Grip crushers

Encore & Contender Crusher Loop Grip Techniques

Encore & Contender Crusher Loop Grip Techniques16 Sep. 2017
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Marty demonstrates 3

Marty demonstrates 3 different grip techniques for the Crusher Loop for the Encore, Prohunter, G1 Contender and G2 Contender platforms.

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Justin Prather

Can you do the push pull grip from standing, that seams mighty comfortable.

John Doe

Why do I have a feeling the ATF will try to charge owners of these for NFA AOW/manufacture of a firearm, just like they do with pistol foregrips? NFA must be repealed, it is unconstitutional and overbroad.


Do you know if this stock can put put on a pistol legally? I've read you cannot put a rifle stock on a pistol version of the Encore when the barrel is shorter than 16". However, I do not know what the legal length or distinction of a rifle stock is.

Haus of Arms

The crusher loop is clearly a pistol grip, it is never intended to be shouldered. Marty

mike parker

I'll be getting one soon....

Jona Ozo

I like the shirt.....

Bone Crusher - Grippin' The Grain (1080p, Bass Boosted)

Bone Crusher - Grippin' The Grain (1080p, Bass Boosted)22 Jul. 2012
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Dope song... Bass boosted

Dope song... Bass boosted it and still clear as glass. Hope you enjoy.

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Bri johnson

Is that Mac Breezy


Subwoofers has entered the chat


2021 jtrilla87

Lucy Smith


Joey Maroney

2020 anyone?

Mordeus Kemet

Hook is everything

Jeremy Clayton

Need this in 2020?



Tyshell Washington

This was my cousin shit???


I didn’t fuck with him back in the day BUT NOW. This is a breath of fresh air !!!!!




I play this whenever i get new speakers. Never fails


what happened to marcus, the last dude rappin', real smooth flow


2018 & I'm still banging this CD S/O to the A from the D What Up Doe ?

Khaos Jones

This shit still slap 4 15 mtx's 5000 watt mtx amp blue cut dog


2019 Already

Jessy Elevated

Boosie also murked this beat We in here ‼️‼️

BeauAndSam GoHAM

What are hz on this puppy?! 30 something

Bernard Mccallum

I like that song that's one of my favorites

Charane Burns

Still my jam

Mr. Morris

MF's bumpin this right now with they new speakers they found at Target

EFS 85

Straight banger stil da ??2019

Victor Hawthorne

2020 I think uma go hit a block just to bump dis shit. Brings back so many memories

Tez uno

This beat so hard


Y wasn't bonecrusher bigger than what he was though

Anjanette Dukes

Got the speakers in the trunk, bump, bump, bump, bump... Oh the memories

Katrel Laranda Dunson

where's PT on the track

Lawrence Perkins

Who still bump this in 2019

Chucc Cudjoe

Box Chevs only!

Smuuvv Akshunn

Best bass song ever??✌✌??


i was like 15 when this came out smoking blunts

Meme Sharlena

2019 WYA‼️??

Joshua Wadley


Nolan Roberts

Flexing my 3 FI BTL 18's with this song, been slappin this song on and off for almost 20 years.

cody engen


Christopher Singletary

Honda Passport 95 with hella beat in them CALI streets....hittin corners.....SUBBIN.....Knock off my rear view mirror lol....


This shit got my whole car ready to fall apart (2 Rockford Fosgate T1 15's and Fosgate T1500 amp)

Kenpachi Nozarashi

This used to be number 1 on all my mix cd's haha

Lagregria Hardimon

Still bumpin 2019


2019 still banging this


Dont know why this didnt play on the radio as much as never scared

Nakia Corbin

Use to bump this in my 1st car.

Khaos Jones

This shit still slap 4 15 mtx's 5000 watt mtx amp blue cut dog

Eric Williams

Four 12's bumping

Brrrianduh G

Been bumpin this fire since 05??????????

Chef De


Montanna Schnebelt


Joe Fuentes

Hey ive known about this music since i was 15...im hardcore as this Bone Crusher track...grippin the grain from the front to the back cant you feel my woofers play!?!?!?

Quis Rankin

Yo this shit still bussin Oml shorty killed second verse Fin

Sluggaman WENOTME

Still thumping ???????

Erick Walker

15" Fosgates in the trunk...! Bruh, I could barely take it

Rudolph Senate

? ? ? ? ?


When I was 16 I had 2 15” subs with a 2,500 watt amp. Everyone hated me! This song would hit so hard!

Lamont pies

To all the homies that died rest in peace(undertakervoice) pour out alittle liqour.?condolences to all the families?

Rick Ross

yo my dude boost this shit .... its a great song but i dont think the bass is up 2 par https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rY6-1wYg5Q



Brandon Battle

Man I forgot all about this song. When I get my subs back I'm definitely turning this all the way up????????

J. Money

2020 still banging

Roy Baker

2020 shidddd

T Martins

heavy shit

Yahchelle Marie


Mr misfit

2019 in 2000 crown victoria lx 2 12"s and 4 8"s

Chase BMX


Adrian Howard

2020 ??


this was on demand This Day!

i'm 6'6

Still banging this in 2019 on my way 2 2020

Chino Simpson


Mark Hill

Still a TRUNK BANGA in 2019

Spice T Music

love Bone Crusher!

dirt mcgirt

Cant wait to put the new alternator in my jeep wit my rockford t1s lol 1300 rms bout to blow my back window put cuz my box big as fuck ctfu

Jazie Bee Goddess Bee

Who still listening in 2019???


I would love to hear a Houston rapper on this Mike Jones or Lil Keke ???

Rodney Jackson

This shit right here nigga ?????

Thea Ann

2019 in here

Glenn Parks

I used to beat the hell outta this song ????

David Gonzalez

I’ve been looking for this song over a week!!!!!!!


there so many layers to this song. great to be high and listen to. as are others on this album.


That 808 deep

Travis Burton


Forty Kal

I used to shake all of your houses to this shit back in high school.. good times


Aaayyyyeeeee 2021 and been a fan

Sam C

Mann...when I had a System in my '95 Chevrolet Corsica...MEMORIES

EL Dawg

Every time i pull the Lac out for the summer this ways gets played the first time i bend corners.
If you got something in the trunk this song will have ya trunk quakin

Nicole Edgerton

#2019 still ???

Nicole Davis

Quarantine 2020. My neighbors are pissed. But my woofers bang.

Arika Vaughn

Blew a few speakers on this shit

Wild Knight



2024 visiting 2019

Burning Okane

Holy shot this slams

Joshua Delaney

172 people had their pictures knocked off the wall

Precious Account

Bass kickin

marcus miller


Jose Villanueva


Jay Boogie

My trunk slappin hard dena bitch!!!! Sunroof feel like it wanna fly off!!!! An I'm swangin an breakin boys the fuck off


I blew many a speakers and busted and cracked many of back windows bumpin this shyt!!!!!

sherry toney


Cali Buzz

2020 and I'm still knockin this joint.

Cash Money

This shit got my 15s bumping. Turning heads!

Slow mill grip crusherS

Slow mill grip crusherS21 Oct. 2016



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