interests in the Middle East, under the pretext of looking for WMDs. Good job promoting Islamophobia and mass murder, too. David Boreanaz looks so hot in uniform that I'll thank him for his service, though.


I love this girls in the show.still remember when Davis came to Rhode island base to shoot some scenes for one of the episodes.i was so excited.

Monique Seitz

I ❤ the show by the way ❤❤❤❤


I've been watching many shows of the Years and this one is by far my fav!

Get Ya Money

Yes more women overload

Fahrol Tarmizi



Great movie, great cast, great set & great story... stay safe guys!
Btw... Mandy's (Jessica) so great too

dunk mac

Love toni trucks ?

Gk ไฮยเวย์


Simon Leib

Really enjoy this show. Great characters and chemistry. What I really like is that it is so down to earth. Well written, cast and acted.

L Knapp

Yay, i am so happy! I like how everyone's personalities mix with there characters played in the seal team. Great job. I like a j buckleys Sonny. He is the funny man here. ?

Christian Wind

Tonka Trucks and Jessica Hare.

African lip plate and bone nose

women dont belong in this role. So annoying.

mike blais

Love the show I liked six as well wondering if that one ever coming back the last episode of six left so much unknown


Here's the helmets, they're plastic ........ 30 seconds later .... it's all real everyting's authentic hmmmm

Marechiel Santos-Lang

I LOVE this show!! Man.. it's soo good! There's no Seal Team airing right now because it's off season but I've been re-watching past episodes almost every other day but most specially when it's Wednesday. Hooyah!!!


what?? their boys beard is all fake ??

Matthew Deneuville

Thoroughly enjoying it ??


Best show on TV! ????


Yeah because everytime i deployed, first thing i did was go to make up, if you are going to be realistic then why need makeup

Nikola Tesla

another way to glorify the military and war!!!Disgusting!Turn your TV off and keep it off!!!!!


wow!! thanks for the tour~

Jarryth Skeen

Love the show ??

Clarence Smith

Mandy so funny??


Good show and thanks for the tour.........

quality odontologia estetica brasilia

So nice to see Jessica Paré, she is the Sunshine.

chris Kijek

LOVE this SHOW DAVID is a GREAT ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deplorable Dave

Jessica Pare used to be a bit of a fatty. Looks much better slim.
Probably my fave show right now. I love ALL the characters. Especially Cerberus. :D

A Bar

Great show. wait a minute. is that Cerberus' s fur you guys are using for Sunny"s beard ?

Gk ไฮยเวย์


Pacific Blue

Totally fake news! That base makeup and eyeliner is not SEAL team compliant because it washes off.


Minha série favorita! ♥♥♥


Is this a s good as the LAST SHIP which was aired on TNT


I love this show!!!!!! My husband and I have watched it from the beginning but we are binge watching it right now as we are all stuck inside with this Covid 19!!


I just want to see David Boreanaz's face. That's all. The show looks too awful to watch. Super hot cast, though.

Rocky So Social

Yeah if you can release episode 10of season 2 now... been waiting 3 weeks ?

Trace Smith

Just started watching this summer...every day at 11 a.m. I'm in love with everyone of the bravo team and extended team. And I love this show...but you make me cry!!! Rules of Engagement season 3...Jason broke my heart...They all have at one point made me cry....
I love the hard core seal team stuff... it hits you in the gut...and I'm a 63 yr old grandma!!!!

Monique Seitz

Davis should be wearing a bun military bun with her hair in my opinion

Jason Shane

Toni Trucks SUCKS!!!! zero talent....

Greg Huntsman

One of my favorite,thanks for making me know more about the Seal ,I cry and laughing a lot in this show,love the dog too ❤️,I have a big respect for K 9

ranger wolfhound

real seals use more hair gel...

Monique Seitz

The girl in uniform I dont like how she doesn't have a bun done for her hair just my opinion

Stjepan Đopar

Support for the show from Croatia!

Jose C.

Great fkn show!!!!


Ok, I admit it. I honestly thought it was the inside of a real C-17 during all those shots, and I'm a former Airman.

Rushidi Amin

I luv the girls

Tommy Smith

the words SEAL team followed by makeup brushes. what has this world come too

Chris Arnsperger


L Knapp

Did CBS cancel Seal Team? I haven't seen it on for at least a month. I'm missing seeing my favorite team!!!!!

'SEAL Team' Actor Discusses Hit CBS Show

'SEAL Team' Actor Discusses Hit CBS Show27 Oct. 2018
114 481
CBS Los AngelesSubscribe 438 721

AJ Buckley sits down with

AJ Buckley sits down with Serene Branson to discuss his role as Sonny Quinn.

Comments (59)
Frachma Della Siregar

He was star csi new york?


WTH. He's Irish.

Hari Seldon

I love the show and Sonny Quinn's character has a real and believable arc. So all good and looking forward to Season 5!

Jucimara pachu ribeiro

Seal team gostaria assistir 3a.temporada ... onde posso ver ????

Kevin Kaol

Say what you will,,,,, but those fitting Texas t-shirts Sonny wears on the show are fire

Marielin Munroe

How amazing that the supporting people and stunt people etc are former seals. That speaks volumes


I just rebinged "Entourage" and he was so great as the jerky A-hole BF of Anna Faris, in Season 4. His constant use of "Dude" and "Bruh" just made the character that much slimier.

A Bar

Hire a Vet. On that note, what's not to love . Semper FI .

biniam mersha

Sunny the No.1 interesting And entertaining seal...Love the guy


Spenser is my favoutite, anyone's else?

Pamela E

He's great in everything he's in, his character in CSI and Supernatural were great as well.

vee dee

Very humble. New found fan right here!?

christian fail

I was so upset when sonny was stuck in that torpedo tube ? glad my boy made it out safe.

steve macpherson


Talei Karavaki

Sonny is my favorite character. I like to think he's a real Teams guy. His real biggest fear is losing one of his brothers. They are his family.

tubson Richard

Come on now, why will someone dislike this interview for heaven sake?


This is the guy that used to be on CSI isn't it?

Paige Lovelace

I am in love with Sonny!

Y si

I thought he was irish

Smestaj Radnika Beograd

you played best!!!!epic


Sonny is amazing. This actor is amazing

Absaroka Nightowl

Sonny Quinn's my #1 fav Seal. He's good people :) Its a really excellent character portrayal by AJ. :)

Teed Epefanio

Awesome interview... thx..

James Gabriel

never knew his name has a slick hair cut don't like the lady actress

Keep it one hunnid

i actually thought he had a texas accent irl.. watched way too much seal team

Peter Vesalius

I freakin' wait the whole week for the one day this show's on! The rest of the days are just... in the way. ?

Daniel Jacobsen

He is my favorite SEAL

Clinton Baltazor

Every actor on this show is Transgender. Fake mind controlled propaganda, making war cool and making the military Icons/idol worship. Hollyweird is so gross!


Sonny’s great! I love his characteristics, always optimistic and he has always got sense of humors although sometimes it’s in a very dangerous and terrible situation!

Ben Richards

Best series since the unit and ultimate force ??

Jackal's Outdoor Channel

Tex is my favorite character...


Great show. Really like the fact they employ and have so many vets as part of the 'team'. Tyler Gray is 'the man'.

brian brown

I love this show job well done guys

Rlemskfkwlfkggm Emily

Go SEAL team CBS

Timothy Qitekui

I like these guy ..He is funny.. am therapy

Michael Gilroy

Love this show and Sonny is my favorite character. Go Navy!


So back in his CSI: NY days was he just talking with a higher pitch voice for the character or has his voice just gotten deeper with age. I came here to see what his normal voice was like, been rewatching CSI: NY and just assumed that was his regular voice but his Sonny character on Seal Team sounds more like him just with the accent added on.

Oluwaleke Fakorede

So Vets vet their scenes...bad joke?

issa win

The halting george ethnically step because daffodil feasibly punch aboard a four frail song. pricey, sloppy bra

The Originals

Love Sonny love the show

Vonnie Truscott

I love this series I watch it religiously love all the guys they are hero’s anyway!

Mitch H

best show on tv right nowwwww!


This is the best show on TV!!
Writer's, actor's, story line, plot everything Top Notch. Can't wait for season 3!!!

Deplorable Dave

Sonny is most peoples' favorite character in SEAL Team TV show..

Michael Gill

Great show.

Daniel Jacobsen


Mark ONeill

The only thing I don't like about shows like this is they try to be so accurate -- and then they show tactices, techniques, procedures (TTPs) that we really should not be showing to the enemy.

Carol Hurst

I like Sonny has the man


i completed my duty, created a google account, clicked on this video, commented and liked! (i am a real person and i fucking love this series \m/)

over and out

Sherlock Holmes

From a Ghostfacer to a Navy Seal. A.J. Buckley portrays a hell of a character as Sonny. Good job! Thumbs up! ???

Randy Lindner

I hope they have a 4th season.. love the show...


It was a very worrying moment when Sonny got stuck in a submarine torpedo tube. Great character.

Shirley Abbott

letter interest in the fake CBS seals...show us the real stuff.


...cool...one of my top 10 shows...

nic tse

he is a funny guy
long times ago, i saw him in csi ny ''adam'!

Lawren Downing

The fact that they use actual former SEALs as advisors on the show really shows. It's one of the most entertaining action shows because of it's accuracy.

issa win

The tangible talk clinicopathologically advise because june mechanically nest amid a four frail fender. stereotyped, alike newsstand


using SEALS to objectify women on national television....

Michelle Grasby

I absolutely love this show, Sonny is amazing! David Borenaz is so awesome. Keep it up. So amazing to hear that they really focus on authenticity and hire alot of former special forces members.