Henry cejudo weight

UFC 238: Weigh-in

UFC 238: Weigh-in7 Jun. 2019
1 147 333

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Watch the UFC 238: Cejudo vs Moraes Ceremonial Weigh-in live on Friday, June 7th at 5pm/2pm ETPT

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Comments (100)
Can’t get enough Outdoors

Cleveland got an earthquake kick to the head

Jiggy Bah

Lol this fight hilarious you can tell they don’t fw each other?.


10 years ago Brian Ortega was given a choice

Rygar Targaryen

Henry "The Messcringer" Cejudo

New Saga

31:11 Frieza kills Krillin Henry: Triggers Super Saiyan

The Nicholas

I always find it silly when fighters give such an intense stare down such as Cejudo, like relax brother its all good.


If you rewind between 22:23 to 22:27 five times you are guaranteed a laugh.
Your welcome.
Tf happened tony ??

Daniel Torres

Let's go Marlon!
O Kuririn brasileiro vai te pegar!


Fuck Moraes and fuck BRAZIL!!!

Samsaranian Supreme

That moment when you can bench press these fighters but they can all whoop your ass.

Phuong Ngo

Cerrone went full Hillbilly with that Haircut, Never go full hillbilly

Harry Callahan

Plenty of toilet/coffee/cigarette breaks on this card.

Weckruf Deutschland 2.0

Cejudo sucks man!

Anton Maclean

That Henry guy is acting weird, it's not the wwe

SON HT vlogs

verry good

Nine Ten

Henry cejudo has the best chain ever. He earned that, no wonder he rocks it


come on Donald, beat him!

Bucky Preseau

the respect between cowboy and tony furgueson is real. thats what i like to see personaly. id rather see to fighters shake hands than try to out shit talk each other. dont get me wrong, i fuckin love a good grudge match between to fighters who dont like each other. but to me, its so unprofessional to to do that schoolyard trash talk. not into it, id rather just see the fight.

Cameron Glover

so excited for this!



B Bailey

Cowboy loses via sneeze

frank riley

Moreas is a funny little guy huh I hope he wins

kevin couture

i dont know nobody here now 9ther than cowboy and tony


He was lucky to beat Might mouse


Why does Tony is the #2 in the ranking!? Does he has the interim belt, don't he?

*** ERIDAN ***

16:22 Funny moment!)))

Ashley Berridge

Darren Stewart looks like tyron Woodley.


Most of us aren’t paying for ESPN+. The UFC & ESPN can shove that subscription paywall up their ass.

bobeast 47



Evil eye

who u got??

Amir Asyraf

why karolina kowalkiewicz fight is not on main card? somebody pls tell me why

SON HT vlogs

hi guys, invite you to listen to SON-HT Vlogs channel to see new and interesting videos, remember to register and share it.

Нурлан Кубанов

Валентина Шефченко??????

Ono Northey

21:43 was cowboy stabbed or something? wtf is that hole?


22:56 "I train harder zen, all of zem" - Valentina shevchenko

Denis jeong

Good luck! tony!


Joe says the weight before they even got a second foot on the fuckin scales man ???


Joannecalderwood just got robbed ufc is fixed

Pat Alexander



Валя болеем за тебя и за Яна.

Rohan Pol

Henry looking like sodium popped in water

Pedro Sequeira

Ferguson with fight with his glasses on if they let him.

Jakobi Robi

Man, this card is stacked....let's just keep the delusional pro-Trump bullshit out of it. Obama lied all the time, and the people who supported him through those lies were just as wrong as the people blindly supporting Trump through his lies. Let's let mixed martial arts be mixed martial arts, and political delusions can just stay on Fox, CNN and MSNBC where they belong.


퍼거슨 근육이 좀 빠진거 같다

Emma Lampkin

Cowboy tho ?

Play Tu



Anybody notice Tony always makes championship weight

guero palma

Cejudo #1 mother fuckers

Alvaro Huarca Macedo

5:39 name song please

nikola tesla

Cejudo una mierda . putizon le van a poner


cejudo is being stupid??? o_O so sad

matt reese

i cant justify paying 90$ for this i really want to see it but not that bad.

controller games

What the Music on 16:40?

M Raja

Cerrone sounds like seth rollins


Tony just tripped on the stairs.


11:21 is my highlight. I love me some Alexa.




i need a link

Mr. World

Joe is here. yess.

Ivanete Vieira Dias


Jay Brock

Why do people use cringe all of a fucking sudden like the got damn word just got invented!

Rey Skywalker

Present Cerrone vs Future Cerrone

j r

Cejudo....What a head !!!!

pavel pavel

Too much more girls it is no good

Carl Sabin

Anyone know the name of the song that's played during the Shevchenko and Eye promo? Around 23:00 mark.

Vince G.

Marlon is relaxed and ready to go, Henry looks too tense like he had to fire himself up.

Хикматулло Усмонзода

Ребята зайдите в мой канал и смотрите бой

eViL jEsuS

dana is thinking -Thank god henry took off the magician outfit!

titan1512 T


Yasin Ruhulla

Aaaaand her opponent Thotiana Suarez? (buss down thotiana)


the only time tony doesn't ware glasses is when hes in the octagon

Магомед Эльмурзаев

Педро муньоз клоун


If they made these available to buy for like 20-25 bucks a ppv they would sell a hell of a lot more. Not many people wanna. Just drop 80 bucks or month for 2-3 hours of fights.

Cristian xx

Who remember fear factor? ?

Vince G.

The third fight is the best fight of the night.

Denis Popenko

What say Donald for Dana White?

Jizzervirus Reptikonski

Tony and Cowboy look like Johnny and Erron black from Mortal Kombat

Sagdat Kuzhagulov

4:07-4:10 Wanessa byutifu.

Elite Alpha gamer [MLG]

Who's here after Henry won

Matty Earl

El cucuy!!!!!!!

titan1512 T


the legends Status Ria

Hello everyone I need your help please . I am looking for all Tone's fights please . someone give me a link of site

YURI 9943


Ozk Flx

Didn't know Thotiana was fighting tonight

Junior CoVi

31:20 Goku vs Krilin

Christopher Jordan

henry cejudo is so cringey

Магомед Эльмурзаев

Стерлинг красава

j r

Tony is a crack jjjjjjj


Jessica Eye: Ill show you tomorrow night...
tomorrow that night: Jessica got hit by the scariest highkick in woman ufc history and wake up after almost 5 minutes of totally KO in octagon...

Amir Asyraf

why karolina kowalkiwiecz fight seems not getting enough attention, i though she's a star

Oioio Muflergi

El Cucuy VS Cowboy, THAT was the real main event

Игорь Хрущевский

What the music on 33:00?

harry potter

mcnuggets did not want furgason said his hand is broke like dos anjos toe lol cowboy will really fight against any skill set neer turns down a fight

Магомед Эльмурзаев

Педро муньоз не мужик



Matt Brada

What a great card. I am rooting for Cowboy but Tony is a helluva fighter too. Both carry themselves with respect and dignity. I love it when the people who don't talk shit do the talking with their hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Love both those guys.

Aaron Ditchfield

Has rogan gone deaf or something...


UFC 238: Who? vs. Who?

Arturo C

27:13 Joe Rogan "we all want good fight"

Chris R

Grasso is hot

eddies cabinets

Once you start talking about legacy U R DONE!!!!!!!

Henry Cejudo makes weight at UFC Brooklyn

Henry Cejudo makes weight at UFC Brooklyn18 Jan. 2019
10 145
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Comments (8)
Consumed by deceit

All these haters talking like their opinions matter. Big head ? Takes a hit and and his jaw is masculine asf no homo. Looks bad ? Its a weight cut, they all do. He's cringey? All the foos hating on YouTube are cringier. Cejudo gonna win, his wrestling is literally Olympic level and his striking and foot work are top notch.
Be back after the fight.

The B.S. Show

Can I get some subs on my new mma channel so I don’t have to sell my organs to afford espn+ ??? thanks fight fans


TJ looks better at this weight than Henry does lol Cejudo is getting smashed.

West Side

He looks jacked even on the scale

Pascal Zürcher



Looking good. This fight is gonna be explosive...

The Boss

Looks awful lmao

Kieran Brown

Couldn’t get out quick enough, talks a big game but the cut is worse for him

Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes | UFC 238 Ceremonial Weigh In

Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes | UFC 238 Ceremonial Weigh In7 Jun. 2019
104 882
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Comments (100)

Moraes vai matar o cejudo anão.


Every time a brazilian comes out,I am very happy to be here to represent Brasil,it's so annoying

Sam N ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

Henry cringejudo really went super saiyan up there

Jimmy De Guzman

Moraes will KO Cejudo 100%.


I can smell a gold medal


Moraes have the best abs in the UFC.

Richard Bradshaw

Fuck cejudo. He has a gold medal in cringe too


He could make 155


At 0:34 cejudo trying to pop a fart out of he’s ass??☝️?‍♂️


I’m goin for the American. Moraes looked cool and Cejudo looked like he was trying way too hard. Like I said, I want cejudo to win but honestly I just want to see some damn good fights tonight!

Mano Raj

My money is on Saitama


So much hate towards cejudo, man i hope he win

Safraz Tabrez

Nice chain and medallion Henry has there I wonder what it represents.


Shit didnt know Henry had a Gold Medal, WTF?

Pat Alexander

It will be most difficult for Cejudo to deal with Moraes power and control! When your fighting Moraes, your fighting a fully charged bomb!

Cody 'I'm a savage in there' Stephens

lets pretend marlon isnt juiced up

Ricky Bobby

Pretty sure Henry is going to get pop by USADA after the fight

Dog Man

1:36 Click on it.


No fucking weigh they actually weigh 135

Michael Tovar

Henry Cejudo FYI has a gold medal s much as we clown him for reminding us, it’s something few people will ever understand how hard that is.

David A Velasquez

“Let’s go, Ha ha!” ????

Frickin Abe Bilzerian

Cejudo is an Olympic gold medallist? Wow I had no idea! I’ve never heard him mention it.

Patrick Rascon

Marlon please beat that Big headed midget.

operation nightshade Brian frumps

Hes got a birth defect.. That head

Juan Correa

Man he's like a little kid. Haha
He's got the stature right

mrpineapple 010

My favourite part is when they walk past the ring girls and they are shorter than them

Benjamin Linus

Wtf is Henry doing he dont think he is a supersayain


That marlon moraes "ha ha"


Glad Cejudo kicked his ass

The Kid

Let's keep this in mind, Cejudo destroyed Dillashaw who was on EPO. Dillashaw was considered one of the greatest Bantamweights. I think Moraes is taking him way too lightly and will succumb the same fate as TJ



David Miller

Cejudo your a dick!!

Michael Kiely

Is Henry a gold medal winner?

Адиль Саматов

Сехудо как ребенок, внешне и поведением


Tough mini me's

Veronica Bispo

Bora porraaaaaaa BRBRBR MARLONNNN ????????????


cejudo won! olympic gold medalist is no fucking joke!

Adam Mee

Henry is a cuntflap.

Vikz Mason

I like that "charging up" thing he does... for a second I thought he was gonna zap moraes into a pokaball

Cristiano Da Veiga

Marlon, vai atropelar esse fanfarrao do cerrudo.pra cima dele marlon

Silver Back

Little dork getting angry

Mortal Exo

Hard not to laugh at Cejudo trying to intimidate Marlon.

Johnathan Demodica



Marlon got this in the bag man. Cejudo looks too tense

yo mama

Most intense, super sayan style stare down ever

Joe Mcgowan

Moraes by ko


That scream by Henry Cejudo was so primal and intense damn.


Henry is the most obvious juice head in the UFC, shaking with anger lol. When he won the belt he was snarling as well. Too much peds in his system, can't stay calm.

usa flag

Todo flaco 135 tejudo y se cre chingon no sebe peso porque no puede ganar.

Dog Man

Dana White kept on touching Henry's muscles.

Bradlay Julies

Henry dos anjos vs Marlon cesaro ??

Manuel Silva

All hail Triple C!


Henry won.........

Lost Cause

Damn Joe Rogan is short too !

ongo bongo

Cejudo is such a loser

Izzy C

Hold on is Cejudo an Olympic gold medalist?


Marlon just to quick to powerful and a real finisher, I say he takes it by a long shot.

arturo salas vazquez

Jajaja, le dieron hasta por la pelona. Jajajaj, el rey cejudo el doble campeón.

G Family

I know hes the UFC flyweight Champ but god damn his intimidation tactics are sooo pathetic.. Just go fight cejudo nobody has ever been scared of a man standing 5'4"

Clay Mation

He Hepresents Prazil.

Mr. Rand

I had NO idea Cejudo has an Olympic Gold Medal! I think he needs to have a medical re-evaluation for the seizure he was having during the stare down!


marlon moraes looks like rafathar

Derek C

Love the intensity that Henry brings to the octagon!! Let’s go!

loverman of sky

Tomorrow the belt will be around Moraes waist.

Gold Dragon

did he really need to wear an olympic gold medal at the weigh ins? this guy is really cringe worthy!


Henry looks like a teapot about to explode

Pg1 Driver

Where is joes neck??


Moraes looking like the most unlikeable dude ever

Jizzervirus Reptikonski

Jon Jones: very strange hobit.


Hahah i love Henry cejudo

Galo Guzman


Ghost Plasti

I dont like cejudo but man .....i hate moraes

Robin Matthews-Williams

Did you know Michael Phelps won 23 Henry Cejudos

3Aries3_AquariusMoon3 3x

Henry need to get his swag right, he move and talk like a lame that can fight foh ??

Aaron Bromiley

Cejudo needs go sleep

Storm Comilang

Moraes will ko Cejudo

I am the future.

I'm pretty sure those ring girls doesn't look at fighters fearing they will be trolled by internet.


so cringeeeyyy hahaha

Yeah Buddy

Now lets wait what the twitter warrior has to say after henry becomes double champ!


Moraes laugh at the end was dope.

Chad Jones

Henry is a cocky little bitch

Muchtar Arif

Marlon's laugh at the end of his interview had me cracking so loud ?


Cejudo is gonna get KO'd

Michael J

I’m rooting for cejudo.



ffc cavs

Cerrudo é bom mas acho que dessa vez beija a lona

Khalisur Rahman

Marlon: hehe

Alex Sinscere

I got my boi Marlon “Forced Dab “ Moraes!!

Martin Valencia

Yall seem to forget that cejudo beat mighty mouse and ran through dillashaw. I dont see him losing this fight.

operation nightshade Brian frumps

God in heaven ...plz let him lose

Andrew Rios

Let's go cejudo shut these casual bitches up please

Chris Silva

This audio sucks


The way Marlon looks down Henry is so chilling. Man was a beast, lose or no


Yep , he did weigh with a medal ?

Just Breathe

Shit gonna be crazy.


Marlon is going to KO this cringy fuck and Henry is going to cry in the octagon for the interview


iDK if this is true or not but did Cejudo win a gold medal? I mean is he a gold medal winner like in the Olympics. Did he actually win something that is gold and is medal? Idk. I just don’t know.

That Gamer Drew

1:35 that damn laugh though


Moraes by ko, easiest pick


Moraes is going to break that fool up