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50 Ball Mastery Exercises To Improve Foot Skills and Fast Feet | Ball Control Drills For Footballers

50 Ball Mastery Exercises To Improve Foot Skills and Fast Feet | Ball Control Drills For Footballers11 Sep. 2019
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50 Ball Mastery Exercises to improve foot skills and fast feet. Ball mastery training exercises are one fo the best ways to improve confidence and control with the ball at your feet. Using these 50 ball mastery drills, you can improve your foot skills and coordination to improve your performance on the pitch in dribbling and ball control. Players such as Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Hazard and many more, grew up manipulating the ball in tight spaces which has set them apart in the game during their professional careers. Incorporate these 50 ball mastery exercises into your training and see a boost in your confidence with the ball at your feet.


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facto logy

This was the best football vedio i have ever seen for ball control

Ayushman Pandey

This guy has got brilliant control

ide black yuot de 224 Conakry Guinée

United Football

Celso Joven

Ina 4)? celia d. Jove Meliza rain john)

Best celso

Andrey Leonardo828

Was you a practice Is Everiday?


?❣️. Big thanks from INDIA ????

Allan torres

thanks for all 7mlc , you are the best

senťák senťák

Eště se nechlub a nedávej tam reklamy i když to nikoho nezajímá



Long Hin Li

8:23, 2:28, 2:48, 10:42, 3:18, 3:33, 7:53



Andrey Leonardo828

Is a Professional Footballer


Doing this for PE at home ?

Maik Schlegel

Top Michael, thank you for so many nice drills. Best regards from germany.


Sir when you started to play football at that time did you had any weakness

gerald myint

I am using this move in school Pe


Nice video bro ? I also did the same thing ?


At the beginning I was like wait what is he doing now I understand I just need to practice not looking at the floor to much now

Ali Apak

Ommggg itsss purfectt!!!

Paul Gayle

You move too fast

Binod Tudu

I like it

Ahmed Magdy

Thanks bro

Eduardo Souza

Congrats! Good moves and great class!

Edikan Ikpatt

Thank you,you are really a master in the beautiful game of football....this video really helped me to improve on my soccer skills,speed,accuracy and comfort while playing,thank you I really appreciate the effort

Ayden Kamdem

15, 17, 18, 19, 22, 25, 30, 31, 32, 35, 39, 47, 48, 50 sry but can’t do

Adam Roshdy 2009

Wow!!! I'm impressed. How do you come up with these ideas ? If do a ball mastery video, i only do 5 ball mastery???


Just a ball what about a device to watch the video?


Thanks for this i don’t have any cones or equipment at home I only have a ball and this video really helped

Harun Ali Apak


AJAY Raj Sinh Jadeja


Tanatswa Sakasasu


Bruno Agustinho



I recently started taking soccer seriously. My mind suddenly switched from playing soccer for fun, to wanting to train every single day. I have started from 1 hour and 30 minutes a day to about four hours a day. And i have to admit, a lot of times i never knew what drills to work on but watching your channel helped a lot. I am looking through your videos i think that i would work well in and that i think would benefit me as a player. I am working on the drills every single day until i get it right. So far i am not doing to bad on these drills. But i could be better! :D
Im not the only one that finds your channel really helpful. Before my dad had my little sister and I, He didnt think he would have daughters that would play soccer. He played basketball so he would have taught us that. But now that we are progressing in soccer really fast, hes already realized what the repsonsibility is to train us and help us grow and sometimes ill walk to my parents room and see him on our tablet, looking up your videos and recording them down on a paper, carefully making sure that he gets every detail about every SINGLE drill right. I will always be grateful for the commitment he has and how much he cares about our future.
But we do have to thank you for sacraficing your time to make videos for other players who wish to become stars too.
My dream is to play pro.
I have already made and joined my dream club team. Now all ill need is to make high school and college and who knows maybe ill play in the NWSL.
So to all of you players, young or old. Go for your goals and dont give up! You guys are so lucky to have all of this imformation and videos of drills handed right to you! So take adventage of it! You never know what can happen. If you put countless amount of hardwork and time into your training and into your dream you can go far. It only starts from one touch to a soccer ball.

Royal Gomes

you are so amazing! That control and balance, though.

Endang Triwulan

poh hebat

عمير مرعي

פםןוט ןגיג כלגעג גןגמג ןכ כןכ כןכצבןגחג כןגיג גגןג גחגחגחג גחגחגחגלגם אחא כחא אחג גחגת גלגל גחג גח גחג ןקקך רםר אםא כםאלכ גםרגחגחגחג


Who thinks he looks like christian pulisic

Rando Broz

How long would you recommend to do each of these drills?


One year on yet this video is so helpful. Thank you

Pablo Armas

This video is si good and cool and amazing

nava 11


Krystian Lipowski

You are amazing

Sojit Chasa

Hi man,l love your mastari exprience and your all videos daunlod and sascrib your chanil বাংলাদেশ

Rolando Pinero

Practice lang

Carlos Gayton

i could only do 44/50 there were. is that a good starting point? i’m going to start doing these every day for 5 days. 10 each day.

Alex Gaming IV

Does anyone have tips for being consistent in this I did everyday for I week and my feet was really fast but I didn’t play football for 3 days and it’s back let me know if you have tips for me please and thank you

Sujata Mukherjee

You are so cool

J.H Park

Diggga die werbungen nerven mich krass

Infinite soccer



Bro this look so easy ?but i tried and it’s hard so i can say this will improve me but thank uuu ❤️?

aziz el hatimi

Ce bon

Futsal Uye

L Drag 3:30

banana unana


banana unana


Ömer Eyup

You re a savage :)


Pro tip: put the speed of the video on the lowest setting and you can follow along to the video without setting an alarm for 30 sec.


Sir can you make a video for abs,core,chest and knees

Gaurav Nenwani

For how much time we should do each exersise

Moarenla jamir

Who who thinks he looks a little bit like christian pulisic like

Rajinho_08 7

Legs left the chat


Believe it or not... I was really looking for such video and I got it. Bro you gifted me with this awesome learning. Thanks a lot. I liked it



Yasin Firmino

Turkey watching your


Michael sir why is so that I am nice in training but in the matches i suck

ZombaHenry garrotKomp


Jainam Solanki

Thanks sir
That was a great video

Pradeep Singh

How many reps are best for these all

Andre Zhao

Thank you 7mlc!!! I was afraid to dribble and had to play the goalkeeper and defender. However, after practicing for literally only a week, I started to get past opponents only by instinct! I was playing a lot better on the pitch, and my teammates were pretty amazed at my improvement.

Selim Mihai

Tank you very much!!!

Tymek Trenuje

I am 7 years old, but I really enjoy your exercises :)

franklin Ukandu

7mlc legend


These are hard for me can u show a tutorial?

Paul Jonker-Hoffrén

This video is utterly brilliant. So many different ways of using muscles and touch. I can't do the majority of these yet but awe-inspiring. Come to think of it, have you seen the Winter Ball -football theater performance back in the late nineties?

Bandia Traore

Cool ????????????


What I like most about your different types of training..you demonstrate within a very narrow region..so for training you would not need a large space...specially your 50 dribble ...my 8 year son can practice that in a small area without disturbing others downstairs as we live in an apartment..only 3 ft v 3 ft is sufficient for ball controls..specially during this virus period

Ground Ed

I actually feel dizzy rt nowc????

Sheronne Richardson

3 point push - 06:55

No Touch Stepovers - 07:10

Roll Stops - 08:22

Toe Taps - 00:25

Rocking Soles - 00:34

Inside Push Pull - 00:58

Croquetas - 01:26

Thorsten Densow

Hi Michael, I teach my 11yo son with a mixture of your stuff. He made great progress while we had the Corona shutdown here in Germany. Thanks a lot for your inspiration and your Great work. By the way, I also find the music very energetic. What is it?

Yaya 17

this is the best ball mastery video you can find

Norman Nordin

Thanks. My kids has learn alot from you. Please look into this video:

Cal G

This is part of my training program during quarantine

Shuxrat Nizomaddinov

I have been always thinking about my poor ball control before I have started watching Mr 7Mcl lessons. After this video I started to work on my ball control very hard by doing these exercises. Result is good, I saw improvements on my ball control and I make less mistakes during matches now. Great thanks to 7mcl.


Micheal Lewis Cunningham you are the best.


Sir when you started playing football do you had any weakness in you

Iamson Ten

Tq bro

banana unana



Part 2( like) what a video it is..

Yash _sharma49

Waooo I'm bigginer of football and I'm love with

Xd loghz

Thisade me tuns better thanks bro

Nasar Yamin

This video made my life miserable.???

Kumar Raut

I was not finding such a good ball mastery training but I shaw your skill and other it was very good..it was helpful for me..

mazin balal

I'm have a plan mate.. I'll do 10 but I will split them 5 in a separate training until I feel good and master them then I'll go another 10 I'm confedent though ?????

Admire G Matake

My legs hurt just looking at that exercise ! Nice and Thanks man very helpful vids

Noah Quigley

At 5:26 you notice that the Ronaldinhinoes are in beat with the music!


Hi guys! Loads of ball mastery exercises for you to master today. No equipment other than a ball needed to develop your confidence and control with the ball, enjoy! Below are all the time stamps for each exercise: 

Toe Taps - 00:25 

Rocking Soles - 00:34

Sole Rolls - 00:45

Inside Push Pull - 00:58

Laces Push Pull - 01:12

Croquetas - 01:26

Outside Cuts - 01:40

SL Inside Outside - 01:55

Inside Outsides - 02:10

SL V Cuts - 02:27

Inside V Cuts - 02:45

Outside V Cuts - 02:58

Alternate V Cuts - 03:13

L Drag Sole Roll - 03:28

SL L Drags - 03:45

L Drags - 03:59

Sl Reverse L Drag - 04:14

Reverse L Drags - 04:32

L Drag Reverse L Drag - 04:48

Brazilian Toe Taps - 05:05

Ronaldinho Roll - 05:24

Advanced Ronaldinho Roll - 05:40

Sole Inside Push - 05:54

U’s - 06:07

Squares - 06:22

Triangles - 06:38

3 point push - 06:55

No Touch Stepovers - 07:10

Outside Touch Stepover - 07:22

Inside Touch Stepover - 07:36

Sole Stepovers - 07:52

Infinity Stepovers - 08:05

Roll Stops - 08:22

Elasticos - 08:36

Reverse Laces - 08:53

Cruyffs - 09:06

Advanced Cruyff - 09:18

Rabonas - 09:34

Inside Inside Roll Roll - 09:47

Reverse Push Pull - 10:01

Ronaldos - 10:14

Double Stepover Touch - 10:28

Outside Roll Snap - 10:42

Inside Roll Snap - 10:55

Alternate Push Pulls - 11: 12

Roll Roll L Drag - 11: 26

L Drag V Cut - 11:42

Ronaldinho Fake Pass - 11:57

Neymar Chop - 12:10

Hidden Push Pull - 12:22

Ranjan Pradhani

Lov u

Caroliam H.Geary

Mans be looking like de ligt



Endang Triwulan

ampun bang jago


3 238


5 MORE DRILLS TO HELP YOU ON YOUR GRIND!!! DO EACH DRILL 10 to 12 times Then go to the next!




Comments (4)
Ean Young

Love ur vids I love the grind

fight pedophilia

did you give premium courses?

Eshan Shah

This was a great video, love the effective power and grind??! I recently made a similar video as well on my new fitness channel, check it out if you get a chance! Thanks!


I’ve recently been watching all of your running back videos in hopes of getting better and one day making it to the nfl

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Max Power!

This episode is improving my skill every day! I write it down then do it every day.

Hatim yassir

انت عظيم اكمل والرجاء في كل الفيديوهات تفعيل اللغة العربية. وشكرا

Demitri crandon


Meti Daniel

Thank you

George Delvin

It's use full

Arsyad Essyafri Ratno


James Robert


Thanh Tuấn Lê

I very love this

Atharva Kasbekar

hello im from india your workouts are helping me to increase my football skills thank you so much your skills are very nice why dont you try to do career in this field?

Rashmi Andhari

All I could say about this is
'This is a very helpful video'

Naveen Kashyap

This is really good thanks

Santiago Vilchis

Thank so much!! Much love!! Matt 11:28-30!!❤️ God bless you!

Acho Angelov

I do this all day and I was the best at the club

Arsyad Essyafri Ratno


D.J Football

Plz uploaded the video you how to edit and give me reply of edit video step by step


That's a lot of sweet ncs music

josue tenelema

Sus Videos Son Buenos Sigan Asi.


Man I just subbed I tired this training program for 2 weeks now my teammates at FC BARCELONA under 16 Spain call me Small Messi


Thank you sir

Robert Marble


Wasim Mohammad

I like to call the inside feet “Tic-tok” (not the app) or the “clock”

Arsyad Essyafri Ratno


Muhammed Faseeh P. P

Thanks buddy?

sk sarpo sk sarpo


Nasrul Putra

Ben ngpo? Aowkwokww

Karthik Velalar

Allattack is so helpful❤

Marlene & Tony Adventures

That was a well made video... I loved how you put examples of real play to show how that skill can be used in a real game... Thanks for sharing


Beginer but avg players exercise and

noobra gaming

My fvrt yt Channel

Sagar Shaw

All attack bro should play international

faisal tameem

why you are not a foot ball player

Ayush Prasad


Kuba Kosa 11

very good

Benamra Akram

Who is here bcs he got blamed for losing a game ?

Azaka Joshua

I love you man of course you’re great ?❤️❤️

Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014



plis skils ronaldenho

Oguz Altun



Full gaming vidro is nooooooiipro kajbskshzsisihxskhs


Can't believe all these information are free. What an incredible video.

Neil Singh

I was a good player but due to lockdown lost my whole game now trying to be back on track

Nasrul Putra

Nggo op wi? Wkwkw

Manusinh Rahevar

Wait a sec....these are twins??
I thought there was only one person

Himanshu Mehra

Great video

Manelisi Ndlela

Thanks I’am ganna do this everyday ?video


Thnx brother?

Masarat Naz

Very nice please give more trick s

Preeti Khristmukti

Are you a professional ? You absolutely look like one.

George Chan Nyein Lwin

Who else forgot all when put it all together

Rafikbin aziz

you are good teacher ?

Karthik Velalar

Thanks man

Amit Singh

U are a brilliant couch ??

Rheyvin Vinuya

do you have for defenders players?????

Luffy Da dong

If I become the new goat , I’ll make sure to donate 5 % of my earning to this channels , maybe 2 or 3 %


I wasn't able to do the single cut and even dribble before watching this video.Just loved it.Thanks.

Legend Kid

Hi All Attack, will training be effective even without football Boots??

Poop Butt

This jits a goofball

Galaxy Matt

I use to be the worst player the team now I'm the best

Arsyad Essyafri Ratno


Siddhanta Maity

I think All attack is the best YouTube channel for the starters.

Marcus Jansson

1 mil wiews?

Ali A

Nice I do this Everyday ???♥️

Dylan Lopez

I do rhis

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Chaidir Edi

Thanks bro this is very usiful

GABALLA رونالدو مصر

Futur Ronaldo

Ajay Yadav

Excellent ?

prince Mwangi

Are this exercise for children

אלון שרון

Wtf matim

Jeya Seelan

You are One of the great youtuber??


Great video but the adds stuffed me up

Ram Mithun

Very useful skill I learned because of ALL ATTACKS thank you


Who elese think that the defenders in these videos get too easily beaten?

Captin tim

In the bigining easy as abc in the end sjkzvsqkhssvshvsNLanbaahñ

Shaswot shubhrakanta Behera

I am your fan AllAttack , and your videos are the best

Caden Rine

Thank you this is super helpful.

Tiwa boys Vlogs

Super skillll i like u bro ???????????

Giovanni Mills Official Footballer


Way Chang

I am so happy to watch your video


You have the most helpful tricks in football , thanks for sharing

Arsyad Essyafri Ratno


Arsyad Essyafri Ratno


Géza Fejedelem

Im from hungary i love Puskás say


Wish I had a smartphone as a kid, I'd be doing these routine all day everyday ?

Bella Kelly

1 - 0:18
2 - 1:12
3 - 1:58
4 - 2:43
5 - 3:29
6 - 4:14
7 - 5:01
8 - 5:46
9 - 6:39
10 - 7:30

Raazi vlogs

I subscribed your channel

Dyuds Favorite

I like that ground.We have no grounds to play football.

Chaidir Edi

I m your fan

Yogesh Mahale

Thanks for this awesome video..... It will be very useful for beginner.... Can you please add video for Power shooting step by step..


Hey guys in the comments who are doing this.

Does it work, because I’m planning on trying it for myself, but idk if I have the time to do it or the motivation...

Emily Barnwell

this is really helpful thank you

Naren Lama

Love ur all excersice ❤

Robert Ohol

Ty bro this has helped me alot?

Abid Ali

Thank bro your videos are very helpful.





Keith Balante

Love this!

Boby Sarkar


Azeez Ridwan

Very detailed explanation ??❤️