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Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout! Women over 40! Fitness With Sharon!

Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout! Women over 40! Fitness With Sharon!18 Oct. 2020

Low Impact HIIT Cardio

Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout! Women over 40! No jumping involved but you will still get your heart rate elevated and burn calories in this Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout. Women over 40 and any age group or fitness level can do this low impact cardio workout as modifications and proper form are shown in the workout. Each exercises is done for 45 seconds with no repeating of an exercise in this workout. See description below to see the exercises in the Low Impact HIIT Cardio

workout. Enjoy your workout!

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Here is a description of the workout:

Each exercise for 45 seconds

1. Squat lift legs/alt

2. Knee up/Kick out

3. Plank knee

4. Lunge back/knee up5. Repeat

6. Scissors

7. Squat side to side

8. Bicycles

9. Lunge side kick across

10. Repeat

11. Wood chops/alt

12. Skaters

13. Plank/pike/leg lift

14. Step back/arms up/alt

15. Squat/elbow to knee/alt

16. Butt kicks

17. Bridge Marches

18. Step forward/lunge back

19. Repeat

20. V sit push out to side/alt

Comments (8)
Linda Colatrella

So I don’t know what happened to my comments I posted this morning, so posting again. This low impact workout definitely raised my ♥️ rate, and was “low impact”on my joints, exactly what I needed today. Low impact workouts are very effective, so don’t be mislead by its name, because you still will raise your heart rate and also lose body fat, just like you would do in a high impact workout, the difference to me is that this workout is “kind” to my joints. Low impact at a faster pace will definitely do the job. What you put into your workouts, is what you will get out of them.

Joanne Piotrowski

Paired this with strength training today.wanted to get some cardio in.Love this low impact workout.My workout goals for the day complete

Linda Liot

Great workout, I had trouble with the bicycle holding the weight my baby belly that’s 42yrs old made me keep on leaning back. LoL thank you for your time it is appreciated! Happy Healthy New Year!

Joanne Piotrowski

This definitely got my heart rate up!!!!!!Niice doing some low impact exercises,goes to show you don't have to jump to get a great cardio workout and increase the heart rate!!!! Love this workout!!!!

Bill T

Low impact does definitely not mean low effort...I burned some calories on this one...great workout Sharon!

Linda Liot

Yes I did thank you!

Joanne Piotrowski

Love this workout !!!!!!!!

This or That Fitness

Nice, Sharon! Would love to get our moms doing this workout. They’d get so much out of it.

Full body Strength & Cardio Workout for Women Over 40

Full body Strength & Cardio Workout for Women Over 4027 Feb. 2020
8 321
Fitness with PJSubscribe 438 721

A full body strength &

A full body strength & cardio workout for women over 40 using bodyweight and dumbbells.

Grab your free 21 Day Fitness Plan: http://bit.ly/21day-fitness

Over 40? Check out my Fearless & Over 40 Program for Women: https://bit.ly/fearlessover40

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⁣Tools: a pair of moderate and heavy dumbbells

Performance wedges I am using:


⁣1. Mountain climbers 4 x 20sec

2. Chest press

3. Prone squat

5. Plank

3 x 30sec

5. Pullovers

6. Bridge walk-outs

3 x 40sec

7. Pop squats

4 x 20sec

8. Dumbbell thrusters

9. Dumbbell cleans

10. Dumbbell stationary lunge

11. Other leg

12. Dumbbell skiers

5 x 20sec

???'? ???????!⁣

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Comments (65)
Susan Snyder

Barely made it, but I did it! Awesome workout!

Sarah Wakelin

Woohoo! Perfect way to start a Saturday. Sweating up a storm.??

Tina Gagnon

Well I could not finish, today was a low energy day..I did get two rounds of the five in, I was s bit disappointed but had to let that go..there is always tomorrow ?

Ann Kates

That was a good, but tough one! Had to press pause a few times, but I got through it. Thanks, PJ, I know I wouldn't work out this hard without you!

Colleen Ussia

Thank you, another great one.

Jackie Bateman

This was hard but a great workout, thanks again PJ! ?

Tara Mondock

HOLY HELL! That last half of the workout.... but I did it dangit and it did feel good.

R Reed

Holy cow - this one is tough. I feel fantastic now that it's finished, though!

Adrienne Kinsella

Needed to do a long one today...see you later...gonna do another cardio.

Helen Joynes

was loving this one until curse words spilled by round 4..... then after the last set best set all smiles

Maria Polito

Loved this! Great combos ???

Dee Ray

I was so tempted to bug out after the first half. Talked myself into 2 of the 5 rounds for the bonus, then 3 and finally 5. Killer, but so proud of me ?. Thanks, PJ

Mary Miller

Great workout - but missed a couple of moves, as my American Pittie - Bonez - decided he needed on my mat while I was exercising. Good times!

Robyn Parker

Great workout for my horrible windy wet day here in oz... too nasty to go for a walk today Thanks PJ

Fifi Houston

Day 1 of the 21 day challenge, loved it?????Thanks PJ

Kay Marquard

Picked this one today and awwwwesssommme. And kind of surprised I could handle it after my day yesterday....So we had 8 inches of snow yesterday morning for ME to clean out driveway, business sidewalk...etc!!!! cuz hubby had carpel tunnel surgery! Not only was it time consuming (ok I did use a snowblower for part of it) but I handled it like a champ. This after a month of workouts with you! I know it would have sucked pre-PJ! Thank you a million !!!!!!!!

Cecilia Medeiros

Wow, GREAT sweaty workout PJ! That last part was awesome.

Also, the world record for the longest plank (men's) is 8h15min15s as of Feb 15, 2020 ?


? This is definatley my favorite so far. I could do this every day. Was tough and had to push myself hard to get through the last 2 sets. WTF 4 hour plank. I struggle to do 1 minute. She is amazing!!! But not something on my bucket list ???


One of favorites ty ?

Abi Peach-Toon

Feeling fabulously sweaty. Great workout! It's lovely to be able to complete the whole work out...2 years after a back operation. A very doable workout with personal goals in mind! As in what weights to use. Thanks, PJ -feeling good about myself once more. Abi from Oxford UK

Carolyn Stockton

Your workouts are challenging and go by fast! I love your amazing personality, you are a great motivator and coach. Thank you.


Feeling great for finishing and at the same time very unsymmetrically weak in my hammies. But, at least I know how to fix it now.

Tina Sapanza

I skipped yesterday's workout, so this workout was just what I needed. Loved it! Thank you!

Penny Tennant

WOW! Everything all in one workout!! Love that! And no walkouts, BONUS!

Mary Jane Newman

Just done this in place of today's new workout on Patreon (because it's not released yet in my time zone) and loved it, even though I was reluctant (i.e. I avoided it on Saturday - LOL). Really enjoyed it though. Sooo good! Thanks PJ!

Brenda B

Great one PJ, I just barely made it through to the end. Minor comment - when you wear all black, it can be hard to see your body position against the black floor. Not a big deal, but whatever you do, don't wear black pants and a purple top, you will be invisible!

Mary Jane Newman

Second time doing this session in the last month...and it's still great. Thanks heaps PJ...always appreciate you!

Deborah Bosnjak

I absolutely love your workouts especially the end of this one KILLER BURN, LOVE IT!!!

Denise Davis

Another great workout... and I love your sass!

Family Mercado

Awesome workout!!! PJ I will never leave you...most likely you won't be able to get rid of me ! Thank you for your workouts!!! I JUST LOVE THEM!

Theresa Henriksen

Yep... in the middle of round 3 of the finisher I was thinking "frickety frack, this really does suck!" - and then you acknowledged it! ? Glad I stuck with it though, feels great to have completed it all! ??❤ On another note, did you ever get to connect with the Canadian plank record holder?

Sue Penn

Holy moly! That was challenging! Another excellent workout!
Thank you!

S Bakes

This whipped my ass in a good way!!!

Annette Gillis

I needed this, thank you!

Elisa Barranco


Michelle Steadman

Good workout but WOW this was hard today, not sure why just one of 'those' days maybe ?‍♀️

Magdelene Carroll

Great workout to start my week with. That mountain climbers in the beginning really got my heart rate up. I getting fitter and looking and feeling better at 46 ?

Brooks Day

thank you! Love the mix of Tabata ( that kicks my butt) and strength!! By the way - I grew up on Long Island and say "water" with a "D" - "warder" :)

Adrienne Kinsella

Saturday’s workout in the books! I love this workout...(not just because you say my name!) but that last part got my heart pumping and got a great sweat going! Join Patreon! See you tomorrow.

Cheryl Kerr

Where’s the link for the blocks?

Sarah Bowie

Bloody hell! Those last 5 rounds ? sweating like a pig - but I did it yay! ??

Kelly Pantaleoni

Wooooo... not gonna lie... I had to dig deep for this one. Feeling tired today. Still tired after but also proud bc I listened to my body and went at a pace above what I wanted to? Made it through the entire workout with a decent sweat and burn, especially at the end???? liked that metabolic round I did??
Thank you for being here with me bc I needed a partner today?


Awesome, tough and sweaty!

Angelica Marchini

This was the bomb!!! Awesome workout!!

Lisa Toth

Is it just me or did PJ sucker punch us with a 6th round, calling 4th round twice! Total sweat madness!!

Abigail Bungay

OMFG those last 5 rounds almost killed me but I pushed on through and did it. Feeling great...… bring on 43 I'm ready for you. See you tomorrow YAHTZEE x

Vairin Tolley

great workout

Pam Hanna

Love this one. Thank you so much. This is much harder than it looks:) I think I may be sore tomorrow (or even today). I love the length as well. Very well done, Pam.

Rosie Davies

Loved it ?. Thanks PJ.

Abigail Bungay

Fantastic workout. I can feel muscles that I never knew I had ??. Loved my shout out thank you. It came just at the right time and gave me the boost I needed to finish and smash it. BOOOOOMMM. You're a true diamond. Aye lass tha's great, blooming brilliant PJ. Thank you ??

Karen C

OMG! Didn’t get a chance to do last week, but when I didn’t see my email for the new workout today I did this one. WOW, it was a good one!! Hey PJ, don’t forget about me, Karen from Florida I think I was one of the early on Patreon member. Don’t worry I won’t hold it again you, LOL. I’m not going anywhere?

Kate The Great

That kicked my butt! Wow!

Elisa Barranco

PJ what Pre- Workout drink do you recommend?

ellen l

Another great workout..not easy, but as advertised! loved it. Thank you

Dina Perez

Finally I did this one!!
Great, loved it!!! Hard at the end!??????????

Lynn Dodwell

P.J., I am so glad that I found you! I love your no nonsense, no flash style. Your instructions are clear and visual. I am 68 and have always worked out in some form or another. I attend ballet at the NBS once a week and as a result, I enjoy a lot of barre workouts. I balanced that with a Beach Body membership, which I enjoyed. However, although I consider myself to be relatively fit, I was finding that their workouts were geared more to a younger audience. I mean for my joints to last for a long time, so hard core cardio is no longer ideal. I have been trying out many YouTube classes during the pandemic, and I believe that I have found what is right for me. Thank you! Bella is beautiful, by the way.

Lisa Toth

Thanks PJ, amazing workout. I actually feel energized vs drained! Could be the power shake I had 2 hours ago, but I think it is the combo with the exercise!!

Lynn Dodwell

I forgot to say that I am Lynn from Toronto.

Maria Ewerth

Great workout and a sweaty one!! Thanks PJ

Anna Vergunst

That workout is up as one of my favourites. Hard but rewarding.

Nahoko Ramirez Sato

I love this workout! It has cardio, strength and your funny chat. It has everything I love! Last series workout was super tough but as you said I feel good after that. Thanks PJ for delivering this awesome workout!

dieuhoa nguyen

WOW the ending of this workout is a killer: I'm glad I stuck with it when you gave me an out at about 30 minutes. This workout is definitely a keeper! Thank you PJ!!!

Kerry Swan

good workout PJ

Jacquie E.

Wonderful workout as usual! Thank you PJ!

Becky Barth

That workout was intense, on the last sets I started with 15, then 12’s finished with 8’s. Now on to your 21 day workout.

25 Minute Workout with Weights - Total Body for Women Over 40

25 Minute Workout with Weights - Total Body for Women Over 4017 Dec. 2020
12 156
Fitness with PJSubscribe 438 721

Full total body workout

Full total body workout in 25 minutes, using weights for women over 40. This is the most effective strength training workout for those times when you are short on time!

And FYI: while you may think that 20 different exercises, done for a minute each, will get you results - it won't. Sorry!

Single set training is fine for once in a while, but for results (and results in a short amount of time), the research has proven over the years that multiple set training is the clear winner.

PS - let me know what you think about the new additions to the workout? Such as the fancy new timer and the exercise names ?. I'm almost looking like a real YouTube fitness channel now.

Tools: a pair of moderate and heavy dumbbells, a chair and if you own a booty band - grab that too

1. Squat

2. Chest press

3 x 40sec

3. Bulgarian lunge (or 1 leg squat)

4. Other leg

5. Renegade row (or standing alt rows)

3 x 40sec

6. Hip thrusts off chair

7. Push press

3 x 40sec


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"40-Min Strength Workout to Build Your Muscles & Your Bones"


"18-Min Stretching & Mobility Workout for the Over 40 Body"


"How to Create a Workout Plan for Home"


"40-Min Inner & Outer Thigh Workout"



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Comments (92)
Jessica Alphonsus Tiggi

Tough love. Have not been working out due to the Christmas Holidays. This was really a great workout to start my week.

Not Red Robyn

Great workout, thank you so much. You have helped me lose 5 pounds that I put on stress eating during the pandemic. I feel really guilty that I can’t join patreon right now, my finances are just too tight - I mean ramen noodle, suave shampoo tight. But hopefully things will improve as the economy recovers. I am so thankful for you and all those that help support your channel for me and other women who are just barely making it but really want to be healthier.

Ruth V

Super workout. Thank you

Aileen Koh

love it..and hey.a timer!


Great workout, I really like the timer in the corner of the screen.?

Lorrie Newth

Great workout and love the new timer

Robyn Parker

Nice one PJ I need to get a heavier dumbbell for hip thrust and squat one 10 kilo isn't hard at all ...I didn't notice the timer until half way through haha I just listen to you and the beep anyway....but well done nice work :P

Lori Untermeyer

BOY !! Quick and challenging ! Love it!! :)

Sue Holden

Great workout PJ! I was feeling a bit bleurgh and sluggish but this has got me absolutely buzzing! I love how you explain the muscles too......makes me more aware of what I’m doing. ???

Kim Wessel

Short & challenging!

Sandra Scopel

This was a kick ass workout! I know we inadvertently hit triceps but, I wish you could have thrown something in specifically for the pesky “bat wings”.

Sharon Pfeiffer

Hello from Ontario ? I am 52 and have been motivated to work out more over this pandemic. Thank you for keeping us active. Oh and thank you for the timer on the screen. It helps me push on knowing that I have 5 more seconds to go ?

Melissa Emsweller

Love this...short but sweet!
Kicked my butt

Cindy Torres

Excellent Short Workout PJ!

Linda C

Great workout ! Will add a cushion next time . Appreciate the shorter multi muscle group workout . Hot and sweaty as at the end

Robyn Leanne

Hi PJ. Thanks so much for your workouts. I realised a while ago, that the actual act of getting up and down off the floor is an exercise in and of itself. I regularly nurse people who have been on the floor overnight after a fall. Their suffering is immense. So ensuring that we keep practising this exercise is of enormous value!! Added bonus for all of us. Cheerio from downunder! I am also subscribed!!


Your Patreon plea got me this time -- lol! I just joined. Your workouts are fabulous-- always something different and challenging. I'm STILL trying to figure out how to get up on my knee from 90-90 legs!

Randi Kuckein


K Dz

Nice workout before work.
But my second toe is killing me, I think it’s from lunges. Anyone else have this?


PJ, this was hard, but it was good, just what I needed today, you ROCK!

Anissia Wilson

Fast, quick and challenging. Loved it. Liked the timer too.

janine ballesteros

Good one I liked the timer ..i did hip thrusts on stability ball..can't do anything hard on my back...have a great day

Louise Jackson

Thanks for the burn :)

Maria Zegarac

Another great workout! Thanks.

Terry Shearin

Day 3 done! Still sore from yesterday, can’t wait until tomorrow! ;-)

Helen Allan

Thank you so much

Caroline Legg

Really loved this - somehow the repeats are just right and I am hot & sweaty after only 25 minutes! Its definitely going into the saved folder

rashida bhinderwala

A bit tough but effective workout ?

You can call me Ryan

Great work ?

Nina gerick

I found you through suggestion pop up from you tube. Loved this workout. Was looking for some new weight lifting workouts to do at home. Really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to do all your other ones as well. Thank you!

Laura Simpson

PJ! Help! My booty band curls up. Where can I buy some bigger and thicker booty bands?

Lisa Chadwick

All done - after the Tabata too! I'm finished for the day ..... oh, forgot! I'm on live in a bit with you for a pre-Christmas leg programme??!!!! Jeez! This is going to well and truly finish me off! :) See you online in 45 mins!!!

Christine Girot

Loved this workout , done this after the BOSU cardio workout ?

Angelica Marchini

Again you kicked my butt!! awesome!

Karen M

Always feel like a bad @$$ doing these strength workouts! Thank you!

Laura Beck

Terrific moves! Although it's a short workout, it gets everything and I loved it!

Becky Barth

Wow i almost bypassed this one thinking I wanted a harder longer workout, but it hit the spot. I think i'm done with the bulgarian lunges though!

Yaz Brinton

I love the time and the name of the excercise on the screen. Great workout, as usual PJ! ?

Norma Jean Crebs

Great quick workout! Definitely felt the burn? Thanks PJ!!!

Joanne Barker

Great workout today! We are between homes..sold our home and are in a temp place until our new home is ready. I had to part with my weight machine and elliptical until we get our new home. Your workouts are more than filling in what I need!! Thanks PJ!!!!

Emily Colby

Love this workout! Awesome legs!!

Jyoti Manekar

Too good. Totally enjoyed your full body work outs in a short time:)

Kerry Smith

Well!!! That warmed me up. Hong Kong is 12 degrees today.... with no heating ?. Love the new timer. X

Olivia Willis

Wow, this little workout kicked my butt! LOL Thx.

Kelly Taylor

Great workout....thank you!!!!

Bridget Baker

Great short workout! Loved the timer too!

Sue S

Quick neat workout ?

Loree Libby

My legs are not happy with me! Thank you PJ !!??️‍♀️

Sharon Pasquale

Loved this workout! Not sure how I haven't seen it before!! Thank you!

Karen McKinney

Loved it??!

Dipanwita B Banerjee

But we do gain wisdom don’t we? Great workout??

Melissa Emsweller

I know I have already commented on this video, but in this short video I feel like I did an hour workout. Hands-down the best workout on YouTube!

Randi Kuckein

forgot to mention. Really like the timer and exercise names !!

Nicole Gee

That was quick but packed a punch! Thanks!

Maria Polito

Quick and effective! Loved it ?

Abigail Bungay

I absolutely loved this workout. Hard sweaty tough quick fun. I'm definitely digging the new camera effects and timer, brilliant. X

Owner Pontiac Powersports & Marine

First time here. FANTASTIC. Loved it (Im 66???)

Wendy Diomis

Love the new on screen labels! Both the move and the timer. Motivates me to push that last one out. Awesome!!!

Katya Kelly

PJ, you are truly amazing. I love your workouts. ?

Sue Penn

Another winner PJ!
Love these shorter, but effective workouts.
Happy Holidays!

Isabel Fernandez

Hi PJ, congrats on your channel, it is great! I’ve been searching for something like this for a while, not the ones for 20’s that give us a heart attack but strong enough if we are fit. Thank you and greetings from Mexico! ???


Awesome one PJ! Love these short full body workouts :) great job ?

Michelle Elizabeth

Great workout! I like the timer- helps me push through knowing how many seconds I have left to survive ;)

Shirley Williams woodger

Wow! I think this is my new favourite workout! Again the instruction on what and why we are doing it is so helpful. I like the countdown too, if I'm drooping and not long to go it helps me push on! That booty gold standard ' is going to leave a mark tomorrow!!'

Teresa Scott

PJ fantastic - just joined 3 week workout - You are so real!

Brooks Day

Short and sweet! I sub in my Bosu for the lunges ( not easy) and for the thrust! ?

pat peters

did this wednesday as always a great workout, ty

Chloe Cropper

This was tough as I went on to do the emom then day 6 Christmas and mobility challenge day 7 fantastic

Leslie Freedman

Love this workout PJ!!!

Mary Ann Wada

I can't go to my pilates classes (I am addicted) due to children being home from school, so I was feeling so blah about working out. Thanks again for a quick workout! It was able to keep the "blah I don't feel like workout out" mood at bay.

louise trotter

Another great workout which got me sweating ? thanks PJ

Marina Minides

This was perfect to slot in to my hectic day today. I love this format of class - can we have a longer version please?

Maryann Barra

A kick a** workout, PJ !! Legs feeling like jelly after those hip thrusts ? {especially after snowshoeing yesterday!} Love your partner, George! ?❤️

R Reed

Short and sweaty! I used my stability ball for the hip thrusts.

Sunny Notblind

Who would give this a thumbs down?? Trolls gonna troll!

Karen Dobson

Loved this work out great job PJ you are awesome

killer nova

If your abs dont bern do you still gane muscle my mom sed to ask u she dose your workouts I'm 18 and do Pamelas 15 minute ab workout my ab's are not burning as much so I'm doing 30 minute

Renee Litfin

I really like the countdowns on the exercises. It helps me to keep going.


Would love more of these 25-30 minute full body workouts-loved it and it kicked my butt!

Christy Doering

Short, sweet and sweaty!
Love how George keeps himself so close to you and also watches the camera! He's adorable!!

Sarah Bowie

Perfect for me today! Love this one PJ!

Debbie Rechkemmer

Another great workout! I like the short and sweet ones♥️

Vairin Tolley

Thank you for this great workout PJ


A rolled or folded yoga mat on a chair for the hip thrusters works great, provides cushion and grip so you don’t slide.

Helen Joynes

Love the timer, helps me know its not much longer and easier to push thru

Diane Martin

Fun quick workout. And I like the addition of the new graphics.

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Katie Petersen

Thank you! Felling quite nice and sweaty after this one, however not as sweaty as all the rest of you must be because I do NOT have a 35 lb. weight laying around my flat, nor a 20. ??‍♀️ An 18 lb. kettle is the heaviest one I've got. I try to challenge myself with the weight, but living in Europe I also am very challenged with space... and Amazon has been out of affordable weights since March. Anyway, made it work alright because I'm in need of a shower now, so ?

Laura Hinton

Love the short workout, just what I needed for a Friday and first day of school holidays with the kids, thank you!

Lauren Wheal

Loved this. Wasn’t feeling it today but this got me sweating and feeling great! ??

Noah Studebaker

Love this workout!

Sunny Notblind

This is great for my Ronacoaster of motivated, not motivated, motivated, not motivated?????‍♀️