How to do things with one arm

7 Real Things That Are Hard To Do, With One Hand!

7 Real Things That Are Hard To Do, With One Hand!17 Jul. 2018
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Let's be real for a second

Let's be real for a second and talk about what it's like to struggle with one hand in a two handed world!

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Cool that you refer to your nubby as a hand.


You're so sweet and gorgeous!

Cynthia Glass

Noarm not stub

Milad Fattahi

I have one hand too..
The most powerful thing to fight with is yourself because when you have no fears, life is more and more beautiful.
After that the second powerful thing is have girl friend (let alone to getting married) because when grils don't know you don't have a hand, thier behaviors are so cool with you, but when they know , they behave such poor guy with you.
Keep it on bro..your videos are helpful??

Bertolt Meyer

As a fellow one-armed person, I can totally relate. I was also born without my lower left arm, just like you. Eventually, getting a good prosthesis solved all of the issues that you are bringing up. Holding a fork tightly, gripping wet/cold things... It even gives me an advantage when it comes to fighting. :) My emphasis here is on good in good prosthesis, because I have tried them all: Body-powerd hook and the standard pinch-grip myo were not for me, because they didn't solve these issues. For me, a multiarticulate hand (an i-limb) with a very good socket (I had go to through several prosthetists before the socket was good enough) did the trick. I know these things are expensive and I am fortunate enough to live in a country where health insurance covers them. Maybe you have addressed this before in another vid, but maybe that is something for you to consider down the road. But I really enjoy your openness and confidence about your disability - I wish I had had a little more of that when I was your age.


Sleeve looks cool when your nub hangs out a bit imho.


I also have one hand I was very sick when I was a baby and my doc made a mistake with my hand and I lost it I had a hand but know I don’t but what can you say it’s pretty unique and cool

Sydney Rose

im missing my arm in the same spot as you also from birth and its interesting how your experience seems much more like mine than most amputees? and yeah my shirts always got a wet condensation spot also.

btw i highly recommend putting the nail clippers on your knee and pressing down with your arm, its how i hold the brush when i paint my nails.

Ivor Wood

Thank you, Mr G!! This is all very lucid and understandable. Who does cut your finger-nails then (you don't bite them!)? But Point 7 - you had your self-confidence UNTIL you got to this last point, I felt. I had thought writing with a pen and keeping the paper or pad still might have been hard too?

Dominique Vredeveld

I have the same! But nailcutting wise: i just press the clipper with my arm on my knee ??‍♀️ works great


You can have self confidence because you're smart, funny and cute. And having one hand makes you quite special.

Cynthia Glass

No elbow to bend one arm only

foxlias_ griffin

I have both hands but ever since I've seen Finn from adventure time with one arm I just can't help but wonder how it could be to have only one arm, but the main thing I wouldn't like it is cause playing video games would be a looot harder and I love video games, and also climbing around or even cutting stuff

Michael R.

Not a question...but just a comment. This might sound weird..but from just seeing this one, short video.. I can tell that you are an absolutely awesome guy. Thanks for making me smile. Have a good day.

Ramey Nix

My dad just lost his right hand bc of diabetes. Thanks for this video! i was trying to find a video. That would shownhim how to do stuff

Gayla Proano

Thank you for making this it helps those who recently have to adapt

Zach Cooper

I use a rocker knife to cut meat

Rwan Ahmed

Recently when I was only 8 months old, I got really sick, had a feel cut on my left side and my brain got damaged. It basically then caused my whole right side to get weak and I had a stroke. Now I only have one hand to use, which is my left hand. I honestly want to try to find a way to do more things with only one hand for myself. Right now, I m only 15 years old. I still love myself the way I m but I want to work harder and harder to accomplish more things with one hand.

How To Do A One Handed Cartwheel – EASY ACROBATICS

How To Do A One Handed Cartwheel – EASY ACROBATICS5 Jul. 2018
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Acrobatics is a difficult

Acrobatics is a difficult but beautiful performance and physical training that challenges

your abilities, including your balance, agility, and motor coordenation! Do you want to learn how to do a

one-handed cartwheel? Here at oneHOWTO, our video will show you an easy step-by-step tutorial of

how to do a one-handed cartwheel! Watch the Video for more!

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Hummiat Rubab

I can do it but my legs are always bent ??

Sherri Domstad

I can do it but why am I watching it then

Gymnastics fantastic_ trainor

Why am I waching this I know how to do one LOL

Maria !!


Emilie Wright

Ty ur the only video I’ve seen that actually knows how to learn it :)

Kaylee Dabya

I did it tysm!


I DID IT I just got on this vid and tried it I was to scared but I GOT IT


I’m missing my left arm so I can’t practice with 2 hands lol

hͩaⷯlⷭiͫmͨaⷡh iͪsⷬ aⷴ pⷯoⷭtͧaͥtⷡoͭ

I can do this and what am I doing here? Gosh I'm so dumb

Meyuh Angelina

i lost my one hand cartwheel after i learned how to do my one hand cartwheel.

Nick A

Did this randomly then looked it up on how to do better lmao

Ashley Lawlor

A thank you One handed One handed cartwheel

xxLaci Luxx

I did one because everyone else was doing it at a party in gymnastics and I didn’t want to feel left out lolol

Maranatha A

What is the saying to you do


This is very hard, I am left handed but right footed what do I do??

Roblox Girl Gamer

Help...I cannot do it im scared im always fall


I need this for my cosplay ??

Lina Alvarez


Fewtoast, a youtube commenter who has 199 subs.

i remember when i didn’t really know how to do a cartwheel with two hands so i just did cartwheels with one hand instead because it was easier


so nice thank you.


I can do a cart wheel in the back walk over but I can’t do that for some reason

SoA is better than TWD

Tbh when Jon Jones is doing it, it looks 100 times more badass and terrifying.

Unnecessary MMA insiders aside, great video :D


Trying to learn that one move in the matrix


Whose the girl...for errr... research ??

xlhx gals

Its actually night so i am saving this video and doing it tommrow

juma alhinai

Thank you this is so helpful ??

Abbi & Nat

Oh mah god how am I supposed to do the little kicks?

rianna yong

I just don’t wanna die

Vanessa DiMascio

My other hand kept coming down

Monlight bae

Sheet.i know how to do a kickover roundoff cartwheel one handed cartwheel back handspring handstand backflip THE ONLY TWO DAMN THINGS I NEED TO LEARN A AREAL AND A FRONTFLIP!


What if you don’t have friends....?

Meriem Zaouali

I did it

Harshit Goswami

Achi cartweel

JackPlayz Fortnite98

It’s wrong your other arm is on the floor:/ not that one

Miss Roblox

Me having no upper body strength mot being able to do the jumps at 1:18


I did it! Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate it SO much! :)

Lily Kit kat

I need to know this to do a Ariel lel I can do a cartwheel also I used to be able to do this

Itz_your girl I love slime

Who got there 1 handed cartwheel

bloxburg builds

I can do it I just wanted to check out how
She does it

shing channel

Very good

Josh M

That donk


I can do this but I always bend 1 leg any advise?

Ten Eighteen

Ok ok I know how to do a cartwheel but not even a one handed and Ariel I'm a mad girl rn

Marcel Deluca


Liana Burless

Im forty and learning how to do them. I am in martial Art's so I want to get better at acrobatics stuff to help improve what I can do. I'm coming up for my black belt and don't just want to be a basic black belt. I'm not that great but now I have the concept down. I just have trouble sometimes with bending my knees and I can't always feel it. It may help if I lose some weight. Lol

Jessi - Cat

I just learned it in 20 minutes. Here are some keys for me that helped me!!
-kick hard!!!
Don't be afraid to kick your legs hard. It gives you a huge boost! She said this in the video but I decided to restate it.
-dont be afraid to fall
I didnt fall once. If you feel like you are about to fall, use your other hand!
- one technique in the vid that helped me was to do half 1 hand cartwheel, and half cartwheel.
Basically u start in a 1 handed cartwheel and switch to a regular cartwheel. Practiced it and I learned the 1 hand cartwheel!!!
Hope this makes u feel safer and inspired.


I get scared and I put my hand down

Celacey Henry

This was nothing that’s just crap

Gerardo partida

This is to hard!


I DID IT!!!?

McKenna Greiman


xlhx gals

Jeez your so good that if you teach my older sister who is 12 to do a frontrol sje aill do it

Family Comrie

Wowwww it really helped me ! Thank you

meno Sirie

Easy easy so so so easy im 10 yrs old ???

Camryn And Em

I now how to do it but some times I just put my other hand down so I thought this would help


I’m so scared bcs have to do this in my competition routine and I can’t even do a cartwheel but I’m going to work hard on it this weekend and learn

Hummiat Rubab

I'm too scared to do everything in this video I do it but in the end I always keep my hand. I cant stop it

Lisa Mc Namee

Hi new supporter here

Annapoourna S

Waw super

Tiffany J

I used to be able to do this but I was so worried about my other skills...

Poppy Fowler

I'm a professional gymnast but my friend was struggling to do this... Thank you for putting this message out there

Ron Atlas

I'm here because I saw adesanya do this

awesomeness kids tv

I did it I wish I could show you in real life

It’s EJ

I got it thank you so much!

Lizzy Singleton

but why did she do it on congreet

Mohamed Alavudeen

I did it!!!?

Angelyna Lopez

I would do this but my parents are asleep so I’ll do it later

Macy Tedder

When it’s corona time and you’re bored

Max Dunn

For me I just stopped using my right hand. This is a much more complicated tutorial than I would have thought necessary.

So much Sienna

Sometimes I watch videos about skills I learnt a long time ago to feel better about myself

lola saxby


No I’m Not Afk

My little fatass can't hold my body up ?

Alicia Roll


How to Parkour: One Arm Elbow Lever | Tutorial

How to Parkour: One Arm Elbow Lever | Tutorial15 Jun. 2016
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Often used in

Often used in breakdancing (bboying), free running, and parkour, the one arm elbow lever is a move that can be achieved in no time.

I should have made this a learn in 5 minute tutorial because it can be learned in 5 minutes.

[Instagram] - @bboyballz

[Support] http://www.patreon.com/pigmie

Be sure you are warmed up and stretch out before attempting this move. Get down the turtle freeze before

Turtle freeze (Two armed lever) tutorial -


Kontinuum – Aware [NCS Release]


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Chris C.

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Comments (25)

This isn't parkour

Abiezer Rivas

it hurts a lot in my belly area. My hand position has to be wrong

Tushar Tiwari

Awesome video I just learnt by the correct hand position

A Haak

can you do elbow flares?

Mukul Joshi

What's the song at the end of the video?

Lucid Kridyz

Any combos or anything for this? I cant seem to implement this move into my set :/

Abhinav P

Nice one man

noob refinisher

ive been wanting to do that since i lernt the 2 arm one at primary about 7 years ago

HAMMULK - Insane condition !

pls watch me too ?


Brooo I was just thinking yesterday "Tomorrow im gunna try these out" and you make a tutorial on it :D




i did it !!thanks?

HAMMULK - Insane condition !

pls watch me too ?

Kishan Mallick

please make a video of Jackhammer

Escape Reality

I can do that easy

gabe tricking

It hurts when I rest my hips on my elbow like that. How do I fix that?


awesome video as always keep it up man :D

Alien X

This guy is in a parking lot

HAMMULK - Insane condition !

pls watch me too ? once


WOW..THANX BRO..Now I can do it..


Thats like one of the first things i ever tried and could do for over 10 seconds on first try xD felt good! xD

Filip Aronsson

First step you need to get strong as fuck

Mark Sia

Great tutorial, I can already do it with 2 hands, but want to progress to the full one handed lever. Thanks!

Samuel Weir


Hank Hill

How to break your fingers tutorial ??? lmao, jk. Surprisingly not hard! Just takes time and practice